Nov. 12th, 2007

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Ok, just a question here for everyone on this island who's ever been in trouble with 'The Law' (whatever form of 'Law' that maybe in your home world). 

The question is, have you ever been arrested? If yes, were you ever able to foil the cops and get out of it?

I can tell you that I've had those sliver bracelets called, hand cuffs around these wrists more times than I can count, and most of the time I could out wit the law. 

I think the funniest time of out smarting the law was when I fooled the officer into typing a confession letter for me with my cousin Luke. Then we tied the cop to a chair and hung him on the coat rack like a side of beef! 

It was fun. No, I'm not really a villain. The law in my county is corrupt and sometimes ya have to go against the grain to do what is right. 

So friends, lend me all yer outlaw stories, and I'll lend ya my ears! 
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There's the motorcycle and this place does look alot better than sleeping outside...but I can't believe it took me this long to actually find it!

What's even more worse is that I can't find Shana-chan anywhere either to tell her about this!

Not to mention Avenger-san isn't anywhere to be found when I'm trying to keep a watch on him, especially when I'll probably need his help when I find that having a bad day. But at least I've found these apples, though they look kinda strange. Maybe it just grew weird?
Eh? I just realized something...I don't even know where HERE is! Waaagh, I should have made a map or something of this place! Eeeh, let me think...that way is the pizza tree! That way is where I've been last attacked by those Dingo things. And I came from that way........I think?
....I could have sworn this apple just grew a face a second ago.

((ooc: Regarding about the 'place' Gil is talking about would be where took up House's offer and just now found it's location! Also, the apples Gil has found do tend to randomly have faces appear on them like so.

Heading off, I'll tag back later! Back!))
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"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"... is such a common phrase. But is it really good advice? I'd like to read it in context, but I can't find it anywhere-- even if the translation is slightly different, there must be SOME scripture that matches this idea, ...right? Or else why would anyone think this advice was "golden"?

[filtered to friends // hackable to everyone nearby]:
Oh and I'm fifteen, yay~! I remember being 10 again, and Agito says he remembers being 20! But today's back to normal except there was a box of chocolate cheesecake by my hammock :9

...oh and I don't really get it but, Wata, he says you have something to show me? And David has something to show me too?? I can't imagine what, but I'd also like to ask you about these bandages. *invisible :|* What has everyone been up to? :D [/end filter]

[[ has a stack of Bibles in both Japanese and English, for cross-referencing proverbs and verses; also has a bunch of Godiva Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Squares with little white chocolate sharks on them :D (aaaand also has one arm bandaged completely all the way up to his shoulder from a fight that he does not remember) \o\;; ]]
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I thought I heard gunshots last night...

Is everyone all right? I-if not, I'm a healer, so if you're in need of assistance...

Hopefully someone was just practicing and not actually injuring others... ne, Kazu-chan?

((Anyone wounded from dog!Haine or any other thing can drop by and Yukina will take care of you. She has no idea what happened. D: Tags will be sporadic after a bit yaaay computer lab))
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So first the note lies and then some guy ends up dea--

... Why do I get this feeling that some really bad stuff happened? Will happen, did happen, I dunno. And I don't just mean the dead guy. Ugh...Was the food poisoned after all?

((ooc: Last part is referring to Pi pwning Sora. \O_o/ TIME PARADOX))
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*Private, but totally hackable.*

Spike, Midvalley, Cain, Jin, Fuu, Dante, Ed, Barry, Gamma...dammit. Who's next, huh? Can you at least give me a clue, you shitty island?

*End Private*

So, everyone, how did your dates go~? Any fun little anecdotes to share with the rest of the class?

((To hackers, mood reads as 'frustrated'.))
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Hey guys! Look what I found!

Lalalala~ )

Somebody thinks I'm a "sexy bitch"! And a "winged bishounen"!

... I don't get it, but it sounds good to me? Clearly this means I'm universally awesome!

(OOC: Kero found a bootleg "shrine" dedicated to him. With QUALITY pictures and all that jazz. Who made it? No one knows. Also, the link is kinda NWS? Just a heads-up!)
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Akito~ I need to use your frying pan, if you have one! The island gave me flour and milk, and I dried out some seawater for salt, and I've got the eggs. ^^

Dahlia, I could use your advice now! If you're feeling up to it, that is. If not, that's okay too--I think I can muddle through.

Senri, can I ask you a favour? If you know where there's good honey, can you show the ducklings, or bring me some? I'll give you some of what I'm cooking. ♥

[Private to Allen, hackable if you know her well]
Um... Allen? There's something I'd like to give you. If it's okay.
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In Island City's war on crime, the dedicated detectives who investigate these heinous felonies are members of the elite squad known as the "Special Island Unit." These are their stories.


((ER OKAY XDDD. apsdifupsd UM, dead body is ....dead. Lots of blood and external wounds, but who knows if they're actually the fatal wound XDDDD LOLZ FEEL FREE TO HAVE LOTS OF WEIRD THEORIES??? :O ...Think Law and order-rating kind of dead body, so you CAN AT LEAST TELL IT'S HUMAN AND A PERSON OKAY XDD.

And um, it'll go on for three days, but only for people who didn't get to participate/has to do it later, and you can always ignore the murder investigation! *A*b!!!!!!

AND GO XDDDDD - started with Phoenix's post *A*!

PS PRETEND THERE'S A JUDICIAL SYSTEM on island. Somehow. ....Just for these three days. IDEK))
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Re: Dead body on the beach.

Any witnesses who saw anything out of the ordinary, or anything at all, please come forward, and I'll take your statements. If you're concealing information, I will be more than happy to hold you in contempt of Island??? court. Don't think I'll have any mercy on you if you're lying.

[[lolz feel free to make things up to him or whatever and threadhopping is a go XD]]
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..A body.

I'll admit this hasn't been my month so far, but some stranger on the beach being dead kind of...rings up memories. Has anyone ever seen this person around before? I think there'd be more of a...well, uprising if it's someone who's well known.

Not really bullet holes...I can't see any visible bruises around the neck, so not strangulation...plenty blood so it's safe to say there's mortal wounds somewhere on the corpse. But I don't feel like doing an extensive examination.

Even if there's blood here, There are a hundred ways you can kill someone without guns, knives, or a noose. Poison? Internal injury? Accidental, even? It could even be a natural death...? They don't look that old though.

...Can someone ID the body? I don't know how many people are qualified to do it, autopsy report would be helpful too. If someone's running around killing people, it's something that needs to be investigated and taken care of.

[ooc; Oh so affected. ♥ threadhopping is go!]
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A mysterious murder on the beach!? This looks like a job for...

The Beautiful Great Detective Anise!

Together with her loyal and handsome assistant Guy, there's no case too tough for the lovely Detective Anise to crack! ♥

Guy, come help me look for clues! ♪

Colonel, can you examine the body for us? ♥

Everyone else, I need to know where you were on the night of the 43rd of the Lorelei Decan! ...Er, what's that on Earth's calendar...? Seeing as we're all stuck here, only one thing is for certain: the killer is one of us! Those who refuse to cooperate with the investigation will become suspects themselves!

((Also dressed like so. :|b))
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Tch. Damn lying invitations... That's the last time I acknowledge an anonymous challenge letter! At least the food wasn't that bad. Could of done without the company though...

... oi. Somebody left a dead body on the beach.

I know a lot of people are wandering off lately, but dropping dead is different! Getting lost means you aren't in my way, dropping dead out in the open means you are! ... so who did it this time? Anyone wanna place bets?

Chapter 4

Nov. 12th, 2007 04:00 pm
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Ahhhhnuahahahaha! Whooooo...!! Everyone, everyone! It's so nice to see you again~! ♥ Ah, how's the bakery? Susumu-nii, don't drink too much, ahaha! You're so obsessed with alcohol~! Tarou, oh Tarou! You're fat again, aren't you? We'll have to run 6km per day again! LET'S DO IT!

Ah, ha ha ha, silly me! I can't run like I used to--Ah! Leader, is that you!? LEADER! Waah, you're as cute as ever~~ ♥ Visiting Fujiwara Design sure is a lot more fun now that stupid Mayama doesn't work here, haha! Let's go to the spa again, Miwako-san!

Nooooo, Teppei-nii, everyone, I can't accept your marriage proposals, waaahaha...!

Morita-san, Morita-san, don't jump out the window again, noo! Stop picking on Takemoto-kun, wahahaha--TAKEMOTO-KUN BANZAI!

((Ohhh boy. Drunk Ayu is drunk off of coconuts. *_* She probably summoned up some womanly brute strength to crack those babies open, and she's currently drinking herself senseless on the shore and hallucinating about people back home and stuff. WARNING she's very prone to passing out and/or throwing up when she's like this. D:))
[identity profile] bite marks, I think. But there's some blunt force trauma, and a few slashes, by the looks of it. Well, it looks like ripped clothes, at least, and I can't see much under the blood, so I'm going to have to guess there's some cuts. Whoever did it didn't want this person to be recognized.

Who would do such a thing? And why would this person not be revived? It seems like he's been here a while. Is it just me, or is he a bit...decomposed...

...ack, can't stand the thought...

I...heard there was an incident not too long ago. I didn't check it out, but maybe they're connected somehow? *sigh* And just when I was starting to like this place again.

I'm not exactly qualified for being a detective or anything, but I think I'd feel a lot better if I knew what was going on.

((shh I'm not dead. Just having my soul eaten by five different things. But, yeah, she's walking away from the body now after having checked it out.))
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Good, all buried now! Lina's never going to eat another piece of candy from this Island ever again! Not only did Lina's mouth was all kinds or weird, it's got leftovers of everything that got in it. Lina's mouth stay wide open after one candy, and it got sticky with another! Lina's mouth was so full of all kinds of stuff Lina had to brush the teeth fifteen times! Why does all the candy here have to be weird?!

Anyway, what's going on? People are all huddled around something, Lina wants to see too!
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....A month and two weeks since Soubi's birthday...that's..Nii-san's birthday. Haa...This is the second time I've passed his birthday on this stupid Island. I wish it'll just let me go home now..I..miss it. I want to go home

..! B-baka..Crying isn't going to do isn't going to do anything..but..I..I can't help it...
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[Private to self - hackable by Rutee because she's the one with a brain and maybe Naoto?]

So now he's here, too. Looks like I definitely won't be able to "rest in peace" now, as it were.


Dead bodies aren't unusual here. They'll be back in a few days, whoever it is, so why all the racket?

[Stahn's here now, and Leon is even more cranky than he was before. ._.]
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Hoo~! That was some night, wasn't it? That gunfire was too close for comfort, let me tell you--!

And with that body found, now everyone's in an uproar. Was it murder? Suicide? A very unsubtle threat to the rest of us?! No one knows, but we're sure to find out!

To the detectives of this island: as the manager of the "Jack of All Trades" club, I offer our humble services in cracking this case! My men all two of them can handle anything thrown their way! It's the least we can do so everyone to rest easy these coming nights! ☆
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What is a ... bath?

[[ooc; all this time that she's been here SHE REALLY DOESN'T KNOW SOB. someone explain it to her??]]
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((orz I know he just posted a couple days ago, but this was necessary!))
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Oh my. What do we have here? It looks like someone was murdered? Maybe someone should get in touch with that raven haired cop and that spy that have been hanging around. Too bad the other cops left, they probably need the help right about now.

I'd really love to see how this unfolds. If anyone needs anything I could give you our card. This seems to be much better then the jobs we usually get.

((Chinese-Mafia-boss!Kagura from Kintama fits the event better then Normal!Kagura. If you are like one of the ones who haven't seen the Kintama "preview", then here. It starts on 6:52. Boobs are not melons this time))
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Yare, yare~~...All this talk about a dead body. ♥ How..unfortunate for that person...hmhmhm~. ♥

I -do- wonder who could have killed them~. Does anyone have any...suspicions~? ♥

(ooc: Yea, Akabane is totally acting like he did something, just to grate on peoples nerves.))
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I bet it was you....Or you!!

Hey, you! You look suspicious!!

((Shuichi will accuse anyone who walks by of murder. He has a classic Sherlock Holmes-esque outfit, complete with magnifying glass and one of those cigar pipe things.
And I'm going to watch Heroes now, will tag back when I get back *A*)
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This... isn't anything like the place before. It's not dark and there are a lot of people...

How far are we going?

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Alright. Let me first say: that dead body? I had NOTHING to do with it. Not a damn thing, you hear me? Now that that's said...

Aw, hell, I know I'm gonna regret this.

HEY! Any of you who give a crap: I don't suppose there're any bleeding-heart martial arts masters or whatever wandering around, eh? I need someone to help a certain lovable bastard get better at using his... ....... daggers. Weapon things. Whatever you'd call 'em, there's two of 'em, and they have some kind of blade, at least, and cut shit. And I don't know how to use 'em for shit.

(( Avenger's on the beach, standing there with Tawrich and Zarich stuck in a tree (not stuck-stuck, just like... "stay there for now" stuck), and looking a little moody. Feel free to help him out in his pursuit for knowledge, mock him, whatever. |3 ))
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[Private | Hackable by close friends]

Mn, I've been feeling really uncomfortable lately. I can't shake the feeling that something bad is bound to happen.

Hmph, people have been missing for a while, too. That's nothing new. If they've gone back home, it can't be helped.

...But if there's a chance to go looking, perhaps I should take it.


Hmph, before coming here I never really thought I had anything that constituted as a hobby, aside from invading Pekopon. These tedius actions though... putting these things back together, making something to eat...they relax me. Mn, so maybe I have other interests after all.

Keroro, I have no idea where you are, but you better be planning something. I'm gonna be pissed if you pop up and still have no idea what the hell you're doing!

...I wonder where Maya is.

((By his tent (omg big surprise) roasting some sweet potatoes while cleaning out/doing maintenance on some of his weapons. Last strike = Totally non-existant btw. /o/;))
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...What? Where am I- AH!!


T...tch! This was not where I was when I went to sleep!...I was in an oak tree, not a palm tree! D:

Whoever played that trick will regret that they ever crossed me!!

((Ooc: Hiei has arrived-ish on Island. There was a previous Hiei from what I hear, but this Hiei does not remember what previous one did~. Also; He just fell out of a palm tree after waking up in it. Cranky midget is Cranky.))


Nov. 12th, 2007 11:09 pm
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Hahahahaha, it seems everyone's all worked up over one little corpse. It's as if they'd never seen anything like it before. Oh how I hate hypocrites like that, but what can you do~? At least you're all not pointing fingers at innocent beautiful moi~.

Wouldn't that be an absolute tragedy? Hmhmhm, I certainly think so. Now go, find tht 'criminal' or whatever you're all doing, I think I'll just watch.

... Mmmmm...

And I've gone and forgotten how good this can taste~. I'm so glad I corrected that error. ♥

((So Pap's got some blood on him and is er licking it off his fingers to boot!? ... though he coughed it up himself but you don't know that. ♥))


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