Aug. 6th, 2007

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Ehhhhhh... this is a really bad feeling! Like planning on eating some Yakisoba only to have it turned into Ramen feeling! Such a disappointment on your part, de arimasu! The plan... was not as planned, de arimasu! And Natsumi-dono's run off and disappeared, de arimasu! That reminds me of Fuyuki-dono... probably crouched in his room, looking up more occult things, de arimasu! He's never going to get anywhere if he stays like that! (hypocrite.)

I would like to watch some TV or something... wonder how many new issues of Shonen Ace they're released, de arimasu. Oh crap, do I still have it? It's in here in my cap somewhere... yes! Yes! YES!!! The last latest issue of Shonen Ace before I was transported here, de arimasu!

Argh, I forgot this one chapter left me on a cliffhanger! I want to know, my thirst to know must be appeased, de arimasu! Hold on one minute, haven't I gone through this kind of scenario before, de arimasu? I know what will make this unique! A question, of course, de arimasu!

Does somebody know where I can find a crossword puzzle or Sudoku to do, de arimasu?
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Well, exploring around the area, I have finally come to the conclusion, like the others have told me, I really am stuck. Attempting to break the Barrier met with unsuccessful results, not to mention tiring me out. Compared to the first couple days, it hasn't been too bad, but I'm still not comfortable knowing that I can't get in touch with the others. 

Anyways, looking around from the air, it seems that there are multiple islands in this area, though each one appears to be smaller than the one I wound up. The vegetation and area also appears to be different from Island to Island, interestingly enough. I've also saw some rather... weird things while I was exploring. Makes me wonder if this Island likes to spawn weird things every once in awhile... Not to mention, I now have that song stuck in my head...

Well, I guess I should take it easy for awhile till I can figure out something...

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I promised her I wouldn't do this again...but

Ah, forget it. It might be fun to do today anyway.

Hey, Senri, wanna join in?

((Jim's got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedlydee, and he's planning on getting snackered. Why? Uh, because, he feels like it. Italics are thoughts, of course. Feel free to join him if you want~.))
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I wish. Mr. Island would send us some ice cream or candy or something. D:

I like fruits though so its okay. Ricerice is okay, too, cuz he showed me where to find some. :O He's not as annoying as baldy, either! I wonder if he's any strong. HMMM.

I wonder who's the strongest on the island here. I kinda hafta know in case Ken-chan gets here so then I can tell Ken-chan who to fight. That sounds like fun, ne ne? 83

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Another day, another island-caused incident.

Someone help me take OFF THIS SHIRT. The statement imprinted upon it is quite rude and frankly untrue!

[Private, Hackable]

I don't know why he had to be so mad about it. Someone like him wouldn't understand Otou-sama. I don't think we're going to talk with each other for a long time...

... Jun. You worthless servant, where are you when you're actually needed?

[/end private]

((Island made Shinku wear a shirt over her dress that has the standard 'I'm With Stupid' slogan with the arrow... Pointing at her. However, whoever comes up and talks to her, the arrow points to said person... No matter where they're standing. Oh yeah, the private part, she's talking about Haine. 8D;;;))
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[private to Edo Shinsengumi]

My men, there is much need for a discussion.


Petals 002

Aug. 6th, 2007 01:04 pm
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Ah, Simon, Kamina-san, Yoko-san, I've been wondering for a while but... When do you intend to leave this island?

We've been here quite a while. Weren't you here before me, as well?

It's very nice here, but...
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Things with David-san were resolved, thankfully. Kimihiro-san, have you found Mugetsu-san? Haine-san... doesn't remember. A few other things as well.

But Kazu-chan has been missing since this morning and I don't know where he could have g--


. . . . . . .


((You know the saying "when pigs fly"? Yukina's piglet was temporarily given wings lol red bull? and is now soaring in circles above her head. Beware of divebombing pig.))
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I have done NOTHING for three whole days. WHY is there nothing to do on this damn island?? Seriously--weird shit happens all the time but right now I'm just BORED. Exploring got old after the first day, and Tyki plays way too rough for any sort of game plus he CHEATS, the tramp. I wish Duke Millennium was here....THEN at least Jasdavid could pick on some akuma.


Where's Haine? I need to shoot something.

((Dx I'm back!♥))
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...The blood's rushing to my head. Time to come down, I guess.

?! What the--hey! Those monkeys...they sure know how to tie knots.

[He's hanging upside down from a tree branch, and the monkeys tied his legs to the tree, so he's kind of stuck. XD;]
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...It has gotten quieter here since the weddings a few weeks ago.


...Tch. I feel like I'm getting rusty. I need to practice more.

((Long line of dots = sitting up aganst a rock contemplating his mother's picture in his pocket watch. May or may not be comparing Yuyama again. It's up to you if you know the series.))
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If that thing ever returns to the Island, I'm going to stay far, far away from it. It's crazy and it deals - way too much damage. And it freaking multiplies when hit, so fighting is out of the question. And running isn't easy when there's a freaking horde after you


Atoli, Endrance, it didn't get either of you, did it?


Aug. 6th, 2007 06:18 pm
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It looks like I'm stuck here for a while! So has anyone got any advice for a newbie~? Nice places to live? Food?

I'm especially looking for somewhere Subaru and I can move into! Sleeping outside is bad for the health and the complexion. ♥
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It's not that I've given up, but there's nothing I can do about it right now.

You're still not off the hook, Okita. Far from it.

But at the moment...

..... this is cruel and unusual. Where's my blade when I need it...

((Naoto found a Muraki plushie outside with the note "For the blushing bride to curl up with when the hubby's away" and it's gone and attached itself to her neck. Lucky girl.))
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I thiiink... the coconuts here are magical Jim-san... :o   I feel kinda funnnnny... ...............

OH!  I remembered.d.d.ddd...!  I have somethin' really really important!  to tell Kuroska... kurska..... skaki... kaki-kun... kuro.......

Kyaaa.... but I can't!  It's too embarrassing~! 

I wonder if the birthday fish was ok... eheh... birthday fish... heh......

But there's no Aizen-sannn for a while now!  It's good, right?  right?  We should... we should have a party!  An... an... and Jim-san!  We can have lotsa magic coconuts!  To celebrate!  It'll be great!  It'll be- ah.... nn.... yeah!
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FOE! FOE! FOE! 9999999 DMG!


--AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAh... Ah.... Uh...? Ugh... j-just a nightmare... it's over. But... W-what happened? Where am I? Wait... Isn't this the Prince's hut? How...? Errrgh... I feel like I have 1hp... Hope the Prince is okay...

How could those stupid things do 9999999 damage?!?!?!

Geez... I need an omega-heal... maybe even two... or three.
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So, it's been rather fruitless to have wasted all that effort for nothing. Oh well. At least that settles that.

Now what to do from here. Everything I've done before all lead up to that one moment. I suppose I could continue to document everything that happens here on the Island. That way some people can actually have written proof of certain things about the Island. I'd suggest some sort of educational facility, but I can already tell what the reaction to that will be for most people here.

... Ow.. Last night was not fun at all.
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I FOUND SOMETHING TOTALLY INTERESTING TODAY! It's a shell that makes sounds! And it's not just those stupid echoing of the ocean that normal shells do, this is different! This one actually sings! Yes, BELIEVE IT!

If you want a demonstration, name your price! Rare shells don't come by very often!!

Come to think of it, I haven't tried it out yet! I just heard it singing from far away. Let's see, maybe I know the song it's singing...!


"Tsun tsun dere dere"...??

... ... ...


((Haha. D: The shell sings an oh so very accurate description of whoever listens to it. Have at, Islanders. *A*))


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