Dec. 13th, 2007

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Yare yare. ♥ I do believe this area's much more ...interesting than the other snowy areas. Hm hm. I might stay here for just a the scenery.

It's such a shame that some of the other areas are bi-colored. I believe this way it's much more beautiful...

((Ooc: Akabane found an area that only has red snow, and no green. And since it's on trees, and apparently partially melted...well....yea.))
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I want to spell something out. Nice and simple.

Snow plus vintage car equals DISASTER. Total. Freaking. Disaster.

Dammit! Why the hell'd my car get dragged here if it was only going to get ravaged by this retarded weather?! Red and green snow my ass, I bet it was tainted with chemicals or somethin'.

You just don't do that to a man's car, okay, it's just not right.

Damn. All this waiting around makes me wish I had something to hunt.
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One... Two...


...Hmmm. There are many of them.

[OOC: C-Christmas is coming early for Endrance or something DX; He's standing on the beach surrounded by Haseo plushies and picking them up out of the sand/snow so they don't get dirty :x STFU IT'S SEMI!CANON DX D-don't shoot meee ;_;]
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For the last time, I don't want anything for Christmas, so Okita and Kamina and whoever else who's even considering it, don't. I don't even like this holi--

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun!


Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time

.... Oh, you've got to be--

Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square

..... .....

This is beyond cruel. I don't suppose this place had earplugs...

((the cave is now playing Christmas music. Like what you'd hear in a store. Continuously. Naoto is standing outside said cave looking faintly horrified.))
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I think I might've been more okay with this if I thought that this was a dream. You know, one of those really sick lucid dreams you have when you realize Christmas is in a couple of weeks and you forgot to get someone special a present? And you dream that Rudolph is chasing you down a back alley? Maybe that's just me or whatever, but---but this isn't a dream. I have way too much sand in my shoes for this to be a dream. looks like a Macy's Christmas Parade threw up on a tropical beach. Where is everyone? This place is begging for one of Chase's one-lines, I swear.
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Luki, Noki, have you two written up Christmas lists yet? I'm pretty sure Santa needs those so he knows what to get you for presents. Otherwise you're just going to end up with coal.
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[Filtered AWAY from Naoto. Very, very away.]

So. Name three ways to make a girl blush. Person with the best idea wins a prize~


Anyone seen a scrawny blond kid around here? Kinda short, probably frowning, could likely kick your ass. Tell him Axel wants to talk to him.
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I...don't remember Winter Solstice ever being this crazy!

[Locked, possibly hackable]

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It has occured to me that there are those of you that know little about me. Thus, I offer everyone a chance to ask a limitless number of questions about me that I will answer truthfully.

((This is really just a way to learn more about everyone ELSE, gaining knowledge is always a good idea for her. She doesn't mind telling about herself... will of course lie based on who you are and how much she likes you though.))
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... Huh.

I don't know if I should stop the Heartless, or throw that one doll off a cliff again. Shouldn't you be with Shinku? And why is the King with them? Shoo, shoo. Stop following me. Go follow Haruhi or Sora.

Hmmmm, or I could just lead them all to that cliff.

[So, yes. Mickey plush and the Ansem/Xehanort/guy with identity issues plush are riding on Piro-pin. They are singing the dreidel song idk. ):]
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Okay, I give up. Does anyone kave anything, anything to make someone sleep more then two hours at a time!? I swear these stupid light are keeping me awake!So dizzy... My hands won't stop shaking...

Ahh, can't this stupid holiday just get over with. Just give us our gifts already and make it rain birds again, take off the lights and be done with it! Come on, it can't be that hard, stupid Island!

[Private to Adell//hackable if you know her well]

Hey, look Adell...

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Nice? Nice!? I don't see her anywhere... Did she go ahead of us? I-I'm sorry, but I can't keep up with you right now! I seriously need you to slow down! It really hurts!

... Hey! Can you hear me? Please wait... Or come back. O-or just say something. Anything at all. Donny! Is Nice okay? Where did she-- He... He's not here either!? Where did everyone go!? Everyone was just here a second ago, we were all just getting off the... -!! It's... It's... It's gone!

Th-the train disappeared!

((Introducing Jacuzzi Splot, who is freaking out and looking slightly stabbed/shot at the moment, oops.  Feel free to help him or tell him to calm the hell down /o/;;))
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[ ooc; lol Manda here, say hi to Franziska von Karma. |D not much to know about her except that she's another one of those crazy prosecutor lawyer people. oh, and she's got a really intimidating looking whip on her. :Db ]
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No, the lights don't look right like that!... how about now? Eeeh, something is off about them, right? Aside from the fact that they're all over the hut without me putting them up! I think it needs a lot more red to stand out from the green the trees and snow give off, right? If the snow was white, then they'd be even cooler looking!

Genis, are you really here somewhere? You missed out on having a huge snowball fight with Kratos! Me and you could've tag teamed and won! That was really fun, by the way Dad! We have got to do it again sometime!

I haven't seen Genis or Presea in the longest... I went looking for them, but I haven't seen any trace of them! Did they get sent back home? So, that means it's just me and Kratos here? At least they're ok and off the island...

Man, this is getting to be a pain! Maybe I should just take them off-- asl;k;j;'lpyriytubmjegjrkemg bv;--!!!!!

((See Lloyd musing and messing around with the lights on the ToS hut. See Lloyd get electrocuted by said lights and falling off the roof.))


Dec. 13th, 2007 07:27 pm
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I had some hope in this place. Although I was not amused with this island's 'logic' at first, but I grew to like the surprises this place had. I thought maybe this was the ideal world I was looking for, a world without boredom.

I can say for a fact that I am no longer bored, however, this is far from amusing. I was perfectly fine with my clothing, but apparently, you, Island-san found it amusing to put me in something more 'cheery' and 'fitting for this Christmas season'. I am, however, glad that this dress is about the same length as the one I was wearing.

Also, this parasol does anything BUT block the sun.

Tch. How bothersome.

((ooc: soooo unoriginal, but I had to do it to my Gothic Lolita. This is the dress she's now wearing and this is the parasol she is carrying around now))
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B... Boota! Speak to me! Say something! Just... stop staring!


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