Dec. 11th, 2009

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SURPRISE! C'mon, c'mon! Share your secrets with me~e! I'm not letting a good event like this go to waste!

[ ooc; For this, you get this memory from her ]
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[Kaname Hagiri wasn't really bothered by anything supernatural anymore. Well, it was more like nothing surprised him these days. But today? Today the world was definitely trying to surprise him.]

Yes, Tsuya, the motorcycle's scratched. [Hand held to his face in exasperation, he hadn't yet noticed the change in location as he spoke in a flat and monotone voice.] No, it was not, in fact, my faul--...Tsuya?

[The psychic sharpshooter noticed a distinct lack of a shouting Hagiri sibling, and soon after came the realization that he wasn't outside his house or in front of his motorcycle. In fact, he was standing on a beach. That was definitely a change.]

...That's different. [Calm and apathetic, he raised a hand over his eyes to guard against the glaring sunlight and took a moment to look around.] Very different.
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... ...

Aaaah... aaaaahhhhh... AAAHCHOO!!

I should have seen this coming. Time to go find the coats, I guess.

[she is in this because lol. Also! For the memory event, please choose any of the ones from here! Yes I am aware that I need to finish filling the ones out for my other characters shut up.]
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*Making his way through the snow today happens to be one appropriately dressed Main Character, who is carrying a rather large, tightly shut cardboard box*

Ahh... I'm glad the snow died down a bit today, but it's still making this difficult. Collecting materials shouldn't be taking me this long... I'm just glad Tatsumi-san let me take what I needed earlier.

It's not easy making presents...

(( Minato has been going around all day, so feel free to have the thread be whenever. Also memory post if you want/need some to pick. ))
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You know what? Nothing beats having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and having a bird-eye's view of everything. Are the inn lights blinking? You could make a tune outta that. And even though the roof's covered in snow, it's makes for a good cushion! I gotta say that is the best damn seat in the world.

Huh. And the stars are pretty bright out tonight too. Lemme see… It shouldn’t be a problem to spot out all of the constellations!

((Ikki's on the roof of the Stormrider hut just chillin' out. And his memories are here if you want to choose!))


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