Aug. 25th, 2007

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"Long ago, there was a poet. A poet who bought words by arranging the beautiful words he purchased. He gained the fame that allowed him to avoid loneliness, and the wealth to live a trouble-free life. One day, the poet met a village girl and wanted a word that could express to her the gallop of his heart and tremolo that overcame his brain. The poet bought up as many words as he could, but could not find one that fit perfectly.

Time passed; his wealth ran out. The poet eventually died a sad end. That sunny morning, many tears were shed, many funeral songs were played, but there were no words of condolence.

The poet had already bought them up."
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I-Island-san gave me lots of paint, and brushes and a big canvas...I think she's telling us to paint anything we want! long since I've done happy...

Does anyone want to join me? Morita? Mayama? *A* Everyone!

((ooc: ART ATTACK THREAD?? Hagu's got a hugeass canvas - like 10 metres worth? - standing before her with tons of brushes of all sizes and cans of paint. She's already started messing about with them, so feel free to join in, thread hop and even start a paint war :D))
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...Ahaha! I always find putting my nose in a book to be a great distraction~! ♥ But I've already finished all the ones that got dragged here with me for the most part. ... ... ...I guess I should go to the library maybe it'll give me more doujins.

I've learned today that I am not gifted at any of the following:

- Making a fire wasn't so much making it as...well...keeping it under my control. I accidentally ignited a palm tree
- Catching fish fell in a river
- Cooking food I'd assume if the first two were a problem, this would be as well
- Climbing trees at least very wasn't getting up there that was an issue, it was coming down...

My survival skills are zero. They need to teach this sort of stuff in high school. ♥

It's getting darker earlier, it must be nearing fall.
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OHOHOHOHOHO~ ((how long has it been since THIS introduction??))

Summer is almost over, what a relief~ It was starting to get way, waaaay too hot lately, hmhm~. King Kong only made things just a bit worse. >: But I managed to save my cosplay and doujinshi and calender-in-progress of all the island males--I mean. :D I saved all my belongings~ Step two: somehow retrieve Moe Note. +___+ It was completely UNFAIR that it was taken and just used the same way. ;~; I WOULD HAVE DONE MORE WITH IT I WOULD I WOULD I WOULD. ;A;!!!!

But--!! It feels as though life gets weak without knowing all the updates on my favorite anime~! And so many new ones I haven't been able to see. ;; SO PLEASE, ISLANDERS! I REQUIRE YOUR ASSISTANCE!


Because I am CERTAIN I am missing things I would not like to be missing, please! Your inquiring fanbase wishes to know~! ♥♥♥♥♥ So, please? I'd love you forever~

((Strikes unhackable except for Lulu maybe))
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Stellar tried to cook oAo! Although Stellar isn't sure if it tastes good.

((Have some roasted fish! It's placed on some banana leaves and is surrounded by safe fruits \o\ Banana leaves make things extra yummy. I've tried *A*b))
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Wha...? Noooooooooo! DAMMIT!!!

You know what? I take it back about that heat not being that bad! Stupid heat wave!!!

Arrrrrgh, my pocky! Some of the packages I was carrying around melted and now it's all glued together! That was like, half of what I brought! Ruined! Breaking them appart just... breaks them.

Ergh... this bites.

(( yeah, Nali is being epicly slow at tagging. I apologize. ♥))
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. . .

((ooc: Short post is short because Haseo's brain kind of...broke. And yeah, he deliberately triggered his spring curse. :|b Also I drew the art so uh yeah.))
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My my, I'm really quite amazed at this turn of events... I haven't seen any of my friends from back home for... almost a year now, and now they all show up at once~. We should have a party to celebrate being together again~! I just hope they won't get into any fights like last time... At least Fia's here so they can be healed if need be.

Still... Maybe I should give something to the island for bringing them here? Unless they don't like it here, then that... wouldn't be such a good idea would it. I wonder, how many other people have all their friends from home here with them? I can't imagine it's everyone, but you never know~.

Oh... Yuki, could I talk to you about something?
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. . .Why do I suddenly feel as though I should be bursting out into song right about now? And what's up with the dress. . .? Stupid monkeys. . .

][ Short post is short: Maya's dressed up in the black dress and cape Christine Daae wears in the cemetery scene in the Phantom of the Opera movie. :B -Whisper.- The monkey's decided to pour some cursed water on her, aaaand. . . ta-da~. Opera!Maya. If Maya sees anyone wearing a mask, she'll burst out into song. Be very afraid. D: Or if she sees Mia, she'll start singing 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again'.][
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When I look at a sunset like this...  It just makes me realize, it's just one of the many sunsets we are never able to see in our whole lifetime. Especially ours. I wonder how many sunsets we have missed while we were all sleeping and dreaming...?

... No dreams about her lately. Hina Ichigo hasn't said anything either. Does she really want to go home? Just curious...

((Chilling out on the beach inside of her doll case drinking tea gazing at the sunset. Sisters are allowed to notice how reluctant she is at the thought of going home, and others are just allowed to plain bother her. :D EDIT: Because my schedule totally sucks, tags will probably go on till tomorrow since tags may most likely be sporadic.))

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Aug. 25th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Saa. . .

It feels like I've forgotten something. It's a little bothersome. Was there a major holiday that I've missed? It's too early and too warm to be Christmas or New Years, anyway.

. . . Oh well. It probably wasn't that important if it slipped my mind so quickly.

Anyway, out of curiosity. There wouldn't happen to be a ice cream sundae tree or something growing somewhere, would there? Anything else sweet would be all right, I guess. Gum would be okay, too.
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...... Does anyone on the island know a way that... Agito and I could each have a body of our own for a little while? It's not that I mind sharing my body with him, but if we could separate even for just a day or two... (////) that'd make a few things I need to do a lot easier.

And I finally got my ipod back from David, but there's a new video on it that I'm pretty sure I didn't upload! Did anyone else borrow it from him? I'd like to meet whoever put this on here. It reminds me of Hagu-san and...'s strangely... hypnotic.

[[ akito's new favorite video is the murmur twins; watching it on loop and wants to share~ ]]
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So hey! After that whole heat wave event, you know what I feel like doing? I feel like going on an adventure! :D

Normally I'd go down my member address list and invite a few people... But nobody I know is logged on aside from Mistral! Oh, and Atoli, since she gave me hers! Even Balmung logged off now that I think about it... I barely even got to talk to him too...

But anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone would be up for going to explore a dungeon with me! I saw some ruins earlier that looked like they'd be the perfect place to look for treasure! I bet it'll have a great reward at the Beast Statue too!

It'll be a great way to get to know people better, so I'd be happy to take along anyone who wants to come! ... oh, and role playing is optional, really. I'm not too into that myself, but if you want to while we're there... I guess it's okay.
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Never thought there'd be a day when I'd dislike someone more than I've ever disliked more than any Slytherin.

Anyone got a good healing potion or spell they could lend a chap?

((Yep, still has icky fang marks on his neck and wants 'em gone. Like, yesterday.))
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*standing in the middle of the hut in his stupid, stupid maid outfit, also trying to stop Pi from attacking Haseo*

I'm glad everyone could attend. Since there's so many of us here, and it seems like Haseo is doing all the work, I was wondering if we couldn't start helping out- maybe put together a cooking roster, a cleaning rotation... something like that. After all, we're all in this together, right?

...Maybe we could even RESIST killing each other for a minute?!

((Kuhn called all the G.U. partyhut members together, but other people are free to intrude, interrupt, and generally cause chaos. Enjoy ur threadhopping. XD))
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Nice night. Still kinda warmish, but nothin' like it was. Not that I minded the heat, but I guess that puts me in the minority.

Weather aside, since I got nothin' crazy followin' me around for once, and I'm sure as hell bored enough... guess I'll ask:

Any requests?

((lolol he's bored and so am I. Humor him~? Also, yes the sax is out of the case a la icon.))

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Aug. 25th, 2007 10:46 pm
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...Anise? Um... I hate to be a bother, but...

...Is this usual? I... don't think that miniature volcanoes typically appear like this...

((Ion is chilling outside the Abyss hut, and... a miniature volcano is in front of him, just kinda bubbling. Yeah. HE'S FREAKED OUT FOR GOOD REASON.))
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...ha...huu...It was a dream. Just that dream. It wasn't...wasn't real... ... ...I'm not tired anymore. Maybe I should go for a walk.

A drink of water sounds nice. The stream was this way, right? I hear running water. This must be the right way, so...

It was just a dream. They're both alive and well...

[ooc: so uh. Lenalee has this thing with nightmares about her friends and dying and nothappy things involving rubble and black moons. And she had one about Rabi and Allen and woke up screaming. For those that keep with the series, think latest chapter. Feel free to have your character come investigate.

...Also feel free to take this in a less depressing direction.]


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