Sep. 23rd, 2007

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[[Epic Typhoon on the island; will last for the next 3 days. If you don't know what a typhoon is, google + wiki = your friend]]

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Hey everybody! I found this really cool tree today! See, it's right over here! Isn't it neat? It's like a giant BBS system! Only it's all working on this single tree! It's really cool! I even tested it out and you can scroll up and down the topic and everything! It's like a giant immobile rare item! I should visit this thing everyday!

So I figured, hey, why not share the location of this tree, so other people can use it for posting topics, asking about item locations, or arranging trade offers! It's a great idea, right? Of course it is!

Let's see here... I wonder what I should post about... There's all kinds of things I've been meaning to talk to people about here... Oh! I know what I can do! I'll post a help thread! I am an expert at checking the forums after all! :D

((ooc; SO. IT'S A HUGE TREE. That has little wooden keyboards growing up near the bottom, and weird carved out areas that work like computer monitors! It's all VERY WEIRD LOOKING yet still works easy! :Db Check my first Kite comment if you want to 'post a topic', as it were. Feel free to just talk to Kite normally too, if you want. OR JUST SPAM THE TREE. Whatever entertains. :Db ))
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...Maybe it was a bad idea to sleep in the tree after falling into water.
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I don't like all this wind and rain. It's too loud, too powerful. Not that I don't mind danger but this stuff just gives me a bad feeling altogether. Gonna get worse, I bet. Fuckin' rain....

Wice? Where the hell are you kiddo? Storm likes this would be better watched from a cave, yeah?
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Well this is certainly less than favorable... Last time I saw weather like this, Sei found out just who incited a riot by ordering his people to start picking fights with the other Bloods. Of course, that was me so it's no surprise he caused a typhoon but nevertheless the weather was quite annoying.

Makes me glad to have a nice shielded cave to stay in...and pity those who built huts and the like. Anything less than stone and cement is probably going to get destroyed unless you do something about it before the real storm hits.

Haha... I also pity anyone with a curse. Good luck surviving, you lot~ Best of luck.
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Crap. The weather's gone haywire. And Ginji can't come out, he'll attract MORE thunderclouds.

[private, unhackable to Akabane so there :| ]

Why the  fuck is he here!?  Sure, we're not on a job so that fucking serial killer doesn't really have a reason to try and do in our asses, but knowing him he'll get bored soon.

Ginji. Stay out of sight from Akabane. Even though he might figure out that we're in the inn sooner or later.

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H-Hina doesn't like this, na no!!!

((is that some loli dolly being blown right off her feet and clinging to a branch so she's not blown out to sea? I think it is. D:))


Sep. 23rd, 2007 11:07 am
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O-Oh no.... T-T-he wind's too strong and it's so cold outside! There's no way I can confront Hibari now! Which is actually a good thing now that I think about it. It's so sudden though. It was really nice out yesterday too.

A-At least I was able to save most of the flowers I picked. There's no sun though so they won't last... I wonder if Gojyo-san ever got out of that box...?

[private, hackable]

I know even if I went back, I'll never have a normal life until it's over at home. But how long am I going to stay here? If it's possible... I wish I could be just normal here. But if I do... It'll be dangerous and without Berserker...

I shouldn't be relying on that too much. Lucia-san wouldn't want that... I wonder how she's doing...?


((Inside her cave brooding a bit with her flowers, blanket wrapped around her.))
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... A tropical storm... I would have expected there to be another 'event' rather than a natural occurence...

... Mikuru, where are you? Come here.

... Haruhi should be able to care for herself during this time.

OCD issues

Sep. 23rd, 2007 12:29 pm
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...This is unpleasant...And the storm erupted quite suddenly, too. Miss Island certainly does need more investigating on my part...

Yare, yare...By chance, does anyone have an iron of some kind? I would be very grateful if one were lent to me.

((OOC: Akabane is in the inn, hat and trenchcoat off (still wearing shirt n' pants though!), completely soaked due to being out rescuing lolis! And since Akabane has OCD about his clothes, he needs an iron to make his soaked coat pristine again!))
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Frank? Momo!? TYKI?! Where are you guys?! How could you guys just leave me... 

Can someone please help me? I don't know where this is, but I really need to find a way back to Rostov. If you want me to do something for you, I can cook and clean and stuff, so please!?

A-ah...At least I still have this...

[ooc: Have an upset Eaze, holding his necklace made from the buttons of dead D.Gray-Man characters. :D]
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Liiiiight~! Do you think this looks good on Misa? I have a matching one for you if you like it~! I think it's really cute! Yours is very aerodynamic--you like Speedos, don't you? Misa thinks it's nice~

. . .

L-Light, you're so cold! Don't ignore me like that! I didn't think you were that emotionless... y-you could've at least just told me that you didn't like it! You know I don't like the silent treatment. I'm always okay with changes...--Light? ... Light? Say something, anything, please! I didn't know you hated it that much--

. . . !!

A-an island?! Oh, Light, you shouldn't have! That's so romantic! I knew you couldn't reject me! ♥♥♥ It's beautiful here! How long are we staying? I don't mind at all, as long as you're here! And look, the ocean is right there! Perfect for swimming! You won't mind about wearing the Speedo now, right? I have some swimming gear too, just in case--but you can swim, can't you? You can do anything, I don't doubt it! ...--Light, where did you go? Liiiiight, this isn't funny at all! I know you're there somewhere! Get out here right now!

[ ooc; WHY HELLO THERE, Manda here with her newest char, Misa Amane of Death Note! o/ She DOES have her Death Note and the shinigami eyes, just to let you know. She probably won't use it on you unless Light tells her to, though. 8D; Also this is pime taradox'd to before the whole typhoon deal...! ]
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[Filtered from Hibari]

You all know who you are, now tell me about this bazooka that has been wreaking havoc around here.


.....tch. Hair's getting long.

...maybe I should cut it.

((ooc: his hair is that long now, because lol boys' hair grow so fast doesn't it?))
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Dammit, a typhoon. I was on my way home too. I guess "that" will have to wait until later...

If any of you idiots can hear me, take shelter in a cave or something! And Keroro, you better not get blown away like last time not that you can this time. Stay the hell out of the typhoon!

Augh god, this thing is so small now. But at least it won't blow away...I hope.

((Oh god typhoon NOT AS PLANNED. Have a large man and a cat inside a way too small tent, trying to keep the top from ripping off and blowing away (since the bottom is heavily weighed down due to all his crap.) Strikes are illegible btw.))
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...Well, if Weller didn't believe me before, he'll certainly believe me now.

Wimp, either stay inside or stay close to me, unless you want to be blown away in this weather.

[Dropped his clothes and etc. off in their hut (hopefully Conrad won't think he and Yuuri are out streaking...), so hay here's a lion.]
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~~Eeek~ the rain is getting stronger, it's getting harder to see~
...fuck. Hand me some more nails! And don't just stand there like a bloody flower, grab something to help secure these boards!!
~~Here are some nails... b-but we don't have another hammer and the coconuts break after only two or three hits! There's nothing else I can do~
...well goddammit, do you have a better idea?!!
~Mm, we should find a safer place until this passes, aagh~! Before one of these trees topples over or something~
...fine, you can run to somebody's cave if you think they'll take you in...
~Agito, you know I can't leave you here~~ AAGH! WILL SOMEONE HELP ME DRAG THIS BOY INSIDE?! >X!
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Great. If I believed in luck or karma or anything like that, I'd think this was life's way of getting me back for not listening to Ky and getting some bandages when I had the chance.

Life must really want to be driving the point home.

Aside from the obvious problems with this form and the blood and my clothes and this stupid weather...

... well, I finally got a hit in.


Please say I'm somewhere close to the cave, I can't smell a thing with all this rain.

((After epic spar with Teresa, Naoto made her escape-- and whoops typhoon. So she never returned to the cave and now we have a bedraggled and bloody puppy trying to limp her way back with jacket in tow. Looks worse than she really is, promise-- PROGRESS IS JUST SLOW.))
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I have a bunch of tea! I can makes you hot tea, I have SOME spare clothes if you needs them, and I have ramune too? I have a TV althoughs it only plays one channels, and I have um. I HAVE A GREAT, ENTERTAINING PERSONALITY. YOU WON'T BE BORED?


It's big, so there's plenty of room?
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Mancha! You got room for two more wherever the hell you're stayin'? 'S like someone pissed off Storm or somethin'.

Man, if this is Bermuda, the weather sure sucks.

Where's the Leapfrog when you need it!?
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A-A-Anise? Luke? J-Jade? Anyone?

I h-hate to be a bother and all, but... if someone doesn't help me, I think I might drown or something.

((Ion is sitting on top of a rock that's currently completely surrounded by water, with no way of getting off. :|b SAVE THE FON MASTER PLEASE))
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... Well, on the bright side, I stayed inside the entire day like the smart guy I am~! Also, having strong intuition helps, y'know.

[Private // totally hackable]
This week hasn't been the best for me. First, I almost got attacked by a pack of monkeys! Luckily for me, I transformed to my awesome true form and scared 'em off~.

But that's nothing compared to Yukina... WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE!? WHYYYY!? THAT'S NOT FAIR! She's a really nice girl with a huge heart. She didn't deserve that! *sniffs*

Well, at least I have a present from her. Every time I look at the paper crane she gave to me, I'll think of her...

Her death suddenly reminds me of Clow Reed's. Yue and I were upset for days and days. It's like that time all over again. Hmm... I wonder if Yukina is havin' fun in heaven right now.

So uh, I'm kinda bored. Scratch that, really bored. SOMEONE PLAY WITH ME~!

(OOC: Mood reads as "bored" when unhacked.)
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... there goes the neighborhood.

Tch. Whatever, this is exactly why I have a cave! Etna! Flonne! Get your asses in here! I'm not leaving here until this is over! We can make the Prinnies repair the hut when this is over... Hmhmhm... Actually, since we have the whole squad now, we could even have them make it bigger!

Sucks to be anyone who only has a hut to live in though.

(( ooc: ttly watching as pieces of huts are starting to get blown away from inside the big cave he uses as storage near his now roofless hut. \o\ ))
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Excuse me, but I'm looking for somebody named... K-Kougaiji? Please, this is really urgent!

[ Private// very hackable though]

Hibari! I need to talk to you right now.

[ooc: Gotta eat dinner, BRB Back!]
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Oh, jeez. First extreme heat, then snow, now typhoons. Bet meteorologists are stumped by this.

That is, scientifically speaking, if this island is on any map. At all. Which I doubt.

Couldn't have waited till I got back to the cave, could you, island? I mean, at least then I wouldn't have to be doing this! I'm freezing! However, it's better than running into the Master again, I suppose...

((OOC: Ema = near a tree, laying on her clothes to keep them from blowing away. Cold scientist/doggie is cold. XD;;))
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Okay, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE WEATHER ON THIS ISLAND? We've had extreme heat, extreme cold, and now a typhoon, so what comes next? Hail? A meteor shower? Nuclear winter? Excel is officially removing the name "Across" from this land-mass. This indecisive, bi-polar, schizophrenic island does not deserve to be associated with Il Palazzo-sama and his great regime.

Isle-chan, please try to get your act together. This kind of behaviour is unforgivable and horrible.
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It's times like this when I appreciate my suit all the more. Up until now, I hadn't had a particularly good reason to wear it around in quite awhile. But now, unlike the rest of you, I'll stay dry even if the cave floods or something. And with the sheer strength of this downpour, I wouldn't doubt that it'll happen... Ah, well. Sucks to be the rest of you. Especially if you're cursed.

Jean, Faye? Have you two ended up completely soaked yet?
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No! No! No! No! No! This isn't right at all.
A giant weapon made of super titanium, designed to take on entire planets at a time and all it takes to short it out is a bit of RAIN!? That's a good 500 Megawatts of dance energy right down the drain.

I can't believe this!

[[One (1) new islander standing in the middle of the storm, having a little tantrum next to what appears to a large, broken satellite dish of some kind. Have fun!]]
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Ah, about damn time I found a cave that isn't inhabited already...! Time to take these clothes off, dry them up a bit, and see if I can't start a fire someho-...

... Ha? What're you looking at? ... Oh, so this is your cave? Well, we can share it. It's big enough, after all. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get out of these clothes...

... Wha-HEY! So, you don't like that, huh? ALL RIGHT, ALL YOU MUTTS ARE GONNA CLEAR OUTTA HERE NOW. I offered to share, but you apparently would rather be stingy, so... I'M TAKING THIS CAVE FOR AOKO AOZAKI.

((Aoko found a cave. However, it seems the resident dingos don't approve of her having it. So we have a soaked woman with long red hair, a bunch of dogs, and a shitload of blue magic blasting out of the cave. Be careful not to get hit if you're passing by. By either the magic or flying dingos. |D))
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This isn't the worst weather I've ever seen, but it's a good thing I have wellies in the TARDIS. That makes me wonder if I have a rain coat, as well.......once I manage to get there, anyway....

But if this gets any worse, I think I'll just settle for a cave 'till it's over. No sense in getting any wetter than I already am, so I get sick, yeah? ...if getting wetter than this is possible, anyway.
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My my, the weather does seem rather extreme lately. I'm glad that I already planned to stay indoors today.

Let's see...bed rest, hot soup, a cool cloth on the forehead...Perhaps I should brew some tea as well. You really do need to take better care of yourself, Subaru-kun, a little common sense and this never would have happened.

*Sigh* I guess it can't be helped...Do try to rest and recover, I'd hate to see this illness of yours become any worse.

((Seishirou is caring for a sick Subaru after forcefully bringing him back to the inn – see this thread for more details.))


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