Oct. 24th, 2007

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Ah, I thought I'd never escape those Shinra soldiers....But thank the heavens I did manage it.

Well, this is a new start for you, Zack. You're gonna make the best of what you have now and start that mercenary business you and Cloud were going to accomplish.

Attention people of this place! If you need a mercenary for hire or a hero, call upon me! Zack Fair! Only 20 gil an hour and I assure you, it's completely worth it!

Ha ha, I sound like a corny salesmen....But hey, it's bound to catch someone's interest, no? Well, I'll just have to wait and see for myself though.

((Here's Yumi-Umi with another muse she brought to Islands, Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII! Hopefully this is all right for an intro post xD; Slightly braindead as of now.))
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Misao, I'm ready whenever you are.

Also, Victor. I have met your friends. Are they going to be taking up residence with us?

[Private - unhackable]

The Avatar's friend is here, and she's an earthbender no less...Maybe if I wait long enough they would come and find her then finally I'll have him in my grasps... For now, I'll lay low and try to extract as much information from her as possible. So that would mean not using any of my bending abilities out in the open, as well as silencing those less trustworthy fools who might give my identity away.

...a few names easily come to mind.

((ooc: rise and shine earlybirds! Want to spectate or even spar a little with him? Go ahead and make the offer \o\. OTL heading to bed will be up in a fe hours for tags))

one: intro

Oct. 24th, 2007 12:54 am
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Is this the afterlife? Somehow I doubt that. This isn't hell, and if there was one I'd be in it right now. I must be alive.

Sand. Sun. A lot like Miami, only with monkeys. And coconuts. Whatever's happening, the only thing I can do is explore, so I won't waste time doing anything else. I should get moving.

Instead, I'm standing here, frozen. I keep seeing it in my head. Oh, no, not the box car anymore. Not the blood. No. I'm seeing Dexter. Dexter, looking at me. Regretting. And then slitting my throat. I'm his brother, he... I should be taking care of him. I should be the most important person in the world to him, like he is - he is to me. Instead, he chose her. Chose her over me.

He believed me, he trusted me, and he still killed me. Was it some failure of mine? Did I do things the the wrong way? No, that can't be it - the plan was perfect. Dexter is
meant for me. It's Henry Morgan's fault, Deborah Morgan's fault, their fault not mine and if I had them in front of me they would pay for it.

I can't contain this impulse. It's so strong, eating away at everything else, until reality's faded and I can barely see the palm trees. Blackness gurgles up inside me. Everything's crumbling, cracking apart until nothing's left. Nothing. My head... it's so loud. White noise. The monkeys sound far away, and then suddenly crystal clear.

There isn't a human anywhere around, and I'm not sure there is one on the entire island. But, survival must come first. Not food. That's for later. Less important. If I don't sate this hunger, I might as well be dead.

I haven't killed an animal in a long time. Hope I'm not out of practice. Heh.
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I can't believe it's here already... But I counted the days. I am certain it's today.

Happy birthday, Lana!

I couldn't really make a cake for you, so, I have a bowl of berries. The bowl's actually a coconut shell. I don't have a candle either, so it's just a stick in the middle. I'm not sure I can even eat the berries, but it's pretty!

I know, if you were here, you'd be complaining about turning 30, but... I wouldn't worry about it. You're beautiful, and strong... Scientifically speaking, I think you get prettier as you age. Then again, I never was one for judging on appearance, was I?

Remember last year, on your birthday? We had an early snow. The earliest on record, they said. We both went outside, and everything was just white. It was so pretty. I threw a snowball at you, and you called me childish... After three more, though, you started to chase me, and throwing... We both wound up tired and laughing in the snow ten minutes later. I'll always remember that.

I miss you... But you're home. Better to be there than stuck here. I love you, sis. Happy birthday.

Now, I wonder how safe these berries are. It'd be a shame if I couldn't eat something on her birthday.

((It's Lana's birthday because I said so. :|b Ema's talking to a picture of her she found in her purse. Also may or may not be crying a little.))
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Okay, what the hell? What is this thing? It's pink and ridiculous. This is a gun, it shouldn't look like this.

...And cotton candy comes out of it when I shoot it. Great.

((Hi there, Hello Kitty AK-47.))
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I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough
'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh baby, I wanna get wit'cha
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But with that butt you got makes me feel so--

... Ku ku ku ku kuuuu~

((I don't need to explain this, do I?))
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I... I think I'm lost.

But that doesn't make sense-- I know I was talking to Johnny and then that weird police officer showed up and now-- and just after I got Dizzy back, why...

HEY! MR. POLICE OFFICER, WHEREVER YOU ARE!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?! We haven't done anything illegal for awhile, too! I was just getting my friend back...

I guess I should figure out where we are first, huh? Maybe Johnny's here, too.

((Say hello to May from Guilty Gear. Currently being followed by a black cat with a pirate hat and carrying a giant anchor over her shoulder. Tags will be slow for a bit, HOORAY MULTITASKING *SOB*))
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What the hell.

Damn it, this isn't right. Where the hell is Yulia City? ... Damn replica... It's probably his fault.

Hey, you there! When does the next boat to Chesedonia leave?
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...Watanuki, Doumeki, Bridget...

It followed me home. Please tell me you'll let me keep it.

I named her Aiko. Isn't she cute?

[[ Baby bunny followed Yasu home. Feel free to be picking her up and petting her.
Edit: Work. Back around 11pm. D: ]]
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Since I invited Yukito-san to stay here, I thought um. Maybe all of us could have dinner together. Yukito-san, Riku, Mommy, Sora, Kairi, and Chii. Because we live together, so... Um, but Yukito-san needs to sleep in the shed since there isn't much room left in the hut. So I thought I would clean it...

Um, I found this book, u-um... Doesn't it belong in the library? Ah... "How to Cook a Coconut"? G-gao! I-I should probably hide this before Riku sees! After all, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for Roxasa, and I don't want to upset him.

I don't think coconut would make the best dinner anyway. O-okay, where to put this? Gao...
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I think I'll use this pearl that guy gave me for a little present for someone! I just don't know who to make it for. I wish Colette was here, I'm sure she'd like it!

Huh? ... wait. Origin, is that you? I haven't heard from you in forever!... you were trying to get through to me and you finally did? I thought because of the Island our connection was lost... so now you're stuck here too? I get it!

Sheena isn't here so we can't summon you! I know, I know! I just can't take a risk with the Eternal Sword here, who knows what could happen, and there are other people here too! So, I'll just wait it out! I'm sure about it, besides I've got dad and Presea and a lot of other friends here with me, so I'll be ok!

((If you observe to your left, you will see a Lloyd having a deep conversation with the King of Summon Spirits Origin, who talks to Lloyd as a disembodied voice, since Sheena isn't here :( Feel free to think he's talking to himself and is crazy or if you want, hear that a voice is talking to him.))
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That was some night... After the kind of stuff that I went through, I'd think I deserve to play hooky. They'll get over it eventually.

... It feels like the weather just got warmer. And my back feels kinda itchy all of a sudden. Like some sand got in there. But of course, it's probably my imagina-

... ... ... ... Oh, what the hell is this.

Death, this had better not be some kind of a joke you're pulling.

(( Kouya just realized he's on a beach, after having formerly been in a park. Yeah, so now he's looking around for a certain loli who obviously isn't here. Enjoy. 8D ))
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Heh heh...

I am one badass freakin' Overlord! Hyaaaahahahahahahaaa!!!

((.... Very late "I got some |D" post.))
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Touchy, touchy.... All I did was tell the truth. Hmm... put a hole in my suit. Need to get that fixed.

Anyone out there that would be willing to do a little sewing patch up for me? And I can also use one of those healers that I've heard so much about. This wound will heal on it's own easy enough,  but I'd like it to be done now.

((After his 'talk' with Naoto, he has a small gash on his right arm. Currently fiddling with his torn suit sleeve))
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Let's see~ what to do? We can go look for people to play with. Or... eat. ♥ Either one is a win-win situation, if I do say so myself. Then there's always the option of a nap, I haven't had one in a long, long time. Oooh, I can go eat at someone's hut and then take a nap! That's a pla--!!


MY HEAD!!! It hurts! It hurts! Why does it hurt?! Dewey, Dewey, Deweeeey, make it stop. R-rip it off, I can't take it. It's going to explode it's going to explo--!!!

SOMEONE FIX IT--... o-ow...
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. . .

Hmph, deepest I've accomplished. The ground here is rather soft, it seems. Well, since apparently the Island likes to mock me openly, I'll just have to chip away on "her" exterior. Or his. Whatever it wants to classify itself.

... Actually, I could possibly use this crater for something useful. I'll have to think on it.

((Currently standing in the middle of a not-really deep crater he made on the outskirts of a forest... the forest, whatever. Island laughed at Forte and he threw a pissy fit |D;;; Also, I promised this sometime ago, so here is Forte's permissions stuff))
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Book. Pretty pictures. Lot of words.

...Een-gu-lish? Haine said so.


((So Senri got one of those bibles Haine had. This one has pictures in it, too! =D But he can't read English, so he'll be bugging people to read to him.))
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So like... anybody using these trees?

I'd kind of like them to be my new house. Hut. Thing.

Anybody? No? One house-hut-thing coming up then!

((lolol hangin' out by a stand of trees, kusarigama in hand. Gonna some tree-chopping.))
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Ummm...I'm sorry to everyone I scared that one day. My face is back to normal, and...I-I'm really glad.

But...This has been following me all day, ever since I started looking for more fruit...! He's really...really weird. And every now and then, he--

--OW! Auauauauauuuuu! P-Please stop that, I-I-I didn't do anything to you, Goat-chan! Auauauauau!

[[ooc; a goat is following her, and it keeps headbutting her every now and then rofl]]
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...Some business. We're the worst undercover agents. And the sun's still taking some getting used to, after all this time.

In a few days it'd be All Saints' Day, I take it? Is there anyone around that has... stayed either alive long enough or sane long enough to remember the celebration of the year previous?

Because given this island's propensity for amusing itself based on man-imposed festivities, I feel apprehension for the coming weeks.

Are we getting zombies again, for one?
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... I wonder which one it is.
This one? Or that one over there? This one's pretty bright... but that one twinkles a lot more. I never would have thought those specks in the sky could be other worlds.


And yet, here we are. I wonder if Sienna and Raphael ever look at these stars same stars. Maybe we're even staring at each other without thinking about it-! ...It really makes me think we're really that insignificant if our worlds are that small from so far away. Hah.

Oh, there's another one. It's like an ocean of stars...

... a sea of blood. Why would he say that?

[[ Stargazing. Pondering the life, universe, and everything in between. ]]
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I'll move this a bit to the left... And a little to the right and-- Yosh!

Haaa~ Alright Riku! Let's take a break for now! Heh heh... I told you if we put our willpower together we could do this! This is getting fun now! Though we still have a long ways to go before we're through-!

Anyway! It doesn't look like much for now, but it'll blow everyone away! And we got the perfect view even! Heh... I'll put everything on the line to get this done with!

((SO. If you remember that Cosplay Cafe post from Haruhi for WAY BACK WHEN. K1 and Riku are working on the HOOJ hut for it. And right now it's FORTY PERCENT FINISHED?!?!))
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I guess this baby duck wants to stay with us. Haha... Oh well, maybe we can train him, it's been a while since we had to train a monster... animal... well a duck. I hope it gets some sort of special attack later.

Hmmm, so, what do you guys think for a name?

"The Last Duck"
"Admiral Duck"
"Duck 29 yrs"
"Duck With Cheese"
"Duck Bro"
"Duck LOL"
"Sexy Duck"
or maybe "Duck R US"

... I think I like "Duck Robot".
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Well, just because I'm here doesn't mean I can't keep practicing! You never know, right? Everyone better get out of my way!


[[OOC: LOLz Toph is practicing her mad earthbending skillz on lots of rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, some as big as your head medium sized rocks are flying everywhere. Feel free to get pwned by them. Or not. 8D]]


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