Aug. 3rd, 2007

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((Island will be playing the famous Hallelujah chorus from Handel's "Messiah." You know, the famous church-ish song? Yeah.

For the entire day.))
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You know what would be really FUN, guys? A nice, sane game of I Spy. No screaming, no violence, no crazy people stuff~

Just something SANE and SAFE. ♥ Sounds fun, right?!

Come on! Play with me!

Unless you're crazy or creepy. Then you can go away. :/

((Strikes nonexistent.))
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So this is in real-life and at the same time, I'm logged in. This is certainly unconventional. This isn't a special event either. Hm.

An island song
Like a floating river
Rain Rain Fall Fall

... it matches well with some sake. I should look for a place with sake here.
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((short post is short. Unconscious after his run-in with Haine, stomach wound still bleeding and literally out of energy from fighting him. Help needed plz))
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Man I feel great! It always takes a couple days to get my energy back after a full moon, but it feels so nice afterwards. Say, who's up for a giant barbe-

...Did I miss something?

((Yes, Wolf was sleeping while everyone went crazy. >>;; ))
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Well, after nearly going nuts on this guy, and some girl taking me to where I could take a bath, I'm a bit more relaxed now. Finally clean and don't smell like some cow pie.  I'm also releaved to see that there's a bunch of people on this island. Not sure how the hell I managed to avoid most of them. Also, rather particularly surprised to see an Inn on an island. Though... it seems to be a little beat up currently. Wonder what happened...

The only problem is I really need to get a new set of clothing. Walking around with just a towel is not exactly my idea of clothing. If worst comes to worse, I'll just use that until I can find a place to get some new clothing.  I doubt the others would mind if I do, given the current situation.

Now... The only other thing I need to know is: Where in the hell is that singing coming from?! It's getting on my nerves...

(Kaoru's just sitting around the inn currently, with just a towel wrapped around him her.))

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Two shoulders with bullet wounds, a broken arm, injured thigh... I can't always stop people from hurting my friends, it seems. But that doesn't mean I'm going to accept this.

David-san, a word, please.

... I'm sorry, Senri-san, but Giovanni-san said he wouldn't tell me why he injured your friend. He was very polite about it, though. Maybe you should ask her instead?

Oh! And Momoka-san, I think I might have found a cave that will work. If we furnish it a little, it should be fine, ne? Ledah-san has been kind to offer us a place to stay, but I don't want to impose on anyone's hospitality for too long.

If anyone else is still injured, please see me. Also, thank you to... everyone. You've all helped me so much, whether I deserved it or not.

... The music is pretty. ♥

((Tired from healing and just a little miffed at the people who hurt her friends, but other than that, she's cheered up some. /o/))
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[Filtered from Haine]

Hina Ichigo, I have an order that you must follow very closely. Leave Haine alone for a while, he hasn't been feeling well. He'll probably get annoyed if you try to bother him.

... He has a stomachache.

[/end filter]

The music hasn't been so bad. It takes out the eerie silence while exploring the forest. And I found a vine of jelly beans. These jelly beans not only look odd, they TASTE odd. The one I just ate... It tasted like Hanamaru Hamburger. And this pale brown one tastes like toast. Are jelly beans supposed to taste like this?

((Shinku deals with the drama from the past few days by ignoring the subject completely, bless her. Oh, and those of you who have read Harry Potter, yes, she is taste-testing Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Feel free to risk your taste buds and remember... EVER FLAVOR. D:))
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... ...

Stolen hearts.

Unwanted touch.

Rage. Violence.

Presence new but old.

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Hmm... Morita's agency was a tour thing, right? And I'm part of it, so... well, I don't have anything else to do right now!

Hey! Everyone who wants a tour of the Island, come over here! I've been here a while, so I'm pretty familiar with this place. I guess I can do it again, too, for people who weren't here the first time. And it'd be nice to help out some people, too! I haven't been doing that much lately...

So, anyways! If you don't have a place to stay, that's the inn. I'm not sure if there's any free rooms right now, but you can always check! And over there's the hot springs. They're safe, see that huge statue and the sparkles? The ones that aren't cursed don't have the sparkles, and they're cold. That place over there is the library. There's some normal books in there, but... there's a lot of weird ones, too. There's a church too, but I think some people live in it.

And aside from people's huts and stuff, I think that's it! If anyone has any questions or something to add, feel free to say something!
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Heh, I guess I'm losing it a bit. It could have been worse then it is... but I swear, if I get shot again--

Culotte, I haven't seen you in a while, is everything alright? Didn't get turned into a cat or something?

The music kinda reminds me of the Church... great. Maybe Laharl will give us a vacation once were back.
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Mugear. Those policemen. Frank Archer. The ghosts in the hut. Lust. H-Haine and Giovanni. And now this... chimaera or... homunculus? (It can't be that, but...) I've never been strong enough to do anything about anyone who's tried to hurt me or my brother. I've always had to be protected, and he's always wound up getting hurt.

I want to be able to do something and not just hide behind other people. I don't want to pick fights, but if something happens, I want to be strong enough to take care of myself.
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Ahh ahhh...Looks like I'll be spending more time here than expected. To think I left my cabinet back there....Oh well, at least I had some of the repellant in my pants pocket.

...His hair was no doubt that color...but the eyes didn't match.


Ah, Ryoma-san was it? Thanks for helping me out back there.

((ooc: injured Ginko smoking a thin brown cigarette, and as if that's not enough he's shrouded by thick white smoke coming from little plates of powdered incense all around him. Shot left shoulder and right thigh.))
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Tsuzuki-san, it seems we are fated to meet yet again. Join me in this tea for two, a slice of cake and a croissant if you please. If wine would suit you well, then by all means.


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Reminded of home so early into my stay.~

And everyone's making such a big fuss over such a small lady. That one's worth a few laughs.

Which reminds me - congratulations on surviving, thief.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 04:00 pm
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This music is very... repetitive.

And it is a distraction. I need to concentrate on making this place somewhat more... habitable. Yukina-chan and her friend will be staying here for a while. I don't want them to have to deal with a half-finished residence.


It is time to take a break, I believe. I do not want to pass out again. That would be inconvenient.

[[Ledah is currently busy trying to fix the crappy lean-to thing he lives in before Yukina arrives. But he's tired. And in constant danger from heat exhaustion, even minus the cape (heavy robes + big BLACK wings). So he has to rest a lot and is not getting much done. *sigh*~]]
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Huh. Guess this is what I get for making fun of Sunao all the time about this.

…Still. It's kinda pretty. Just poofy.

[[Basically wearing this with a matching parasol. I was bored and there's too much drama going around. :D]]
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Why would I...ew gross!

Okay I want to know who wrote this and now! I mean that! First off I was only in a brothel for a little under a few days. I mean sure it made me feel dirty and a little bit helpless watching stuff that went on there but it didn't change my morals. Besides, I came out of it a virgin, didn't I. And lastly even if all that was my thing, why would it be with Mugen of all people...I mean really. And why would I even do something like THAT in the first place and why would Jin just stand there and watch? I should really stop reading things that just pop up here...Especially those random drawings.

Why do I feel like I need to take a bath and rinse my mouth out after reading that. And what the heck is with that music! It's starting to get on my nerves!

((Post inspired by a NSFW drabble by [ profile] laurabryannan.))
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Ugh...! That freaking music!

Even covering my ears doesn't frickin' work. It's nice enough, I guess - but not when it's goin' on for this long!! And it started so damn early, too! Stupid Island.

((ooc: Inspired by the bedhead thread with Atoli - Haseo is wearing a hat similar to hers now, and has failed to notice it. Please, feel free to point it out. |D))
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Found a chalkboard right here in this bunch of trees! Guess the island wants me to draw this out-- there, now you bitches can see my and Akito's bloody brilliant idea for a Stormrider Hut Base!

my planz. let me show you them. )

Any objections? Consider this an invitation to start hauling... unless everybody changed their minds and wants stormriders at the inn. Actually, better start hauling before I change my mind.

Crow, that dotted line is especially for you.

[[ others can come up and draw or write on the board too, just don't erase the bathtub or the dotted line :|b ]]
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Ow, it stings! Does anyone have any ointment? Or a shirt?

((Shuichi was walking when all of a sudden, a rabid monkey attacked him. It ripped his shirt in a bunch of pieces and left scrapes and claw marks all over him.))
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I think there might be some people I need to apologize to but only some. Right now I need to adjust, but... I'm sorry for my behavior before. Some of it.

... If anyone still has any small wounds from... the incidents the other day, I can take care of them. If just to... let the healers here rest a little.

Speaking of which....


If you're a "healer"... Could I speak with you?

((So Wata told Angie about all the healers here on the Island, and now she's feeling inadequate. Just humor her, please, she's trying not to be a total bitch D:))
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FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKDAMNIT ALLEN!!!

You didn't need to take the fucking guy down, there's already four of them and I couldn't care less if they go on their happy family ways raping the fucking dead, Walker, other people could deal with David!

I'm the one who's supposed to be getting killed here, you damn moron and you lost your fucking arm!

I'm cursing my way all the way to fucking heaven here, Jesus, you idiot, someone else could take him down!!!

Just... shit. Shit.

I need Allen's body, I don't care how much you ask for it, let me take care of it.

The fucking hammer, please, I need it this time.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 11:15 pm
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My, such a facinating turn this life of mine has taken.

A storm of calm, with an eye of chaos. I was the instigator. The third child was the hand of God, prepared to exact judgement at my own behest.
This had been my situation before. A frozen moment in time.

The next thing I know, I awoke to something cool, licking at my soaking wet socks, shoes, and, beneath them, feet. The tips of my pantlegs were also feeling cool and damp, and beneath me felt like some soft, warm bed. Invading my ears, a gentle hush-shaaa. Above me, an infinite blue, with a great golden eye being the only break in the giant dome of vision.

I daresay when I first awoke, my initial impression was that I had died, and gone to what people may call 'Heaven'. It would fit, seeing as how my favorite instrument is also present, case and all. My 'Angel's Harp', I presume? Haha. <3

It feels good to lie here. So, I think I'll keep on doing it for a while. Is this what they call a 'paradise'? I can't really tell. This sand beneath me, this sky above me, and the gentle caress of the ocean on my feet.... Hm? Hold on a moment...

... Yes, perhaps I should take those shoes and socks off before they suffer any sort of damage.

((Uuu, I hope I did this right. x~x Sorry if I messed up.))


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