Sep. 26th, 2007

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((Currently being blown of by the wind. SHE'S THIN OKAY )): It would probably happen to me too if I went outdoors during a typhoon ): She's bound to come down soon, yeah? .. if it makes you all feel better, she's a sped. :D

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She'd be willing give up her own life so that no one gets hurt?
Tch, I can't understand that girl's logic. Maybe I was wrong about her after all...

It seems that quite a few of you have been asking for my presence while I was... away. Let me make some things clear before you all start coming after me:

Yes, I was responsible for "bringing" that man here a few days back. I admit that it was reckless thing to do, though honestly I was not expecting him to cause this much trouble for me at the time.

I do not appreciate this false accusation I have been hearing about. I admit that I was the one who made the careless mistake of using that thing on him, but that does not mean I was the one who killed her, nor was I the one responsible for that girl's death.

If any of you still wish to speak to me about something, you may do so. However I am not in any mood to further discuss what I have just said, so I suggest that you all choose your words wisely before approaching me. Especially to those who apparently have a problem with defending for themselves.

((He’s back, after passing out at the infirmary for a few days. Most of his injuries are healed? Well, except for those nasty gashes on both of his arms, but you can’t notice them because lol long-sleeved shirt))
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That idiot. Who would believe that a moron like that was awarded a riding lizard or dinosaur-whatever of their own. The former owner must have been blind.

.....the highest point of the island...There.

[Private - unhackable]

Just because I'm stuck here, doesn't mean that I should give up the chance to practice my bending. I will learn the technique of passing lightning through the body, even if it kills me...It's not talent, nor is it a gift someone is born with. Just you wait Azula, when I return you'll find me surpassing your abilities and taking back what's truly mine.


((ooc: back out and tackling the elements, he's going to be looking for some lightning >: ))
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Hey, the storm's over! Sweet!

Now that we can go outside without *wince* getting drenched, I need somethin'.

Anyone know what to do about burns on a dinosaur? She's hurtin' real bad. Or at least have some bandages and shit or something we can Survivor up?

So when's the tribal council so we can get voted off this rock?

((Injured Old Lace is in pain, which in turn causes Chase pain. So he'll be wincing during the conversation. It's burns, courtesy of Zuko. She's not with him, she's dozing back at the cave. He's just lookin' for someone. to help.))
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...... ......

...... ......

This isn't working very well. How did I do this when I first made this thing?

I think this went there. That went here. The hole for this was... right about... There...

... Hmph. It fell apart again.

((Shiki, after the typhoon, is epicly trying and epicly FAILING to rebuild her 'shack' that she had set up. /A/ It was just a bunch of crudely cut planks set in the ground, with a few over the top for cover, so it's not like it was really all that great to begin with. Feel free to help. /A/))
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I don't get this--I didn't get sick after the blizzard when I was outside so much, but after I stayed inside for most of that stu--stu--stuuuaaaAAAAAAAAACHHOOOOO! ...stupid storm...I get sick.


This sucks.

((IRONY'S A BITCH--she didn't get sick from romping around in the snow in barely anything, but the typhoon made her plenty ill. She's currently sitting by the fire --again-- of the cave completely swathed in every blanket she could find.))
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My my, a few days in my cave was just what I needed... I haven't done anything like that in so long~ ♥ I do hope Ein and the others didn't mind my disappearance... I made a lovely new potion that burns right through rock though! Too bad it's all gone now... into the rock somewhere. Oh well~! And that explosion knocked out my hearing for a few days to boot. Even so, I had so much fun~ ♥

I wish Soala and the others from the guild could have seen some of the things I tried to do... Oh well. I'll show them some other time.

... Strange... Everything is very messy~. And all the wood I had gathered is gone~! How peculiar~!

((... In short, she has zero idea there was a storm of any kind.))
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Thank you, Zelman-san, for letting me stay with you during the storm. Piro-pin even found a nice rock to give you as a gift, but... he sort of knocked himself out with it. B-but he's very thankful too! I want to repay you, so... is there anything you want? I can cook really we--wait do vampires eat? W-well, I know that you drink soda... Er, anyway, please tell me if there's anything I can do for you.

... Where are the others? I haven't seen any of them yet.
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What a mess.

So far, I think the only good thing that's come out of this is that spar with Teresa... and that I figured out Zelman's real reason for paying us a visit. Aren't you becoming such a Good Samaritan?

... Other than that, I think this week needs to end. Before I'm tempted to kill Hibari.

... I almost don't want to go back in there, but I should probably see if Ky's still alive.

((Wound up staying overnight at the inn after a fun day of attempted loli rescuing, puppy flying and watching Zuko electrocute himself. So she just got back to her cave and is back in her normal clothes and parked outside said cave to eye her poor mangled scarf. Also orz chills so she's shaking. In broad sunlight. Go, Naoto, go. /o/))


Sep. 26th, 2007 03:16 pm
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Oh wow. That was one heck of a storm wasn't it~? At least we all made it out okay Kamina should really buckle up though.

I'm feeling rather generous today, so I guess I'll ask. Any of you people with Ganmen or machinery. None of it got scuffed or damaged in the storm did it? I mean it'd have to take something big to do it but~...

Anyway, if you have a piece of machinery that isn't working just come and see me. My service is free after all~.♥
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Well, the storm's over, thankfully. It was getting way too cramped in there. I can't believe there were eight people in that one tiny cave! Okay, so Mugetsu was tiny, and Coo, Eaze, and Yu-Ri didn't take up that much room, but still...

But I'm tired now, after spending two days keeping Agito and David from fighting in there. I should rest, but there's so much to do. I've gotta clean up the cave, help people fix their homes, cook for those who need food, AND take care of anyone who got sick! No rest for the weary, I suppose.

[private: hackable only by really close friends (except Yasu, it's filtered from him too)]

...I told him I loved him, and he left...

It's just like before, with my parents. I loved them, and they died. And now this...

I can't ever say that to Yasu, then. I don't want to lose him too.

[end private]

((Mood reads as 'upset' if you hack.

Also, I have to go to a colloquium for my university, but I'll tag when I get back back))
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...If it is not one thing, it is another. As soon as my coat had dried out, I find myself in this once again. I had thought I was rid of this outfit, but apparently Miss Island has thought it ... vital to return it to me.

...How very kind of her.

(Ooc: Currently Akabane is stuck in This Lovely Crow/Raven Outfit from one of the GetBackers video games. It repairs itself if cut, and isn't going to come off anytime soon. Enjoy.)
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((ooc; so today, while food gathering, Phoenix stumbled upon a beehive. After epic typhoon weather, he thought it'd be empty and safe to collect honey from....well he was wrong. So. Currently running from FUCKIN' BEES. Help him. D:))
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Whoa... there's fish and seaweed all over the beach! (And some cool seashells, too. I wonder if I could make necklaces out of them... dunno if I wanna use the seaweed to string them together, though, it smells funky. XP)

Anybody want to try and pick up things that we can still use for cooking and house-building and stuff?
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That sure was a heavy storm. Nee-san, are you okay? Do you feel chilly after all that or not...? I can make us some tea and peel some fruits I found before the typhoon came along.

[Private, hackable maybe]

I think Zelman-san really was just kidding. It'd be scary if he'd actually go through with that...

It's times like these I actually find doing that a useful thing. It never helped me back home much...


((Tea and fresh fruit for her and big sister, but you're allowed to join. /o/ Outside under a tree and cleaning up rubble as well since housekeeping skills are kicking in. :D))
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It's better than I expected, but.... I wonder how long it's going to take to get it back to the way it was. So much was washed away.... I hope there's still enough soil for all of them.

... Might as well start now.

((orz small gardens with cute little flowers do not mix well with OMG TYPHOONS. Mia's in Yukina's garden assessing the damage and trying to save what she can. :<))
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Rrgh! Stupid weather! First all that heat, then the snow, then that storm! Why isn't the weather ever normal around here, huh?

—! Ow! Hey! Dumb fish, get out of my face!

…And why the heck are there so many of them!?

[[…what they say it's good fishing after storms.]]
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Shigure Souen Ryuu...koushiki hachi no kata: Shinotsuku ame!! (8th offensive form: Pouring rain)


When will I ever be strong enough...

[ooc: Break from hiatus...Yama-muse was threatening to burst out, so just one post. After coming back from the future and promising himself to become stronger, shit happens. Yamamoto + Shigure kintoki, and one, no, several damaged trees. Like this.]
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Hmph, that didn't last nearly as long as I thought it would... Tch, whatever, might as well make them pick up the pace--

Oi! No! That goes over there! Do it right dammit! You're going to make it double in size and durability, and you know full well what'll happen if you complain!

((ooc: Barking orders at the Prinnies rebuilding and improving his hut. :Db ))
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Well, those three days were certainly... interesting. I would have taken more notes about the event if I could have kept a hold on my paper and were I not a dog.

Is everyone all right? There seems to have been a good amount of damage to some places...

Fayt, how did your house fare? Also, I have something to ask you...

((Strike = unhackable unless you already know she's cursed~))
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I hate the weather changes like that. They suck. Especially so much rain. I think some of my built up hut with Sora flooded and mostly blew over. I think I might need to get some help that isn't just Hashiba to get it fixed. I'll help out whoever I can, too. It is just so trashed right now. This place isn't good for hydrophobia. In fact, it's pretty horrible.

Saria, you're alright? You didn't get blown over or anything?


Sep. 26th, 2007 11:51 pm
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..!! I'm sick of the weather changes. But since I live in a cave and it isn't to terribly destroyed. So if anyone needs any help with things, I can do what I can. I'm pretty good at most handy work. All you have to do is ask. ♥

Everyone's doing alright? Not too overwhelmed.

When things get cleaned up, I think I'm going to start working on making some of my jewelry again. ♥~~! I haven't gotten to for awhile, and it'd be nice to paint some carvings from wood. Do you ask the Island for paint or does anyone know where I can get some or have some I can use?
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I suppose now would be a good time to reinforce my thanks to Iceberg for his skill in building. A little rattled, but most of the hut is still standing. The pigpen included. Which reminds me - Weller, do you still have Flurin with you?

Yukina? We can actually talk now, if you want.

[Haha. Yuuri and Conrad can lecture for Wolfram disappearing during the storm if they wish. /o/ Just finished working on removing debris from the general area of their hut and finding more palms to patch the roof.]


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