Jan. 2nd, 2010

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[ with the weather starting to warm up again, one small soul has ventured forth to DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE BY HER.

... Meaning if you'll wander by the springs, you'll see Yellow chilling in there and scrubbing the fur of this guy while the rest of her Pokemon are either also in the water or-- not ]

Maybe I should've borrowed Ruby's shampoo... your fur's pretty thick. We're almost done, though!

((ooc: for the record, she doesn't really know which side is for which gender, so have fun with that.))
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[[An orange-haired boy is attempting to rebuild a hut. Why?! People do strange things on New Year's, so who knows. And like the great ...Amish or ... whatever, apparently cabin/hut/dwelling building is a serious chance at some QUALITY social interaction.

But basically, consider this a typical ice-breaker post! Aka, you mingle. The only "rule" is that your character can't talk to someone they always interact with. And lol, threadhopping is obviously welcome. Hence, ice breaker.]]

Apparently this is a new year. Frankly, I never thought I'd be stuck building a cabin FOR THE GODDAMN GOD KNOWS how many fucking time already like some Neanderthal on ANY new year, but what can you do.

One resolution: Thank the Neanderthals for coming up with rudimentary tool-making.

So what the hell are you guys up to?
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[ PRETEND THIS IS AT NIGHT. Standing on a nearby hut, you see a ... woman in a very unique costume, tossing something up and down in her hand ]

Talk about a one-star fantasy resort! This is like landin' in one of those cheap survival shows except with less cameras rollin' and hot guys frolickin' in the ocean. I hate reality TV! The ratings always blow.

[ You then notice that the thing she's tossing up and down in her hand is- well. Something valuable of yours. Or if you'd rather not go that route, something valuable of someone else's ]

Not even any good loot! I never thought I'd say this, but Gotham, you're lookin' awfully pretty right now--


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