Sep. 25th, 2007

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Criminy~ Looks like the local rainy sessions started! I didn´t even know we had one.

I better make sure that the windows and doors are closed, or we will have a miniature flooding again. Oh? Looks like even frogs don´t like it this wet anymore~ This is no arc, though, dear Mr. Frog.

/private - hackable if you´re one of Yukina´s friends/

Aah, I heard that Yukina-dono died. What a tragedy.. I would have hoped that she has better survival instincts. *monotone*

(in his shop, gloriously untouched by what is going on or how dangerous it could be for others)
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My, my, this rain is something else, isn't it~? Cold too. Well, if you don't have a hut anymore, feel free to come on by my cave~. Free of charge, I promise~. And if the fire isn't enough for you, they say one of the best ways to stay warm is body heat anyway...
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I wonder how long this is going to last...

But at least I won't have to worry about getting wet like this, ne? And walking helps relieve some of the stiffness.

.... I need to find Victor-san.

((Back from the dead in time to see the typhoon, but mostly unaffected by it, since lol barrier right now, so the water's just freezing before it hits her. So if you see a girl glowing gold and walking in the rain, that's Yukina. 8D Tags will be sporadic, thanks to homework and classes. /o/;;))
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Look Mr. B...! ADAM~! Ohhh, good job Mr. Bubbles~ There's so many angels... This is a lot of work...I'd better hurry!

Hmm hmmm~♪ Hmhm hmmm~♪♪

((/o/;; have a cute little girl with a giant syringe, poking it into dead animals on the beach))
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Man, this is the biggest storm I've seen yet! It's a shame that there are no boats around, cause riding through storms is awesome! And the wind is really strong too. Good thing I've got my hat tied onto me.

But I'm a little pissed that I became a girl again. I thought you only change when you go in the springs!

Alright, storm, listen up! You can change me into a girl, you can make it rain really hard, and you can blow all you want, but I'm warning you now so don't even think about trying...


((OOC: Luffy is a woman now thanks to the weather, magic Nami boobs and all))
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Why doesn't this thing have windshield wipers?

((Bolt's chillin' in his ship that's parked in a clearing somewhere. Never noticed it before? Well, that's cause he ate it when he got here and it hasn't been out since. :|b))
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Okay, whoever's staying at my cave while the storm's here, listen up. I only have so much food, and I can't go out and get more while it's storming. So, the food's going to be rationed. David, don't even THINK about stealing any, because I WILL kick you back out into the storm. Everyone elseexcept Yasu will just get in trouble.

That's all.
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It was raining when I last saw that person, too...

I really, really hate rainy days. Today isn't as bad as yesterday and the day before that, though...~

((orz orz canon hating of the rain. Stuff with the past etc. etc. Simca is probably somewhere curled up all depressed lolz.))
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My... one minute peaceful, the next minute storming. Can't predict this kind of weather, can you?

Anyway, does anyone have room in their shelter for poor little me? I'm cold and lonely and I'm certain that I can brighten up the gloomy mood. ♥
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This is nothin', yo! I'll take even nature on if I gotta, ehn?! BRING IT ON YA BLOW HARD CLOUDS! I'll cut right through ya! Ain't nothin' gonna stop---*WOOOOOOOOOOOSH*


((ooc; KAMINA IS FLYING AROUND CAUSE HE'S WAS SCREAMING FROM ON TOP THE GURREN. He will thus be crashing nearby/into whoever replies. ))
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 .......cough, cough.....................

...............I should probably find some place to stay.   Leaves aren't working very well..........

Cough..... I hope I'm not getting sick too.......

[ooc: Eaze is hiding from the rain under some sort of leafy plant. And yes, he is getting sick. Just a fever and cough though.

 Edit: BRB, shower. Back!]
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Shit. Has anyone seen Fuu? Short chick in a pink kimono?

Be just like her to wander off during a typhoon.
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......My's all gone. It just blew away like nothin'. I even saw all the sticks fly 'round in the air and disappear outta sight.

....I'm not sure where'ta go now. Akito said I could go up on the hill if anything bad happened, but I don't think I can make it. This tree feels like it's shakin' with the wind, but I think most of the places are already taken.

((have an Osaka clinging to a tree for dear life while just staring at the spot her Eeyore-like house used to be))


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