Sep. 15th, 2007

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I´m looking for following person:

Slightly tall, has short black hair, might act rather demanding, but not serious and is most likely a human or not. He wields a ´Laser Screw Driver´.  He used this ´Screw Driver´ recently to turn a young girl even younger.

If you are this person or know him, please let me know.
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...I'm here again?


There are wild dogs this time. Are those new?

Can anyone help me?

[tiny little Okita Soujirou surrounded by dingoes. He's trying to keep them off with his bamboo broom as a sword. He does remember the last time he was here, so if you met him as a child a few months ago, he'll probably recognize you.]
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One chupacabra, two chupacabra, three chupacabra, four~.

Five chupacabra, six chupacabra, seven chupacabra more!

Eight chupacabra, nine chupacabra, ten chupacabras!

The path to the school has a lot of chupacabras!

((OOC: O-Okay XD;; Chupacabras = DANCING POTATOES. She just thinks they're chupacabras since she doesn't believe that potatoes on the island can dance, or something :D))
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♪Bei mir bist du shein,
Bei mir host du chein,
Bei mir bist du alles oif di velt. ♪

Oi was zu sheine meidlach,
Hob ich doch zehn fon dir?
♪Un oisgekliben fun zi alle.
Hob ich nor dir, dir, dir, dir.

Bei mir bist du shein,
Bei mir host du chein,
Bei mir bist du alles oif di velt~♪

Not that I'm thinking of this with YOU in mind per-say... Giovanni might get jealous. This can apply to any of the lovely women on this island♥

((The song's called "Bei Mir Bist Du Shein", and it's in Yiddish /o/;; but it's really awesome and the translation is here))
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Has anyone seen a tenacious, annoying and stupid cockroach on the island? It speaks, unlike the others.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.
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...Uhmm.. I suppose this means I should pay more attention to where I go, huh..?

It's not all that strange, but... This outfit is a little strange for me..

((Have a cursed Mercedes from the springs of drowned Alice~ Feel free to assume she's new or whatever.8D;))
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Wait, bunny, the den's this way, you'll get l-- OOF!!

.... The snow's hot...!

((In accordance with the prophecy-- or something-- it's the return of chibi!Yukina, who very vaguely remembers being here, but will still be very wary when it comes to males or humans. Currently trying to pick herself up from having faceplanted in the sand lolz.))
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Y-you are my...sunshine ♪
My only s-sunshine~ ♪

I-it goes...that way...hmmm~mmm~...

You make me ha...ppy
When skies are gray ♪...

Like that...? Hmmm~hmmm...~

[ooc: Nill overheard the song somewhere. She thinks she's alone right now, or else she probably wouldn't be singing~ And on that note, her voice is pretty quiet and squeaky. >:]
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Hey Faye, I finished the clothes you wanted. The jeans are green because they're cotton mixed with the leaves I collected. I don't know how well you like that colour so I made two shirts, one green and one with the pigment removed so it's white.

[Private to Russel // Hackable]

Brother... how much longer do we have to put up with, um, that thing in the greenhouse?
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Whew... after school clean-up took much longer than I thought it would. I hope I'm not late for dinner!

But, wow... the neighborhood seems to have changed an awful lot in just one day. Or did I take a wrong turn? That's so strange! I take this path home every day... How could I make a mistake like that? I'll have to try retracing my steps back to the school...

E-excuse me, somebody! I seem to be lost. Could you please tell me where this is, and how I might get to Seika High School from here?

((Pazu here with her third character: Kurimi Rina from Pretty Face! Only really important thing to note here is that she has the exact same face as Randou/Yuna with their only significant difference in appearance being their hair. So feel free to mix them up. /o/ She's also extremely polite and feminine compared to her "sister.")
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... Oh dear.

((Muraki = Beast?! B-Because of the spring of the drowned prince who was very selfish and got turned into a beast? OR SOMETHING.))
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Has anyone seen a large old man around these parts by the name of Mushi? He wears clothes similar to mine, and has a long beard. Also has a bad sense of humour...likes tea. Any information is appreciated.

[Private - hackable if you really try]

Humans, halfways, demons, people from space. Everybody here doesn't seem to know about the war, much less about the Four nations themselves. That earthbender was last seen months ago, and even the avatar's not here...And then there's this stupid barrier...

My destiny's been put on hold. Again. I can't do anything; I'm nothing.

.....Is this the life you really wished for me have, uncle?

[Private to Faye]


...You could have stopped me you know...

((ooc: Orz, hangover from hell and just sitting against a boulder looking out to the barrier at sea.))
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((ooc: yes, this is a crack post. whut we're on island gd it. In accordance with this, Yin is going to be a ninja in this post, so that means by commenting you will be getting your mouth tugged upwards. What happens after that is completely up to you 8D))


Sep. 15th, 2007 02:28 pm
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Ooooh~ It's been a while since I've seen one of these! I wonder how it got here? It's so pretty though! Last time I saw one of these, Mario was collecting them...too bad he isn't here. :(

Oh! I know~ Usually, if you collect all of them, something really good will happen! Maybe that happens here too! I wonder...

((yosh, she has found a star from the Mario games *A*))

Episode 1

Sep. 15th, 2007 02:35 pm
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Ahhh... ummm.... c-can anyone please tell me where I am? And how to get off, please? I really need to get back onto the Dämmerung, and how I'm in a place like this shouldn't even be possible anymore...

I guess I'll go find someplace to sit until I can figure out what's going on, haha...

((Oops lost MOMO is lost. Take note that this is post!Episode III MOMO this time, so this also means it's an entirely different MOMO who's technically never been on the Island. So, if your character remembers her from last time, she won't remember them. :<))
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[Filtered from Haine 8D]

... Hm. Not much has happened. And maybe nothing has actually changed. Except... hopefully maybe something did.

Just a little. But that's enough for now. Imagine that though... Hina Ichigo...


Hm. The tea is a bit lukewarm today. Unacceptable.
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Hey, Roxas! Still up for a little adventuring? You'll get to learn more about this place; I can show you around the main areas and stuff, then we can go check out some other places. Who knows, maybe we might be able to find something new, too!

Oh, and anyone else that wants to explore can too! The more the merrier, right? I'm sure it'll be way more fun if more people came along!

[ ooc; SO, UH. any characters that want to do some exploring too are welcome to! those that do are encouraged to threadhop, etc etc, good stuff like that. \o\;; ]
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I can't say being old and reminiscing is a bad thing, but it just feels odd to be young again. I wonder if I'll loose touch with everyone in 50 or 60 years. Knowing them, it probably will happen. I suppose that things like that come with being old. You loose touch with your old classmates after awhile.

But with all that aside, I haven't heard from Kurosaki in forever. When I decided to check up on him, he wasn't in his room. That's not like him, that is seeing as how after that whole hut fiasco of his he became a shut in. My guess is he's stupidity got the better of him and he killed himself, or just ended up back home. I'm hopping it's the latter seeing as how that first one makes no sense whatsoever seeing where we are and all.

Come to think of it Aizen, Abarai-kun and Kuchiki-san have been missing for quite sometime as well. That takes the people from our world, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo down to Inoue-san, myself, Yachiru, Kuukaku, and that Arrancar. I don't think we've ever been out numbered by the other places since all those captains ended up here and left as quickly as they came. But I suppose that doesn't matter. It just seems odd. I have faith that we'll be seeing some familiar faces soon. They usually end up here when you least expect them to anyway.

Ah, I almost forgot. Asahina-san, Suzumiya-san, your swimsuits are ready. I'm still going to need Nagato-san's measurements before I can finish hers, however.
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Look at all these humans... Pathetic. They don't realize the end is near. Why would they? They believe in that annoying blue hedgehog... for whatever reason.

But enough of that. Hmhmhm... I'm not quite sure where I am, but it doesn't matter. All is still going just as planned. I'll get back in contact with the doctor soon enough, and after that... The end.

((So Roxasa's mother a coconut owned Shadow's head so he kind of has amnesia.))
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..................... Sumire-san!!! Where are you!?!  

I don't like it here, I wanna go home!

[ooc: Yeah... Tsuna fell in the fountain of youth. ....Bandwagon, I know.

Edit: Adsfwds, need to sleep, sorry!]

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Pockets are good, right?
Anything can come out
Anything can go in~

...What the fuck.

What else can go into them?
What else can come out of them?
We wonder what else can come out~

Pockets are great right?
Anything can come out
Anything can go in~

...What the fuck.

What can we put in them?
What are we putting in them?
We wonder--!

...I swear, if anyone says anything...

((ooc: See this beginning of this video right here? Yeah, that's what Sanzo is doing right now. Singing and "dancing" to the pocket song, with appropriate background music playing, too. Is he wearing a pink sweater and blinding white pants? You bet he is. But he's not smiling. At all.))
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... oi. 'Preciate th'replacements if I need 'em 'n all, but it ain't normal for this kinda stuff to grow on trees, ehn? Ain't seen that many trees before here, but know fer a fact they don't grow shit like this, ehn?

... Heh! No matter! As of now, this tree is officially property of th' Gurren Brigade! Could always use 'em if the unthinkable happens, ehn? Yosha! Just gotta toss off th'few that dun match...!

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Heh heh! Alright! Talk about lucky! Never expected to find a bike of all things around here! It's felt like forever since I've ridden one! Also looks a bit rusty, but it'll have to pull through for me!

Okay Keiichi, let's see how far these legs of yours can get you! We'll take a trip around the island...!

Oi, oi. Is it just me or did everything get higher just now?

((So Keiichi's found a bike. The catch? It's starting to FLOAT IN MID AIR.))
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It's a pretty nice day today! Good day to do all this laundry.

Is this everything that needs washing, Sis? Cause, well, let's see I've got the dirty towels and the bedding, then all your things here and my own. .......Geez, we really need to find some spare clothes so we don't have to go around in towels when we have to do laundry... At least the waterfall is so close so we don't have to go far...

So... um... Let's see... Ah, where's the soap gone? Oh! Here it is...

You know Sis, you really shouldn't have let both your outfits get so dirty at once, then you'd have something to wear... Well, at least since it is so nice out, it shouldn't take long for this stuff to dry...

((Finally a Culotte post and since Prier's been scarce too, we're doubling up! /o/ Prier will be answering comments too! /o/ gogo threadhopping \o\ Their hanging out near the LP hut near a waterfall doing laundry :|b... well, rather Prier's there.. Culotte's doing laundry. >.>;))
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Play with meeeee.

((Yuuichi got bored. So lawl cute animal attention get. Is dragging around a stick to play fetch with lolol whether or not he'll actually bring it back is up for debate :<))


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