Dec. 10th, 2007

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 Excuse me?

...Um, Excuse me?

...I'm sorry, but could you spare a moment? I would really like to know just where I am. Oh, and if you work for Bowser...or whoever else did it this time. If it's not too much trouble.
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.. And this one in here... Maa, I hate when the green and red ones get lost in the snow. It's frustrating, really really frustrating, not to mention they're so small they can get lost easily... Found them!

Now then. Red, then blue, then yellow, then green, then back to red... Kuru kuru kuru kuru... Last one and-- NAAAHH--! Bright... Alright, next string. Perhaps this time, I should do blue, blue, red, green, green, yellow. Or maybe yellow, green, blue, blue, red. Is there a pink one in here? I'll use it to represent the pink girl.

((Chibi!Kuru~! Long time since I've de-aged Kururu, so it's due! plus semi-inspired by the Chibi!Kero short and the fact that his journal's paid time and icon space are coming to an end soon. Please to be noticing that this Chibi!Kuru is blue and without his trademark features you normally see on his normal icons.))
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....I should be happy that this strange snow decided to slowed down.

...These lights are still rather annoying, however.
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Did Nia go down the wrong road, ni? There's a lot of green-green-red flakes all over, ni! And pretty lights all over the trees too, ni!

Nia was supposed to do something, but I'm not sure what it was, ni! Well, Nia will sit here and play with the green-red-green all over the ground, ni! It's so cold and soft and fun, ni! X3 it tastes just like water, ni!

... :333 where is Nia anyway?


Dec. 10th, 2007 04:42 pm
sumireverse: (oops?)
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[private, unhackable]

Oh, god.

I'm never eating chocolate from this island AGAIN.


N-Naoto-san how about we just spar now and get it over with for the week? I think I might have better control... I think.

((If you know Naoto or Sumire, you're allowed to watch them spar. :0 EDIT: Studying and bed for me, MIGHT continue tomorrow))
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Hey! Her name's Old Lace, not Rudolph! Whoever put this crap on her's gonna be dinner.

In other news, anyone got any weed? There's gotta be some around here.

((Yes, Old Lace has antlers and a red nose. It is awesome.))
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My wounds have healed on my wings, thanks to some rest and the bandages that Senri gave me. 'Tis so wonderful to fly again, and 'tis even more wonderful to fly because I want to, not because I am in a war.

The air is cold, it almost feels like Horn Mountain, but much more refreshing and relaxing.

The red and green snow looks so strange from far unnatural, but the lights look so very beautiful from up here, like a festival.

((ooc: Gwen's flying in the air now, feel free to just talk to her, join her, or even use her as target practice, but if you do, she will fight back.))
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Theeere we go! This last log should work, now I can get some warmth finally. You know, it just came to me while I was looking for monsters to kill for gathering ingredients.

How is snow able to change color? It's normally white isn't it? Even though it's starting to stop falling, it's still strange thing to happen.

Although none of these monsters are dropping anything either...not even worthless grathnode crystals! Now what am I going to do with all of these things? I suppose the fur is something to take I guess, but I wonder about the rest of them...

((ooc: Lyner is squatting next to campfire and looking at two snow-covered defeated dingos and one monkey but looks disappointed.))
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Hey! Some new videos turned up so I thought I got a new episode of AfroSamurai-- but then it turned out to be some Christmas specials. Might as well watch, 'cause it's rare for the island to give us something new that's not porn... hmm.

........ *munch mnch* Now see, I thought Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names-- but now that one's all saving Christmas and Rudolph's outta the picture? What the fuck?? That porker in red needs to regulate. I saw that little blue table-saw looking guy in a santa costume-- maybe now things'll change. ........ And why's this whole show about some dude trying to get a tree? Christmas is about cake and fried chicken and making out-- nobody cares if you've got a triangle tree or not! That guy's got some bitch-ass friends... *munch munch*

Oh, know what else? ...if anybody sees Wata around let me know-- Akito wants to get another recipe from him. And speaking of recipes, nobody better say a word to me about cooking with chocolate. Just don't even start.

[[their iPod has a bunch of random Christmas cartoons on it now, and Agito's got a big bucket of popcorn; feel free to see any that you know... and strikes = visible to friends who get why he'd say those things.]]
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Excuse me, but I need to speak with a doctor. Or a healer, or anyone else with some sort of medical training. As soon as possible.

... We need help.

((SO. Godot has sum serious medical issues going on, but he's retarded and decided NOT to go see a doctor during his stay here on the Island. So now he's broken/in lots of pain/etc etc/blah blah your needs, and Mia's with him in the clinic trying to find SOMEBODY who can get the poor man on some antibiotics kthx.))


Dec. 10th, 2007 09:12 pm
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...whatever just happened right now, I am not pleased. I don't recall the brat doing anything besides drinking the water. What the-

SILENCE, DOG! I don't have time for your damn noise-making nonsense! RAGH!

Tch, matter where I go, one is always foolish enough to make itself known. But while I'm like this, I might as well take advantage of it while I can.

(( ooc: Sup. Gilgamesh was around the Fountain of Youth and took a drink because he got thirsty, and then he has shot through puberty. And now he's next to a decapitated dingo. Merry Christmas to those you was wanting THIS Gil. EDIT: According to hollow ataraxia in Gil's canon even when he's adult form, he still remembers what he did as a child. Just a persona swap. Just to answer that before any questions were ask. And mod approved! EDIT AGAIN: Gilgamesh is back to his childform, so all threads with his adult self will either be edited or him leaving. orz))
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[Private to self]
Took me long enough to get out of that ditch, but the training was well worth the effort. I feel like I'm more aware of my surroundings and flow now. Maybe...I can now...


I'll have Victor try his lightning on me again.


...why is it so bright all of the sudden. It's almost like it's firefly season, only they're just...bulbous things.

((ooc: Back from a selfmade journey to the Red Cliffs for training purposes. Have him all messed up, dirty and behind the times, hence the puzzling at the lights that adorn the island. EDIT: SLEEP TIME. BBL))
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! AAAaaa... ah.... .ha... ... Ha?

Wha-... w-whats going on?.. ... D... did they let me go...? ...

... I... I can move. My body... What...? Where...

... Did I... die?...

(( Yeah, temporary hiatus breaker here. Have some fountain of youth. So now we get a just-beginning-his-cruel-torture'd Avenger, minus the tattoos, and VERY paranoid, yet not mean like he gets later on. Enjoy. *A* ))


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