Aug. 21st, 2007

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For those who haven't run into him yet, Yuuri's come back, and apologizes for anyone he worried. I've also been alright, just keeping to myself because of the heat and all...

And what's this I hear about a giant ape?

[Private to Souji]

I... need to talk to you.


[Guess who's back from emoing in a hole from the Moe Note experience? /o/ Yes, it took this long for the thread to get close to being done. And it's still not finished. Also, Wolfram's lying through his teeth about the weather. He's a fire elemental, after all. BEWARE EMO.]
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And just when I thought I had seen everything.

Is it necessary to slay this beast, or will it just disappear eventually?

((Hijikata is watching King Kong from a distance. This island confuses him more each day. XD))
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WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! That monkey is HUGE! Where did he come from?

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[Private to Hei]

They're here.


((ooc: lol 'sup standing right at her pond which she often uses to observe from, and there's King Kong chilling in there having a snooze. Possibility of having gallant hero archetypes saving her or dragging her to safety...your call!))
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It's kind of heartbreaking when you know you won't get a tan, no matter how long you just lie around and bake in the sun. Takes all the fun out of being awake during the day, that's for sure. It's just unfortunate that the nightlife here is pretty dull--well, not so much now that I'm sharing a cave with a rather amusing fellow.

Which reminds me~ You really ought to refurnish that place, Giovanni~ It's rather dull and dank, even for a cave. A coffin or two might spruce things up; candles would also be nice for two reasons--one, I'm not a giant fan of all that artificial lighting, and two...I doubt the island comes with electricity.

But as far as a vacation spots go, this place isn't all that bad. It helps that I can't feel the heat, but I think it's more the...colorful group of people here. And I don't just mean the abundance of you cheerful queers, either♥ The only setback is that everyone here is so keen on fighting one another. Even the ladies--though one might just blame that on the abundance of testosterone here, haha.

....Sigh~ I just can't seem to get used to this whole 'awake during the day' routine. How do you Red Bloods manage this every day~?
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AHHH~ That was a nice nap! I haven't slept that well in a loooong time... It's not the same as a hug from Ikki-kun, (or Wata, or Yuuri or...) Mm, but August is so sweet (*mwah!♥*) ...for now anyway.

...But I might be getting into big trouble... [filtered to friends] David said August has already grown to Level Two and by Level Three won't want to give hugs anymore. (*sigh~*)... Agito's already worried it might kill me in my sleep... but how can something that gives hugs and makes me feel good really be so bad? [/filter] Guess I should do something about August. But what?

[[ ((if hacking, mood = anxious.)) AUGUST is the name of the 160cm bear given to akito that hugs him as much as he wants! \o\ looks kinda like this? ]]
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Ahah~! The last two days are a blur~! I don't remember some things. Except some monkeys and -- that water was very --

?! Huhm...I don't remember falling asleep in the cave either. Weird~!

Anyway. Apparently King Kong is here! ^_^ That's cool~!

Why do I have the urge to kick David?
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If anybody here did this to me, I'm going to punch them in the face. I don't care if it was an accident. Still workin' on how I'm gonna punch the island itself in the face if it was its fault.

This is ridiculous.

((....yah. Things to know about Leo-in-Mom's-body: One, he is growed up and has boobs etc. Two, he will not be able to see very well. If something's right up in his face, yeah, he can see it, but from a normal distance away, he'll only be able to recognise a person if they're very distinctive. Of course, if he's interacted with you before, he'll probably recognise your voice. yeah, he hasn't noticed King Kong. Win.))


Aug. 21st, 2007 12:25 pm
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Never mind where I'm going, just follow that c--! Wait, did I just lose my reception?

..... Where'd the driver go? ... For that matter, where did Tokyo go?

If I were anyone else, I'd think this was just an effect from drinking so much. But this was nothing compared to that time in London... oh, the look on November's face...

Speaking of that guy, what kind of idiot puts a joke as a phone message? It wasn't even that funny! Thanks to him and his clergymen, they probably got away and now I'm stuck in a... whatever this is. And is that a giant monkey in the distance...?

Were the drinks drugged? No, I would have noticed; but there has to be an explanation for this... a logical one, anyway. And this couldn't have been her doing... right?

Aaaagh, first crappy hosts and now this! It's like a set-up for another of November's bad jokes!

... I wonder how good their beer supply is here. Wherever here is.

((Say hi to April and be nice or she'll make it rain on you. 8D))
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Well, it's nice to know Island appreciates movies. Hm... I suppose it had to be King Kong with an environment like this, but I feel rather unsafe. I think I'll keep to the cave until Island gets bored and send it away and pray that it doesn't get angry and smash in the cave. I recommend everyone else stays away from it as well.

In other news, still no progress on the cure. After the little accident I had, I'm not working on it as much. I guess even logic can get spooked sometimes, but don't worry. I won't totally stop until I succeed. Science will prevail!
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Hmm...I need one more ingredient to make that meal...oh! There it is! I just have to climb that tree, and I'll be able to get it. Here we go! Wow, I'm not so bad at climbing especially for someone with little upper-body strength, so I guess-

...What's that cracking noise? ...!!! fdskflkdjfskdfj AAAAAAAAAH!

..............I'm not dead...these vines saved me. Thank goodness! Now I just have to- ...great.

((Have a Wata tangled in vines and dangling upside-down from a tree.))
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Whew, it's nice to get outta that sun for a bit. Didn't even know we had a library here. Maybe there's something interesting to on engineering or something.

Here we go...uh...this is me? What the heck...? And this...and this...


((Jim wanted out of the heat, so he ducked into the library. And found crossover doujinshi. About Senri and him. Enjoy~!))
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...Vampires and giant gorillas. Why does this remind me of the B-rated films I'd see advertised back on Osiris?

There is a man here named Zelman. He has red hair, and he's not hard to miss in a crowd. He is a vampire and he is not to be trusted.

But aside from that, I'd hope people don't need to be warned to stay away from that gorilla. I'm still not back to 100% and I'm not sure how helpful I would be to anyone in a crisis.
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Kong Kong. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. Peter Jackson's version, which was entirely CG and performance capture, circa... 2005? Well, movie-timeline-wise this one was circa 1933. The running time was something insane like three hours, but aside from that it didn't receive a lot of criticism and won a few Academy Awards.

That would make this Skull Island, except for the lack of bloodthirsty human-sacrificing natives, and dinosaurs everywhere.

And the giant wall. I'm seeing a distinct lack of gigantic walls.

... Haa. It wasn't as good as Requiem for a Dream, but it had a really sad ending. ... I miss all the movies back home.
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....IT'S SO HOT! Not even layin' on rocks works. It looks comfy whenever snakes and lizards do it, but it gave me a really bad burn on my back when I tried.

MONKEY! No wait....GORILLA! If he's just walkin' around and not really doin' anything, do ya think he's lookin' for Tarzan? Maybe Tarzan got lost while lookin' for Jane and the Gorilla got worried and went to go look for him. I bet Tarzan and Jane get lots of free rides on the Gorillas shoulders and if they accidentally fall off, they'll just land in the Gorilla's hands.

I just can't go 'round callin' him Gorilla. He needs a name. Hmmm...what about Bongo? Kinda like Congo, except bongos make lots of noise and if ya hit them hard enough, they vibrate. Just like the big Gorilla's steps.
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...nn? This isn't--the ship...? What happened? There was all that ruckus on deck. Anita, Rabi, everyone? There's nobody here...I'm--ow. I have a lump on the back of my head...? Come to think of it, this place doesn't even look like China...

The only logical explanation is that we've been shipwrecked, but I don't see any wreckage. I'm on a tropical beach of some sort and there doesn't seem to be any civiliza--I hear people. Maybe they're somewhere around here...

...I don't know where I can even begin to look. If I search from the air, I could probably spot them...

Innocence, Invocate! Step Skill of Sound: Sound Shackles!

I hope they're oka--i-is that a...giant gorilla?

[Juu with her 3rd, Lenalee Lee of the D.Gray-Man fame.

toward the end there, Lenalee has invocated her boots, jumped up into the air, and began walking as though on solid ground. So yes, random girl in the air, staring at Kong.]
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.... ughhhn... my head hurts a lot... I feel like I went flying upside down on a Rheiard way too long...

Woah, is that a monster boss? Where'd that come from? Sheesh, I hope it doesn't step on the hut, it took a long time to build that! Well, not really, but that's two days of my life gone!

Are we supposed to attack it? Would it drop any kind of items, or gald? I don't know, I'm still feeling pretty dizzy... and hungry too. Huh.

[Private to Kratos]
... hey Kratos, mind if I talk to you for a bit?
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Marona, how are you feeling today? It's getting hotter and hotter every day. Weather like this could kill children and the elderly... so just stay inside for now with Castile, I'll tend to the garden.

It feels like this island is always trying to test our endurance for the extremes...

... ... I don't sense an evil aura causing the heat wave, either. Whoever runs the show here just likes to have fun with us, I guess. It's a shame I can't feel it.

...? Did Castile's putty leave this here? It looks like the leaf hat they wear.

[[ Ash wears really heavy clothes from top to bottom. So uh. yeah. Heatwave + coat + SCARF + black pants = ?! NOW WITH PUTTY HAT. ]]
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What is this?

A datapad!!! What is this doing here? Who does it belong to I wonder.... Ohh... it's broken.  Is there a mechanic nearby? Anyone god with electronics or such?
((Ben found a datapad, which for those of you who don't know what that is, think a journal or diary of a Jedi. Unfortunately it's broken so feel free to try and fix it, fix it, or ask about it..... oh and one entry is all that he can get on screen))
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King Kong, hm? That's interesting, Island, but a tad uncreative~ Though it is making me want to see that remake they made....

... Still, I hope no one's gotten hurt? Hopefully he won't stay for very long, but until then we should all probably lay low. Especially with things as hot as they are....

[Private to Mighty//Unhackable]

... I'm sorry I took so long.


... Would anyone like some?

((Despite everything, Mia's finally in a good mood. In fact, she's in such a good mood, she's actually eating the strawberry dessert D gave her. 8D;; She tested it on herself, so it's safe, and she's willing to share.))
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... Wonder if it'll give out rare items. I wanna see someone Data Drain it.

[ ooc; Zefie knows this isn't The World, but--! why not. so she's staring up at King Kong, regarding it as a boss monster. or something. .hackers are encouraged to reply + threadhop ( that doesn't stop non-internets people, though--! ) and... stuff. :|b ]
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What's wroooong~? Are you lost?

Oh, don't make such a sad face! I know it must be hard for you to be so far away from home, but I'm sure you can make it! ♥ Don't give up, okay? I'm cheering for you! ♥

If it makes you feel a little better, let's play... hide-and-go-seek! ...Of course you can hide if you really want to! It's fun for both of us either way~ ♥


((Grune is currently trying to talk to King Kong. She's totally oblivious to the fact that he can't hear her, much less understand what she's talking about. This game of hide-and-seek will not end well!))
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((ooc; 7th character GET. ... also plz refer to icon as for wth is going on. Yes it's what it looks like. ))
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I am not a damn flashlight. How do I turn it off!?

((Yeah, Shadow? He's glowing. Bright red. Very bright. Like in his icon!))
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Still nothing. I ...guess I have no choice.

Everyone here! I´m looking for a missing person! He´s a wimpy looking highschooler with short, black hair and maybe wearing glasses. He´s extremely easy to scare and to intimidate and looks just like the perfect victim. Likes occult stuff and keeps trying to help people. The last time seen: during that night so many people refuse to talk about, when he was going to a cave with a friend.

...There´s a chance that he´s been injured or killed, so this is serious.


Souma, you idiot..! You better didn´t go and get yourself killed-!


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