Nov. 9th, 2007

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I can't keep going around like this. This is embarrassing. What if boys see me? I guess girls are okay, because the mermaid world is all girls and they all go around in less than this. Kyaa... All right! No more distractions!

Hey! Does anyone have any extra clothes?

(ooc: She's finally addressing her clothing problem. Hiding behind a tree atm.)
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((Do not read this post if you have not finished Case 5 of Trials and Tribulations. SERIOUS MEGA-SPOILERS. Feel free if you have no intention of playing it any time soon or have already T&T))

Spoilers abound... )[/private] I feel as if the world I know no longer exists and never will, and it's all because of this island... but then how am I still here at my current age with my current memories? This place takes far too much thought to figure out...
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So, if people from my world're fictional characters... does anyone have, like, a copy of the series we're from or anything like that? Or anything to see it on? I'm still not totally clear on what "television" is supposed to be. S'like a movie, right? Not that I've ever seen any movies.

I mean, it's only fair that if there's people going around knowin' stuff about what happened in our world, we should get to see it too, right?
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[Does this need a filter from Haine?]

...She's gone home.

Didn't get to say goodbye.
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I want a pizza tree closer to where I am staying. I've tried burying a pizza on the ground and watering it, but nothing has happened since then.

Someone plant another pizza tree for me.
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Bored, bored, booooring.

I am all up for lounging around on the beach as much as the next guy, but I can only lounge so much, yanno?

Hey Kamina... excuse me Great Lord Kamina, you up for that match now?

Or anyone else for that matter. I just need something to dooooooo.
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Blocked from Smith and Bo

So. This is what all you people keep going on about. Why can't it just be easy like it usually is?

Nice going, Faye.

End Block.

((Sitting around muttering to herself. Might tell you what's going on, but most likely won't unless you know her well.))
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... What the hell...

There is a pizza tree.

... What the hell!
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That can't be it. I don't think that could be possible... !! *trips over a tree branch as she's not paying attention to where she's going*

Hopefully no one saw that.

Ugh... huh? Why's everything blurry? Wait... *reaches up to adjust glasses, only...* where did my glasses go? Gnn... they can't have gone that far... *starts feeling around for them* I didn't think my vision was that bad...

[Feel free to help or hinder, or just make fun. She might recognize you, or she might not. Oh, and just giving her back her glasses is no fun! Make it an adventure, or make her work for them.]

[I'm heading out to a concert, so will tagback later tonight or tomorrow~ BACK]
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Hmmm.....well.....this isn't goin' well. Why won't these sticks stay in place? I got them all stacked up on each other, but as soon as I try'ta tie them together, they just crumble. Maybe ya gotta tie it with a special knot or somethin'.

And does mud make a good subsitute for glue? There's a lotta trees 'round here, but it'd be too messy'ta try an' get tree-sap from them. Get your hands and clothes all sticky and maybe even in your hair too. Anything sticky doesn't mix well with hair 'cause then ya have'ta fight with it and if ya lose, you have'ta cut all your hair off.

.....Hey, I made a lil' cabin! But wait, that's not what I want!

((sitting on the ground and trying to make a box big enough to hold shoes in it out of sticks and vines....and failing :<))


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