Dec. 30th, 2007

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Hey Adell~

Since Rozy's here now, I ant my own bed. I'm not sleeping with her, and I'm not sleeping on the floor. You want to go back to beat up some zombies in that big boat? Maybe there's some more beds down there~

And you won't have to sleep on the floor anymore~

COME ON, it's so boring lately, let's do something fun for once, and I want to try out my new frying pan~ I'll make you riceballs if you say yes~ ♥

[Filtered from Adell and people who would tell on her]

Oh and if Adell doesn't want to, who else wants to go kick some zombie butt? They aren't that hard~ Promise~~
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[[There was a furby, and it was silver-white. And then it all went downhill from there]]

So once upon a time, there was a company called -- well, I don't know what the hell it's called, and that's not the point anyway.

SUGAR! ....

And like I was saying, said company decided that one day, they'll make a freakin' devil's incarnate here on earth, and call it Furby.


What's "WOULD LIKE TO SUGAR"!!?!?!??! That doesn't even make any grammatical sense, and I KNOW my grammar. Bastard.

Obviously it comes down to this:

1. Knock down any and all furbies for the good of mankind on this rock.
2. Use fire if necessary.
3. PROFIT?!?!
4. There is no four.


...And it's defective too.
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Kehehehehe~~~ This is the best thing that's ever happened on this dumb piece of rock; I mean, I still can't believe the Earl is really here. Hear that, Exorcists?! You guys are completely screwed now~ You don't stand a chance! As for the rest of you humans, we're gonna wipe you all out even if you'll just come back in a week, it'll still be fun to off you guys. So you'd better all watch out!

...Guess we'll need a bigger place to stay though. Tyki~~~ Make a bigger one--and don't just shove Jasdavid's part into a tiny corner this time!! Road had almost twice as much space...!


...And if any of you mention that debt to the Earl you'll wish you'd never been born!!
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Okay! I know I kind of went missing the past few days, but it's been very productive! I managed to teach myself a few things not that the bandages around my fingers give that away or anything, and, scientifically speaking, I've realized you can make use of quite a few things from the island's native materials!

Now, on to the gifts! I feel horrible that I forgot Christmas...

Long Xmas list is long. )

I made a few other things, but... I think I remembered everyone. I worked three days straight to get everything done...

((I-if I forgot anyone, poke this post~! I'll make SOMETHING up. And since I just got back, going to go detox for an hour. So... be back in an hour!
EDIT: Back now! /o/))
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Well, it looks like I'm finally finished with this thing. Heh, took long enough too - I was hoping it would be done in time for Christmas... Oh well. Looks nice, doesn't it? Hey, Mari--



What the-- I just built that! Come on! What the hell is this thing anyway?!


... I'm going to kill it.


((So Shadow just finished a little two person hut for himself and Maria... and a Hurby crashed through his roof. :B))
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Oh HELL no.

Once was enough for these things. They're gonna die. Nico, you got some spell that'll zap these annoying bastards out of existence before we all go insane and kill each other?

Hurby's in pain...

((And to add to the carnage, Chase has a Hurby hanging off his switchblade. It's wailing in pain.))

Target 005

Dec. 30th, 2007 07:57 pm
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This world is just full of surprises.

[Private | Totally Unhackable]

Some things we're better off not knowing. As much as I wanna ask questions, there's no need to. When the time comes to know, we'll know.


Tsuna. Come here. I have an errand for you to run.
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Oh, island, ISLAND~! You shouldn't have! But it is WELL-LOVED♥ and APPRECIATED ANYWAY~! It seems where Hiji-Caroline-kun got the defective owee, I got a completely functional one! It took me a while to find my basket, it was buried under all that cosplay...And it seems the games are custom made by the island--! I didn't know you had an interest in graphic design, ohohoho~

Anyway, one of the games is a dating sim! It's called 'Ai~land~shiteru; Doki Doki PARADISE...Vol. 1'. It has 200 characters to choose from and over 500 different endings, with unlockable characters and locations, mini-games, original voice actors, real-time playing and top graphics! The other one is 'PRINCE OF RABU', a tennis game that has a romantic twist~! Ohh, I haven't played that one yet, but it looks fun~!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas~! I did, ohohohohohoho~!

[ooc; SO YES. Renge got an owee and is playing it on a surpraiz island-made T.V. Perhaps hijacked from someone else or something IDK. She's playing the dating sim (at a PG-something rated level, just mushy stuff shush) so feel free to notice her interacting a character that MAY or MAY NOT look like/talk like/act like yours? It's an island dating sim, after all |D]


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