Dec. 7th, 2007

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...Aiko, see, the beach is nice. It's just a couple days, right? Nothing to worry about but I can't help it.

Books aren't interesting anymore, and this Island is getting almost boring. Can't believe I've already been here six months. So far, I've changed genders, shape three or four times, witnessed all sorts of the variety of rain, snow, and scorching heat.

The Christmas decorations are nice. I might take some unwanted lights and put them on the entrance to the cave. If you have any you want to give up, let me know~Aiko, what do you think? Think the lights would be hated by the roommates?

[[ Yasu's sitting on the beach, mostly talking to the bunny he's adopted. ]]


Dec. 7th, 2007 08:18 am
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((ooc: I think Nanami is starting to believe that this Island doesn't really run off logic...thanks to the green and red snow~~~~~~))
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Well now, isn't this festive? I'm sure you had the right idea, Island, but scientifically speaking, red and green look more... brown when mashed together. Further proof that a secondary color and a primary color do not mix.

At least it feels like winter; my legs will probably be numb by the time Island gets off this kick.

((Despite her jacket, Ema IS in a skirt. :| Cold weather ftl.))
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Snow's supposed to be white, you stupid island, white! And where the hell are my cigarettes?!

((Obviously someone's in the holiday spirit--and instead of cigarettes she has a packet full of those small candy canes. ...and icon really isn't relevant, but it's new and I wanted to use it. So there.))

... wtf?!

Dec. 7th, 2007 01:05 pm
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Well now, Christmas lights all over the place. Quite festive, don't you think? ... Well, anything's more festive than this.

Red and green snow?? Was there a grand festival of blood and pea soup that I've missed?! It looks like the entire population of Island had an epidemic and did what that one possessed girl from that creepy movie did. Except for the turning heads.

... Hey, sorry for that disturbing image okay? I could say it's more like fruit juice and green paint but that's hardly original.

Hahahaha, very funny Island. See, there's a reason why people look forward to a "White Christmas". White! White like the clouds, white like pearls, white like however many images I could come up with! Snow is white because it's a pretty color. Red and green snow conjures up bad images, see?

But enough of that! How's everyone? Besides feeling cold, oh so cold that you'll get hypothemia. Feeling the Christmas spirit I hope~?
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Oh, wow!! It's so pretty!! Who dyed all the snow? I wonder if you could mix the colors together...

Still, sounds like a lot of people don't like it. That's because no one's had a snowball fight yet! Honestly, don't you guys know that's what you're SUPPOSED to do with snow? Bring it on, let's see what you've got!

.... Once I get Janice off my head, I mean. C'mon, the snow's not THAT bad. You're a pirate cat, you should be used to getting your paws wet!

((lol unhappy black cat clinging to her head. She'd be twirling in the snow otherwise. XD))
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Hmhmhm... This isn't that bad... I think the last one was worse!

And I get the whole 'green and red' are part of the theme for the holiday and all, but I think this could use a bit more yellow! It'll be like a crappy painting! Only it won't be crap, because I was involved in it!

Hmhm... Now then... Where else could use a bit color?

(( ITP: Beware of yellow snow if you're out and about. |D;;; ))
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Even though the snow looks weird.

... Actually, I've come to notice there are more people in our hut lately... It's not even done and it's cramped!

Some people are going to need to sleep outside! And, it's not going to be me, I'll tell you that much!

Sort of ling OOC?8D; )


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:13 pm
sumireverse: (no words needed)
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Ah... It snowed and it's... Green and red? Well, at least it isn't like that typhoon a few months ago. That was very troublesome for us don't you all think so?? Aoko-san seems to be very quiet as of late.

I know! I'll just decorate the cave with some red flowers since it's the holidays and all. I'm sure Aoko-san would like that. And perhaps some tea with the herbs we found and-... Hm? What's this on the ground?

Oh... Is this... Chocolate? There seems to be a lot of them on the ground

((Evil Hershey chocolate kisses of DOOM. Just like when Naoto found them, if you eat one, SURPRAIZ urge to kiss the person closest to you. Yeah. Naoto's mission to destroy all of them isn't going well apparently 8D EDIT: for the occasion, THESE Hershey kisses are wrapped in green and red foil))
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Does anyone happen to have any disinfectant that I could use some of?  It's nothing urgent - some of the, um, 'local wildlife' just got a bit hostile earlier - but I really would feel better if I could thoroughly clean this out.  A small bandage or something would be nice too, if someone has one that they wouldn't mind giving up.

((Not much to this: Hainedoggy chomped Tenma's hand earlier.))
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Snow is so pretty~ And I haven't seen colored snow in a while. Maybe the green snow is leaves? Or grass? Then what would that make the red snow? Aw, who cares. It's cool! Hey, Island, can we have some blue snow next? That way it'd look like the ocean!




I'm cold!

((Drum Island in One Piece canon is snowing pink as if they were cherry blossoms. long story, but he's seen different colored snow and that's why he's making the comparisons.))
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This is why...there are lights and a sand-man. Everyone talks about it...but Chii does not understand. Lights are...pretty though, chii~

Are ho-li-days good? Is something going to...hap-pen soon?

[ooc; dressed like this too, thanks Island *A*]
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It's awful enough that I had the displeasure of my being pressed roughly by a stupid human! How dare he do such a thing?! If-- no, when I see him again, I'll make sure he pays for it ~ desu!

... As soon as I'm out of these ropes! And when I finally get snow off of me. The last thing I want is to look disheveled. Ugh, the cruelty of it all ~ desu! This is the worse time to be tangled ~ desu! I'm cold and trapped!

Ah, normally I don't ask for help but in this case, it's necessary. Someone help this beautiful Rozen Maiden in distress ~ desu! And help me locate a human who is thin, has black hair and violet eyes. And who speaks like a know-it-all ~ desu!

(OOC: Suiseiseki being tied up by Christmas lights + snow all over = one distressed dolly. EDIT: Time for me to sleep -- will answer to tags tomorrow!)
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What?! Grrr, and I thought being on this island meant being away from snow!
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So... I hear there's a nice little clinic set up here. As I've been around a moon or so, it seems it's high time I introduce myself to all the nice doctor folk.

Kitten I think you may want to come too.
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Stupid primates... I don't sign up for snowball fights in the winter, da ze, I prefer my nice, cold lab with a plate full of curry, thank you very much~

Maa, it is the season and all, da ze~ Ku ku kuuu~ Plate of curry, come to me~ Together, we have many more nasty little schemes to concoct warm moments to share, da ze~

Kuuu~ The green and red make things looks so much more horrid during this time of year, not to mention how tacky it looks against an island motif, da ze~
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Hmmm, it seems I have landed in a place that is a mix of Ritardando's beach and Barque's snow filled lands. Perhaps I can gain information as to where I am and why I am here. Maybe even find some people to become my servants around here.

For proper purposes, I am Waltz, Count of Forte City and it's Castle. If any of you peasants can direct me to the nearest boat or leader of your kingdom, I will gladly make my way back to Forte. But I'm also looking for a little girl as well, and my guess is she may have come here. She's about 14 years old, wears a pink dress, and is a blond like myself. If this little girl is found, I'd like to know right away....She's very important to me. Not to mention my plans for complete domination, hahaha.

((New psychopath, Count Waltz~! Have fun with him, rofl. Also, strikes are unreadable.))


Dec. 7th, 2007 11:02 pm
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This is new, huh? Oceans and beaches and -- what is this stuff on the ground? Looks like someone has a lot of fun with shaved ice, in any case. Such an enviornment could only come in my dreams! But it's too cold to be dreaming, right?

Therefore, logical conclusion; There isn't one--!

That's...not very good, is it? Aha ha ha!

Dreaming or not, just where am I?
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Why Milly, why? Will you just please come out now and take us back to school? It is freezing here and people are staring at me!

Stop looking at me, people! I don't do this on a daily basis, geez!

Ugh! Dammit, will one of you pick up your phones!? It's bad enough when Lulu does this, but all of you?

This is embarrassing, people are starting at me, and I am freezing cold....

Will you stop staring at me!?

...Why is the snow...not white?

((ooc: Haha, Shirley is wearing a pink spandex cat costume.))
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Almost...ah, no. That isn't right either...

I just can't get the snow to stick the way I want it to. And the green and red makes it look! THIS THING LOOKS TERRIBLE! HAAAAAAAAGH--!!

Oh! I must have gotten carried away...

Making snowmen shouldn't be this difficult...

((And here we have Momoka, trying to make a snow-Fuyuki.'s not working out so well. D: She kinda just punched off the head too. 8D;;))


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