Oct. 9th, 2007

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... ... ...

Haa.... Oi, oi. That was one heck of a speed bump....

((occ: lol Gintoki's just ran over a duck or two on his motorbike and is all bloodied up and such. \o_o/ Oh yeah, the motorbike's in bad shape too.))
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First it were geese, now it are ducks. This place seems to really like aquatic birds. . . At least they don´t attack people this time.

But, um, these wings. . They didn´t go away like they usually do when Sword-kun goes to sleep and it feels really, really weird. . Ah, I´m sorry duck-san! Please don´t get angry. . -!! Oh no, what should I do?

(stuck with Sword´s wings and quite clumsy and unhappy with them.)
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Come back here with my clothes, you stupid ducks!!!

I can't even leave my window open and try to shower without something happening to me in this place! You hear me you stupid ducks, I said come back he-Wah! *trips over some ducks and they instantly jump her and try to take off her towel*

No no! Don't take off my towel! You'll expose me to the world, you stupid ducks!! Someone please get these stupid ducks off me before they rip off my towel!!!

((Logic time: Umi was in her room trying to take a shower when some ducks came in through the window, kidnapped her clothes, and ran for it. She was trying to get her stuff back, but that doesn't seem to be the case. She can't exactly use her magic, since she's trying to hold on to her towel and fend off the ducks, woe.))
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Ahahaha, the ducks are very nice, aren't they? Not only cute but tasty, or so it seems! I wonder if we could keep some, Hijikata-san? If I built another pen for them? We could have duck eggs~

But even better, the Island has left me a present -- it's been forever since I had green tea! And this tastes just the way good tea ought to. Will anyone join me for a quiet cup? There's enough for quite a few people, and I have water on the boil~! Ah, times like these I really miss Tetsu-kun. His tea doesn't taste bad at all anymore, especially when he remembers not to drop it~

[This is not just any green tea. This is truth serum tea. If you drink it - and Okita's on his second cup - you will feel compelled to speak honestly. But it tastes good!]
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OI, listen up you losers!!


So anyone but Faye counts--and Tits, because she's got anger issues. And don't worry~ He's 100% queer so it's not like he'll make any passes at you.
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What-? Why aren't they....

... No... not over here either.... Or here. Maybe -- ... No, not here. The hell? I didn't move that stuff anywhere. It was all right here. Why would I move a change of clothing? That doesn't make sense.

It didn't just get up and walk away. No one else would've touched or moved it.... A thief? But Luki and Noki or Anemone would have said something. And left the body just outside....

Man.... Where'd my stuff go?
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A question for the masses:

Lunch boy and David: Something there, or nothing?

And if you picked something, care to define it?

Quite amusing, the whole affair.

[[lunch boy = watanuki

oops need to go to class]]
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*a wild Doumeki appears. running. very fast.*

Alright, who here thinks they can take me on? I bet I could beat you, idiot, without even trying! Come on, it's race time.

((Hyper Doumeki is hyper. He's got to learn to listen to Wata when he's told not to eat something. Still. Good luck trying to get him to calm down.))
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M-m-my haaaat! Give it back! I need-- Hey, don't run off!

Th-this isn't faaaair. Stupid monkeys!
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[Private, Hackable only to close friends]

Since when did being left alone become a privilege instead of a right?

This is getting ridiculous. And frustrating. And reminding me why I don't typically help strangers.



Stop looking at me like that, I'm not feeding you. Go find your mother if somebody hasn't eaten her already.

... This isn't a permanent resting spot, all right?

((Relaxing under a tree. With a lapful of ducklings that won't move. And she doesn't have the heart/is too tired to move them herself.))
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Has... anyone seen Prier?

I thought I saw her at Ash's the other day but... she didn't come home. I'm kind of worried especially after that whole... duck thing. She wouldn't tell me what was wrong then... but something definitely was.

Argh, I wish she'd tell me what's wrong instead of always hiding things from me. I'm not a little kid anymore who wouldn't understand! I'm old enough to now! If she'd just give me a chance...

I.. know she's strong, but... I still hope she's okay.
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This... isn't this from the movie? What's it doing here? Didn't it belong to the shop owner? Did Island-san steal this, aaaah. That's bad.

U-um, I should... give it to Suzumiya-san. Wait, wait, no. Maybe I should just hide it in the hut, and we can give it back to him whenever we go home. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll just have to make sure Piro-pin doesn't get to it. Okay!

... Does it have any bulle--KYAAAAAA! N-n-no! S-stop shooting the tree! I-it didn't do anything.

[So, um, yes. See that icon? Yeah, she's currently putting lots of holes in a tree. \o\; Er, she doesn't know how to use it lol. \(o_O)/]
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Hey, anybody got a baseball bat or something I can borrow for a while? Or a lacrosse stick would work... or a floor lamp. Anything?

[private to roommates, stormriders // very hackable to anyone nearby]
WHOSE MAGAZINE IS THIS?! I just picked it up off the ground and now it's fucking glued to my hand! I've got shit to go do... but if anybody sees me with this they're gonna think I'm a pervert like you all.

Obviously by "you all" I mean everybody's favorite punk-ass crow. Or did the stickman sidekick bring it with him? ... oh shit... unless this is here 'cause that pasty pig showed up! Can't be the coffee-colored pig though, he wouldn't bother with porn 'xcept on DVD. [end private]

Son of a bitch, this HAD to be in English too... can't even fake like I'm reading it for the articles. *sigh*

[[ has the March issue of PLAYBOY magazine stuck to his left hand. If you want it, he'll be glad to hand it over, but for now until a secret condition is fulfilled = totally stuck to his hand. \o\ and yay tue can has laptop tiem ]]
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Lorelei’s power has never done anything to this magnitude before. A hyperresonance with my own Seventh Fonons could potentially transport me to somewhere such as this, but... until now, it has never happened. No matter, I will simply use its power to return to Eldrant-

...Lorelei... it’s gone! Impossible. The only thing that can free it is the completed Key of Lorelei, and Asch was not at the top of Eldrant, nor was Luke. This... what is this place?

To have forcefully brought me here, and removed Lorelei from within me... this island, or someone on it, must be performing an incredibly powerful Fonic Arte, one of extreme magnitude... But how would they have gathered enough Fonons to perform such an Arte? With the Planet Storm gone, there are nowhere near enough Seventh Fonons to perform something this powerful, and from such a range... Unless it was, as I previously believed, a hyperresonance between Lorelei and myself. Possible, if Lorelei had somehow awakened enough to do such a thing- but I never felt it awaken within me. I... have no explanations. Perhaps it was simply a rogue Fonist using catalysts to perform a powerful teleportation arte. I... should possibly ask around, as it appears there are others stranded here as well. Either that, or this is some resort I have not heard of.

...Any residents of this island. I am Dorian General Van Grants of the Order of Lorelei. I demand an answer to where I am, why I am here, and a way off of this island. If I don’t even know where I am, I doubt this place has been harvested for replica data... I will have to contact Sync, if he is still alive.
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There are so many books at the library! I can't decide what to read...

Anyone have any suggest--





I-I should find somewhere to hide this before anyone sees it....!

((Shuichi was at the library---Don't ask me why D: He found a Remix with him and Yuki doing some very naughty and extremely GRAPHIC things.))
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You know what I just realized after seeing some of these people deal with singing during those three days? I'll be very blunt: I'm glad I did not get caught in that crazy situation. Seriously, an island is supposed to be a vacation spot, not a musical.

... And that event looked like one of those student council activities back at my school. Now that is something Milly would come up with.

Speaking of the council, I haven't seen Rivalz or Suzaku in a long time. They either got lost here or found a way out. And if they went back home, I hope they are safe.

[Private to self // unhackable]

If Suzaku went back home, then he must have taken the Lancelot with him! That means he'll be back to take on the role of Britannia's lapdog once again and-- oh, no! What will happen to the Order?! I'm sure my comrades will be fine, and Zero will be too, I'm sure... but I'm their top pilot! I have the Japanese to protect! I'm needed back in Area 11, dammit! Zero needs me!

Saving my people does not involve disguising as a frail and shy girl while trapped in this sorry excuse of an island.

I wonder if that doll princess is still stuck here, too.


Mmmm, those marshmallows are delicious, especially roasted. Too bad there aren't any graham crackers or chocolate. I'm craving for some s'mores right about now.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask something. Does anyone around here know how to sew a plush back together? Apparently, a monkey decided it was a wonderful idea to tear it apart.

(OOC: Marshmallow roasting tiem! She got them from Mion as a prize for winning a water gun game at the festival. Don't worry, she's willing to share them /o/)
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Time has flown by. Nine years...and I was trying to find this place again...heh, I'm glad to be back in that case, really~? It is great to be here again~ so does the Island still make you sing and dance and serenade people~ or do you get turned into things while you're cursed~? ♥ Haha~! I missed this place so much. Nice to have a break from researching and things~! Even though I do love it~~~ ♥

I wish I could find that cave again with Wata-kun and Doumeki for the memories~ I wonder if anyone I knew then found the way home~~~Aha~!

[[ oh lol, shoot me for this. :D Yasu is 9 years older blame monkeys, 26 years old, and the year is 2007 where he is now. :O In his canon he comes from 1998...and ... ...yes, I'm using Sano to show aged Yasu cause LOL he reminded me of a more mature Yasu. yes I am working on that app...slowly but surely :D ]]
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Oh dear... It seems they're all... running...

Um, please come back here! I only want to eat you, that's all!! It won't hurt any more than it is right now, I promise...!

((Sooooo her fire didn't kill the ducks sooooo they're all on fire. And running around screaming and squawking and spreading the fire.))
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What is this place? I was in my room, and now I--

Weller! Brother! What is the meaning of this? This hardly seems like it could be any place in Shin Makoku but yet I don't remember feeling seasick so it must be...

I demand to know where I am and what kind of place this is. Humans and other such rot can stay away.

[U-uhm, age-old story of monkeys carrying water and a misfire. /o/ Spring-o-youth'd, but since it wasn't a direct hit, Wolfram is now the tender age of 80. Meaning pre-canon and therefore MUCH MORE MEAN, POMPOUS, BITCHY, and. Racist. D: Sorry humans. Conrad has full threadhop permission here if Wolfram gets out of hand. ...Let's see if I can properly regress him. His icon set isn't really made for this. --;;

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...I could blame this nasty ringing I've been having at the back of my head for my being out of the loop, regarding current... ah, events.

But I won't. I would, however, like to ask if anyone in my vicinity has an aspirin? I'm not quite willing to go to the clinic at the moment. Personal reasons.

And the background static recently is getting a touch louder - did we have an influx of new people? This island is getting too crowded.

I also have to ask, has anyone seen my most favorite person in the world around?

[ooc: Dan is officially OFF hiatus. 8D]
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So many friends, so little time. Mmn, Lujei is enjoying herself. This place is quite lively. What's that, my love? Hush, we're not done making friends. Don't be jealous.

Devils, fairies, Noahs, witches, and ducky-wuckies. Stab-stab, grit-grit. All here with Lujei, it is quite nice. What grimoires will I find hidden here? Ancient runes, perhaps? Nothing is too much for Lujei to handle.


... Some know of the Philosopher's Stone.

Do you?

Tell me, little kittens, who here has heard of the wonderful stone that Lujei created? I must know, knowledge can not be lost. Do you know where it is? It rightfully belongs to me, I should have killed my students and Gammel, the kingdom should have gone down in flames.

What a shame it didn't happen like that.


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