Dec. 3rd, 2007

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Nnngh! What are all these damn lights for?...Wait, I think I heard of this holiday before, briefly. Hn, humans and their meaningless celebrations.

T-tch...My jagan... I'm developing a migraine...It shouldn't be reacting like this on it's own.

[[Ooc: So, Hiei's grumpy today about the Christmas lights all over the hut he n' Agito built. Also, although he's still wearing his headband, the third eye in his forehead is glowing brightly under it like in the icon. TO MATCH THE LIGHTS. So, he's got a headache. :3 ]]
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Tsuzuki-san, now is hardly the time to be decorating for Christmas. Come to think of it, why are you even celebrating that American holiday in the first place?

Honestly, if there's enough electricity to power all of these lights, why isn't it being put to better use? Such a waste. If the cave ends up being billed for this, I'm deducting it from your salary, Tsuzuki-san.

((I'm FINALLY free of the life-consuming project I've been working on the past few weeks, hopefully posting/threading will be back to normal now.))
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It was actually kind of nice while it lasted.

What was it he went on about...? Ah, right. It was reincarnation... I wonder if it's really true. Not that I want to be a demon or anything! T-That's absurd! I'd rather just stay a hum-... a phantom. I wonder if there really is a life beyond the one we have now. Will we forget what happens in this life? Is it worth it to start anew? Whatever, who knows.

[ Locked from Marona ]

I really don't know if there's a Heaven.

[ /Locked ]

Hey, Laharl. You okay?


Dec. 3rd, 2007 04:09 pm
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This isn't the park after all. And Shiki's nowhere in sight. This can't be Roa's doing though. It would be pretty un-classy of him to send animals at me. Seriously though, these dog creatures aren't as nice as the ones I pass by in the city. I mean, what kind of greeting is THAT? It isn't really smart to bare your teeth at a stranger. After all, you don't know whether he or she could bite you back.

Speaking of which, since this isn't the park... Where am I? Seems rather populated... And I hear the ocean and... Oooh, is that a hot spring? Didn't think something like that would be out in the clear open! Oh. Nice lights too~ A bit TOO bright, but I like the colors! <3 Ah, I'm getting sleepy... But I'm outside already, so maybe I should find Shiki first.

((Have a vampire princess surrounded my newly slaughtered dingoes without a speck of blood on herself~ And getting somewhat sleepy from the sun. a;sldfkjadsfk Had to do this or else it would bother me for the rest of the week. Tags may be slow~))
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If you shake hands with this hand, then west should be...that way? Or is it the one you hold a fork with? Or I could...

. . .

Gulliver! How many times have I told you not to get on the bike? And why are you dressed like that?

Well, come on. Errrgggh-- HOW did you put on so much weight? Come on, we're going to find Anemone and then you're going on a diet.

((Fay-the-noodle-wizard-mun with Babysitter #1/Anemone's punching bag/manbitch. He can't read maps or win a fight with Gulliver and loves Anemone VERY MUCH so there.

Also Gulliver is somehow wrapped up in Christmas lights with a santa hat on his shoulder now orz.))
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I think I saw this kind of thing on a commercial once. I don't know about anyone else, but... as cool as this is... it's gonna give me a headache real fast.

I have to wonder what the island's electric bill is gonna be like after this.

...Why do I hear Carol of the Bells?

((This display is currently in full swing outside of the Hostel Mark Two. The catch? The music is being broadcast on an FM station, so it won't "disturb the neighbors". Guess who's picking up on said FM station?))
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I leave the cabin for two minutes to go take a nice warm bath in the hot springs and I come back and some joker, thinks it's real funny to put lights on top of my cabin roof! 

Granted, is kinda prudy and all but still... How am I suppose to sleep at night with big ol' christmas lights that makes the cabin look like the red light district for cowgirls? Although if it works I guess I shouldn't knock it. 

At any rate, I didn't even know we could get electricity out here. How's this thing runnin'? On solar power or what?

sparkle -

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I realize that my...getting to this place is probably the result of what just happened to me, but...

I didn't really expect to get my damn coat all wet...then again I suppose you don't expect to...have that happen and then wake up in the ocean, either. Well, whatever...bullshit to start with, bullshit to end with, I guess.

...Guess that shark wasn't too happy about my having an axe, though. Can't even eat the damn things...taste like shit.


I expected to go somewhere "hotter" when it was all over, but...I guess this is a special kind of hell.

Are those...Christmas lights?

[[ooc: Shinjiro of Persona 3 arrives! He is currently confused as all hell, and wet, since he apparently arrived by falling into the ocean. There's a dead shark on the shore, and Shinjiro's carrying a very large axe.]]


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