Oct. 28th, 2007

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If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
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Fucking monkeys. I thought kleptomania was restricted to humans, but you annoying little animals must be an exception. Or at least have an addiction to stealing other people's jackets. I'm pretty sure normal monkeys wouldn't give two shits about a jacket.

... Which is probably why you stupid things have a way higher mortality rate than them.

Hey Naoto? I've got your jacket.

..... At least, I think it's yours. It's way too big for a girl, though...

((Actually lacking a jacket for once, so just the t-shirt + neck bandages. And lol dead monkeys around since he shot them all to get the coat back.))
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[ to Asch // hackable by anyone ]

Let's see...

Plenty of palm fronds, loose branches...it won't be very BIG, but that's what he wanted. Besides, if he ever decides to be less moody and sociable, he can always move in with someone.

Now to wait for Mr. Attitude to show up. Hope he didn't get lost or anything.

[ooc: So, Alkaid insisted she help Asch out with building a hut, because, ya know, Asch is too damn stubborn. :O!]
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Charming. Figures that there is a sudden rain of whole five minutes while I am flying. With only one tree within my reach and THANKFULLY NO WAY TO CLIMB DOWN WITHOUT BREAKING MY BONES!!!!

God, I hate this place..

//private - can be hacked//

Mia. We need to talk. As soon as I´ve managed to get down.
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Master... Harold... whatever it is you go by, I would like a word.

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Mmnn... You know it's going to be a bad day when you wake up in the middle of one. The fact that I'm out of cigarettes doesn't help things much either. I'd ask what on earth I did to deserve being exhausted and irritated, but then again as old as I may be my memory is impeccable and that question would be redundant.

Naturally, this gives way to extreme boredom so to alleviate myself~ I have a questions for all of you:

What's your honest opinion of me~?

You can be as crude and unrestrained in your opinion as you'd like, I don't mind. I'm just generally curious to see if I'm as disliked as I hope♥
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Prime Minister! You said to let you know when I thought of something, so..... Do you think you could teach me about languages? If you're busy, that's all right, but I thought it would be interesting....

... Ah~! Those are.... pineapples! Right? I wonder if there's any "pizza" nearby.... Or "cake"....

((Excited Leanne is excited to learn things. She learned new words when she was asking about desserts (like "pineapple") and she's going around identifying things so she remembers.))
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this was awkward.

Faye was right, though...it isn't so bad.

Hey~~! I have boobs~

Ahahaha~! Wow~! This could be fun~

[[ ...Spring'd. Genderbent~ ;D O ya, gunna be gone for a couple hours to movie. 8D Will tag back when return. :3 ]]
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Aaand... Ha! That ought to do it.

Ha, guess I got a bit more dusty than I thought. It's hard being a wandering girl stuck on one place, after all~!

... Harder than I would think, actually. I wonder if something happened to Sumire while I was gone. Poor kid's been in bed all damn day. I can appreciate sleeping in, but that ain't my choice place to do it.

... Yeah. Something probably did happen. She ain't the type to sleep in, I think. And trouble seems to adore her, given some of the stuff that's happened lately. Hm...

(( So yeah, Aoko's just outside her cave, beating dust out of one of her outfits from an extended wandering/exploration session, and worried about a certain roommate o' hers. :> Mai approval get for commentary on Sumire's activity. ))
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Dribble, dribble~. Stellar wants to play with Sting and Auel again~.

((Stellar found a basketball and is epicly failing at dribbling, so XDD

vlsd;jlgksjadkgjsa GTG BBL))
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W-well, it's nice to have my helmet back, but, um... Why doesn't it come off? :D;;

[[Stuck in his football uniform à la icon, and thanks to the Magic Power of EyeshieldTM, the upper half of his face = invisible /o/]]

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Great! I was hoping the pumpkins would be ripe enough by now. Fletcher, time to carve some of these up. I made a knife for each of us, be careful with yours. There's plenty to go around, and if you ask nicely, I might make one for other people. As long as you don't blame me if you cut yourself.

Now let's see... the lid... Eyes... Nose... that stupid antenna... A little more angry... There we go! Fullmetal Pumpkin!

Candles should be easy enough.

See, Fletcher, the trick with it is to not cut all the way through sometimes, the light will shine through the flesh once you get the skin off.

((Russel has pumpkins, and he's willing to share. He's got a fuckton of them, so don't be shy. He's cut the cranky Ed chibiface on one, and he's cutting a plant-related transmutation circle into another. He's also got pumpkin guts all over his forearms and hands.))
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[Private to Zuko Lee]
Thanks the other day for that spar! You're pretty good but not as good as Aoshi-sama. We should really spar again- next time I'll take you on, weapons and all.

Owowowow my poor leg. This bruise is ENORMOUS. And that's got to be the ugliest shade of purple I've ever seen. Gross!

((Edit: going to bed; will resume tags tomorrow))
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Ah ha, Mister Smith, I believe I have something that belongs to you? The monkeys really are quite agreeable, assuming you manage to have something greater that they want. Amazing how quick they are to make a deal if you happen to have the right sort of fruit on hand.

-- Well, fruits, more like. They're actually rather good negotiators, or this particular primate was, at the very least. I've lost a bunch of bananas and a few apples in the process, but I suppose I can't complain about his having good taste and a healthy appetite.

Just goes to show you that the wildlife can be dealt with civilly here, after all.

[[ Semi-Locked to Team TARDIS | easily hackable??? ]]

Right! So, gang-- er, no. Bad word, that. Makes you think we're liable to go pile up in a big, questionable van and chase after ghosts. Alright, er, squad? Um, team-- no, that's so many times worse than "gang." Um. . .

-- Oh, I'm having a bit of déjà vu. Well, it's not really déjà vu, not according to its actual definition, but going by its colloquial meaning--

. . . Er, anyway. Everyone (there we go), I think we're long, long overdue for a review of the rules. I know it's been some time since you've been on the TARDIS and that's completely fine -- things to do, places to see, alien invasions to stave off. Been there, done that, entirely understandable. But, while you're on this ship, you'll abide by my rules and execute them to the best of your ability. Are we clear?

(there is no LJ-cut) )

And there we are! Doesn't sound too difficult to work with, right?

[[ End Lock ]]
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Mia... Why did you... Why did you leave? It isn't fair... I did everything for you...!

Is Haseo here...? I must... find Haseo... If only to protect him. Mia... Mia...

..."She" will always be here. With me... Forever...

[OOC: ohuighw STFU PEER PRESSURE <333333 Yes, Endrance has gotten sum coconut and is now kind of wandering/tripping and stumbling around aimlessly spouting out nonsense *FLEES THE COUNTRY~~ \o\* :x]
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It can't be that difficult, right? Four walls and a roof. It wouldn't stand up to severe weather, but there are other places to take shelter for that. I just need something simple.

Of course it would help if I had proper tools. ... And if I had any idea how to go about doing this.

Does anyone have any construction experience?

((Misaki is currently inspecting the remains of some abandoned hut and trying to figure out how to rebuild it.))
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...interesting how the island manipulates the physical aspect of all that reside on it, but still leaves one's inner being relatively unscathed. [Poll #1078659][Poll #1078659]


Even on both ends? This was far less entertaining that I was expecting. Unfortunately for those who wished not for the monster to perish, I was never one to have democracy rule my actions. This ends here.

((ooc: So after a brief disappearance, Mr Puddles the gosling has returned, but thanks to island has...become quite the monster >: Currently has got it all tied up and trashing on the ground. Pls refrain from freeing the bird until after the vote has been settled.))
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Things are slowly getting more interesting...but slowly.

It's not healthy to hold in anger, you know. If any of you ever need someone to talk about anger or violence or potential island coups and dictatorships followed by rebellion, my door is always open.

Don't worry. I don't bite.


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