Dec. 21st, 2007

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Oh Luke, Anise, and of course, let's not forget the great and noble Emperor, Peony. I've heard about this holiday some people from other worlds celebrate. It's called Hogswatch, and it's a holiday for all things jolly, or so someone said. Have you three been nice this year? You might just receive presents from someone.

... hm, I need more curry powder to finish this. Does anyone have curry powder? Would you care to donate to a frail and weak old man such as myself? It would be greatly appreciated ♥

I also haven't seen Saphir lately. What a blessing. ♥ I hope he got eaten by one of the weird creatures here.

((Okay so Jade is outside the Abyss hut, doing some cooking?! Yeah.))
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From...Touya Akira? What the fuck is this about?

Sorry, Island, I don't do Christmas.
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Ai-yah tyen-ah, Mal, what did you do, and why am I a gift to you? If this is a part of some job you didn't say anything about, we're going to have a problem.
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"To Gertrude, from Chase."

Uh... schnooky-poodle, you didn't put this on me when I was sleeping, did you?
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Well, it seems I owe a few of you crazy kids my thanks. The old cogs and sprockets have never felt better, and that's the truth! But I'd hate to seem ungrateful, or go talking with nothing to say. So here's a little token of my thanks, dedicated to one sweet little thing in particular. I call it Godot blend #219. It's got a mellow start, far less bitter than the usual blends, with just a hint of the coffee bean's natural sweetness to it. But this gentle demeanor gives way to a surprisingly bold and willful finish. An unexpected strength if you will. Quite suiting, I think, to a little blue bunny who shouldn't be underestimated.

Come try it, won't you?

I suppose it should also be noted that fate has taken it upon herself to make someone's holiday a little more cheerful. How kind of her. Hey, Edgeworth, I think I've got something for you.

((OOC: Yukina, he's talking about you :Xb))
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Hm? What's this now?

To: James From: Hiroka

Hiroka? I don't recall meeting anyone by that name, not even in my time here. ohohohoHOHOHOHEHEHEhehehehe, it's sure does look like I have some sort of secret admirer. I must say that's pretty good considering I have only been here for a week or two...I think I may have lost count after the first day.


Dec. 21st, 2007 12:27 pm
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Lulu? I have a tag on me that says “To: Shirley From: Lelouch.” It doesn't seem like something you would do, nor anyone else here that I know would do.


I hope this isn't some kind of cruel joke.

((I have to go to a get together with my friends now, or else they will strangle me. Tag back later Back Gotta go again. T_T Tag back later Back, finally!))
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Ahh, Christmas is a mere few days away, and the island is obviously celebrating! Tags? To and from the various islanders, I wonder what it could mean? Hopefully, something very, ~very~ wonderful! It's hide and seek, almost?

Mine says: To Renge, from Ichigo~! So, Ichigo? Do you have one too~? ♥

And what about you, Haruhi? Mild curiousity, mind you~

Ahh, I have a feeling there will be a LOT of stories I'll need to report on today~.
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[private to Agito and Akira: unhackable]

Hey...I know it was unfair that I yelled at you guys. And buried you in snow. I just...well, I didn't know how else to get your attention. It looked like you two were going to...well, not fight, but maybe have a yelling match? I was just trying to stop it before it escalated too much.

So I guess what I'm trying to say it...sorry.

[end private]

This has been a horribly week. Some crazy guy tries to cut my head open, I break my glasses, THEN I cut my hand on the glass! So now I'm blind and crippled. Well, at least I don't have to worry about him attacking me again anytime soon. I'm not going anywhere without someone else with me. Next time I'm alone he might actually finish me off.

...and these stitches itch. I should go see that nurse lady and see if it's time to get them removed. Gah, how am I supposed to keep from-

What's this? A tag? Hmm..."To David, From Super-Fa"- THAT'S NOT FUNNY!
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You know, this place hasn't been so bad. A little weird, but I'm pretty sure all of us are used to things veering to the left of All American and Stable by now, so I wasn't even going to complain about having to sleep in a cave.

But when I woke up this morning, I was tagged like a wild animal. To Nico: From Victor.

...this isn't funny, Vic. I don't appreciate being labeled.
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I don't really understand this tag. Hey, Yukina, it has your name on it. A Secret Santa sort of thing? This Island does some really random stuff sometimes. I wonder if this is the right sort of random. At least it didn't give me more paperwork for Christmas.

Christmas presents...I wonder what you're supposed to get for someone while you're on an Island.

Though it won't let me take off this tag...on my wrist.
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"To Zelman, from Mikuru"? How thoughtful of you, though I am starting to wonder if a gift was supposed to come along with this tag. Forgetting the present or misplacing it sounds like something you'd do♥

Still, I'm surprised~ I didn't think anyone would be interested in giving me anything but a stake through the chest by this point.

((still on hiatus b-but managing PSP tags because I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD /o/ even if it takes forever to tags back DX;;))
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I still couldn't find Tsuna. I guess he's really gone back home. Hm, I wonder why it feels like I've been missing out on a lot of things--eh? What's this?

From Suzumiya Haruhi?

Hey, hey, I heard about this before! I think it was called 'Secret Santa', haha.

But I don't remember participating in one before, huh.

[ooc: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack *A*]
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Cierra, when, why and how did you attach a tag to me? If you wish to give me a present, use a less cryptic method.

((Uhh, since you've been rather... missing in a whole, it's okay for me to do this post for these two, right Seve?))


Dec. 21st, 2007 02:13 pm
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Elle. Sylar. In one day. Marvelous. At least it is clear this place has a sense of humor.

Speaking of: Elle, I need to speak to you. Just me and you. This does not mean we are friends, that I'm agreeing to be your toy, that I'm going to make the same mistake I did, or that I have absolved what has happened between us. But this is of the utmost priority, and I'm sure you understand why.

[Private to anyone who isn't Sylar, lol ]

It is in my recommendation that those with a power avoid Sylar to the best of their ability. It already seems as though he's attacked people without hesitation.
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This is just weird... why am I stuck like this? I don't even remember going all Overlord, but I can't... Urgh...

Somebody needs to tell me who's the bright guy who decided to make a dress out of paper? Who the heck would wear something like this in the first place? I already ripped both sleeves!

Adell, you have five seconds to explain this! Don't try to deny it, your name is on this tag! Even if it's backwards...

((TWO THINGS. One yay, winter break Prier is wearing a little black dress, except it's made of really bright wrapping paper. Be careful with it. Two, she's stuck looking like a not!Succubus demon, so wings and horns are out, JUST FOR YOU ADELL~))

Episode VI

Dec. 21st, 2007 03:20 pm
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Oh, my beret! It... it turned into a "Santa hat". I think it looks cute, heehee. Only four days left until Christmas!

And ah, thank you for the present, Sena, but... I only have the tag? Maybe the actual present got lost... I hope Alby didn't take it or anything. What did it look like? I'll try to find it, I promise!
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To: Rika, From: Satoko.

... Mii? Satoko-chan, what did you get me? Nii~ It won't come off!
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Does anybody know a mister "Hijikata"? I seem to have found some sort of tag for him?
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Ah... This tag...

From... Gokudera? I don't know any Gokudera-san do I....?

.... I have a bad feeling about this...
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All of these strange occurrences as of late... I guess it's good to know that whatever runs this place seems to really like Christmas. Hmn, to think I've been here with Marona for a full year already. Time really does fly when... you're forced to live on an island that isn't your own.

...I should find something to give to Marona for Christmas, and maybe Kal-

... Kallen, could you explain this thing on my muffler? You're not doing anything your'e not supposed to be, are you?
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"To: Samus, From: House"

Huh. You never struck me as the gift-giving type, House. Though, I've yet to see the gift that you'd think should be attached to this, so perhaps I was right. Or, maybe you're just waiting to give me the gift in person so that you can also confess your undying love for me~ Ahaha...yeah right.

Speaking seriously, I know I'm not the only one who found a tag today. I've seen a lot of others with the same sort of thing. Has anyone figured out what this rock is up to this time?
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What did you get me, huh? Huuuuh? (((  ̄ー ̄))) Is it a new car?! A million yen?! A trip to a tropical and romantic island??!

... Oh wait.

So, what did you get me? ヾ(>▽<)
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... Wow. Either I'm her gift to me which is sorta half-assed or I'm missing something.

Yo, Sumire! Where's my present?

((he has a bow on his head, too. lol.))
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Sooo, there was this tag hanging from my belt when I woke up this morning. Sora? Did you do this? It says it's from you... does this mean you have something for me? I have something for you, at least--!

Hmm... unless... I hope this isn't something the Island's doing. Wasn't there an incident last year with mistletoe? But... that's not going to happen this year, right? Right, haha... so why am I getting a bad feeling about this?
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I guess there's still a few things about this holiday that I don't understand.

For example, why do I have a tag around my wrist that says "To: Kougaiji, From: Sanzo"? Is this some kind of Christmas tradition or is the island just playing games again? I find it very hard to believe that Sanzo would get me any kind of gift.

...And it won't come off. Of course.
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Hmm. Normally I'm alot more aware of whats been placed on me but this is out of the ordinary. Why is there a tag on my armor?

To: Gilgamesh, From: Shana

Ara~ I didn't know that I supposed to give out presents earlier this year! But why is Shana-chan's name on this?
It's not coming off...
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To: Dagger, From: Zidane

Oh, you shouldn't have. It's so thoughtful of you.

But I only see the tag here. Did something happen to the gift?
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...I don't see anything...

[["To Tetsu, From Suzu". He's looking around for if there's anything dangerous nearby b-because. Suzu ):]]
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It seems I got a tag on me today that says "To Umi, From: Junpei~♥"

....Junpei, why did you put a tag on me? Do you have something for me or wish to talk about? Because you could have just asked instead of putting a tag on me, ya know.

And I've also almost got all my presents done for all my friends, this is gonna be a great Christmas after all~!
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"To; Chii, From; Kurogane"

...Chii is a ... present? Chii never had this tag before. Ku-ro-ga-ne...

Something strange is happening to-day.


Dec. 21st, 2007 06:35 pm
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...Why is there a tag on me?

To: Mayama, From: Ayu.

Huh. I don't really want a tag, though. It's not exactly a great gift. There isn't much you can do with it either.

I have a bad feeling about this, though. I hope it's just me.
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Tags such as these are usually reserved for actual gifts themselves. I thought this fact was fairly obvious, but apparently the island is a bit confused concerning this particular subject? ...Or maybe it's being completely unpredictable again, which certainly wouldn't surprise me in the least.

In any case... Naoto, your name happens to be on my tag. Though I still don't understand why.
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[This entire post is filtered from Haine]

Islanders, I need to ask you a very important question ~ desu! Let's say there was a very evil and disgusting being who is a mean bully, and he made you feel miserable and hurt ~ desu. What would be the perfect vengeance put upon him? Details are necessary! I'm only asking for curiosity's sake because he was being very annoying to me someone I know. Advice on how to deal with this nasty monster would work wonders ~ desu.

And thank you in advance ~ desu! ♥

Oh, and by the way, how do you get rid of this ribbon around my neck? While it is very decorative and emphasizes my beauty, the tag is getting in the way ~ desu. "To: Suiseiseki, From: Gintoki".

... I don't understand ~ desu. Someone explain to me. There isn't a present attached ~ desu! Puny Ichigo, did you steal it??
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... ... Hmm~.

Yaho, Crow-kun~!! Thanks for the tag! ♡ But I wonder if that's all there is to it~?

Looks like a lot of other people got tags too, huh? This might be fun.
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Minato-san, it seems I have a tag with your name on me. Please inform me as to why this is here and I will stop wondering as to why it exists.

I wish to know what it is everyone on this island would like for this "Christmas". So please give the following information to me.


And I shall see what I can do for you, as far as gift making or finding. I think I might know what to get Minato-san and the others, but I am still debating on that.
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Okay, I've learned what's the thing involving Christmas is about and who this Santa person is...but what's this thing doing on my chest for?

Hey Stellar, is this thing yours? It has your name on it! And mine weird. Anyone else have these things on them too?
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To Kuhn, From Haseo. this some kind of prank? Haseo'd never give me a gift! Where'd this tag come from, anyways? Must've fallen asleep on it, or something...
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*have an Pi with a tag hanging from her glasses*

Whose idea was this? What's going on here?

*grabs tag and holds it up to one lens*

To me, from... Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth the IX.
Unfortunately for him, I don't typically celebrate Christmas. I'm sure his Imperial Majesty can find gifts elsewhere.
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It's good to see that the Island's still feeling festive. As much as I like Christmas tags, though, I'd have to say I liked the snow better, brown slush or not.


Count D. I think it's safe to assume you aren't the one that put this on me?

You'll have to forgive me for not having a gift prepared.
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 .....Theres a tag on my arm. Wonder why..... can anyone tell me what it says?

[ooc: It's for Wonderwice.]
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U-um, Kirihara-san, did you get me a gift? Aha, that's very nice of you but where is it but it's a little embarrassing... I don't have anything to give you in return.

And... how... do I remove this tag? ...and how did you manage to get it on my wrist in the first place?
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... ...

Who the hell is Laharl?!
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Everybody's talking about 'Christmas' and 'Santa' and presents, but I don't really get it... Is a Santa something you can eat?

Oh right, can somebody read this for me--!? If someone stuck this to me it's probably important, but... Oh, Boota, don't bite it..!

((derp Simon can't read his tag from Hanyuu so yeah.))
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Hahaha, it's been a while since this old man's shown off her mug to the rest of you, huh--!? Well not to worry, she's been planning something great for everybody! And man, look at all of the snow... Sure, it's freaky, but still--! Hmhmhm, gives me another idea...

... Oh, what's this...? ... K-Kei-chan, what is... what are you saying here--?
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Is this supposed to be our flag? As in 'Great Gurren Brigade' flag? I don't remember seeing it like this before. And with so many stripes...

title or description

... Kamina? Simon? I think you two should take a look at this.


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