Oct. 29th, 2007

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Oh how absolutely exciting this is!

Would anyone like to help me exterminate a certain bug on the island? I'm sure it will all bring you happiness, joy and contentment, and you'd die happy once you accomplish this task with me. ♥

All right, exterminating Saphir, check. What else is in this little list of mine...

((OOC: He has a journal too okay.))
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Heey! Xavin, Ky... May too, but that goes without saying. Thanks for all your help! The... cabin? I suppose it is a cabin. Anyway, it looks a lot better than I ever expected! So, thanks again! If you guys ever need anything, look me up. I owe you one.

So now that the construction's over, I'm bored, bored booooored. What do you all do for fun that doesn't involve getting totally sloshed at Faye's bar? Not that I don't enjoy the pleasure of your company, Faye, but I'll be avoiding a repeat performance of the other day, thanks.

Um. Speaking of... I didn't do anything totally stupid, did I?
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I'm bored and Halloween's coming up...right? It's almost the 31st, right?

Anyway. What's the weirdest or creepiest thing you've had happened to you? And if you haven't had any crazy experiences, what's the weirdest thing you believe in? Like Ouja boards or tarot cards or something like that.

((Bored player = bored character. But, hey, she has a new ear, thanks to the Doctor and his nanowhatsits.))
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Hina wants a brother, na no.

DOES ANYONE WANT TO BE HINA'S BROTHER, NA NO?? Hina will share her crayons!

N-not you, na no. Hina doesn't want a monkey brother. H-hey! Don't take Hina's bow, na no!! You'd be a bad brother!!

((short post is short. She figures having sisters means you have to fight, so of course the logical answer is to have brothers instead. XD))
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NOKI~~!!!! We've got crayons~!!!! ♥♥

There's not that much room left on Onii-chan's cave~. ;___; But we can color here~! ...and here...

...and HERE~!!! 8DDD

((Haine showed Luki the Treyola tree. Masha already colored in the cave some, so the twins are going for just about any color-able surface now. Even people, yes. Also threadhops allowed if Noki wants to~.

EDIT: Luki-mun's off to work, bbl :D late, but back 8<))
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....restricted movement.


...balance...foot binde-


((ooc: short post is short. Have Yukina AND Yin with swapped clothes - so Yin:kimono+spiky hair thing and Yukina: GOTH LOLI DRESS MMM+ribbon - anddd one of each girl's ankles are bound together ala 3 legged race. Just..stumbling about now.))
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...Right, so. That's officially the last time I chase dinner down a rocky hillside. Totally wasn't worth it, and I'm pretty sure I broke every bone in my body except not really, since I can still walk and shit. Not to mention I totally trashed everything but my jacket while doing that--even my boots are completely ruined.

The only good part about this is that I actually caught the stupid chicken Cross left behind--and don't fucking ask me HOW it survived this long, because I don't have a damn clue--and I found some spare clothes.

......Man, I hate shorts. Are there any tailors or people who can repair clothing on this stupid rock?? Because I am NOT asking the fucking island for anything--it'll probably give me something completely useless that has NOTHING to do with repairing my clothes. And, you know...asking a giant rock for clothing is just a bit weird.

((way back when David demanded new clothes from Wata, so...here they are /o/;; he's a skinny twig with no manliness, I know))
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Halloween is approaching. Heh, wonder if the Island will bring to us something entertaining for the holiday. I sure wouldn't mind if the populace was scared to death twice over with the Island's little antics. I suppose it would be a farfetched idea to have, though.

Hmm... that fight damaged me more than I had thought. Nicely played, nun. It was certainly a refreshing battle. Haven't had one in a good while.
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What a pain...

I dunno if anyone's asked this or not, but:

Anybody here know a good hangover cure? One of my roommates accidentally had a few too many coconuts, and it's gonna be really freakin' annoyin' dealing with a hungover roommate.
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Goooood morniiiiiiing~~~! ☆☆☆

Come on, come on! Up and at 'em, you two~ There's lots of work to be done!

Starting with this heap you call a hut. Honestly, Sora, Nao-kun, can't you do better than that? No wonder you need me so much! …Now, now. I understand that supplies on an island like this are limited, but that's no excuse for not having proper shelter.

So come! Let's get this act together, hm~?
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I-- 'm bringing sexy back
those other furries don't know how to--


Anywa-- --act.
I think you're special, what's behind your back?
So turn around and I'll pick up the--

... ... ...

This is getting really annoying. Seriouslack

Dirty babe. You see the shackles baby, I'm your slaaaaave--

... ... ... ... ...

((So at random intervals Sexyback is going to start playing and going to drown out whatever Shadow says. The catch? It's being sung in his voice. Very well, in fact. The music is playing all around him whether he talks or not though and he may just start "talking" unwillingly.))
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Does anyone have eight Scorched Monkey Heads, three Dingo Whiskers or five Shark Gills?

[[TRADE CENTER and thus GENERAL MINGLING-ISH POST. Thread hop or whatever. Have an unfinished sidequest or just looking for items to survive? Ask around here! Or just chat. Whatever goes. (Minato himself is doing Elizabeth's quests, and since she lives in his head he should still be able to do them /o/)]]
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Man, I'm bored. I haven't done hardly any physical activity in a while. Anyone want to play some sports, or spar, or something? I'm up for just about anything. Anything to relieve boredom will work, really, but I would prefer some physical strain.
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[Closed to Brian.  Because, yeah.  We don't want an replay of last episode's little escapade  8D]

Oh fucking hell on ice.

So there was a fucking bonfire, right?  There were a lot of people, yeah, so I figured it would be pretty safe if I slept under a nearby.  god. damn. tree.  Tons of people, talking fairies and other sparklyass shit that I don't even have a fucking name for were having a party- usually that's one hell of a badass decoy. 

But I was pretty fucking wrong.

I woke up a few hours ago, and now I can't find my extra rounds.

You fucking island bastards!!  Who the hell even steals rounds for a fucking gun they don't even own?

And don't any of you dare come and snark..... because..... ...-

...I just... really need them..-

....Nevermind. But ...CHRIST.

The next couple hours are going to be spent running around and digging in sandyass dirt with my bare hands and kicking shady assholes until they fess up.  And you KNOW they're out there.

Fucking island...- ugh!
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[Private//Hackable to anyone except Godot or Maya]

Mother loves sunsets like these.

... It was good to hear about her again. All those years and I doubt you've changed in the slightest, Mother.

I should ask someone to thank her for me when she goes back. The question is who, but I think I have enough time to figure that one out.

It's a wonder how much we can miss sometimes.


I found some new trees today~. And average fruit trees, no less. I'm all for pizza trees and taco bushes and whatever other processed resources we have here, but nothing beats a good apple or orange every now and then. An apple a day keeps the Island away and all that. Maybe.

I have plenty, if anyone would like to share. The sunset is beautiful. &hearts

... Ah, and also, if anyone else would like me to explain myself, now would be the time to ask. You'll understand what I mean if it's an issue.

((On the beach, watching the sunset and being nostalgic. Delicious mommy issues.))
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Doumeki, let's get that field ready, yeah? Kobayakawa, Watanuki, Bridget and Eaze said they want in-- Anybody else who thinks they can handle it can play too... nothing serious just some light training, heh heh...

First comes warm-ups-- then I'll teach you how Stormriders face off. Those of you that can handle it anyway. But I'm not trying to hear any bitching, meowing or drama if you suck-- got it?

[[ he promised various peoples he'd train/work out with them, so now that he's NOT wearing a skirt anymore he'll teach whoever's around a variation of Parts War B Class and then have some mini-matches \o\ OH YEAH-- forgot to mention threadhopping a la in ur gym class = all good ]]
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Everything here is disgusting! I deserve better accomodations than this!! Jaaaaaaaade~ Don't just stand there! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You are all worthless savages!!
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................This is weird. I wonder if this is what Akito meant by dressing up for Halloween....

[ooc: I'll be busy on the real Halloween night and Samus was asking for it so Eaze is stuck wearing this :D;]
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Right now. I require two things.

First of all. If you have seen a boy named Sakai Yuji, come to me immediately. He has brown hair, a thin body, blue eyes and always carries a stupid expression on his face. He shouldn't be hard to miss.

And second. It looks like I'm out of Melon Bread. Again... If you have any of this or other sweets foods in your possession, bring them to me. You MAY be rewarded handsomely for your hard work. If I feel like it's worth it.
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It's everywhere....

Ah...thanks. I look so much better now.

I'm never going to be able to get it out of my hair.

((So Luki dumped sparkly glitter all over him, and he is really freaking sparkly. And he doesn't have the heart to tell her that he doesn't like being sparkly D=))


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