Dec. 31st, 2007

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How many times do I have to tell you? It's Step, Step, Thrust, Spin, Step, Thrust, Thrust.
You guys are getting it all wrong. Stop playing stupid, I know you can hear me!

Gah, these things are worthless!
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Would somebody stop firing those noisemakers? That high pitched noise is really, really starting to bother me. That giant glittering ball in the sky ain't helping matters either. I can't fly because of the noise and that shiny thing up there keeps making go off course.

...That's it! I'm staying up here, before something either burns me, explodes or happens to me.

((So. Seeker's camping out in a palm tree, covering his ears and trying to sleep in. Feel free to knock him down if you want. In fact, I don't think he'll notice you unless you yell or something. Remember, actions speak louder than words. ;) ))
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First of all, whatever deal it was we made, Maebara-kun, it's gonna have to happen after all this is done. Why would you want to do that in the middle of the night, anyway? Stupid!

And as expected of Island-san, everything looks totally festive!! Look, there are even noisemakers! And this hat with the year 1222! Wait, that can't be the actual year it's turning, right? Not that it totally matters here! The glasses say the same thing, too.

Anyway, come one, come all, everyone, to the first annual SOS Brigade New Year's Eve Karaoke Party! We've got food, drinks and alcohol for the adults! Island-san gave us a karaoke machine for Christmas, so come sing and have fun!

Mikuru-chan, Yuki, Yamamoto-kun, I hope you guys are ready! We need to be good party hosts, got that? Let's greet the coming year with a big HEY!

(( 12/22 = National Haruhi Day, so lol. ANYWAY, READ THIS FIRST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, HAVE FUN, ETC.! *A*b

EDIT: For singers, the song title doesn't have to be the subject! If you want to post as your character first picking a song or deciding to sing, you can put HMM SHOULD THIS OLD MAN SING or something. XD So long as it's distinguished from the other non-singing comments somehow.

EDIT 2: You can have two threads for singing, one for picking (you can skip this if you want) and one for actual singing! Label them appropriately pls wow I'm such a disorganized planner rofl. ))
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I saw a basket on my bedside during Christmas, and it contained a box of pizza from Pizza Hut. The basket also contained a Cheese-kun umbrella and a Cheese-kun raincoat. It's not the rainy season though, so I don't understand why Pizza Hut is giving out Cheese-kun rainy season merchandise. Although I am thankful that the Island brought me some Pizza Hut and Cheese-kun items.

... Shinjiro, was it? I only have cheese and pizza sauce with me as of current. Do you need other ingredients for making a pizza?

This book features a strange looking Knightmare. One of these characters made me think of Lelouch's friend as well.

((C.C. is swinging on her hammock by the inn, aaand Cheese-kun is beside her. :'D She's also reading some manga, entitled "Gundam GOD Destiny" 8D))
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Phew! I've done a looooot of work, but finally all my Christmas presents are finished! They're not big or fancy, and I know they're late, but I wanted to wait until they were done to give them to my friends. So maybe we can all have a little Christmas party before the year is over?

Oh, and Santa came when I was asleep! He brought me a basket, and it had a new ballet outfit (complete with POINTE SHOES!! Just like I asked!! *___*), some candy which I'd love to share, and a book of fairy tales--with the endings still in!

This is the best Christmas ever. Or, um, the best after-Christmas ever.


Dec. 31st, 2007 02:12 pm
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H-Happy New Years Eve everyone!

A lot of good and bad things have happened this year, but it's weird huh...? The year may be new, but... I bet back in Japan, it's still snowing like it does every year...  Nothing might not really change.  Lucia-san, you're going to stay with me and Aoko-san right? I don't want you to be alone! I'm so happy Lucia-san is here! I have so much to tell you!

And... Well, I've done some things and you're the only one I can really talk to about it. But let's celebrate while we're at it right?

[private to Sena- hackable by Akito/Agito]

Um.... Kobayakawa-san? Can we talk?

I need you to let you know something...

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New Years would be even better without that stupid ball of UGLY in the sky. And it's too cold out to do anything efficient. The noisemakers are at least good for SOMETHING. Maybe I can re-configure them so they can be new ammunition for the dynamites.

At least the foundation for the base is built. Wait, I don't even remember doing this much work. And who messed with my plans to the place?

HEY 10TH! LOOK WHAT I FOUND! It's a magic 8 ball for new year's resolutions or something. Here, let's give this a try---

In 2008, dynamitehappy resolves to...
Be nicer to whatismafia.
Connect with my inner nogoodtenth.
Take evening classes in dynamitehappy.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

....That thing is obviously broken. But hey 10th! We can totally talk over future family plans and stuff!

[[feel free to try the meme and all that jazz]]
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Mieuu~ It's been a while since I arrived, hasn't it? And people have come and gone, but some of my friends and I are still here, mieu!


Mieuuu...I feel bad again...MIEUULSDFGLKDFSGLLSADFK

((ooc: also known as Delphi's way of saying 'happy new year and I'll try to be more active with my non-Haseo characters' to the Island. :|b Cheagle, rabies, again, etc.))
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Wow... The view is great from up here. You can see the whole ocean! I'll just pick a spot up here and pull out the ol' bottle of shine, the harmonica, the food I brought, and just watch the sun set on this new year's eve.

I wish I had a watch to tell when it was midnight, that way I'd know when it really was the new year. Oh well, just kick back.... relax and think about the year to come. 

I think I might try to write a letter to Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse, while I wait. They probably won't ever see it cause they ain't here but... can't blame a guy for tryin'.

(ooc: Bo wanted to see the red cliffs before the year was over. So he made a trek to them.)

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Haaa! That hits the spot. ♥

Have I ever said how much I love this place? No? Well, I suppose it's just the coconuts that win me over. Free booze, and all I have to do is kick a tree.

Happy friggin' New Years, and all that crap! Hah!

(( OOC: Yeah, Aoko's boozing it up for New Years. :> Feel free to join in the drinking and such. ))
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Secret Agent Shiratori arrives at the scene! *adjusts 4038 shades* Now, in order to keep the “president” safe, I must confiscate any suspicious items.

BEGONE, MIND-CONTROL DEVICE!! *tosses noisemaker*


...Ow. Ahem, I mean, yes I knew it. Mind-control devices, explosives... even some sort of alien warcraft disguising itself as a disco ball.

It... it must be some kind of conspiracy! Someone on the island is trying to destroy us all!


Hnn... maybe I should go to the karaoke party...

((OOC - (Over)acting yet again, haha.))
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Ok, this is the second time it's happened. Why the heck is the Island freaking teleporting me across time? I go to sleep, and then I wake up  roughly a month later. Hell, Christmas has already gone and went!

Ch... Well whatever, I suppose I should just forget the entire thing. 

At anyrate, I wonder what's been going on since I passed out.

[Private/Hackable to Friends of Kaoru]

. . . Christmas, huh...?

...I wonder what Momoko and Miyako are doing for the Christmas holidays..

...And My father and mother as well...

...I want to seriously go home...


((I'm actually not off hiatus just yet, but I think I'll be sticking around for awhile rather than leaving like I said originally... Anyways, Kaoru had another incident of "Time-Skip" from the Island, but I'm kind of generic and couldn't realy come up with an excuse for Kaoru's disapearance.. So yeah.))
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...? What's with the disco ball, and the confetti, and all the weird party jun--

... Ohh. Ohhh. I get it. I guess I lost track of time, after all.

Happy new year, everyone! Here's hoping we all get off the island this year. [So what would be a good New Year's resolution?]
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... I believe I am in large amounts of pain.

((So, uhh, you know those things that explode? Yeah, Yuki used one of those. She is currently laying on her back on the ground, either from surprise or explosion, being showered in confetti... which is probably getting in her eyes. Of course, besides the confetti she's completely fine on the outside. Oh and yes, post for the new year... even if LJ won't show it like that.))


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