Dec. 11th, 2007

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... wow.

This place is pathetic.

((rofl meet Azula, a firebender/lightningbender, Iroh's niece and Zuko's sister?! More info at her journal o/ Also, trying to get a hang of her voice, so tags might not be as fast as usual :D BED TIME, I will be back in two hours! Finally going to rest for two hours only yaaay school you are the best ever *A*))
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This should be enough to make him tall. Now stay!

Hard part's over. Here's your eyes...and your nose...and your mouth...and some red right under your nose. It's not perfect, but I think it's slowly showing his likeness. I should have Wolfram take a look at it when it's finished.

...Now, how am I going to get the hair down? White snow would make this a lot easier right now. Hahaha, I guess I'm going to have to find more twigs.

((Conrad's having fun making himself a snowman family. So far he's made what should be himself, Yuuri, Wolfram, Gwendal, Greta, and Cheri (all from his canon). He's currently working on a Gunter snowman, and just like it others, it's green and red and really ugly. and for those who aren't familiar with KKM, Gunter is the weird man that lives in the castle and stalks helps teaches Yuuri about how to be a proper Maou.

but yeah, feel free to join him in the snowman merry making!))
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Now that it's stopped snowing, I went and dug up some herbs to make medicine with. It might sting a little when I apply it, Brother, but it's for the best, really.

((Ttly open to people who aren't Russel. XD;;;))
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Hey doc? Anybody? Damn it, some time to take a lunch break. I could really use some help here. Like. Now.

May, what were you thinking? You could've gotten yourself killed, and where would that leave me, huh? I'd have to feed the dog and the cat, you know. And Dizzy would probably never let me live it down.

...You--- you'll be all right.

Oi, what's a guy gotta do to get a doctor in this place?

((Soooo, May vs. Older!Gilgamesh did not end well. Axl's got a very unconscious May in his arms and is really worried/kind of freaking out but trying not to show it. To quote Kia, May suffered "Kick to the stomach, but that'll probably just wind up being a bruise, two head-on whatever beams that probably cracked a few ribs and did A++ damage from the impact, and a few stab wounds/cuts on her arms, legs, and sides."

MAY IS FINE NOW. Expect threadhops from her.))
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Bar's open as usual. Come on in if you want to get away from the technicolor snow.

*Private and hackable by ultra-close friends*

This is why you shouldn't let yourself get too close.

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You, simian. My clothes. Now.

Don't think that escaping up that tree will protect you. My clothes are flame proof. You are not.

((Xavin's only clothes got stolen while zie was bathing so now zie's staring down the culprit. Naked Skrull doesn't quite look naked however. Ah, the power of shapeshifting. But the dripping wet and barefoot-ness, and staring down the monkey, are quite possibly clues.))
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...Is that-- no, it can't be-- it IS!

At last! I've been looking so long! Sweet, sweet FREE CAKE is mine--! ♥ ♥ And that's such a lovely wide tree they're on. It shouldn't be hard to climb it at all! It kind of looks like a maple tree, actually. I wonder if the cake tastes like acorns?

Ooh, and I think it's Christmas cake, too! How seasonal! Strawberries~ cream~ I can't wait to try it--


P-plastic? Owww, my teeth. ...and they're on a garland.

Island!! This is not fair!!! I like the lights, but Christmas cake SHOULD NOT BE DECORATIONS!! It should be real.
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Heh-HEH. All th'fluffy red n' green shit's startin' t'melt, ehn? S'bout time, yo! Ain't got th'layers fer that kinda stuff, oi! But ain't like it matters, ehn? S'nearly gone now!

... oi, anybody else hear somethin'? Heeeeh! I get it, must be one o' those fuckin' furries! Well ya ain't gettin' th'jump on this Lord Kamina!

ORRRRRRRRRRRRYAAA!! --HA! Take that ya furry bastard-- aaaa, wait a sec, th'fuck's this thing supposed t'be?

(( ooc; Anybody remember that seme door? Well. Kamina just punched it in half when it tried to jump him. :Db ))
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Okay, now I know snow is supposed to be white... weird. But I guess the island doesn't like to do stuff by the rules, even at Christmas.

I have a job now! I get to do entertainment news for the news show that's going to happen. So if anybody is going to be putting on a play or a talent show or a ballet or anything, please let me know, all right?

Also, if anyone has ideas for where to get Christmas presents for people, I could really use some help. ^^; (I know what I want to get for a few of you, but, well... we don't have shops here, and I don't know if you're allowed to ask Santa for things you want to give to other people. It all seems so simple in The Nutcracker...)
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... A-ah...


Mii~ I don't understand where to put it.

((So lol! In the spirit of the holidays, Rika found a box with one of those fake Christmas trees and is trying to assemble it branch by branch. \o\ Enjoy your confused loli?! Tree is complete! Feel free to nitpick or offer ornaments or wtfever.))
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I should talk to Ruby about what she puts in that alcohol. I'm dreaming about green snow.

[Say hello to Zidane of FF9~! Details about him are here, but the biggest things are: feel free to note the tail, and be prepared to be flirted with, ladies~ /o/]
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Mmm, hot chocolate on a cold day, isn't that nice? Little marshmallows topping it off, nice warm drink to relieve your stiff cold bones, the feeling you get when you burn your tongue from it. The eventual peeling of the roof of your mouth when you try to drink too much of the wonderfully hot beverage...

Very nice~

((Pram can has bootleg!hot chocolate. NONE FOR YOU! >O))
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Ahh, geez. Mother would always tell me how red snow carries misfortune, green snow carries good luck and yellow snow carries the blessings of the Bathroom Goddess. "If you step into yellow snow, the Bathroom Goddess will consider you clean for the rest of your life. But her smile will bring forth a lack of toilet paper!" Too bad, I realized it was a myth by the time I was-- Ah, well. Funny how things we hear as a child get carried onto adulthood, hah?

Speaking of childhood. Oi, Kagura! Let's gather up some snow and revive the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!!
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Hahaha, this is magnificent! It's like the sky itself is having it's own crazy rave party! Almost makes a guy want to...


[[Yuuuup. Purge is just in the middle of the snow, dancing the night away. Where is his music coming from? That's for you to (never) find out!]]


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