Oct. 4th, 2007

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I'm lacking in skills when it comes to hand-to-hand combat more than I thought I would be. And though I doubt I'll ever get into a real fight without my sword, it's still safer to be well-rounded in general, if only for the sake of my own reassurance.

I should probably make it a habit to practice more often. Even though my shoulder and jaw are aching right now.

... ...Hm.

Saitou, how has Mr. Puddles been? I haven't seen him in awhile.

((Was practicing hand-to-hand combat with Naoto and sorta... lost epicly? XD; Has a few bruises but otherwise is generally okay?! Also he misses Mr. Puddles. ): And yes I'm posting because I'm bored and woke up way too early oops.))
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*blocked from Wata and Yasu*

Does someone here know how to make a bow? Maybe some arrows too...


Watanuki. I want some sukiyaki. Or okonomiyaki. Or both.

((Sittin' around. Doin'...nothing. Pensive Doumeki is pensive.))
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Nee ta ma duh tyen-shia suo-yo duh run doh gai si. Well, ain't this just one fine situation.

((sitting pouting outside of Inara's shuttle...totally not waiting for her to show up. translation of the Chinese is something that ain't too polite, neither. fair warning, he ain't happy.))
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Just what this place needs - people spontaneously breaking out in song and dance. Why did I bother getting up today...? I forget.

..... .....

... I'm going back inside. As... soon as I can stand up without everything spinning.

((Kind of huddled just outside his cave. orz.))
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I seem to still be missing a bodyguard and have been hiding to keep myself from getting caught up in another... unplanned adventure. Then this storm comes and makes things complicated! Honestly, here's to hoping the storm took him? AN: Not really

*sighs* Anyway, is there any place anyone would suggest that's great for taking pictures around here?

[[are you still interested in the text message/cell phone/AIDA plotteth [livejournal.com profile] guidetouprising?]]
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I never knew just how much I loved m own body until I was forcibly removed from it~ Mortality really is a pain--I don't know how you Red Blood deal with it without going crazy all the time. The only upside was Mikuru's lovely dinner and the long talk I managed to have with Faye. Other than that, I don't miss a thing.

Though there is a little matter I'd like to deal with eventually. Whenever you get the time, Haine, I'd like to have a little chat with you.
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Nihaha~ Misuzu-chin landed in a garden. There aren't as many sunflowers in this one as there are in the one back home. O-or maybe it's that... There are only sunflowers in that garden.

I wonder when a good time to plant sunflowers is. I'd like to make a sunflower garden here on the island.
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I've played that "you're stranded on a desert island" game a number of times, but I think this is the first time I've actually been stranded on a desert island.  Not a bad setup though, a little Swiss Family Robinson for me. 

But I'm all for making the most of a bad situation.  ;)  Looks like the inhabitants here are all pretty sexy friendly, so who wants to let the new guy in on what's going on?  I promise I'll be good company.  Unless you like it otherwise, then I don't mind being a bad, bad boy.  A tour might be nice, see the sights, have a few drinks, pick up some souvenirs...

Oh!  And before I forget, if anyone has seen a lovely blonde bombshell by the name of Rose, or her alluring and witty companion, the Doctor, could you point me in the right direction?  Honestly, it's like we're playing a long-distance game of tag.

[Intro post for Jack Harkness of Dr. Who~  strikes illegible for children D: lol...]
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You know...

I wonder just how many people go in there to actually pray.

Not that I know anything about the religion here, but I doubt everyone's of the same faith. I-- ow.

... Well, so long as the roof doesn't fall on anyone, I can handle a few sore fingers.

((Doing final touch-ups on the church roof and wondering about religion ftw.))
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Huuu~ S'kinda thing is good every know an'then, y'hear? Helpin' t'fix any stingin' had left over from that damn rat bastard that jumped in my pants too!

--aaa, could do without that big statue tho', but oi, ain't gonna complain! Spot was screamin' t'be used, an' when ya hear screamin', just gotta check it out, ehn?

Seen plenty o' things here so far, an'guess it'll just get even crazier th'longer we stay! Heh, can think of a few things this Lord Kamina wouldn't mind seein' in here right now tho'!

((ooc: HEY. HEY. Hot springs post. It even has some actual bathing stuff (soap? towels?!) laying around from ages ago, but not like Kamina's gonna use it. Also he is currently in it with just Simon, but anyone else can jump in since HEY more the merrier when naked. ))


Oct. 4th, 2007 05:58 pm
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.... Nnngggh.... T-The back of eyes hurt...  That only happened when I pricked my finger...

I haven't seen Tsuna-chan or Gojyo-san for a while now. I guess they're all too busy with this island being so strange and all. David-san, I'm not going to pet that spider crab thing no matter what you say. ;;;;

... I feel so sad and uncertain for a reason...

((Lol, doesn't know about Tsuna-chan's death. :|))
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Ahh~ It's a bit warm here, but the beach is nice for running, haha. I wonder if I can make it around the whole isla--

GAAAAH!!! Why are those dogs following me?! This, this can't be good!!

[[Sena, while jogging, attracted some dingoes XD; So now they're chasing him along the beach.]]


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