Sep. 6th, 2007

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She's been gone far too long. She can't simply be lost.
..... I guess it's better this way.

I shouldn't get wrapped up in that. Right now, I need to do a few modifications to this dwelling. But this is so tiring... Maybe I should just get Gno-- Ahh, right. Not here. Hmm... I suppose I'll just have to do simple cleaning here. I'm not cut out for that. I don't suppose there is any sort of abrasive cleaning solution for earthen surfaces laying around the island, is there?

((Keele's around these seemingly unknown Red Cliffs, trying to clean up one built-in room with water. The room looks... pretty filthy.))
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Sigh~ It's times like this that I'd prefer Sayuka be here. Good help is just so hard to find these centuries... It's not at all like the Medieval times when anyone below you in status followed orders. Such is the fate of Red Blood to grow and become independent, I suppose... Still. It would be a real sight for sore eyes.

Musing aside, I need a favor♥ And it's not simply a matter of "can you tell me where this is?" this time~ I need one of you delightful residents to look after something...important for me. Kleptomaniacs need not apply.

Anyone who could provide me with this tiny favor can expect an ample reward for their efforts♥

...Oh, and that reminds me, Haine~ Today I want you to go down to the beach and fetch me some fresh oysters. I trust you can do that least that, can't you?
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This is all for the damn bet, this is all just for the bet so I can prove that freak Yasu wrong....||| If Tyki can act all nice and shit as a hobo, I can too....I hope. I think I'm gonna PUKE..........

Nice to see the island's getting pretty warm again~ The beach is finally dry enough to walk around barefoot on and NOT freeze your toes off. Well, unless you're going down by the freaking ocean.

Which reminds me... Hey, Nill--you wanna go hang out there sometime, now that there won't be mud everywhere? You don't really have to worry about getting all wet or anything anymore. Unless you've got something else to do I guess.

...S'ppose I better thank you again for cake, huh Watanuki? Since you made it last-minute and all that.

....Someone PLEASE kill me now. This is worse than having Innocence eat my arm |||

((/o/;; strikes = private; David made a bet with Yasu to show he could be empathic, but...he forgot to make terms for if he won or lost so really he's just doing this for no real reason.))
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Just wonderin'. How many people here've got someone back home waitin' for 'em?
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Man, the weather's nice today. Perfect for a good fly!

Anyone want a ride?

((Totally offering solar board rides to anyone who wants one~! Might be...some size restrictions, though...sorry Bolt. |D))
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This one or that one...Do any of you know witch one is poisonous?

((I confess, I ripped this little game off from the manga. By the way, she knows they're poisonous.))

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Sep. 6th, 2007 02:56 pm
[identity profile] geez. First the weather changes, and now this??

Why god? Why me? I’ve been a good person lately haven’t I? I mean really, what have I done to deserve this?

Haa, and of course it happens the minute I think about going back to work again.

...maybe, just maybe I’ll be lucky enough and not run into anyone I know right now. And if I do, I’ll just hope that person doesn't recognize me.

((Idea taken from June, with permission. Return of the dreaded LoveSim Fruit. Yamazaki now looks like his cross-dressing feminine speaking counterpart from that Shinsengumi game.

And will be tagging later, mun is still in class BACK.))
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So, let's say you saw this girl chopping wood for... whatever. And she chopped a little too much and ended up with... dust or something.

Now, what would you say to her to help her in chopping better? Or whatever else you could think of?

... Before anyone asks, it wasn't me! The question is from MY viewpoint! I really did see someone do this! They just... ran, that's all!

((Serene lies. She's the one who's standing next to a pile of wood made dust... somehow.))


Sep. 6th, 2007 04:21 pm
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Mint-san, I believe I'd be ready to move in now, if you still don't mind. 

...I'm glad I could finally do something more than replay games from memory. At least studying kifu won't let me get rusty. Which reminds me -- Agito-san, I need to thank you for showing me the library. 

Huh, how did this get -- I must've taken it with me by accident. I... I should probably return it. Hmm...

[[Sitting outside in a dry spot, with goban and books. Including a bodice ripper that he accidentally took from the library following this. The cover looks kinda like this, so it's obvious what kinda book it is, even if you can't read Japanese, and yes, he's reading it. Also, the title is taken from an actual book but I've never read it so I'll be making up the plot XD; Oh god the OOC note is longer than the actual post :\]]

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So this has been bugging me for a while now, but would someone please tell me about this Morita character and what his Agency does? He tried explaining what it does..... but I still have no idea.

And why did he decide to call me Amy?
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That... was really strange. I'm not sure if it was a dream - it must've been because I was friendly to Viral! - but it seemed really real... And I thought brother was dead again too... Hey! Viral! Do you remember anything weird happening to us or did I just have a bad dream?

Well whatever it was that's not important right now!

Has anybody seen Nia? I've looked everywhere but I can't find her! I even flew up as high as I could in Lagann and I didn't see anything! So has anybody seen her recently!? At all?! Because I haven't and I usually do!!!

((Sooo Simon and Viral aren't timeskipped anymore! No more old times for them for now, all is back to normal, not a ton of the memories of it remain, etc. Simon's kind of too preoccupied to WTH at stuff though.))
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H-Hina is big, na no! Like a TREE!

((In the spirit of Hina's Paid Account expiring soon, a post! XD And no, she isn't anywhere near the size of a tree, but she IS about the size of your average 6-year-old at the moment. Why? Because she's now human, just like Shinku at some earlier point.))
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Jeez... I thought it was just the heat... and then the cold... but now everything's normal again, and I still have a headache!

Is it just me? I don't normally get headaches, though... any chance that somebody has some painkillers?

((Somebody isn't used to having a massive ponytail 24/7! Anyone with long hair can probably sympathise/figure it out. XD))
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Ahaha, this is really weird. I bet these would have come in handy back when it was really hot outside, though. This tastes kind of... salty? Sweet too, how weird.

Does anyone else want a popsicle?

[private // everyone except Yamamoto may see]

Um, people with animal curses from the springs? When you, ah, change do you end up acting any differently then if you were human? Just ah, curious...

[ooc: I'm baaccckk~ Tsuna found a block of ice with a bunch of popsicles in it. The question is from Edit: Going to bed. Tag back tomorrow. BACK!]


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