Sep. 12th, 2007

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. . .

Why am I completely covered in Piss and...




((And thus, Kaoru discovers the after effects of her old self... Being covered in urine and her own poop. Lovely...))
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Wow, this beach is really big! And you can't see the other side! It's gotta be an ocean, then. Ooh, David, look! There's a crab! And the ocean looks so clear, too! This is the best field trip ever! I think it's a field trip, at least.

I wonder where this beach is, anyways. I don't see any boardwalks or people or anything. Maybe they're all further down? Hmm...Well, if people miss us, then the'll come find us.

David, you said you've never been to a beach, right? Let's make a sandcastle! You've gotta do that at least once!

((Watanuki and David both fell into the fountain of youth in a very 'not as planned' moment. be prepared for double-tags.))
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Hm~? Somehow this feels different. More ´heavy´  than it feels usually like. And isn´t my voice sounding a bit strange too? Oh well, that is what we have springs for. Let´s make a reflection check~

....! The shape of my cursed form changed. Longer hair, less freckles... I definitely look older. Amusing~ First there are a lot of old people around all of a sudden and then my cursed self gets turned into a proper adult. Island gets interesting again.  Hehe, sometimes it pays off to be an extraterrestrial.

(ooc: assuming that aliens age differently than humans, Taruru got turned into an adult rather than old. His voice is a bit lower and his physique filled out to fit a well-trained martial artist, but that´s about it.) 
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Pink Supervisor~~~. I have 50 Yen for you, come out now, okay? It's almost school time too! We'll be late!

Hello Pink Gabriel, Pink Devil and Pink Young Boss! I like your new look! It must have cost a lot, but you all look pretty! That surgery must have been really fast though, since yesterday, you all looked like Cherry Blossom trees!

((lol intro post, she's talking to the trees. :D))
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As always, another big thanks goes out to everyone who donated blood♥ It's always a surprise to see so many of you voluntarily give away a fluid vital to your existence to a "bad guy". Not that I'm complaining, of course. I think it's wonderful that half of you don't seem to mind~ I'm starting to think that either you all enjoy being able to read my thoughts, or you just like getting off without the whole 'sex' bit.

...Ah, and before I forget~ A little apology to all of you that had the misfortune of running across me when I was a bit vexed♥ Having your tongue and half your throat turned to ash can put one in a bit of a foul mood.

Which reminds me... How goes the wood-chopping, beast-boy? Anymore spontaneous combustions~?
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Another fairly hot day, huh?

Amazing how the heat never lets up here, considering that summer should be over by now.

Hm, I think I'll take my nap in the shade today.


Is that... a drink vending machine?

((looks like the one found in Japan. Basically has almost every drink you can think of, including beer and those poptop sake glass cup thingies))
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Island-san God is so nice! Look at how many of them there are!! Now I can find four leaf clovers for luck! And Yama-kun, Naoto-san gave me these chocolates!

((ooc: Hagu found a huge field of clovers!))
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Isn't this the outfit Morita-san had me in once...? I don't remember changing into it, but it's easier to move around in than my kimono!

.... and I'm not sure what this is. Or what I'm supposed to do with it. Are these real feathers...? The poor birds!

Mia-san, is the garden doing well? I haven't had time to check on it lately...

[Private to Mutsumi and Momoka, UNHACKABLE]

There's a woman named Misaki-san who'll be staying with us temporarily until she can find another place to live. Is that all right with both of you?


Maybe it's a brush of some sort...

((So Yukina's in the maid outfit Morita stuck her in at one point and trying to puzzle out the mechanics of a feather duster; it's your typical cute maid costume, blah blah blah. And she'll also be compelled to follow your every order, so long as it isn't "Kill so-and-so" or "Throw yourself off a cliff" or "Strip". But you need your cave cleaned? She'll do it! Dinner cooked? She'll do it! A babysitter? You just want her to hop on one foot and sing backwards? She'll do it! She'd pretty much do it anyway, but less wibbling about it this way.))
[identity profile] I?

I...I hear the sea... ....

((ooc: yay 7th character get. He's totally out of it, lying face up on the beach because lol just recovered from fever and bad dream >:))
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I was already aching before everyone turned elderly... thank goodness the island got tired of that trick after a couple days... something still feels weird though, I don't think that was an ordinary fight...

Anyway Kazu-kun, are you feeling okay now? I'm making eggs and meat and muffins with yummy jam today, because I know Agito was kinda rough during training. And Ayumu~ if you're feeling up to it, let's decide on our next mission soon, okay? I'm sure even more islanders are recovering and need cheering up now!

...whew, this scarf is a bit much, but he told me not to take anything off for another week at least... I hope it doesn't get any hotter than this now... and, um... is there a private investigator anywhere on the island? There's... something I'd like to investigate but... I can't get any closer to the scene myself.

[[ apologies to everyone he tagged/confused before-- (he would've just had a sprained knee, but the fight Agito was in got rougher than expected so...) :D;; so yeah, now dressed like this plus a scarf around his neck \o\ what bruises? no marks here! ]]
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... seriously, what the hell are you doing on my head?! Get off! I don't want you, ok? I already have that curse, leave me alone!

Fine... I've got a question for you all, and it's either a yes or no, ok?


(( A Chao has perched itself on Sonic's head, grinning just like it is in the picture. It might be prone to biting D:))
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This isn't the Valiant. Alright, who put a transmat beam on my ship? I know it wasn't the Doctor... he was still in his tent...

Trees, beach, monkeys, at least whoever did this had some taste. Alright, alright, ATTENTION EVERYONE! Your Lord and Master is here! I demand to know where I am.... c'mon.... I don't bite. Usually. Oh... and if anyone's seen an old man with a Estuary accent, I'd love to know. I may even have a reward. Old chap needs to get older, I think.
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I wonder why I'm sitting in a palm tree. And my recent memories seem a bit blurry...
so either I was drunk or it has something to do with the island. *thinks*
Ah, I was old. Huh, I do hope I never really get that senile, that would be embarrassing (only not, because I wouldn't realize it, of course...). That just leaves the question why on earth I decided to climb in this tree...which is rather high, I see. Hm. Well, at least the sight is pretty impressive.

Excuse me Mr. Monkey, this treetop is a bit narrow. (my, that monkey does bear some resemblance to that one childhood friend of mine, no wonder I was confused)
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[[Have some delicious lawyer :X Edgeworth's here with his flashy red sports car, since he took a wrong turn in the parking lot]]

....At the risk of sounding like a certain young and naive defense attorney---


If this is one of Detective Gumshoe's "plans" to get me to go on vacation, he needs to show himself right this instant, so I can tell him exactly how I plan to tell the committee to cut his paycheck. I do NOT like my office covered with sand and palm trees: I like it with bookshelves, my tea, coat and my personal couch. Utter violation of all sorts of personal property law, that's what this is. And not to mention, a waste of my time.

So who is going to offer some kind of explaination for this preposterous monstrocity before I'm late to a trial?

[[oops will tag back later! X_X;;]]
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I've made up my mind! I'm not going to fight after all. Instead, I'm going to become a pacifist!

So everyone, lets all hold hands in a circle and be peaceful together!!

...But David was mean to me even after I told him what I was doing for him. So ninja guy, do whatever you want to him. But AFTER that, peace all over!!


Ah, Fayt-san? Do you think we can still have our practices? I don't want to fight anymore, but it might still be useful to learn how to defend.

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I-I know I just took a soak in the hot spring, but...could anyone come with me? I just... need another one.

[LOCKED from The Master/Redd White; hackable by anyone else]

He left bruises. My shoulders hurt so bad right now... Who was that guy? He gave Gant a run for his money in the psycho department, that's for sure. Why is he so obsessed with that TARDIS thing?

Ah... my head hurts too. Anyone have any aspirin?

((Okay, so. Ema met The Master, with... INTERESTING results. 8D;))


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