Nov. 5th, 2008

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That's enough for now, guys. Thanks for helping me out, but I guess she's not out there, either. And I've checked the island six times every day, and... but maybe I missed a spot. She can't just disappear, right? Right! I'll just keep looking until I find her!

[Private, Hackable to Close Friends]

And here I am, all... argh, I can't think about that right now! Even with what Johnny said, and that other thing... it's definitely not okay to like more than one guy, I'm sure of that.

Aaaaaaaah, it's making my head hurt again! All of it can wait until later, but for now--!


Dizzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Dizzy, where did you go?!

((Looking for her MIA BFF :( And even summoned her dolphins to help out. She's... also been searching nonstop since last night, pffft what is sleep.))


Nov. 5th, 2008 11:25 am
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Aaa haaaa? Looks like nobody else is here, so!

I claim the bar in th' name o' Space n' Sky-- my bro n' myself, o' course.

Your non-coconut booze be under new management, ya hear? Not like there's much left back here ta begin wit', but eh whatev'. No little kids allowed, but we'll make exceptions if ya bring a peace offerin' if ya really want ta get in.

[[ooc: stfu he's bored D|]]
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[A now familiar sight is outside the inn--a few tall stacks of newspaper sit there now! But it's a new issue, and this one has something for everyone!

...And of course, there is no fangirl in sight.]


[ooc; WHOO. New newspaper! You all know how the blind dates work, right? Things of note:

November xx = A fill-in-the-blank date for YOU MUNS to pick whenever works for you. Meaning IC-ly there is a date there but yeah. Do the dates whenever you want--wherever you want! There can be a spam post for the dates but I'll ask around to see if everyone wants that or no. That being said, there doesn't NEED to be a spam post! Feel free to do your threads on the main comm, in character journals, whatever. IF I MISSED ANYONE ON THE PAPER FOR DATES, PRETEND THEY'RE IN THERE. I THINK I GOT EVERYONE. H...HOPEFULLY, OTL. ALSO THREADHOPPING IS COOL.]


Nov. 5th, 2008 05:15 pm
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[You arrive for your date. You may or may not have noticed somewhere near the meeting point there is a table, two chairs, and a very elegant spread of delicious food and drinks! Whoever set this up obviously has way too much time on their hands and WANTS YOU TO BE VERY COMFORTABLE so sit back and wait for your date.]

[ooc; Blind date spam post, since this is what we all agreed on in chat! At every table there is; a spread of delicious dinner food, dessert, a pitcher of water, and a bottle of wine! And glasses and utensils etc you already knew those were there.

•The DINNER FOOD is totally normal. You'll get no side effects from consuming that.
•The DESSERT is made from bright red love-love berries. However, there's not a lot so how potent the effect is is up to you!
•The WINE/JUICE is a special kind Renge made herself. It is a mash of red and dark red berries (more on the bright red spectrum if you're character is young). IT IS VERY POTENT, DRINKING IT LEAVES YOU NOT UNLIKE BEING MOE NOTED.
•If you're a pussy, there's still the water. That's totally normal.

Please label your threads with the pairing in the subject line, like "STARK/SAYUKA" or "FLAY/CHII" so we all know who to stalk, and feel free to move your threads to journals if it gets to laggy. I think that's it! GO DATE.]
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Um...does anyone remember that TV from last time. You know the one I found in the orange pudding box, desu? I knew I should have rheown it out, but....


I don't know how to put this...but it looks like it's playing something else now, desu. Who's Prince...And Gunso-san doesn't sound like himself, desu. Strange. Um...Kururu senpai, Giroro senpai, Garuru Chui, what do you make of this?

((Did I mention the Keronian posts in the thread will be in dub speak? Right now it hasn't really effected Tamama but...))
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You, you wanna fight?! Fine!! I'M NOT SCARED!!

[[As I slowly de-hiatus and also sort out his normal icons, have a FOY!Kyo! A dingo stole his precious baseball cap :( He's ttly ready to fight it -- SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE THE SMALL CHILD FROM GETTING MAULED.]]


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