Sep. 24th, 2007

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Yanno, I like rain as much as the next sap from a desert planet where it never rains, but this is overdoin' it just a little, don't ya think?

I'll be stayin' inside for as long as I need to. I kinda like bein' dry and not a... what was that thing again? A muppet.

A little company wouldn't be unwelcome... just don't annoy me and we'll be fine.

...It's goddamn cold out there. I swear this place is tryin' to freeze me to death.
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Seriously? What the hell is WITH this place. It keeps going from worse, to WORSE, TO GOD DAMN WORSE. Though, I suppose some of the problems were my fault, but still... 

Jeez, the winds right now are freaking insane... Maybe I should... Yeah... Now I think I'm just ganna find a place to hIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

((Kaoru... Just got uplifted from the winds. Her body's too frail, due to her current size... So yeah D:.. Also.. I'm... Still on Hiatus, but I want to participate in this event.))
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I don't think we can stay in here. It looks like it's about to fall apart any second.

Thank you for bringing a hurricane here just as things were looking good, Island. Typhoon...? Now's not the time to care about what's the right word-

W-wah! Oh, for crying out loud! Guess the roof wasn't as stable as I thought... We have to go, now. I just hope I won't get too wet, with all the cold rain and all...

((She's stuck in a reeeally unstable hut, picking up the palm leaves from the fallen part of the roof to use as an umbrella. Nice shot. Also, again, I'll tag later. I just wanted to post it now so it cold be considered very early in the morning.))
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Please--someone! I need someone's help! The typhoon--it blew my hat away! It was something Otou-sama made special for me...please! Someone, help me find it before it blows away off the island or ruined by the storm!

((orz l-loli is in need of your help because even though she's in her doll case trying to fly through the storm, she's getting knocked around DD: ))
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A typhoon? Back home, it was typhoon season, so maybe we're in that area...
I suppose the nice thing about a typhoon here is that it won't flood out the roads or trains. Though I wonder about the security of the hut in typhoon winds...

[[It is typhoon season in Japan, so business as usual for her. Though I expect this one to be a bit more overwhelming... XD]]
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This is one hoe-tze duh pee-goo of a storm. Doc, you gotta place that ain't 'bout ready to blow over? How 'bout you, Inara, care to sorta bend that 'no Malcolm Reynolds allowed on my shuttle' rule o' yours?

Jing tsai. I ain't never gonna be dry again, am I?
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I think I... may be coming down with some sort of mild fever. But it's hard to tell, considering how cold it feels.

How inconvenient.

But I'm certain it'll pass soon enough, though everyone else should be see this as reason to be wary of going out in this type of weather for too long. ...In fact, I don't think I need to advise anyone to stay inside whatever kind of shelter you've made for yourselves; it should be common sense, especially if one just gazes outside and sees how incessant this downpour is and how dangerous it would be to venture out into the storm.


I wish this headache would go away.

((He was out yesterday in the rain helping people all day long, so now he's sick. ): Lol so much for taking his own advice.))
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this is not good. This is not good at all. I can't stay in this house while the storm is going on, so I'll have to go to a cave. But the only one that I know is unoccupied is...


I guess I have no choice. I'll go there.

I hope Oliver is okay.

((Wolf is heading to a cave, so feel free to follow him if you need shelter from the storm))
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It's still not letting up. This is really bad... I hope they're alright, but I haven't seen or heard from them at all yet. There's no way that I'm just going to sit here, even in this weather! If something happened and I could have done something about it... I'd never forgive myself. I won't let that happen again.

If anyone needs a place to wait out the storm, then go ahead and use my cave. I'll be out for a while, though.

[tags will be delayed until I get home from class. D: Back!]
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I wonder how many lives are lost at sea by storms like these. I remember hearing that sometimes storms just mask the real criminal, some ships don't sink by the crushing waves of water. ...Not that I believe kraken exist, or anything. Humans probably wouldn't be able to feed a monster that big, so what's the point?

Doomed to die at the bottom of the ocean with your ship, a watery grave for those who wanted to seek adventure... or just wanted to bring home the day's catch so their family could eat.

Hmm. It's getting pretty violent out there.
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I can't wait out the storm as a, um, you know, 'cause I stay like this when I'm wet, but it's cold and it's coming down really hard and I haven't seen Yukina in forever and I'm getting kinda scared!

Anybody? Akito? Luffy? Yuuri? Atoli?


((OOC: Duck is kinda scrabbling around on the beach, looking for cover. also I totally fail at remembering proper names for Kyou Kara Maou people orz orz orz ;_;))
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Just for the record, I didn't cause this one. Not too shabby for a typhoon, though, but's a shame that I won't be doing any sunbathing anytime soon. Well, that's life.

Anyone up for a drink?

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Geeeez, why is it still raining? There's absolutely nothing to do except watch people run around outside, and even that gets boring after the first ten seconds. Aha, the caves are all probably full by no--oops.

Dammit, theEND's and it are in one. What are the chances of someone choosing that cave out of all the ones here though, right? Right! It's almost impossible. Absolutely nothing to worry about here.


GULLIVER. Go out there and make sure no one's in that cave! I don't care if it's raining sideways, a pet of mine should be able to handle this!

Problem solved~.
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How regrettable. It seems this was a rather poor idea, after all.

If anyone is present. A bit of assistance would be deeply appreciated.

[So yeah. Tabris-XX'd Kaworu decided to go out into the storm to get something to eat. Buuuut (s)he's a bit under the weather, and her/his body pretty much gave out on her/him. So she's just lying there, either waiting politely for some help, or for some of her energy to come back, whichever happens first. /A/b]
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Thank goodness I found a cave in time. Otherwise I would be out there, possibly getting sick and cursed from the cold!

At least this place is an island and not a swamp. That would be much worse, wouldn't it. Especially if there were a hydra or anything like that...And me without any sealstones to weaken it.

...It does bring back memories, this weather.
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Be still, just a bit longer............there's no more time.



A typhoon? Well, it is the season for it...The weather here is uncertain, isn't it?

((OOC: Yukina death made Ovan emotional and emotions made the AIDA tictchy. THEY'RE NOT COMING OUT, but he's still having problems with it himself. D8 Also, posting on own journal is teh fail. DDDDX))
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The rain isn't completely unbearable, but all the same I think it's for the best to find shelter. Getting sick, even with a certain angelic form, is definitely not pleasant.

I just hope that the hut hasn't--


...Maybe a cave or somewhere in the forest would be better. Lloyd, I think we're going to become rather busy after this storm passes.

((Aaaand there goes the ToS hut. It's sort of just collapsed on itself a bit because having flying pieces of wood would be hazardous.))
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The weather is still horrible! There's so much wind and rain that Rena is surprised the hut hasn't collapsed yet... How long will the storm last, I wonder, I wonder~?

Hmm...Rena has an idea for a game to pass the time while we wait out the storm! It's called Green Glass Doors!

Here's the scenario! Rena is going through the green glass doors. There are some things that Rena can take through with her and some things that she can't. A single rule governs what can and can't be taken through the green glass doors. The object of the game is to figure out what the rule is by asking Rena whether or not she is able to take a particular object through. Once you think you know the pattern, whisper it in Rena's ear and I'll tell you whether you're right or wrong. But make sure not to blurt out the answer or tell anyone else. That would take all the fun out of it~!

The loser is the last person to be left who doesn't name the rule. Rena will decide on a penalty game for that person.

To get started, Rena will give a few examples! I can take Keiichi-kun through the glass green doors, but not Shi-chan or Mi-chan. I can take my boots through the glass green doors, but not my stockings. I can take my dress, but not my hat.

Okay, who wants to ask a question first~?

((Yay epic game post? \o/ Feel free to pime taradox your characters over to join in. The rule is probably pretty easy to guess when you see this stuff in print, and some of you have probably seen it before, but try not to spoil the fun IC-ly~? And if any of this stuff doesn't make sense, just AIM me at narpas0sword and I'll try to clear it up, because I probably fail at explaining stuff.))
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MAYAMA! MORITA! THE WEATHER IS-..ah they're not here....The wind is-is so strong...I better move faster..!!! Brushes..brushes...Paint! Mayama's pipes.... got it...what else? Morita's clothes!!!


Ha...hah.....I-is that it? I think so...

Oh no--! Shuu chan! Shuu chan is still--where is Shuu chan??? SHUU CHA-?? Ah th-there you are-thank goodness....thank goodness...shuu..

((ooc: >: trapped trying to save her shuu chan, and it's still raining obviously))


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