Oct. 15th, 2007

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Ugh... I've been wandering around in this jungle for days. Or what seems like days. Bender took my watch, so I don't know.

Hey, there's a rock that looks just like the one I passed before. Weird.

[[Yeah, he's walking in circles. But that's mostly due to being hungry and disoriented. Mostly.]]
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What... what if I can't do it Zack...?  What if... Why'd you have to die...?

I can't...  Wh...what's going on?  Where's Midgar?  I saw it... in the distance, but it's all gone, this can't be right I...

Zack... I just... I don't think I can do this...

[[Bandwagon get!  Have some cute, fountain of youth type Cloud.  Last thing he remembers is his poor friend getting shot and all that fun stuff.  He's still a little bloody from the experience.  He's dragging Zack's sword behind him.  ^^;  Aka... mun couldn't resist the adorable kicked puppy Cloud icons.]]
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Yukito-kun's here! This is awesome! Ha, one of these days we'll have the whole town, and people will be wondering where everybody went. It'll be an alien abduction mystery on TV! Hehe, except it'd never happen like that. Island-san would get bored of half of us first and send us back to the time we left. Still.

[locked to those that know her well enough]
I wonder if oneechan will ever come. I don't know if she would. It would probably take stress off her that she wouldn't be the only doctor around anymore, and things like that, but I'd just cause her more problems.

...Plus I'm kind of used to not being protected all the time. If oneechan came, at this rate I'd never be free just to make up for it! Ehe... he.

I wonder if I'm really not a bother. I should probably trust Shinku. Everything bothers her anyway, ehe.


I wonder if anyone's whole town is already here. What would that be like?
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Oh no, I can't find him anywhere! Ion... where did you go off to?

...No, there's only one explanation. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened again! And with the Commandant suddenly appearing, I should've realized bad things were going to follow...

Everyone, this is terrible! Ion's been kidnapped!
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Luke! Luke! Ding dang! Where's LUKE! 

This ain't Hazzard Pond! What the hell just happen!

Luke, if this is some kind of joke, it ain't funny!

Oh my Lord! Did I just go to the big Darlington in the sky?! 


I was swimming with Luke now I'm at this weird place!

I'm dead! Oh God no! Say it ain't so! Please don't let me be dead!

[[He's doggie paddling in the water around the island, screaming out Luke's name. He just jumped into Hazzard pond and was teleported through a wormhole to the island. He was swimming with his cousin Luke when this happened. He thinks he's dead. Darlington is a NASCAR reference to a track that is also nick named 'The Lady in Black' kind of a death connotation.]]

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Blessed silence, how I missed you.

Anyway. First one to get Haine a pet gets immunity from him for a week. Or something else we can arrange. And by pet, I mean an animal or a plant.

Anyone up for it?
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A-aha, okay now... I know that you don't like doing this, but you have to get it. You're the man of the hut, so you have to be a good example for us to follow, okay? On the count of three, I want you to get in... Understand? And no running away this time.

One... two... ... three!


Y-you did it, Piro-pin! It's not that bad, right? Now... come back to the surface. You can't stay under there forever, you know. P-piro-pin?

... oh, not again.

[In a hotspring, trying to give the Heartless a bath. orz Piro is currently... sinking.]
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[Private // Hackable to anyone but Bridget]

...I never wanted to do that again. Nn, but if I hadn't...

I wish Al was here. At least then I could apologise.
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Oh my... OH... MY...

Well, this is cute BUT I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO THIS ON PURPOSE~ I feel like this umbrella chose me... and now I've unlocked some special... ability. Agito can unlock the Regalia of the Bloody Road but now...

My Road. Let me show you it. )

I was on my way to give David and Tyki this pavlova... but I'd better figure out how to control this first. *sigh~* On the plus side, perhaps no one will recognize me~

Would anyone else like some dessert?

[[ got a frilly shirt while cleaning at David's place and when he put it on, POOF... not just 'kinda girly looking' now, Akito is 100% convincingly cross-dressed. The umbrella is ordinary, no Lero/Rero, but still-- it makes him feel like cute goth loli D: ]]


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