Aug. 13th, 2007

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... Hm. I can't seem to get rid of them.

((ooc; HE HAS THOSE HOVERING OVER HIS HEAD OKAY. Line to interrogate Lulu starts over by the bushes. ))
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Okay, just have to ask... why is it that every time Excel pops her head out people are acting really weird towards each other? There was this time, and then that time, and the time before that, and Excel doesn't think there's been anything recently besides those weird geese, and that wouldn't turn everyone all weird or anything like that, so someone please tell Excel:

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Please, do not be alarmed. That explosion was nothing serious. Just a false alarm, really. Nobody was hurt! Not even me! Please ignore the stains on my jacket.

...ears are ringing... I should find a safe hot spring... I'm bleeding a bit...

((Okay, so, if you were in the vicinity of the Lawyercave, you may have heard a significant explosion coming from its depths. Ema's experiment went boom, and she is covered in dust and stuff from her fall, plus got hit from shards of glass test tube that broke. Also, smoke is billowing from the cave. She's acting like she's unharmed, but... She is. Harmed, I mean.))
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[Private to Tokiko // Hackable by the FMA cast]
I think I might have found a possible homunculus- plant type. I ran into it a while ago, and it nearly ate me. We'll have to investigate this, especially the creator it named- a certain "Russel"? If at all possible, we'll need to take out this homunculus as soon as possible before it eats anyone else, although I'm not sure how many people it's eaten. Also, we'll need to talk to the creator if we can find him.

Remember- there is no deadline, so let's try to make this as thorough as possible.

I'd like to forget about THAT, but I don't think I'll be able to for a while. And I'd like my shirt back too. That situation seemed all too familiar, but the culprit couldn't be the same, because that girl was no where near us...

((Yeah yeah, obligatory Moe Note reaction...but the Extermination of Audrey 2 is about to begin--!))
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I always was a bit curious about the claims of these springs. Perhaps it is time to test wether or not the claims of them are true. Now, let's go get one of the oth-*SPLOSH*

So, there I was, minding my own business, as usual, when one of those self-same springs just popped out of nowhere under me. As I dragged me and my containment unit out of cold water, I realized that the world seemed to be much darker, that around every tree trunk, behind every rock, were the pursuers. I hadn't expected them to find me so quickly, not here. I pulled out my gun from my inventory space, and said only one sentence to them.

I had not expected you to come here.

((OOC: Ovan fell into Drowned Noir Spring. He's colored jsut like a noir film actor and has monolouges going on in his head. Anyone can hear them, unless they are the ones being talked about.

Also, tagging will be slow these few days. My laptop cord ripped and we need a replacement. DX))

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That was a very awkward night. And it seems he has disappeared again. Mn. I don't care if he's gone anymore, I just needed to speak my mind. He is NOT charming and I do not have any feelings for him in any shape or form.

[Private, possibly hackable]

I had a dream again. It was not the same repetitive dream I had about 'her,' but.... It was Otou-sama. The images were... Vague. Did it take place when I was first created and awoke? I do not know. But perhaps not... I heard his voice, whispering of things I could not hear, but I knew were significant.

Otou-sama's voice... It was so warm, so comforting. I felt so... Safe, enveloped by that warmth... I wonder if Hina Ichigo has been having any dreams lately.

[/private end]

Watanuki! If you're around, it's almost time for tea. I expect the next pot to be brewed perfectly, no exceptions.

((Slightly-obligatory post Moe Note, but not rly lol.))
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This is the life, isn't it Timon? A beautiful evening with a nice light breeze and a hot spring ALL to ourselves!

And best of all, no one trying to eat me!

In ways this place really isn't a lot different from our jungle... although in ways it's a LOT LOT LOT different. At least there's lots of bugs!

I wonder how Simba and Nala are... Think their cub is born yet? I wonder if it was a girl or a boy...

((Whoo! Finally a new T&P post before paid time dies orz... their lounging in one of the safe bubbling hot springs. :D Heads up: Timon will be thread hopping in with Pumbaa (we try to keep a character/pumbaa/timon turn order), and others are welcome to thread hop too /o/))
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Let's play!!  It's been a long time since we had gym class, I miss throwing the soccer ball with Tatsuki-chan.  But we can do our own Beach Play Olympics here!  *_*  There are all kinds of games we can play in the sun and the sand! 

Who wants to play Base-ccer!  It's like Baseball, but you get to hit a soccer ball with a big bat!  Or maybe we can play Capture the Flag!  OH!  We could play Lava Monster!  :O!  Who wants to be "it"?! 
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. . .

((post moe noting and Kirsi-fication. That's A LOT to think about for a doll. orz.))
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[Private | Oh So Very Hackable]

...It happened again.

Mn, but at least this time no real harm was done, thankfully.

Perhaps I should apologize to Phoenix. Though...I'm sure he understands as well. The man's not dumb after all.


I've actually been able to relax more this past week. I haven't been as frustrated and my mind is less cluttered than it has been. It's been a good week for me, all things considered.

...I think I'll be okay.

Huh? Ah, I was wondering when I'd see you again. How have you been?

((Kitty's back! At least for this post anyway. Anyone who tags asking about the cat, expect to be tag teamed. Be careful, though! She can get sort of jealous so be cautious of your actions. Or not. It's more fun if you aren't. 8D))
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A letter... it's for me? ) T-this writing... it's Papa's!! It says...

"Dear Anise,

It has been many long months since we have seen or heard from you. Everyone here in Daath seems to believe that you are dead, but your mother and I know in our hearts that you are still alive somewhere, and we pray each and every day for your safe return."

Papa... Mama...

"That is why, when we received a sum of money in life insurance, we made sure to send it right back."

W-wait... they did what!?

"Please come home soon. Signed, your loving parents."


...Papa... this is why we can't have nice things...
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Damn, I´m drunk! I´m drunk, damn~. But the situation justifies it.  ..Doesn´t it? I´ve run the whole around, around this island and it´s covered with barrier surrounding it. Im caught. We are. Alone. On a crazy island. And Shirobon´s here – the brat. And his pet. And Mermaid Bomber. And another Mighty. The how many´th is that? They come and go, first Mighty-Mighty, then Max-Mighty, then Zero-Mighty,… They come up and appear and die and appear and explode and apper- appear~..! I don´t want to think about what happened with that girl. I don´t want to!

A bar. That´s good. A bar´s a good place. There is a hotel nearby.  I still need a place to sleep..  And I´m thirsty. A bar´s a good place. I deserve one night of getting drunk after this. I am pretty darn drunk already…~! A bar´s a good place right now. They know how to deal drinks  - with drunks. Mama-san? I want a ´Golden Sun´. Or a ´Caipirinha´ if you don´t have the first… And something to sit down. Would be nice. Since my mechanic´s is a bit off right now.. But I deserve a drink.  I do.

(Warning for drunk logic and rambling ahead. XDD After landing on the island, meeting his dead BFF and getting Moe Note´d with the least person he´d get close to under normal circumstances the poor guy decided to check out the coconuts XD;;)


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