Dec. 20th, 2007

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Ugh, snow. It's just as bad as sand. I can't see at all. The snow makes everything fuzzy, too. And it's cold on my feet.

You could've at least made it not so cold, Island. Hmph.

What the heck is this 'Christmas' thing I keep hearing about, anyway?
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Back where we started again~ Exploring the close-by islands has been quite exciting, but I did miss my shop a bit. I hope they did not try and ate anybody while I was gone. It always becomes such a hassle when those guys start insisting on a regular diet of fresh human meat..

Oh, look, Q-chan, it looks like the place decided to redecorate while we were gone. All those colors make me feel a bit like Christmas back in Chinatown ♥ I wonder if anything special will happen for Christmas~

 . . . -! What´s this? A welcoming buffet? Oooh, such an exquisite cuisine, too! A lovely idea, but the eh, design. .

I wonder if the island got the wrong idea about me?

((so D came back and island decided to greet him with a variety of vegetarian food prepared in the most fine and delicious ways - unfortunately the food is prepared to look like a human body turned dinner with very little fantasy ^.^;;))

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I believe that many here are given far too much spare time. This should be remedied before it gets even more out of hand than it currently is.

I would rather not ask for assistance, but it also seems that I've aquired... Hm.

I am not even certain of what to call this. Would it also be an aspect of this 'holiday'?

[OOC: You know that plastic green stuff they make fake wreaths out of? Try... completely entwined in it. With shiny silver tinsel. DX;]
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[[private to self | hackable by Train]]

How is it I would find myself here all of a sudden? Surely Chronos doesn't have that sort of power. ...Nor does Echidna, so far as I know. Nevertheless, it remains a possibility.

The only things that I can say for certain is that the Black Cat is here... and Kyoko is not.


The rumor is that this is a... sentient island. I'm curious as to whether or not there is any truth to that.

...I'm certain you get asked this by every new arrival, but if there is a way off, I would very much like to know what it is as well. Judging by the sheer amount of people here, I'm beginning to doubt that's a possibility, but the answer is always no until you ask, I suppose.

((Ro here with Charden from Black Cat. He already had a little conversation with Azula about some general island things, so there you go!))


Dec. 20th, 2007 10:36 am
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Hm, I've gathered that the Avatar isn't here, nor is anyone from the Fire Nation, save for my brother and my stupid uncle. I've seen another firebender around though, although I doubt that he's from the Fire Naton, nor from our world.

Anyone else who could bend some elements here on this island? I'm curious.
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Seems like the Island is getting everybody into the holiday spirit, huh? Looks like I'm being included, too! This costume isn't as Christmas-y as it was last year, but I still like it! Reminds me of Halloween and Christmas Town...

Anyways, I've got gifts! That's why I've been away so long, I've been looking for special stuff around the Island that I could give to people. They're not much, but I just wanted to make sure my friends had something for Christmas. Better than nothing, right?

[ ooc; WHAT THE HELL WE STILL HAVE A SORA?! lol he's in this outfit and has a sack full of presents, pretty much all you need to know. idk I'm bored. feel free to ask for one? o/ ]
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Nel heard about Chrithmath from thith one lady back when it tharted thowing really weird colorth. The thaid that it's the time when a big fat man in a red thuit giveth everyone prethen'th. Uthually Nel'th brotherth give her prethen'th whenever they can. Do any of you think that Thanta will actually come here? What Nel meanth ith, wouldn't he get thuck like the otherth here?

But Nel really doethn't want prethen'th right now. All Nel really wan'th ith her brother's and Bawabawa not to worry about her, or to come here and thay with Nel. Nel mith'th them, very much. Playing endlth tag with the big doggieth ge'th boring after awhile.

Oh Nel almotht forgot...
Why aren't you drethed up as Thanta? A lot of other...uh...thingth and people Nel has seen around, are doing it!
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Is it too late to take back every single awful thing I said about this place? Because I think I owe it big time now. Seriously big time. I wonder if I should be hiding from whatever it's ready to make me repay with.

Dude in the van, c'mon, you gotta let me have it. I won't tell anyone you're on somethin', promise. It'll be our secret.

[Filtered to the occupants of the Hostel]
Fuckin' A! We're all here. Ain't a Cape in sight, either. Well, except for the web slinger. Yeah, Spiderman. Think he's mad about us knocking him out?

And guys, we need to check out the Titanic. Bender and I can trick out the Hostel with some of the stuff we get off that heap. Who's in? 'Course, Nico's still in charge, and all. Just watch out with some of the produce around here, some of it acts like it was made by Willy Wonka. Monkeys like to steal shit, too.

[Filtered to the Runaways, minus Zuko]
I just got done talking to his sister, turns out our new roommate's been a little less than truthful about himself. She says his name's Zuko. I don't like it. I haven't liked the guy from the beginning, and this only makes it worse.

[Private to self//Unhackable]
Guys, whatever you do, please don't fucking tell her about my fuckup. It's better she doesn't know. She'll be pissed, but if she never finds out, she won't have a chance to get pissed.

Hey, Gert, want the grand tour of this rock? I promise it'll be the scenic route.
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Hmm... Only a few more days till Christmas...

I don't understand why all you humans people get so grumpy about the holidays! Sure, it's overdone, but it's a big holiday right? Might as well have fun in captivity so to speak. The only thing I can complain about is all this slushy green and red snow. I thought the song "White Christmas" was made for a reason?

Other than that I'm bored. And hungry. Can anyone direct me to a SAFE tree of fruit and whatnot? Been awhile since I've eaten something.


Dec. 20th, 2007 05:24 pm
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[[The inn kitchen has a strange smell that is coming from it... Something that smells as if something is burning ads;fkajsf; whatever she burned a cake okay? D:]]


I must have dozed off again! I was hoping to make another good cake, but I just wasn't paying attention... Man, it smells so bad in here. Guess I'm still disoriented from the training, that was the longest I've ever done it. Better take this out and clean it outside. Sorry to cause everyone in the inn some trouble! I'll clean this up myself.

[private- hackable if you really, really know her well]

I wish Lucia-san was here. Even if it's only for a little while.

That'd be a nice Christmas present... And it would have been nice to make Christmas cakes with her.

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Aaah, it feels so nice, doesn't it? The mood, I mean! If anything, the weather has been a little chilly lately, aha hah. Christmas time is almost here. . . I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit!

I always love this time of the year! One of my favorite things to do is looking at all the colorful lights at night, wouldn't you agree? The ones here make the island look even more beautiful than it already is. And the huge decorated tree that suddenly appeared, it's amazing! I wonder how long it's going to stay. . . Haseo, can we put the lights back on the hut? I really wish you didn't take those down.

T-that's not the only reason! In fact, there's a bigger one. . . Seeing people come together and realize the importance of peace and harmony, spending times with friends and loved ones, and following through with the act of giving to make someone happy. . . Doesn't that make you happy, too? If only it lasted for more than a day! Those are the things everyone should always do, no matter when it is or the occasion.

Oh! The new year will be right around the corner, too! I wonder how that will turn out.
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Okay, let's see...

I made one for the green haired lady, one for the pretty dress lady, and one for the rude blind archer guy.

I wonder if I'm missing anyone...

((Yu-Ri is in bracelet making mode! She ran out. D: So, Green haired lady is CC, pretty dress lady is Giselle, and blind archer guy is Shinon. /o/ If you want a pretty seashell bracelet, come on over~.))


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