Dec. 16th, 2007

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Nia has decided, ni! I will build a hut to live in, ni! So that when trainer comes he will have a place, too! It should be like all the other huts Nia has jumped and seen, ni! Nia wants one like those too! But first, Nia has to learn how to build a hut, ni!

... how do you do that?
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This weather isn't very good for the flowers, but I'm not sure what I can do for them...

I think I might have overdone it again, I'm still feeling a little sleepy.

.... I wonder if youkai are allowed to celebrate this holiday I've heard about. I know it didn't exist for Koorime and I've never heard of anyone called Santa K... C... Kuurasu... before... but is it rude if I don't celebrate it or would it be considered impolite if I did when it seems to be more of a tradition for humans? I-I don't know--!

Ah, maybe if I ask everyone. Then I won't risk offending someone accidentally. U-unless I'm supposed to know the answer and I've simply been overlooking it all this time?? So then asking would mean I've been neglecting to pay attention and--

((Yukina is fretting over Christmas like the dork she is and checking on the poor snow-covered garden. Someone pls calm her down before she hyperventilates.))
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Nee-san's birthday passed again... But it doesn't seem so long ago that she just turned seventeen so... Ah, the time here is confusing. But Christmas is already here huh...? I guess it just runs differently in this place.

... It'd... Be nice to celebrate it with our friends...

At least it's warm in the inn.

((Holy crap she's smiling for once. UM. So anyways, Yakumo's in the inn kitchen seeing if she find things so she can make a hot drink like tea or hot chocolate. :3))

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Dec. 16th, 2007 03:42 pm
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Island-san is so nice to give me this stuff-- Thank you! These make it much easier, haha. A-and I guess the costume is kinda nice too.

[Private to Simca // Hackable if you know about the Christmas party plans]
U-um, Simca-san, I forgot to ask if you wanted to invite anyone too? And I kind of invited two other people, I... I hope that's okay. And are we doing it on Christmas day or before that--? Since people might want to spend time with other people on actual Christmas, so... 

...I-I think that's a bit crooked -- I guess I'm not very good at these things, ahaha. U-um... Does, um, does anyone want to make Christmas cards with me?

[[Currently surrounded by various arts & crafts tools and making Christmas decorations/cards \o\ And yes, dressed like an elf -- he's short enough, so feel free to think he's real? 8D
EDIT: orz dragged off to do housework, tags will be sporadic for an hour or two XD;]]

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...Chii~! The books in the...library have a lot of ... good for ma tion. Chii even found a little kit for making things for Christmas! struc tions are easy for Chii to follow, but...

Chii thinks this humble abode is too small.

[ooc; making a gingerbread house that isn't done yet. :B]
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Nothing like a good nap, really. Quite a bit shorter than I'm used to, though. Hmm, how long was that? Two months?

- Ah, just in time for Christmas, then! One of my favourite times of the year, I think, despite some of the gaudier facets. Pity there aren't any large shopping malls around. The crowds, the stampedes, the emotions running on high... the stress in the air is always on the verge of being tangible. Not to mention all those holiday specials on tv.~ Could never get enough of them... hm-! I'm sure a holiday-themed reality show would go over quite well back home....

But I must say, these lights and this dyed snow are quite the hideous, eye-raping festive touch.

Private - Hackable to Aziraphale only

Now, if only the bloody Lord and Master of All Things Ominous and Evil weren't here so I could enjoy Christmas on a tropical island. Because of course it can't be bad enough to have one's boss along for a vacation, but to have him be the devil....


Hm...? You're all looking quite well, too. - Except for you, ficus, is it? Still looking far too yellow around the edges for my taste.

So. You know the drill.


((SO HAY Crowley's been sleeping since October because lol lazy demon is lazy. And for anyone who remembers - all those plants outside his cave are now 5x bigger, greener, shinier and leafier than normal, and absolutely FLOURISHING in the snow. Except the poor ficus, which kinda just went up in a smokey POOF.))
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Alright, I got an announcement to make!

This here cave's now called The Hostel. Why? Cuz I said so. You ain't got no say in this, Zippo. Ain't like the old one, but hell, it's home now. And we won't smell like tar pit all the time.

Anyone that ain't Bro-ho, Karolina, Mancha, Nico or the Wannabe needs to stay the hell away, or you're dino food. We clear? Sweet.

Hey! Zippo! We got some meat! How about we get some Bee Bee Queue goin'? I'm starvin' so bad I could eat Lace-- You know I wouldn't do that, girl. Don't look at me that way. Karolina, found some funny lookin' oranges and shit for you too. Lace says they smell okay. Should probably warn you about some of the produce around here.

Hey, Winchester. How's that car of yours?

((Chase names his hideouts The Hostel in canon.


Dec. 16th, 2007 06:11 pm
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Hey! Hey, guys!

Everyone's been writing letters to this Santa Claus person, asking for stuff for Christmas. I've never done it before, but I thought it'd be worth a try since this is pretty much my first Christmas.

What do you think? )


Dec. 16th, 2007 07:27 pm
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... Oh, and stuck on the ghetto island church roof. That's kind of important]]


Where...? Am I?? Cold... It's cold. Red... Green... Everywhere. And I'm high up... Too high up...? Can I... Jump down?

Nn... Fuuaahh!

((SUP GAIZ. Mai here with sixth character Nill from DOGS! Yes, since this is a new mun playing her, she doesn't remember ANYTHING that happened here. To those who don't know Nill, she's basically a normal looking cute loli with tiny dove wings on her back. *A* EDIT: Night, bed for me, tags continue either tomorrow or Tuesday /o))
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...Can someone tell me how this 'Christmas' is celebrated? Not that I'm interested. I'm finding out for someone else.

I could care less about what you humans do for these holidays of yours.

((OOC: Hiei is researching Christmas so he and Yukina can celebrate it properly! Isn't he such a nice 'Not'!brother? ))
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Uuuuuh. Clothes weird.


[[ So Wice in a pink and purple Kimono with a bow in his hair ala this image. And he's having trouble walking in it. =o ]]


Dec. 16th, 2007 10:09 pm
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This place really isn't so bad. Sure, it was shocking to learn that I couldn't get off, but being here honestly isn't much different than being at school, and having a couple of friends here really helps too.

I enjoy how festive this place is, with all the lights, and people dressing up as Santa, although some seem to be put in the costumes against their wills. This island is still really strange. Lulu says that Milly isn't here, but I honestly still have to wonder if Milly is running this place.

((going to bed now, I will tag back in the morning Back))
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I see the island is getting into the holiday spirit. It's all very pretty! Of course my favorite part of Christmas is getting presents, but I don't think that's going to happen this year.

You know, if people knew the truth about Santa Claus, they wouldn't be so eager to invite him into their homes and leave him cookies.

((In canon, Anya had an interesting story about Santa.))
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Right. Well, everyone here appears to be a lovely set of tourists, roaming about the... er, general area. But roaming is all you're doing, and wouldn't you rather be aware of the intricacies and subtle beauty of wherever the bloody hell I am your current location? There's more to this place than just blindin' lights and... red and green snow.

What you need, my friends, is an official, certified, knowledgeable, and handsome tour guide.

So step right up, then, because lucky you, one happens to be standing right here! I don't charge much; just twenty quid dollars francs yen pesos?! ...pieces of currency per person.

What's all the staring for? What, not interested in learning about those... beaches over there? Long history, been connected to the ocean for as long as I can remember.

And trees. Lots of history in those trees.

...And monkeys, too.

((Jen here with Danny Blue, and he has no idea where he is BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO STOP HIM FROM TRYING TO CON PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY. \O_o/ So yeah, obviously lying about the tour guide thing lulz.))


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