Aug. 31st, 2007

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*sigh* I wasn't really bothered much by this at first, but now I believe this cold snap has lost my favor. It's too cold to play my violin...

Still, that certainly does not mean there is nothing to do. ♥ I have started a fire here. Now, answer me this~: What is better for keeping warm than activity?

Group activity, of course~ ♥ If we all enjoy each others' company, we can forget about the horrible cold altogether. And I daresay I have enough fuel for my fire to keep it going at least an hour or two. So let's make use of that time to forget all our troubles, and this cold, of course, and spend some time together. Please, feel free to come and sing, dance, craft, or even just converse; anything is fine, if it takes your mind from the troubles of the hour. ♥

((Yay, troubles-be-gone! Feel free to threadhop, and just let your characters enjoy themselves... Or not. :3))
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Dammit.. This sucks! Snow! What the hell! This isn't the time of year for this!

Doesn't this place get that some of us came from the desert?

Fletcher, stay close. These coats aren't enough.

((And away I go~ Will pick up again next time I'm around, likewise the Alfonspost.))
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It did end up snowing....

Excuse me, everyone, but I need to find someone. I haven't seen him since the beginning of this cold spell. His name is Edward Elric, he's a little shorter than I am, he has long blond hair tied up in back, and he's wearing a big brown coat. I need to know where he is, he hasn't come back to the cave at all for days, and now that it's snowing it's got me worried, because he doesn't take the cold well. Sorry for the trouble.
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Man, it was getting annoying with it being cold and all. But now--IT'S SNOWING!!

♪♫Snow is so pretty...Snow is so white...♪♫

You all should never doubt Island! I knew Island would come through for us, it was only a matter of time. I mean, just look at how much it's snowing~ Oh, I can't wait to play in it!


Gomu Gomu no Gatling Snow Chuck!

((Yeah, Luffy likes snow. And yes, the attack name was made up and loosely based off his Gatling Gun attack...for those unfamiliar with his attacks, it's where he punches the hell out of people and it looks like hundreds of fists are flying. Only instead of punching people, Luffy's gonna throw snowballs at you! Have fun!))
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Hmm~! I like the snow, it makes the Island look really nice~ I hope it doesn't melt too much, or at least it stays on my clothing. I can see a lot of problems with people turning into their curses~ Ahaha~! Making snowmen as a dog could be very hard~

Speaking of, snowball fights are fun but I have really bad aim and so-so throwing skills, but who is interested in building snowmen...and if so, want to make it a contest of sorts~? Of course there's not really any prizes we can offer up~ But they will have the title of having the best Snowman on Island~ Ahaha~!

You can work with someone if you want, and please try to keep them appropriate~ we do have young ones on this Island, and while I don't believe in censorship, I'd rather not get yelled at, shot, stabbed, or murdered by an angered guardian.

Come on, no one is afraid of me when it comes to building snowmen after all~?
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... It's really... snowing....

((... Crying. Out of happiness. SHE WAS HOMESICK OKAY. yes, Ginko, the tears are gems.))
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Wow. This stuff is so cool! Cold, yeah, but definitely cool. What's it called again?

((Jim's out in the snow being a big dork--and no, he hasn't made the connection between what Yukina told him about and the stuff falling from the sky.))
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Look! See, this big one is Shu-mama, and the little one is me! The big one was kinda hard to make, but I got it! Who wants to build them with me?

((Yu-Ri is LOVING the snow. Feel free to come build snowmen here. Threadhopping = A-OK))
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At least the inn has a fireplace. It's a good thing I saved these popsicle sticks. I can throw them in the fire without having to litter anywhere. That wouldn't be nice and I'm pretty sure there isn't a place to recycle trash on this island. Iori, are you hungry?

This isn't the best time to be wearing my school uniform now isn't it...?


Is the fire changing colors?

((Remember the ice pops? Well, Yakumo's throwing the wooden sticks in to burn, but it's changing the color of the flames depending what flavor it was. Like if it was a grape ice pop stick, it turns the fire purple. If it's a cherry ice pop it turns the flames red, if it was green apple, etc. Yeah.))
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I-It's snow... Amazing... I wish Lana was here to see this with me. Fayt! Mia! Maya! Pearl! Nick! It's snowing~!

((Strike = unhackable))
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Wow. But isn't it outta season - not winter yet? Kinda lost track of time here...Ah well, it doesn't really matter if it is or isn't. It's still nice to see the snow, I guess.

I wonder if the others are all right with this weather...I seem t' recall some of 'em being even less prepared for it than I am.
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Well, what do y'know... SNOW. Snow in the islands~! Gee, this weather's crazy, I tell ya! First it's hot, now it's cold. Make up your mind, stupid island!

But while I'm here, and I'm very sure some people are freezing like they'll turn into popsickles at any moment -- Mmmm, delicious popsickles! -- I think I'll be generous and offer some help to warm you guys down.

The almighty Keroberos, the Guardian Beast of the Seal, will use his powers for the sake of warmth~!

See those logs I found? I'm gonna use my fire powers to burn those to make firewood! Then, you can warm up~. However, there comes a price. A juicy one. A tasty one, if you will.


No pay, no gain. No food? Too bad, so sad. Unless of course you go by the names of Keiichi, Mion, Yukina, Mighty, Mia, Faye, Okita, Morita, Tomoyo, Anemone, Shinku, and especially Sakura! And anyone whose names I probably forgot. Haha! You guys get my help for free!

[Private to Sakura]
Hey Sakura! You've seen Tomoyo around here? I haven't seen her in a while. She wasn't in our hut, last time I've checked. You don't think she went home without us, right? ... Right??

(OOC: You may notice a couple of melted snow puddles around Kero. That's his fault. And yes, he's currently in his true form. Yay. \o\ Strikes are only hackable to the people he listed.)
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It's kind of nice.

... I wonder how far I can walk in this weather.
ext_1001662: (Shocked)
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Alright, I'll admit it. I wasn't that cold earlier. I mean, it does get pretty cold back home at night. But now, this is just gettin' ridiculous. If I'm out here any longer, I'm gunna turn into a Popsicle. It is cold, cold, cold!

... And now there dandruff is fallin' for the sky. Geez, whoever this stuff belongs to, do yourself, and me a favor by switching conditioners. I mean, yeesh. How does somethin' like that get so bad? You must of been walkin' 'round with Mountain Superior on your head. Somebody HAD to of said somethin'. People 'round here aren't that nice.

Nnnn, it's cold too though, even for dandruff. Can dandruff even be cold?


Oy, whatever it is, I dunno how much more of it I can take. My paws are freezing n' I'm gettin' buried alive in this stuff!

[ooc: New to snow, care to enlighten him and warm him up?
[identity profile] really did~ Snow~

W-we asked nice and it worked. ♥

Hmmm~ Building a snowman. D-does someone help?
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Something is peculiar about this. Island decided to give me warmer clothes to suit the snow, but why did it chose this of all things. I would have thought simply the robes that I have at home would have been suiting. But I should figure the Island would give me something bizarre like this to wear. ... ... At least it is warmer than my typical dress, so it can't do any harm. I wonder if I will be recognized.

... ...There is snow. This Island is a very peculiar place to have such weather at this time of year, but it is of no consequence to me. This is a particularly warm outfit.

[[ ANBU outfit because it's good for the cold weather. Getting him to talk enough will make him recognizable, if only by his voice. Keep in mind, these outfits are meant to hide identity. Long Black Robs + Mask. O YAH! Italics = thoughts. ]]
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Snow~~!! Lots! :O!!

Wice likes snow. :OOO More soft than Wice thought.

Ouuuu~! *A* Make snowmen - right? :)! 'n' play 'n' stuff. Yah yah!

Never seen 'fore!


[[ Small kid who's seeing snow for the first time = ...super excited. "Ou" is his really excited noise, lol. So he's basically rolling around in it, happily making glee-sounding noises at the top of his lungs. Stare at him or join him. Even tell him to shut up if you want, but it won't make him upset. He's WAY too thrilled to see snow. ]]
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FUCK IT'S COLD. My nipples are like little drills! I could jab out that damn furry bastards eye with one o'em, oi!

--aaa! Oi, oi, oi! An' th'fuckin' sky is fallin', yo!

Yo, Simon! Did you go an' pierce the heavens when I wasn't lookin'?! Cause fuck, it's fallin'! Heh! But if th'heavens wanna fall down, let'em! We'll just split'em apart even further! Let's see how this fluff holds up to the amazing Lord Kamina's amazin' techniques, ehn?!


... oi. Ain't no damn sneeze gonna stop this Lord Kamina from checkin' out th'fallin'sky, yo!
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Wow, it really did start to snow! I never thought I would see snow on a tropical island, especially not in August. I guess it's a good thing I made these, then, isn't it? If you asked for something to be made, then I finished it. Come and pick it up any time you like. though you'll probably want to do it sooner than later in this weather.

[Private to Akito: unhackable]

...Akito? When is August supposed to be leveling up? Is it today?

[end private]
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As freakin' weird as it sounds, it feels pretty good to be able to feel the cold like this! Nothing like when that Trenia girl... ... that's not important! What IS important is there's no way in hell I'm gonna lose my body AGAIN, and I'm gonna enjoy it this time! First order of business...

Who's ready do get their ass kicked in a all-or-nothing, zero rules, snowball fight?! All are welcome to get themselves frozen by the badass freakin Overlord, Zetta!!


PRIVATE TO ASSHAT - Hackable to Pram and Salome

That... It never happened. And if you even THINK about mentiong it to anyone I will rip your head from your shoulders and slice it to bits and give the sharks food poisoning with it!! YOU HEAR ME, ALEX!?

((Yeah, Zetta? He's kind of... all flowy like in this video so the snow around him is like, melting? Feel free to laugh at him since that's also the game's opening--!))
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Yaaaaaay~~~ ♪♪♪

I was really hoping since it started getting really cold, and it did! It really, really did!

Snoooow~ ♥

—! Hey, hey! Does anyone want to make snowmen? What about snow angels? Or have a snowball fight? Ooh! Or we could go sledding, that's always fun! You don't need a sled to do that, either! I can show you how~ ♪

So quit complaining how cold it is and run around! It'll warm you up, trust me!

[[…what no, mun is not reliving her childhood. >>;]]


Aug. 31st, 2007 07:38 pm
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((Spinning around. Like in his icon. In the snow. Wearing nothing but a thong. Like in his icon. Enjoy.))
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Snow! Last I remember the Island wasn't even all that cold. I guess I missed something...D:

Big time. I mean...I was walking through the trees looking for that Spring for Luffy and then these Monkeys led me to this --


Those monkeys tricked me. Well that's the last time I trust the monkeys! :(

...Hmm! But since there's snow~! I guess I'll snowball fight. ^_^ It sounds like a lot of fun to me, at least.

Oh! Oh! And Wolfram -- Island-san gave me a present! I have it for you, too! ^_^

[[ Approachers will get pelted with snowballs~As a warning. ]]
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I think I finally have the hang of skating with it. It's not that hard once you learn to compensate for it, it's actually a bit easier.

For those interested, this part of the river is wide enough to allow ice skating. And for those who don't know, I'm sure Yukina-chan and myself  will be able and willing to teach you how.

This is rather enjoyable.

((OOC: Ice skating post! Actual skates not needed and teachers available for you hot climate persons. We ♥ threadhopping))
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"I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late."

This suit is rather warm and comfortable, providing enough protection from the cold. Although it is different from the one I am used to wearing on certain occasions.

... ... ... Could others fit in this pouch, I wonder? I still feel as if I am late for something.

((So Rei? She's stuck in his hooj white bunny suit and is hopping along in the snow. And she has a basket of random gifts.))
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You all with your snowmen and snowball fights. Ha, just like children, the lot of you. I, in the meantime, will be staying warm... and well out of the way of any rogue snowballs.

Hm. I really should not have killed something so large for my dinner.

If anyone is hungry, they're welcome to some meat. I'm certainly not going to eat it all, and it would be stupid to waste it.

((Tess has cleared the snow from a little clearing and is leaning on her sword by a fire, like so. She also killed a dingo for dinner, but only ate a little bit, so there's practically a whole dingo up for grabs.))
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Awwww~ theEND is so cute now. ♥ It's going to be the best snowman ever, riiight? Right! Now all I have to do is put some snow over the--?!

What?! Don't fall off, it took me awhile to do that!! I should end you for this!

... Ugh, where's Gulliver? He could do this for me.

[So, yeah, say 'sup to the giant robot. Anemone's TRYING to pack snow on it to turn it into a snowman thing, but... whenever she has one part done, the snow on an area she finished falls off. XD;;]
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Where'd you go, Axel? I've memorized all my lines!

All of his stuff at the Inn and my tree house are gone! - Except his cool jacket! Maybe because I stuck Johnny Footlong in one of the pockets! I told you to keep an eye on him, Johnny Footlong! Iiiii hate youuuuu.

I have a bad feeling he's not on the island anymore. There goes another best friend. Gone like Mandy and Grim. I hope he made it home. If not, he can stay at my home with mom and dad!

Times like this make me want to drink the night away. I should ask if this place serves apple juice.

I'm still going to be the best Gorilla boy ever...

Private to Johnny Footlong

I'm sorry I got mad at you just now...

((Serious Billy is being Serious. He's at the inn, sitting at a table with Axel's coat and the horse wiener he got a while back- named Johnny Footlong. His level of intelligence varies depending on mood/discussion, should anyone talk to him.))


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