Aug. 20th, 2007

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This is ridiculous. The heat here... where the hell did that breeze go? I thought this was an island, not a desert. Damn island.

[[ooc: Yeah, Asch is sitting in the shade with nothing but his pants on... because really... who would wear all those layers of clothing during a heat wave?]]
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I'm Mister Green Christmas
I'm Mister Sun
I'm Mister Heat Blister
I'm Mister Hundred and One
They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!

He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun
He's Mister Heat Blister
He's Mister Hundred and One

They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch

He's too much!

Thank you!
I never want to see a day
That's under sixty degrees
I'd rather have it eighty,
Ninety, one hundred degrees!

Oh, some like it hot, but I like it
REALLY hot! Hee hee!

He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun

Sing it!

He's Mister Heat Blister
He's Mister Hundred and One

They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!

Too Much!

((lolol enjoying your heat wave yet, island?))
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Uwaaaah~!! I slept like a stone! I wonder if I´d missed something...?

Hrm, what´s this? ´Hell-Marker´... How the hell did that get into my pocket? hrmmmm... Ah, I know! I scribbled on that guy´s face the other night! Kekeke, I wonder if he ever got it off? What´s written there? ´Writing will only dissapear if you...-´ WHA-?! And I...- Gyahahahahaa!! Now I almost feel bad for doing it! Almost~! Poor Rudy, I wonder how he´s going to explain that...! Now if I could just remember what I wrote

Somehow the perspective of this place has changed.

// private - easily hackable if you try //

I wonder what was going on before? I woke up in some cold cave after giving that Lampy-guy my name... There´s been something with me, Souma and Rudy... I don´t get why that scaredy-cat suddenly instisted on me taken control over his body.

(so... mega-ultra-late moe-aftermath and to make matters worse island decided to turn Sword into a chibi version of himself which - he hasn´t noticed yet. XD He looks like this and is about the size of a barbie doll 8D;;)
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It's hot...! It certainly feels like summer now. Now, if only I could get these fans to work properly -- it's a problem when the leaves keep wilting!

Ahahaha, that said~ it's been altogether too long since I had a decent sparring match. Though I don't quite feel like doing much in this heat, I'm sure there are a lot of fighters here who I haven't met..! You don't have to be a sword-wielder -- I'd be interested in speaking to anyone who considers themselves highly skilled in their preferred art or weapon. ♥

And Senri-san, it's been a long time since your last lesson, too... how is your practice coming along?

Has anyone seen Yamamoto-kun? He's been gone for quite a while.
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Hey Sanzo, Hakkai, is it okay if somebody comes to stay in the cave for a bit? Kaoru's tryin' to build a house, but it's not done yet, so he needs someplace to sleep!

...does anybody know how to deal with this crappy heat? Other than just spendin' all the time swimming t' cool down? This's like livin' in a swamp! It sucks.
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... ... The Founding of the Noswald Empire ...

munch, munch

... is a profound historical event that intertwines with the legend of Shining Force...


And so -- ... this coconut isn't half bad -- it is believed that the rightful ownership of Shining Force... munch! belongs to he who rules the Empire with a strict but just ruling. In other words, the Divine Ruler Ragnadaam the III, commonly referred to as 'The Lion'...


Much can be said about our noble king - Freeze! (LVL1!) - but scholars will forever believe that those chosen by the sword will always be the true owners. History takes no part in choosing the owners...

... only a good heart and a will to live are taken in as factors. Is this destiny, or just scholarly squabbles?

Who knows.

[[ Uh, feel free to come near her if your character wants some cooling? Cyrille is la-la-la reading out loud on the floor a Midwinter book she found and eating bits of non-alcoholic coconut. She's currently casting Freeze (LvL1!) over and over to create icicles around her to keep herself cool.]]
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Uhuuugh.... why the hell did it get so damn hot all of a sudden?! I feel like I'm melting, and I've been fanning myself for an hour now! It doesn't even feel like it's working, dammit! I'm so sick of all this heat! Like it wasn't hot enough before!

Huh? What the hell is that? Some kind of giant ape, obviously? Hey, some overgrown monkey's running around wreaking the place. I'm too hot to do anything about it, though! Giroro. You think it'd want revenge on us for stealing all the stuff they stole from everyone else?

Ew, I'm sweating too much... gross!! I think I'll go swimming here soon, I'm feeling really nasty just standing around in this heat!
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Hmph. I don't see what the hell all you are complaining about, this heat is nothing! After you've dived into flowing lava, all other kinds of heat becomes pathetic!

As for that damn giant monkey that's running around, I'm going to just ignore it. I don't feel like trying to beat that thing after the last giant boss monster showed up. I was finally wearing it down, then the damn thing vanished! It probably isn't even worth the experience it might give... Now if it comes anywhere near where I'm staying, that's a different story!

Hmhmhm... But in the meantime, I'm just going to sit over here and mock you all with my ability to create ice whenever I want it!

(( ooc; He's eating a makeshift snow cone out of half of a coconut shell, while watching King Kong run amok, with a pretty big block of ice nearby. Go go magic ice that can somewhat take the heat? ))
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Man, it's freakin' hot out. I think I'll just stay in bed all day and......where's my clothes? Where are my guns? Where's my freakin' sword!?.....and why the hell am I this thing AGAIN?! GODDAMN MONKEYS! When I'm done with those things, they're gonna f**king wish they've never been born. Gotta change back first though...crap.

Anyone got a light?

((Dante had his stuff stolen and was transformed to curse-Grunty by monkies. Note, helping him causes nudity on Dante's part))
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… hm~?

Now, where could this be? I don’t remember Tokyo looking like a beach.

Is this a contractor’s power…? But, no, I think something like this would at least require eye contact. It’s a strange illusion to use to try and fight me, too. Or maybe it’s just a distraction…?

Hm, but I still wonder what this place is. I think anywhere north could be ruled out, since those beaches don’t look like these ones. Seems like Hawaii or somewhere else south like it.

This’d be a nice vacation spot for Hei and I. Oh, and speaking of Hei, if you’re here…. Can we try a better greeting than the last time we met? Like ‘you get prettier and prettier every time I see you” or a “hey, how’s it been”? I think Yin would approve of that, too.

My advice will probably be a lost cause on you, though. –siigh-

… Oh? Monkeys? I didn’t know that monkeys lived in Hawaii – oh, are you guys trying to get this meteor shard~? –holds it out of reach- Sorry, but I think I’m gonna keep it nice and safe until I find a way out of this place. ♥ Would you be so kind to show me a way out, little monkeys?

… No, I don’t think swimming will work, but thanks for the suggestion.

((Copy-pasta is a go?))
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... Hm. "Stay by my side just a little longer, please don't forget me..." That doesn't sound right. I wonder how the tune went...? Would Li remember?

My hair is slightly mussed up. This won't do. It will be rather troublesome to tie it back up myself though after brushing it up.... And it's still very warm. Kanaria's probably spying on people exploring again.

[Filtered from Haine]

Hina Ichigo, Haine is not feeling well again. The heat is unbearable for him, so don't bother him.

[/filter end]

((Just sitting in the shade, her petticoat and bonnet off, hair down. *A* She looks so lovely hair down yus))
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[[Remember that King Kong will be here for the next two days. He's big, he's ... we all know this, yes XD ]]
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WHY IS THE JUNGLE GOD HERE?!?!?!?! Please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed, please be calmed.

Quick, we need to make an offering to appease him.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: The Vongolas' 10th boss is here, SO ALL OF YOU BETTER WATCH OUT AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HIS WAY, YOU HEAR?! Otherwise, I'll be happy to blow you all the way to next week.

Oh right, 10th!!! I've got your cave and everything ready! Do you want dingo or monkey for dinner?

[[oops epic trip into town; will tag back later /o/]]
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Haaai. Come one, come all! This is the great island garage sale, where you can buy everything you need, for only... well, just... find something and we'll see what you have so we can trade. Sukiyaki would be the best kind of payment, by the way. If you're a JUMP character, you get a disconut!

We have some snake skin, safe coconuts, some blankets, dingo bones, old manga, some old newspapers, a dead bird, a sandwich filled with ham, mayo and ketchup and some other things.

Oi, Kagura, where did the sukonbu go?!
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There's an overgrown gorilla on the Island.


I really don't know what else to say about it. Not gonna challenge it in this weather, it's too hot and that thing looks like it might be able to crush the hut.

Just gonna sit here.

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Haa...Great..giant apes. ...Well, as long as it doesn't try to stomp on me, I guess I won't have to try attacking it...

In this heat, all the flowers will wilt...darnit..I wanted to make a bouqet too...


((If you catch sight of Omi, he'll probably be sighing a lot. [nodnod]))
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You know you've been here too long when you look up and go "oh look, a giant gorilla" and then move on.

I suppose if we don't bother him, he won't bother us.
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Geez, just when I thought things couldn't get much worse. Where's that Magic Lens-- Ahh, crap, I'm all out!

A-alright... Mmm, so, it's a just a larger, much more stinky monkey. It's probably weak to Fire Artes.


--Urgg, ahh, one more time! FIREBALL!!!

((Keele throwing fireballs at King Kong))
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Bwahaha~ The idiot with glasses gave me a WONDERFUL idea!


...As long as you're able to give me something in return, if you don't have anything too bad so sad.

..Wait, what the hell... WHERE DID THAT HUGE UGLY APE COME FROM!!?

Well, whatever, not one of the strangest things I've seen..

....Hey, ugly ape, the icicles aren't free. If you want one, you gotta give me something in return. I DON'T CARE HOW BIG YOU ARE, NOTHING IS FREE!
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Ugh...why hasn't it gotten cooler yet?! I'm sick and tired of being all freaking hot and sweaty! And it really sucks, because Azusa's ice rink-thing melted.... Damnit.


..........OH RIGHT--before I forget~ Li~~~~~! Get your boring ass over here--I finished your damn picture! )

Hehehehehe~~~ Looks juuuuust like you, huh?? I'm getting the akuma I made to drop copies I made all over the island, just like I promised~ But just so you know, I got bored of drawing you halfway through so it kind of sucks. Oh well.
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...I believe that this is the warmest it's been since I arrived here. It's not right.


...I must be seeing things. I should go back to that cave for the time being.

((No coat, just a frilly shirt. And yay! for rare occasion of actually being shocked by something!))
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Okay, okay, okay. I think we've all noticed the huge, gigantic, horribly terrifying monkey parading around the Island. Yeah?

If you haven't.... There it is. Try not to get stepped on. Or maimed.

... Anybody up for a magic trick?

((Yuuichi found coins in his pocket and he's playing with them. He doesn't actually know magic, it'll just be retarded stuff like putting it back in his pocket or throwing it in the bushes or something :3))
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Oi! Who used the engorgio charm on that gorilla? Didn't anyone ever teach you that it's a bad idea to use that damn spell on something that's already big to begin with?

Right then. Who here knows any really powerful shrinking spells? I'm afraid finite incatatem just isn't going to cut it this time. Whew, his breath smells.
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I thought protecting it from the undead was difficult enough, but this--

Ah, please don't step there...!!!

[Private, Hackable]

I have to keep this in my body for another week, he said... I'm very grateful to him for all that he's done, but having no body temperature whatsoever is a little... disconcerting. It's manageable, though.


Please stop, I don't want to freeze you, Monkey-san...

((Thanks to Ginko's method of helping Yukina deal with heatstroke, she now has no body temperature. ... which would mean death for most people but hooray Ice Maiden, so she's just fine. Just as a warning, though, in case you touch her-- she's not warm at ALL and she's sort of lacking in color. -- Also trying to shoo King Kong away from the garden, silly girl.))
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Question time!

What is it about fighting that's so cool?

I think it's stupid and anyone who fights for fun is an idiot.
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Building this raft was a good idea. Not only does it make it easier to fish in the ocean, but it's proving pretty useful right now.

Anyone want to go out to sea with me? I think I have room for a couple more people, and it's probably safer than being on the island right now.

((so Wolf built a raft for fishing. Okay, calling it a raft is being generous. It's actually just three logs tied together. It works, though.))

A new suit

Aug. 20th, 2007 09:02 pm
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Ah, the heat is simply unbearable; perhaps a quick swim will help.

Interesting, the spring suddenly seems much larger...and the weather, much hotter.

This must be what they meant by 'cursed' springs.

((In an attempt to cool off, Sei-chan took a dip in one of the springs...too bad for him it's the "spring of drowned penguin." ))
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A very intruiging creature...but it will not soon meet its death, for size does not represent power.

I, Princess L'Arachel of Rausten, the Mandate of Heaven, shall purge this place of its presence!!! Foul creature, leave this place at once! Your dark, evil, form, shall no longer be tolerated! *Shine!!!*

Noble knights of honor! We ride together to rid this sacred ground of this beast!

((Oho...I'm alive. XD L'Arachel attempts to fight King Kong! Lol...))
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Enma! Why are you here on the Island?! He is here? ...You are unable to talk then?! If he is here, than I will need Man --


What is this racket following me around?

...Is that my voice?

It's hard to explain
My ninja info cards
These cards are
My ninja info cards
They're chakra encoded with
My ninja info cards
With everything I've learned with
My ninja info cards
They may not look like much
My ninja info cards
That they appear blank
My ninja info cards
It shows the geographical distribution
My ninja info cards
Of all the candidates with
My ninja info cards

This is ridiculous.

[[ For those who don't know, Enma is a monkey summon in the canon of Naruto. He was contracted to the Third Hokage, and fought along side him against Orochimaru XD. And Kabuto is being followed around to a remix of "My Ninja Info Cards", found here beware, addicting. XDD ]]
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Yukina-san, I trust you and your garden are alright. It would appear that I lost the giant monkey a couple of miles back. If he bothers you again, please feel free to call me.

Sword-san I would be happy to help you in that look for your host body now. It would probably go much more quickly now, then before.

Shindou-san, I hope you have recovered from your previous affliction. If not, Sword-san the deal would be off, but I am a man of my word.

Gokudera-kun... please stay out of trouble.

...For some reason I feel cooler than I did before.

[ooc: Alright, in order to save Yukina's garden from Kong, Tsuna has gone into his 'Hyper Dying Will Mode'. Basically his speed, strength, wisdom, and intuition have dramatically increased. He is also on fire ala icon, has the ability to fly, and is just a bit drywall. It'll wear off eventually. Plus being on fire and an extremely hot enviorment equals completely comfortable! :D]
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Isn't this just odd? I wonder how such a thing happened. Or why, rather.

Hm... It appears to be stuck. I cannot pull it out.

Odd. Where did this writing come from? It had not been there a moment ago...

If ye wish to pluck the prize,
Your answer won't come to obvious eyes.
Baby and Daddy complete the circuit.
What be you; a wise man, or a twit?

...... Well, that was rather unkind, Stone-san.

((Kaworu found a plastic toy sword embedded in the rock, with said riddle appearing on the stone after he tried to remove it. What is the solution? Can you or your characters guess? :3 Enjoy. I hope this is all right for me to do. XD))
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Anyone feel like fried dingo? It might taste okay.

((Sylvie got bored and went on a little sojourn into the forest. Crossed paths with a dingo, fried it with her staff. It's out, but it may not be dead. Burned pretty badly though. Feel free to have it wake up in your tag. 8D))
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Great. One of those XXL-tourists... I hope he finds a hotel with a bathroom in his size.

On another note, I´m neither a ´beastman´ nor a ´furry´. I don´t even know what they are, but the next one who starts screaming ´aah, a whatever!´ and tries to attack me will get a friendly reminder to keep from doing so the next time. I´m also no giant chicken that can be roasted and eaten. I had to kill a few monkeys to get that point across - the heat really messes with their minds. .....I guess I should also appologize to whoever I harassed while I was drunk. I´m sorry if I did anything bad.

Oh? What´s that? .....Great. That infernal book Mighty found. Time to get rid of it for good. --!

Mighty!!!! >o

(he just got burried in a huge pile of Birdy/Mermaid hentai doujinshi after trying to destroy the one Mighty found and gave him)


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