Oct. 23rd, 2007

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Eh, remember the other day, when Island-san was giving out gifts and granting wishes to people? I asked for more resources for my traps since Keiichi-san was asking for ways to avoid them, shame on him...

And I ended up getting this! What is it? I've never seen anything like it before! I mean, I can definitely try to incorporate it into a new trap, of course~! But... what is it for? Does anybody know?

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. . . I am growing rather bored. And I haven't seen Ginji-kun in quite a while...

Perhaps someone would have a suggestion of how to...keep myself preoccupied?~

[[OOC~: Bored serial killer is bored. And when he is bored, he might want to challenge a few people to a fight; so be warned!! Oh, also he is carving J's into the ground with a glowing scalpel.]]
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Living with only guys is harder than I thought... They're so much different than girls! Except Watanuki...he's very feminine! Like a housewife~! I never thought it would be so much work to be masculine. It's really hard not to just act like I always do.

I'm making progress, though! Well...I think I am... I'm learning how to act more like a boy so when I prove I'm not bad luck so I can live like one, but...but I....

I just can't take off my clothes with you, Doumeki!!
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With so many glamorous people here, we should have more glamorous buildings too!  Like the Swiss Family Robinson, maybe we can make treehouse elevators and train the monkeys to tidy up the rooms!  Who wants to help?  I drew up some really pretty plans!  We'll be putting in a rec-room and lots of bedrooms for anyone who wants to stay, then hmm... how can we do the bathrooms?  I wonder if we could use bamboo for pipes?  I saw a really interesting program on the learning station once about how bathrooms work!  It's one of those amazing things you never really stop to think about... 

Hmmm...  We can't really put in a tv... I don't think it would work... but maybe we could do puppet-show theater!  Just think of all the fun dramas and comedies and actions we could create!  All you need is a little imagination and a sock can become a great action hero! *_* 

Ah... so if anyone wants to help... let's make it work!  It could be something easy, right?  Even if you don't know much about building houses, maybe... maybe you could just help with the sock puppets!  Look, I already made Anastasia and Frederique! 
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I'm sure you think you're very clever, and I'll give you credit for sneaking up on me like that. But I don't take kindly to having my things taken~ ♥

Now, I would really like to avoid shooting you, so if you would just come do---

Ah, I guess we'll be doing this the hard way then!

((Monkey stole his hat and is on the run!))
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Huh... what're these? This one has Edward on it... this one has Al... and this one has Brother? Wow, there're a lot of these cards, there must be hundreds... whatever they are.

Huh... there don't seem to be cards of Alfons or Mei...

H-hey! That's not true!

((:< Fletcher found a box of FMA TCG cards... and no rulebook. Ah well.

Also! If your character's series has a TCG? There may also be boxes of those cards scattered about in the general vicinity.))
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Hey, Yuuichi...

I think I know my wish.

((Yuuichi made Sylvie mad a week or so ago, and to make it up to her, gave her a little angel he said she could make a wish on. She now knows her wish~.))
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... That's it. I've had it with the all the fruit and crap I've been eating for days.

Hey you! Yeah, YOU! GOT MEAT???

And by meat, I mean REAL MEAT like beef, pork, lamb, poultry, not from a dingo or a monkey, etc. In other words, something that people would normally eat!

Heck, I'll even settle for ramen if anyone has it...

((expect tags to be sporadic since mun is still in school~))
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Haha... Yes, it was a nice joke, Island-sama. But forgive me, I must ask...

Excuse me. Is there anybody here who may be able to help me? My concern is, see, I recently got a pair of roller skates from the Island, but they are a bit too small for me to properly use. Or rather, much to small... Oh, my~. That said, I do not suppose anyone has anything that can help me? Be it the ability to craft properly fitting ones, or enlarge the small ones, anything would be greatly appreciated. ♥ Thank you.

[PRIVATE : Not that hard to hack if you know him.]

How odd... Are we really what we believe to be, or could this merely be an illusion? A phantasm enveloping us all, and not as fantastic as it would have us believe? Even if it is quite possibly mere conjecture, that man has given me much to think about...


(( Yeah, Kaworu's looking to fix up those skates he asked the Island for, and instead got itty bitty ones. Aaaand after talking with House, he's a bit curious about what is real and such on Island right now. He's not really upset about it, per-say, but it's given him something to think about. Deeply. In b4 hueg posts. ))
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Closer... closer... almost got it. Oh, noooo! It's getting farther away. I-I don't think that I can climb any higher, um. Let's see... a little to the left. Waaah--! Not the left, not the left, I almost slipped.

Eeeeh, I guess I really shouldn't just leave the laundry out like that. Maybe I should get down...? N-nnn... it's really high. It wasn't always this high, right? Or I can stay up here. The ground looks kind of, um, hard from up here.

[Her apron flew into a tree, and she climbed it miraculously to get it. |D;;]
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... ... uh. Hey!

Just for the record! That big flaming tentacle monster running molesting slithering making its way around the woods? Not my fault.

It was totally like that when I got there. Any and all things that look like I was around the area it's currently at or maybe have knocked a tree onto it? Totally coincidental. That's the right fancy word for this, right? So uh. Yeah. Just throwing that out there.
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[Locked from Mia – she knows why :|]

Ha… I should've seen it sooner. Or maybe I didn't want to see it, so I ignored it. It was foolish of me to assume something like that…

Funny how it goes – I spent all that time hoping to become stronger, and now I can't even concentrate…

[Private || Hackable to those who have good ears or know about Mia/his past with Misty]
…Looks like I do just end up making the same mistakes over and over again. Why can't I ever learn? First Misty, and now…

I suppose I deserve it. I hurt her pretty badly that time, after all; it's been a long time in coming. I just wish…

…No. Wishful thinking never got me anywhere. I just have to accept that I made a… a mistake, and move on. I never… intended it to happen in the first place, after all. It's pointless to hope for something that can never be.

…H-haha… It must be hotter than I thought. I'm sweating…

[[B-because I need him to get this out oh god DX Staring out at the horizon, and the fake ruby is back out good luck trying to get him to admit to crying.]]
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"Grow your own crystals" kit. Ehhh, well I guess this will have to do. Psycrystals have a much better texture when crushed and remade into an object. Maybe I should use a Psynergy Stone instead. Maybe I should go ahead and pound out the base sculpture. Hmmm, should have gotten some of the tools back home, but then again, I didn't really know I'd be coming back here. Ahh well. Let's see, I don't suppose there's limestone around, are there? Some magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide too, just to keep things balanced. Haaa, actually, it might help if Jenna or Garet was here, fire's much more useful for glass blowing, not lightning. Lightning can only do so much in making glass. Small glass sculptures made from pure sand is fine and all, but I want to try making something intricate.

... Stop looking at me with a bored face, guys. You said you'd help, so snap out of it. Haa, djinn these days.
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..... .....

Where'd that girl with the giant diving suit robot... thing... go? And Luki and Noki, for that matter.

... Be quiet, you piece of shit.

((What Haine isn't being a bastard for once? And might look vaguely worried? Oh shit, son. Oh, and he has a huuuge palm leaf to protect himself from the rain. For now.))
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I seem to be low on magic-replenishing items, but I do have three Oberol EXes I wouldn't mind parting with, should anyone here have any Pine or Orange Gels they would be willing to trade. EXes are the rough equivalent of a Lemon Gel, only a bit more potent and in liquid form. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Certain brazen thieves need not apply.

Also, the wildlife is boring me, and I thought I might find a sparring partner or two to practice with. If you're still interested in a rematch, Lloyd, we can perhaps see about it. Single or dual-wielders are fine, but a swordsman (or woman) is preferred. I'd also appreciate an advanced skill level, as I'm not looking to teach.

[For those of you with characters from  the other Tales series, in Destiny a Lemon Gel = 60% HP and a Pine = 60% TP. I think I remember reading somewhere that it was reversed for later games, so if that's the case, they'll figure it out eventually. XD]


Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:26 pm
sumireverse: (are you okay...?)
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*sniff* Huh! Where did that come from? It hasn't been too cold lately has it? I don't think I should be feeling this warm. Let me feel my forehead...


Uh oh.  ACHOO!! It probably wasn't such a good idea to keep wading in the stream.

((A cold /o/ ))
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[Filtered from Bridget]

Hey. Russel. Or is it Edward now?

I need to speak with you.


... Oh, right. Master, or Prime Minister, or whatever-- I'd like to have a word with you, as soon as possible.

God, I hate bullies.

All right, one more time.

((Practicing by herself, blade and acrobatics. Please don't catch her by surprise.))
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Okay, as the only person here capable of making up their mind, it's come down to this.

Who's staying in the treehouse and who's staying in the hut?
If you don't say one way or another, then you're staying in the hut. So don't complain!

To start things off, I'm staying in the treehouse. Where are you staying?

[ Private to Kuhn - Not hackable ]

Thank you for getting me away from that juvenile little...
What did you need?
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[[Gokudera walked and came upon a piano; hey WE HAVE ANCIENT RUINS ON THE ISLAND SO THIS IS PLAUSIBLE STFU. BTW, he's pretty good at playing it too, which is what he's doing right now /o/]]

Man, I can't believe how long it's been since I last played. FINALLY, this island does something right.

Pretty sure I still remember all my fingerings and stuff.

Think I'll start with Chopin.
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You know, I am pretty sure this is not what I meant when I told me that I'd find my happy ending. Not that a trip to the beach isn't nice and all, but... not what I was hoping for.

Somebody want to help a guy out and tell me what century I'm in?


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