Oct. 30th, 2007

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...Tsuzuki. I think there's something weird about the population of lizards outside our cave.

They seem to like chewing on shoelaces.
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Hey hey! I keep hearing about this holiday called "Halloween", can someone tell me more about it?

I heard you get candy and say "trick or treat" and you get to dress up too! Is that all true or what? If it is true, it sounds like a lot of fun~! I wish we celebrated it back in Spira~!

U ser'd syrdeur la iqsudilird! U ser'd zeud dy ty dnum znyci Neccyziir dnurk! Ud vomd myortm myyy ezimyli!
[Translation: I can't contain my excitement! I can't wait to do this whole Halloween thing! It just sounds sooo awesome!]

((Rikku heard some people talking about Halloween and now she's all excited about it. Because in Spira, they don't celebrate the holiday...So this'll be her first Halloween ever. And she got so excited, she's speaking Al Bhed....Please don't worry about that.))
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[Locked from the Doctor]

Time Lords are stupid. Or at least that one is. Not nearly as smart as he claims to be. Why do I spend so much time with him, in the first place? "Oh, no, Rose, I can't explain anything to you, and you really need to carry a banana."
--No, I don't need to carry a banana. Unless I can hit you over the head with it--if I did that, though, I'd probably break it, because that big head of yours is so thick.


--why do I even bother?

((Rose and the Doctor had a wee bit of an argument, and now she's walking around, kicking coconuts at trees and...plotting to smack him with a banana, apparently.....

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Pftaksdjh GWAH!!.

Huf, huf, where-? Dad? Deb? Hey, HEY come on I thought this was supposed to be the family getaway that you wanted to have so much, Dad. Bonding and stuff right? I get it! I get it already! I've learned my lesson! So where ARE you guys?

Damn it.

...is this another one of your bright ideas again, Deb? Huh? Push a guy into lake then run off, leaving him alone? Haha. Oh wow that's absolutely hilarious and mature. Good job, Debra Mor- ?

...whoa..check this knife out...

((ooc: fuckyeah long post. canonly while he's always cautious to a T, a disturbed dexter is known to make the stupidest mistakes - in which case he has accidentally fountain of youth'd himself! Teen!Dex is a lot more feisty, and more inclined to behave in a slightly violent way, plus he currently is checking out the knife that Luki had given to Dex ages ago which he keeps with him at all times. That is all \o\))
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. . .

(( New character yaaay. He's just staring down a dingo. :|b ))
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A-aha~ I found this really cute bracelet. I was surprised when I saw it in front of the hut this morning. I wonder if it belongs to anyone, though...? I-I don't think islands grow charm bracelets, so maybe someone dropped it? Then again, I wouldn't be surprised...

S-so, is anyone missing a bracelet that says "hug me?"

[okay, sooo. Basically anyone who goes five feet near Mikuru will cling to her, thanks to the bracelet. No exceptions.]


Oct. 30th, 2007 04:39 pm
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David-san...? If you're around somewhere, do you still want cake? I'm not sure if there's anything left in the kitchen at the inn, but if you want...?

A-Ah! This is so different from the other one I had! How did Lambo-chan reload it again...? I bet Lola-chan would know how to do this, she's so much faster at loading it than I am... Wah! It fell out again!

((Outside her cave reloading her gun with Vaccine bullets... Or failing at it, whatever. Tags will be sporadic due to homework~))
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Looks like I got stuck here just in time for Halloween! I wonder if they do trick-or-treating here. Johnny made us stay on the ship last year after they raised his bounty, though.

... It's gonna be weird celebrating holidays without everyone... We always did it as a family, and now it's just me and Janice. Ha, at least she blends in with the whole Halloween-Black cat thing, right?

Hey, Axl? The guy said I could do what I wanted with him and I was gonna let him go, but he bit me so I kinda sorta accidentally dropped him in this pool and he... shrunk. Can we keep him?

(("Him" is referring to the Fountain of Youth'd dingo she's holding in one arm (said puppy is gnawing on arm with ickle puppy teeth). The other is holding the giant anchor.))
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((ooc: PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK FOR A DETAILING OF ALL THE RIDES AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK. And remember on the ferris wheel, it's now a kiss and electrocution *__*!!! Have fun getting taser'd.

Put in the SUBJECT line of the your comment the LOCATION of your character. OTHER characters who are at the SAME location just tag under it/reply/spam. Spamming is good. If you're going whut, fucking google it you bastard ER I MEAN GO SEE THE FIRST TWO SAMPLE COMMENTS.




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