Oct. 8th, 2007

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Ah.... ah! P-please give that back to me! You'll get sick is you have it in your mouth like that-

[ooc: Short post is short. A rather large duck stole Eaze's surgical mask, and is running away with it. Someone please help him, the poor child is covering his mouth with his hand and close to tears. ):

Edit: Will pick up latter tonight. Bye!~ ] 
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 ....there are no words that I can think of to describe this. It does seem like this place has decided to pull out all the stops this week, hasn't it? 8)

Now, what use could ducks have to a landmass?
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*on a beach in a protected little cove area, there is a blanket with an array of coconuts and food, and a little bouquet of wild flowers placed neatly in the middle, and a Jim running around it making sure everything's in place.*

Oookay...that looks just about...yeah, that should be good. S'long as those monkeys don't come back again...
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Doumeki, your bow is ready! I revised my schematics a few times, but you'll have to try them out before I can make any more adjustments.

Sonic, I didn't find a bubble shield, so I tried to build one using spare parts I had... it doesn't work underwater so I almost tossed it, but it turns out it does a good job of deflecting small animals. Like DUCKS. Who'd ever have thought that'd be useful until today?

If anyone else needs gadgets or accessories, just let me know! I heard an old guy back in Chris' world say that "A man with no time gets more done than a man with all the time in the world"... Even though I'm not a man, that seems to fit me too.
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Get over here, ducks! Get in my mouth right now!



((OOC: Luffy, after chasing ducks around, finally managed to catch one--he shoved it in his mouth whole and is practically choking, and mind you it's a live duck.))
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I suppose that everyone is quite finished singing? That's somewhat of a relief. Not to imply that a few of the songs weren't enjoyable.  But most were simply... unfamiliar. Though that one boy continuously singing lyrics from The Sound of Music was particularly terrible unfortunate and I hope to never hear it again.

But look at this, my dear Crowley! Ducks! There's enough of them now to fill a large pond-- no, several large ponds. In fact, it seems the entire island is overrun with them.

... ...

Except they're a bit irritable, aren't they? I'd perhaps blame it on the overcrowding; not enough pond to go around for each of them. That and I can imagine that falling from the sky may have made them disagreeable. Falling in general tends to do that, one would assume.

...Nothing like the ducks in St. James' park. ... ...oh dear.

((Distressed angel is slightly distressed, because lol surrounded by irritated ducks AND THERE'S NOT ENOUGH BREAD AVAILABLE TO SATIATE THEIR UNDYING HUNGER?! Also tags will be erratic/slow because, er, I'm technically supposed to be studying for my midterm.))
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Uwaaaaa, what a fun festival that was! I'm glad I thought of it! And I met a lot of new people too! Hahahaha, gotta do that again someti-- Hey, get off of me you stupid bird!

Anyway! Kei-chan! Rena! Satoko! Rika-chan! Club activities for today re as follows: Catch as many ducks as possible, and whoever catches the least has to cook them all for us while wearing a nurse outfit!! Actually, you can help too if you want Shion! You lose points for each injury these crazy birds might give you though!! Everyone can join in if you want, more food to go round, but penalty game only applies to club members, Shion, and certain other individuals of my choosing!!

READY...... AND GO!!!
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[Filtered from Seishirou-san]

Does anyone have a cigarrete? I would really appreciate one...

And wh-ow...Raining ducks. I'm amazed that they aren't hurt when they land on ground.


[Private to Hokuto-chan]

Hokuto-chan....I think I'm hopeless...

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The past few days have been...amusing, I suppose. I didn't know that everyone would start singing and dancing randomly. Good thing I wasn't compelled to join any of them. I wonder if they know it made them look idiotic. *snickers*

And why is it raining ducks today? Damn it, it's so hard to keep yourself clean for one day on this place. If they insist on attacking, I don't have a choice but to get rid of these annoyances.

Hmmm, these should be edible, right?

[ooc: Another small blood bath. |D;; There's a few dead ducks around him, and blood on his hands and clothes. Again.

EDIT: Ahaha, might be starting a duck bbq. There might be something smelling good around this area.]
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You're very pretty.... Where did you come from? I haven't seen any of you before....

Ah! Hello! You're pretty, too! Do you know her? Are you male?

Hahaha, there's so many of you! Would you like some of my fruit? It's delicious~

... Oh! Did you fall? Are you all right...?

((Chilling with her birdy kin. No she does not realize they're falling from the sky :<))
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T-today is...not a good day! First I lose Rika, then I come here...then I fall in water and now there are ducks everywhere! This isn't good! This can't...this can't be our miracle, can it? Auauau, Riiika...h-help!

...HAUUUU! I-I-I'm so sorry, Duck-chan! I didn't mean to step on you...It's hard to walk anywhere...I-I should be going through them! How am I...?


((ooc; have a Hanyuu, island! She fell into the spring of visible drowned god-loli so you can all see her now \o\))
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*catches a mug of coffee that comes flying at him from the jungle*

. . .

*savors the aroma*

. . .

*still savoring*

. . .

*takes a sip*

... ha!

If I didn't know better, I'd say someone's having a duck problem.

((OOC: Hi, fresh meat here! Please see here, and watch for big ol' Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulation spoilers in this post.))
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WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW WEEEEEEES SUUUUUU!!!! Look at all the duckies!!! They're EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! This is so fun su!

Ah! That's not how yas fly Mr. Ducky! You have to flap your wings like this su! Ah, that's da spirit! But you're supposed to go up not down su! Once more! Up, down, up, down--...!!!


((Mai here with fifth muse Misha from Pita Ten. She's an angel in training and flying through the hordes of raining ducks.  And yes she has wings. /o/))
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Someone want to explain to me how the hell I ended up on a beach of all places? A phone might also be good. I've got like a million of these stupid things and not one of them works.


Are those ducks?

((Ro here with her newest muse: Special Agent Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds. He's a profiler for the FBI, and has his gun and badge on him, but they're out of sight for now. He's also got about five cell phones on his belt... no really.

EDIT: brb kidnapped. Back!))
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Suffice it to say, I detest ducks.

I detest spring - fresh spring breeze? Please. That's an OBJECTION!ABLE lie right there if there ever was one.

Allergies are also up there on the list.

But ducks right now are at number one. By a very long shot.

HOW in the world am I going to get all this .... duck droppings cleaned up? Where is that Detective Gumshoe when you need him. THIS IS JUST. NO. I DON'T know which is worse: Dead body or DUCKS. ...How can you even COMPARE the two---

And allow the Prosecution to close the case by concluding that Peking Duck will be a very good choice for dinner tonight.

[[Duck + Edgeworth's car = CAN NEVER END WELL]]
wannabe_maiden: (Do you want to die?)
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Dumb birds. What the hell is going on here. First I have to hear Pram sing like a whale and now wimp ducks are going at it. DIE! Somebody better know how to cook these things because--- SEE YOU IN HELL!

Urgh... at least I didn't have to sing a duet with Laharl... thank Poitreene. I'd never have lived that down.

[Filtered from Pram and Adell

When its not Adell with his stupid story, it's Pram with her stupid ice magic. That really hurt. WHAT THE HELL IS HER PROBLEM ANYWAY!?! Like I'd ever become her vassal. I already have enough of Laharl, I don't need another one. She can just go straight down to hell. And Adell too.

((Pissed Overlord nun is pissed and basically taking it all out on the ducks. It's another bloodbath, yay. Mood reads as: "Angry" unless you're very close to her))

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Sure is nice just watching the ocean, and the trees in the wind. The view here is really great; I wish I could show all my friends. I bet Ren would like the sky. Aah, then again, he might try to kill all the animals. So he would like the sky - when it's normal. Hm~

... It's also nice not having to do so much work. I don't mind sleeping outside, but if Anna were here I would definitely have to build her shelter or something.

((ooc: Yoh's just standing around, using a giant leaf as an umbrella to shield him from the ducks. :> ))
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Hmph. It takes more than a stupid island curse to break me. Rest assured that whatever stupid misconceptions any of you might have had regarding to my singing and dancing self condition, They. Are. False. Goddamit.

...Victor!! Let's spar!!! Now!!! >|

[Private - hackable to close friends]

T-that stupid...girl...



((ooc: at his regular haunt, pacing back and forth in the sand lulz. Normal emotions are very >| like normal, hacked emotion is ASLRKTJASDKJFKOHGOD))
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Goddamn birds--! Shit, they're even pissier than that monk-- HEY!! THAT HAIR IS STILL ATTACHED TO MY HEAD!

Son of a... ow!


You're shitting me, right? Even the ones that squeak?

((Not only are there a bunch of ducks trying to nab his hair for highly fashionable nests, he just got hit in the head by a rubber ducky.))
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Hmn, maybe these need to sit for just a bit longer.

How many was that- four? Four... no, five, here's another one. Man, she went crazy with these poor ducks...

Prier, are you sure you'll be able to eat all of these? I'll take some home for Marona, but the rest of these will spoil if...

... this one seems ready. Eat it while it's still warm, they're good for you.

Mmn, good! The soup seems to be ready as well. It's a shame I can't enjoy it with everyone. Not that I actually need it... Marona! Castile! Come get some! You two need to have more iron in your system.

[[ Dinner for Prier and whoever wants to join in. Delicious roasted ducks over a fire are delicious. ]]
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Jeeze, where are all these ducks coming from? I wonder if a farm exploded somewhere or something. This place was starting to seem a little to normal...

Werk Werk

Huh? How cute, a little baby duck! Aw...did you waddle away from your family little guy? Thank goodness it's raining normal ducks or I would have thought you were that Dundie again. But you're to cute to be half underwear. Ahahaha. Now where would your parents be?

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So, Excel knows that she's complained about the island a lot recently, and it's not that Excel isn't grateful that she isn't being forced to sing songs essentially calling her "stupid" anymore, but, well...

WHY ARE THERE DUCKS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY? Really, Excel can more or less understand a couple of waterfowl finding their way into the barrier and losing their ability to fly, but there is no possible reason that the island should be covered with foul-tempered Anas Platyrhynchos, Anas Acuta, Dendrocygna Arborea, and even the extinct Camptorhynchus Labradorius. Excel would say it made sense in island terms, but Excel doubts that even Isle-chan can justify this one. The other weather was bad, but at least it was... weather. Not irate Anatidae.

Ah well. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and when life gives you a hail of ducks, FEAST! No more Dingo-Monkey stew for at least the next week! Excel's eating things which are meant to be consumed by human beings now!

((All scientific names are chosen at random from Wikipedia duck entries. Wikipedia: Helping the lazy play a merged or pure manga Excel.))


Oct. 8th, 2007 07:19 pm
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Didn't anybody stop to think that these ducks might have family? Or that they might be related to somebody already living here?! Nobody likes to be hunted down and eaten! Especially not eaten alive, like SOME people have already tried to do

SO FINE, if that's how it's gonna be! YOU ALL SUCK!


((OOC: She's holed up in a cave with a bunch of other ducks, trying to use a palm leaf to fend off any hungry-looking passers-by.))
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I've heard of "raining cats and dogs," but this is...God, why do I keep getting surprised by stuff like this. Crazy things always happen when we don't want it to.

So maybe...


OK, Island, I don't want money to fall from the sky!


((OOC: A duck landed right on Sora's head at the end there.))
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One little
Two little
Three little
Four little
Five little
Six little
Seven little
Eight little
Nine little
Ten little
Duckies in a row!

Lots 'n' lots of duckies. :) Come back ducky ): Dun run. ):

[[ Uh. Wice is chasing ducks. He's managed to keep ten little ducklings nearby XD ]]
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Okay, so I get the part where I'm supposed to do most of the stuff because I'm the guy, right? I mean, I know how do these things because I read about them and I had to study them for hours at least once in my life.

But, geez, Lenalee, my hammer was not meant for too much use. AND DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY YOU MADE ME USE IT.

I mean, geez, throw me a bone or something, I overexerted myself here. DAMN SORE ALL OVER. 'Specially my legs. And arms.

If I'm gonna hafta do stuff for your satisfaction, yo, give me some rest every now and then.

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Oh my, those ducks. We should catch some and hold onto them~ I think I want to keep a couple as pets. They're very cute. Ducklings and ducks alike. I know we should save some to eat...though

That tea was quite nice, I thank you, Okita-san~ Wata-kun's the only other one here that makes tea that good.

Mhm -- come on little ducklings -- this is good.

Ah -- there you go~ Anyone else want to feed them? :) ♥

[[ So not only is Yasu holding onto a couple ducks, petting them. He had the tea that Okita has, that is like a truth Serum, so he will be compelled to tell the truth and may stumble over lies. :D xD He's feeding ducklings crackers ]]
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Me~ow. What do we have here, my beloved? What a pretty world this is! Much nicer than all the other ones we've been to~! Oohh, what I wouldn't do to be able to sunbathe on these beaches. It's such a shame I really can't, isn't it? Gee, I wonder who ♥ I ♥ should ♥ blame? Who to blame for all of my suffering and torment? Why don't we begin with you--

--- Oh! Look at all of these naughty kittens running around~! So much... fresh blood! I wonder if any will play KICKY-KICKY-STABBY-STABBY-Hide-n-go-seek with me? Oh, no no no. This won't do. Don't be jealous, my love. You can't expect me to keep my eyes on just you when there's so many handsome boys running around. They're all waiting for a beautiful woman in their life~ ...You didn't turn out to be such a great catch either, you know.


Tut tut, none of that matters right now! ♥ Why don't we find some new friends to play with, dear? Oh this will be so much fun! I don't know why we were brought here, but there must be something absolutely wonderful waiting for the great Lujei and her darling! Perhaps this world has it's own Philosopher's Stone, one I can claim as my own~! Mrrrowr, that would be quite delicious and it makes me just... tingly to think about.

... Whatever, I'm already dead. Maybe I'll have some fun with the lively folk here, it doesn't matter to me what happens to them. They are all pets I can play with in my spare time, I hope they don't bore me to... mnnn, death. I don't like to dispose broken toys.

Will you play with me?

[[ NEW CHARACTER GET. She's strangling/talking to her staff, if you're wondering. B-Blue text in comments = her staff. ]]
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...I guess we're eatin' duck for a while.

Good kicking practice, anyway. Though why they're raining from the sky is beyond me - maybe it's the Island's way a' makin' up for that musical mess.
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Wow.. I almost forgot how it's like to have animals run rampant on you for almost no reason what so ever. At least this time, I came just in time and prepared.

I just need one question asked. Just... what exactly happened here on the Island in the past few months? All my months work... down the drain...

Ahh, if you see a pack of monkeys running around dragging a golden sword around, please let me know. I kinda need that thing to try and sell off to someone. Hopefully I won't have to do that here, though. Plasma!

((See boy sitting next to a torn down remains of a hut, with a few ducks randomly combusting into flames. New 7th character for CC, Ivan from Golden Sun, hi!))
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... They look better with their hair like this. Normal ducks are boring. Maybe I can open a salon or something. They might make good pets, too.

[ ooc; . . . she's pointing at the ducks and giving each one a different hair-do as they fall around her. :|b ]
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.....oh wait! It's not fallin', this is the migration end point for the ducks! They've hit the finish line an' they're so tired from all their marathon flyin' that they can't be bothered to even land right. Poor things, they look so mad too about their ungraceful landin', but they shouldn't be since they're not swans or geese.

Awww, it looks like they're peckin' at the ground an' trees, but it's a good thing I'm up here or else they'd be nippin' at my ankles. I wonder if landin' all wrong turned them into carnivores.

((Osaka in a tree /o/ Watching the Great Duck Fall))
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Where did they came from? And why are there so many of them? They're EVERYWHERE!

OK, I mustn't panic. I gotta do what that flying human girl said. Just be nice to the new arrivals and help them. I can do that. Hello there, you guys are probably lost aren't you? Well have no fear, cause Ickis is here! I'm going to help you guys get adjusted to living here. So put it there!


Why'd you go and bite me? I was only trying to shake hands! Nothing wrong with that, see? Just a harmless monster hand, not going to hurt you. OW! Those are my ears! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH, PLEASE STOP PULLING THEM! It's not funny.

((OOC: the ducks are having fun with their new friend))
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Ya think ya can take on the amazing Lord Kamina, ehn?! Th'same Lord Kamina who brought down all kinds o' bigger 'n badder ones before ya, ehn?! Think again, ya little metal bastard! I'll deliver ya to that big ol' scrapyard in th'sky faster than ya can say-- *BOOM*

... ... o-oi. These things dun usually shoot that kinda stuff, ya?


((ooc: GUNDUCK It has a v. v. small BEAK BLASTER it'll burn like hell if it hits ya :|b It's double the size of the rest AND HES CURRENTLY BATTLING IT ))


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