Sep. 18th, 2007

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Gahahaha!! Lambo-san has finally found an entry to Reborn´s secret hideouts that are hidden all over the place! Lambo-san was only pretending to play ´Ready, Go!´ while searching for them and now I´ve finally found you out, Reborn!!


What? No reaction? Crap, no reaction?!! Gahh, don´t ignore me Reborn! I know you are there!

….That beach looks pretty big. Maybe he can really not hear Lambo-san? I´ll go and look for him. Hey! This beach and the sun feel pretty real. Gah! Reborn, keeping this all to yourself, you´re mean! But now Lambo-san knows and will tell everybody~ We can all go play here when the weather´s not nice and oh- 

-!! What was that? In the shrubbery?! I saw you Reborn, come out! You don´t want to? Fine! Then I´ll just give you this..! Grenade!! Reborn, DIE!! *BOOM*

Eh? Just monkeys? Cool, Reborn has even monkey-robots for target practice here!! This Lambo-san will beat the high-score! Gahahaha!! Here! And here! Take that, monkeys – OW! Hitting back with stones is unfair~!! Ouch! Wahhhh~!!!

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Hm... a dash of salt, this leaf... this moss... And it's done!

Everyone, I've made some soup, if you'd like to share. I'm, um... okay at cooking, I suppose, but it's better than nothing cooked, right? It's mostly fish...
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Hmm, I'm in a good mood today, I think. And since I've done so much to help certain people on this island, I don't think I would mind opening up and offering advice to more needy souls~.

Of course, if you take my advice and it works out for you, a small fee for services rendered just might be required~~. After all, you can't get something for nothing, right~?

So~! Any questions of a...delicate nature--sex, boring relationship questions--feel free to ask me any and all of them. And, don't you worry your pretty little heads. All of these will be kept one hundred percent confidential. Promise~.
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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
I've got this feeling, so appealing,
for us to get together and sing. Sing!

... Why?

((Being followed by a floating banana. Singing Banana Phone. Yes, she already tried shanking it. BRB CLASS D:))
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...Rex? ..Nagi? ...Dammit, no phone connection either.

Would anyone be so kind to explain this to me? And why am I dripping wet as well?

((So, Omi fell into the Fountain of Youth...and became Gluhen!Omi. << Have fun?))
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Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Weird pool. Changed.


Want to change back.

((Senri's cursed now. He fell into the 'spring of the drowned girl', so he looks pretty much the same, except a little more feminine. And his voice is higher-pitched, too.))
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Private to self - hackable to friends
He's not here anymore...  Can't feel his reiatsu... can't smell that familiar... .... but I hope that means he's ok. 
It's dangerous back home... if Aizen-sama finds out I came here instead of Hueco Mundo, then he'll...
Maybe it'll be ok... I just wish... that I could be there for him.  Eheh... I guess... I'll never get to tell him, will I...


W-well... I'll just have to make the most of things, right?  Keep busy and then it's not a problem!  Mm!  I should try some new recipes or maybe a game!  I...Ishida-san is still here, yes?  Then... then ah!  How are the magical girl costumes coming?

Ah... it was amazing, the other day I ran into Doctor-san... I always knew he was special, but he said his tv show was real!  I hope he lets me see inside the phone box.  I like the whoosh sound it makes when it disappears!  I wonder if it's really big inside or maybe just a prop.  Maybe this is just another episode and we'll all be on television! Kyaa~!  Wouldn't that be amazing?  I wonder if I'd be an extra or a special character that appears just once in the episode and gets killed off by a monster later!  How exciting!  *_*
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It won't stop bleeding! No matter what I do, it just keeps going and going and how do I make it stop? Ugh, I thought I was through with this since it hasn't happened in so long! It's so stupid and my clothes are getting dirty and where's Dominic when I actually need him?!

Nooo, it's still going.

[lol nosebleed, which is a side effect from her treatment and stuff. \o\;; Also she is more likely to punch you in the face right now so.]
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It's been a long time since we've properly sit down for tea and refreshments hasn't it...? I wouldn't mind having some of Nori's cooking either. Though it makes me wonder how Ojiisan and the old lady are doing without me... I hope they're not too worried. Shinku, would it be possible to have Kimihiro-san brew us some tea? It's been a long time since I've had it, so perhaps jasmine tea would be nice? What do you think Suiseiseki? Hina Ichigo? A tea party sounds wonderful right about now since the weather is perfect for and outside one...

Ah, of course, it would be nice if other people could attend as well. "The more the merrier", right?
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Aha. I'm sorry to anyone who was confused by the cat thing. I didn't mean to cause that for so many people. Aha, I really like being a cat, it's so much fun. I hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up far too much.

You all seemed really nice, though. ♥

...~! Ne~! Wata-kun, thanks for playing with me haha~!

Cats are very easily amused, I noticed. I guess I did a pretty convincing job ~ aha~ It was so much fun. ♥ ~~ Better than my dog curse was~
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I was fishing earlier today because I just had to clear my head. Yoru is still not happy about turning into an old man and all was going great. I managed to catch a good amount of fish for Fujimori and myself, but then I caught this one fish that was just...weird. It probably tastes good, and I'm sure it's safe. The fish are like the only safe food source. But I just can't help but ask...

Would you want to eat this?


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