Oct. 17th, 2007

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*A kiddified Rose happens to be skipping around the island...somewhere*

There are no bananas in the sky
In the sky
There are no bananas in the sky
In the sky
There's a sun and a moon and a coconut cream pie
But there are no bananas in the sky, in the sky

--I wonder if that's true. I should I ask the Doctor. He'd know!

There are mmmm bananas in the sky
In the sky
There are mmm bananas....
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 So this is will be the countenance I'll bear come the next few decades? White hair and a scarred face...hah. It doesn't appear that the years have been exceptionally kind, or will be, for that matter. I would have expected the results to be less interesting, but I am without a doubt curious as to who will give me these cuts and if they will survive to watch them heal.

 Nmaa, at least this body is not one with with brittle bones and aching muscles. Let's put it to the test shall we? 

...and Kiske. Don't even think about asking me matters regarding the bird. I've had enough of it.

[Private to close aquaintances]

I am taking a leaf from Rammsteiner's book, and am offering a short session of hand-to-hand combat. However, I'm in no mood to be cut down or shot in an old man's body, so consider this a chance to be sparring with me and having your life spared.

((ooc: With permission from Kia~ currently sitting by a spring inspecting his new look - he's actually in Fuyumine a.k.a Naoto's dead mentor's body, but he doesn't know this and merely thinks that the island has aged him. Alot. \o\))
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[Private to Osaka: Unhackable]

Okay, I'm all set! Let's go find a place to sit. Did you finish everything you needed to do?

[End private]

[Private to Yasu and Akito: semi-hackable]

Hey you two, come over here for a moment.

[End private]

((Epic picnic get! You're free to walk by/say something/steal food/whatever, but don't be too mean or else they'll get mad. Also, the picnic won't really 'start' until Osaka comments.))
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What the hell? This doesn't make any sense! What the hell happened to us? Old Lace, why do you look like--...Gert.

Chase? Why do you look like me?

((Chase got into some bodyswitch-- or should that be speciesswitch? -- berries. He and Old Lace swapped. Old Lace looks like Gert, italics = dinoChase thoughts. Currently, they're just staring at each other.))
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There! All done. Garden tended to, hut cleaned up a little bit.. Heh, Mocha tried to help, but well... didn't want to lose anything, heheh.

Hmmm, now that all of that is done, I guess I should wait til near dinner time.. Hmm, anyone want to play 20 Questions with me?
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You think my garden's a nice place for being social, eh? Well, all you're doing is trespassing. I'll let all of you off with a warning, but the next person I see in my backyard is getting cuffs put on. Now come on, let's go, peacefully now. Don't you laugh at my Peace Lily. I mean it.

And you... The swan sent you to taunt me, didn't it?

Don't peep at me.

((New muse is new~ Meet Inspector Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz. No, he doesn't realize he's on an island. Yes, he is holding his Peace Lily. Oh, and a duckling is following him. /o/))
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[Private to Bridget, Hackable, but not by Master or Haine]
I found those Tringhams, Bridget. I can tell you exactly where they are and what they look like. Fletcher has white hair, kind of a bad attitude, and goes around calling himself Haine. Russel's an egomaniac in a suit that likes calling himself The Master. They're a couple of scary guys, so watch your step. I don't think there's much I can do to help you out with this.

I think it's a nice day to go exploring up around the cliffs. Anyone with me?

((Watch Russel scheme. Scheme Russel scheme. Master-mun, lemme know if this is a no-go.))


Oct. 17th, 2007 02:29 pm
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[private, unhackable~]

Huhs. I guess Kotarou-kun and them ain't here su... Does Saa-chan know where I am? Or the other angels su? She might get mad at me for not studyin', but I'm not sure what to do now that I'm heres su! This island place is REAAAAAAAAAAALL strange!

... Kotarou-kun... I hope you're okay su! Shia-chan's there to take care of him! I shouldn't be so worried! I'll come back someday! :D


Lalalalalala~ Lalalalalala~

WAH! The water's cold su!

((Splashing around in the waves at the beach /o/ No wings out this time. Since not many people know Misha-chan yet, mood reads HAPPY *A*))
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I have notice that there is a severe lack of justice around this Island and it needs cleaning up.

Those who have unncessarily been hurting others will be taken care of immediately. I do not want to be forced to shed unncessary blood, but those who take lives have to face what justice really is. It is not right that they think they can do what they wish without consequence.

[[ Uh. Trapped in Maou form. 8D Oh yaeh. Running out to go home. 8D BBshortly! ]]
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Cierra, I am moving in with you for an undetermined amount of time.

... I am not willing to explain why I am doing this, if anyone wishes to ask. Exception being my new room mate.
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T-That....was an experiance I would rather refrain from doing again...

....I really wish I had my cloak with me..It would at least..hide this outfit. And I think my original clothing is..back at the inn. Great.

((Yes, Subaru's still wearing that outfit. But the apron's come off and it's now down to this. ...Without the bow. No bows on the head. DX))


Oct. 17th, 2007 06:11 pm
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... Okay... I just woke up to find my self in this dress. I don't mind having new clothes, my skirt and stockings were getting rather raggedy already. But I can't borrow Aoko-san's clothes too much either, she's helped me out too much already. I'll feel like I'm imposing again...

But this isn't really appropriate to wear is it? I mean, you don't wear dresses like these on an island! It'll last less longer than my other clothes! Where did those go anyways...? I guess I'll have to find them later...

Tsuna-chan? Did the cake taste good?
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I can't help but think this would be easier if I had scissors. And maybe a mirror.

[Private // Hackable to friends]

Three months. Tomorrow it's going to be three months. ...I can't believe I almost forgot.

[[His hair's grown to his shoulders now, so he's trying to trim it with a kitchen knife XD; It's, er, not working very well.]]
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Hey, hey, hey--!


I set someone's hut on fire. I hope you don't mind. It didn't really look like anyone was living in it, but you never know. The owner could have been a slobwwwwwwww
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Sand and water. And lots of it.

I hate this place already. I can hardly see anything with this sand. And why do I keep stepping on loud fuzzy things? Go away already!

[[New mun, new character. Meet Toph, who is currently stepping on/tripping over some of the ducklings still wandering around. :D]]
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Ugh, this... treasure chest is heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaavy!

--oph! Ahh, here we go! Hee hee, this treasure chest is all mine now! Okay, any magic locks? No... no arrow traps, no gas or anything like that... Okay, OPEN SESAME!!!


W-what is this stuff? This isn't treasure at all! It's all... flimsy. Lina thinks there's something inside of these. Hmm, how to ope- ahhh! Oh, it's chocolate! Yay! Chocolate! Mmm--- ACK! PEH! YUCK! THIS STUFF TASTES HORRIBLE!! Ooooh, why did Lina had to find a bad treasure chest?!

((Open treasure chest filled with tupperware!!! ... with cacholate inside them tupperware. |D))
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... The hell? Isn't that --

.... ....

... Huh, it is. I haven't seen her in how long? - Wait, why is she even still here? Why hasn't she decomposed yet?

... Speaking of which, I haven't really seen Albedo around lately, aside from when he electrocuted me. And I haven't seen that giant robot of his at all for the last few days.


Lucky bastard.

((Albedo left his dead kirschwasser behind. She's just lying there. On the ground. Yup.))
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Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir
Three bags full.

One for the master,
One for the dame,
One for the little boy
Who lives down the lane...

...Mmm...which next...this one looks familiar...

I'm a little schoolgi--Th-that...that is not "Little Teapot."

[ooc: Nill managed to acquire a book of nursery rhymes, but someone altered most of them. Feel free to come up with your own butchering of a nursery rhyme?

..er. this is me attempting to come back from hiatus. DX Indulge me?]


Oct. 17th, 2007 11:16 pm
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Oh Jack~, are you around? I have that 'item' you wanted repaired, though I couldn't make it look extremely presentable it seems to function just fine. ♥

What they say is true, there really isn't a lot to do around here. I might as well make the most of a bad situation though.

So, what do you people do around here for fun? Consider it a general question from a curious stranger. ♥
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I suppose in due time I should return to where I once stayed, to salvage that which I can... Or possibly just repair the roof and remove the tree from the ceiling, if possible... But in the meantime, the inn is rather comfortable. Convenient as well.

Although my roommate did suddenly disappear, bike and all. A shame. His company was appreciated.

Ah, yes, a question, for anyone who feels inclined towards answering. Just what would you do if you come to "own" a set of twins?
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*carrying a huge bag of food on his back*

So, um... I'm back. I was outand totally not lost in a part of the forest I didn't recognize.

I brought food! Watermelon, papaya, pineapple, onigiri, gum, curry...!

So! Anyone staying in the tree house besides me and Haseo?


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