Sep. 10th, 2007

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...I'm getting this feeling something bad's about to happen very soon. Maybe it's a good day to sleep in again.

Um, this might seem weird, but does anyone have some kind of light source? Would it be possible for you to part with it? I can understand if you don't, but I promised I would ask-

O-ow! What, is it raining calendars now!? ...Just this one. But why on me?


...C-can someone tell me what day it is? It should be about mid-September, right? There's an...i-important date coming up soon...

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...I don't feel like I'm a complete adult. I still feel a bit...childish, especially after that outburst a few days ago. I don't think even turning twenty-one can change that.

((So um yaaaaay go non-canon birthday? /o/;; The calendar is flipped to September, with the 19th circled in red with "Another year older, another year closer to death" scrawled on it.))
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Okay, so. Empathy? Biiiig fat waste of time, since I don't trust half you island idiots anyway. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to feel empathic for someone you hate the guts of?? Just doesn't make sense~ So...whoever saw me a few days ago, just pretend I ate some weird-ass island food. That's usually true half the time anyway...

ALSO. Any of you non-old fogies able to sew? An angry midget tore my shirt in half, and I kind of want it fixed.
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Oh my... It seems I've gotten.... Very old.... Mmmm... A nap would be so nice about right now....

Oh... There goes my blatter.... Now my diaper is wet.... God Damn old ass plumbing in my system....

((OOC: Old!Kaoru is... well... very cranky, and well, apparently has no control over her blatter. So expect some halarious results to follow!))

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Oh no. This place again.

Hello? Anyone here I know?

((The way I figure it, Faye's already an old lady, so I'm going the opposite way--she fell into the fountain of youts, the silly woman.))
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Mussels are pretty much the same thing as oysters.

... Right?

Filtered from Giovanni

... I know that bastard Giovanni has been going around saying it, but he needs to get it through his head that we are not siblings.

((Has a palm tree leaf with about 10-15 mussels on it ;A;b))
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I never realized how quick life goes by. And Sora hasn't even lived it to his fullest. He and Sunao didn't even tie the knot, and now look at us.

Well I'm not going to sit around and waste my life any more than he has. I will not let age get the best of me! Watch!

Ran, come here. I'll show you that I've still got it. And you kids watch too! You just might learn something from your elders.


My fingers!

((I haven't done anything with poor Yoru in a while, so here! Have an old pervert geezer! And he has arthritis in his hands. :P))
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Back in my day, we didn't have your fancy Gurrens, Gundams, Knightmares, and theEnds, and whathaveyou. We had automobiles. And even then, it was only the rich people. We had biplanes too. Biplanes were something else. They had two sets of wings and paratroopers could jump down, it was a sight to see, you betcha. Where was I?...

I built the first rocket to go into space, you know. All by myself! And to get to it, I had to walk 15 miles uphill through the snow in the winter! And I paid for it by working at a laundry 18 hours a day. And I worked on the rocket the other 18 hours. And I liked it!

((Oh the irony. Have a babbly, braggy, ranty old man Alfons.))
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[[oh god late post is late apsodfiusdpfoiudfposdifusdpofisd *shoots self*]]

Hey 10th! I got us some DINNER! Okay, the dingo meat kind of sucks after so many weeks of eating the same damn thing, but still! SPECIALLY CHARBROILED JUST FOR YOU, 10TH!

Who needs a stove when you have enough firepower? I mean, really. Besides, the kitchen is a dangerous place. Why did I get stuck with a sister like THAT---

[[Locked to Yamamoto Baseball idiot]]

HEY, BASEBALL IDIOT. ....So what kind of training have YOU been doing?

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm asking for help considering what happened, or that I care or something.

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Okay, first the Island gets loaded with geezers all of a sudden. Or maybe a bunch of people turned into old hags and old fogeys. I DON'T KNOW.

Now, this would be, yannow, tolerable if only for one tiny, little detail...

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY CLOTHES?! Zefie, did you do this?!?!

((ooc: So, as per this post, Haseo is now dressed in Sephiroth's outfit. As in, Sephiroth from FF7. Yeah, that outfit - if you don't know what it is, :D))
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Companion services available.
Inquire at my shuttle, which is on the beach and hard to miss.
Payment negotiated upon service agreement
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...These statues are quite menacing, but the water is so nice and refreshing here. Relaxing really is the best medicine a girl could ask for sometimes. The purification process for human priests always involved cold water. Hot, steamy water is much more... divine.

Mmmnn~ Would anyone care to join me? It's much better to relax when there's company around. I even found these little toy ducks with devil horns on them. Aren't they adorable?

Don't be shy now, the water's just perfect. ♥

[[ GIRLS HOT SPRING POST. PARTY CRASHERS KAMINA AND EIN ARE ALSO WELCOMED. Just be prepared for any bodily harm that might happen to them. Let us relax and enjoy a nice conversation in hot steamy water together, gals. While naked, of course. *_* PLEASE THREADHOP, IT'S FUN.]]
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Well, I'd been developing a series of gadgets to help Sonic get through obstacles in this zone, but... given that the population on the island has taken a turn for the geriatric, I feel like I should share my technology!

...I've built few types of transports, special prosthetics and accessories, I've even got a cane that can also reach jars on the top shelf! Anybody who's having trouble with aching joints or muscles should come talk to me. I might have just the invention to make life easy for you. Maybe.
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Hmph. Of course there will only be so few who are willing to accept the fact that a sword is a weapon. One that is meant to cut, no matter the principle or reason might one might use to justify manslaughter. I'm still fascinated as to how one could call themselves -


... themselves lead-


.........your life ends here, animal.

((ooc: lol singing monkeys in white gym shorts and bright red tshirts on, doing cartwheels and formations of the letter NO.In true tradition to the Nicorette ad \o\. they will probably hassle you if you're smoking as well 8D...oh and they'll super agile and shit haha ))
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((Oh yeah, of relevence: big black empty socket where her right eye should be! Edit: Bedtime, will tag tomorrow.))


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