May. 2nd, 2009

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[SOMEWHERE on the island, there is a man with only a right eye, a bunch of rappigs and pigs alike having tea! There are a few empty seats. Would you join them?]

Now, now! I ask a serious question here!

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Snorting is not a valid answer ♥!
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All right, everyone settle down. I'm well aware that the prom is tomorrow, and that the last thing you want to do is focus on your education, but I doubt your dates will be very impressed if you're not even flexible enough to swivel your hips.

That being said, we're working with stretching and the bars today and if we have time, we'll move onto Dodge Ball. Remember, getting hit in the face just means you have room to improve.

Now then, shall we begin?

((Whoooooo PE))
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This won't do, this is simply vile, this was designed by someone ages ago! I can't believe this is the only open boutique off-campus! As woeful as it is that I've left this to the last minute, I will not leave until I find the perfect dress for me!

Tomorrow is the most magical night in our lives to date! The first true experience we'll have that'll be like the fairytale balls with the beautiful gowns and tiaras and glass slippers--or heels or whatever--which is why I must have the RIGHT gown and the BEST shoes and so on--! You don't go to an event like that in just anything!

You must dress and feel like you're a princess~

What the-- ...!! Eugh! Who would wear something like this? There must be something in here that suits me!

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Why are you still out here? You do know that the bell has already rung, right? Aren't you worried about your education?! If everyone is always late then no one is going to learn anything! You should be more considerate of the time all the teachers spend on us in order to make us better people. Do you even care?

... Hey, you over there! Get away from those stairs, the roof does not belong to you.

[Have one Katara. Have one Katara yelling at you for being late to class. Nag, Katara, nag.]
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Attention students! If you've obtained a letter from me concerning the Island Honor Society, then please come see me right away.

[[OOC: Beryl is looking for potential members for the Island Honor Society. If your character is at least a B+ student, then pretend your character got the letter. If you didn't, you're free to come and harass her anyway]]
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Today on the menu, it's Pork-à-la-King or Root stew! Stay in line and don't push, you'll be sorry if even one drop of the food is wasted!

Anyone who doesn't eat while it's hot will be punished by having to wash the dishes. And if you don't finish your plate...


Now come and get it~
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It has been brought to my attention that I am perhaps a little too strict in my teaching methods.

In light of this, your current assignment is to read through your choice of classic literature, such as Death of a Mailman, Pride and Prunejuice, The Adventures of Chuckelberry Chin, or if you wish, material relating to King Arthur.

You have five days to write a ten page report on your reading choice. There will be no extensions, unless an unavoidable situation calls for it.

((Teacher Saber is currently wearing this for the duration of the event.))
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And that, students, is how Keronians improve Pekoponian computer viruses. Not even the most advanced form of Conficker is a match for my totally awesome improvement. Be glad I'm doing this only as a teaching aid, ku ku kuuuuu~ I'd hate to see what it could do if I actually let this out on the island network, da ze~

Alright then, for your homework tonight, I expect you all to figure out how to combat my virus. You get an automatic A if your method doesn't involve smashing your laptops. If no one figures something out, everyone gets an F and everyone gets to spend Prom night with the janitor. Or a leaky skunk super glued to your back. Your dates will certainly enjoy that, da ze~ Double the enjoyment if your dates are in my classes.
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*In the hallway by the entrance, there is a small table laden with military brochures, posters, and free Frisbees. If you choose to approach it, you will find a man dressed in military fatigues with a sour look on his face.*

I can't believe I got suckered into this...

Hey. You. Join the Army.
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*ahem ahem*

Okay...from the top!

(You see a Rabi with a script...Then she starts to ACT.)

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's Montague? It is nor hand nor foot. No arm nor face...

...Huh, wow this olde English is kinda hard to act out...No matter! That role of Juliet in the school play is as good as mine!

(Yep, Romeo and Juliet and trying out for Juliet ^^. Help? Give advice? Critique? Just talk?)
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Damn, am I the first one? I thought a lot of people would've skipped by now considering it's the fourth period. Oh well.


((HELL YEAH ROOFTOP POST. Calling all delinquents! :Db Threadhopping is encouraged.))

2nd Channel

May. 2nd, 2009 09:51 pm
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Hmm... Let's see. I know I have history down and I might have to study over math again. It wouldn't hurt to do some extra problems, right? English is going to be tough, so I'll have to get a head start on my essay. Ah, I shouldn't over do it since prom's tomorrow.

... ... ...

... And that takes care of biology. That should nail all of my main subjects.

Alright. Guess I'll get something to eat and head home.


Wasshoi! 3

May. 2nd, 2009 09:54 pm
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A good friend of mine would have this to say... ANIMAL EARS IS ART! An yes, I would agree with him very much so. And why is it art? Because animals have a defining characteristic to a person once applied to them! Cat ears giving the implication of a playful and mischievous soul. Dog ears giving the meaning of deep devoted loyalty and life-long partners to the very end. Even bunny ears that gives a 'I wanna protect them' vibe and makes you gush with such adorableness.

And so! Eine here will be our model. Now Eine, if you'll be so kind to strip yourself so the students can get to work. Oh! YES! Students! Do not hesitate to get into detail! Even if it takes you a full hour to do it, I want you to go deep into your work! Feel free to draw the underwear and birthmar--GWAK!

... ... ... *after being punched across the room, the substitute teacher will comically imprint the wall, fall down to the ground slowly then stand back up to his feet, dust himself off and continues like nothing happened* Where was I? Oh yes! For an alternate assignment, partner up with anyone and draw your partner... but the theme I am looking for is moé. Or just draw your partner in the most adorable and cutest form that you can on paper. Extra credit if you turn in two or more finished art pieces. Now then... Eine, an ice pack please. I think I'm getting a little lightheaded from that sucker punch.

((Art class time. Eitarou being the substitute teacher and Eineus being his aide o/))
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So~ Remember that last essay I had you guys 'help' me with? Oh-ho-ho-ho~ Doooon't play dumb with me. I know you remember.

There was one TEENSY little problem~

You see THIS? LOOK AT IT! You see what it says?!

B! This essay got a measly B!

Now, I have a certain image to uphold, and how can I with B's on my record?! So you see why this is a problem? The next one better be an 'A' or you three will find yourselves hanging upside-down from the gym ceiling with very. Thin. Rope.

Got it?

Good! I'm so glad we're in agreement. ♥

((Outside, behind the bleachers, three prinnies found themselves cornered. :|b))


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