Jul. 29th, 2007

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So my sweet darling~ husband, was the dessert worth it~? ♥

Oh, and you know... We live almost next door to each other~ so~, I can see you every~ single~ day~! Isn't that great, Riku~? ♥ Ahahahaa~... Unless you want me to come live with you~? ♥
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Aaaarrgh! To Hell with the stupid adults!! The Nyororos should get them! The Keroro Platoon can fail for over three years in a row, but as soon as I make a mistake nobody shuts up about it anymore! I know that it wasn´t the brightest thing to do but- but...-!!


...so.. Shishou kept lying to me from the beginning on. Shucks. Figures that it´d be me who has to find out that his whole sight of the world is based on lies and half-truths. They´re always just telling me what´s comfortable for them at that point and later they complain that I´m such an idiot when I do things the wrong way..! *sigh*

Maybe I should just quit the whole army stuff. Not like they need or want me anyway.

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Lots shinigami here. Loud...scare bugs. @_@

Not nice...like Tousen. Uh...but Chiru nice. :O

People look funny in clothes....dresses 'n' stuff. o_o; ...Subaru said 'crossdress'... o_o

Lots people 'married' now. :O Lots flowers...and butterflies.

[[ Wice has learned lots of new words the past few days. Most of which aren't things he should know XD. But, yes, now he has lots of flowers and butterflies -- which he'll now be giving random people. ]]
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My hair...


((Virtual hair is pretty easy to take care of, yeah? So see, poor En has some tangles, which are ruining his bishounen image. Just a little bit. He's sad DON'T JUDGE HIM.))
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I know a lot of you told me to find a way to entertain myself, so this is your fault, F.Y.I. I've put together a little poll~. Go ahead and answer it, if you want to, or use it for toilet paper, whatever, it's not my paper.

Poll lies beyond this point...proceed at your own risk. )

((I know I'm missing a lot of the new people, so feel free to respond with people I may have left out...keeping it IC, of course~. Audience...sorry, you can't vote on this one. But you can feel free to point and laugh at people's responses.
ETA: Feel free to threadhop here and boggle at people's choices. If but for the simple fact that I am struggling to keep up with you crazy peeps.))
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Love, such a fantastic word. I repeat it in my heart.
Love, one and only story. I will hold it forever.

I must say, this verse from this song is quite poetic. It reminds me of that one day that I was with Tsuzuki-san. Such nostalgic memories ♥

And to Tyki-san, Kabuto-san and Salome-san, it seems we were not able to finish our little game. Although this is quite interesting though. I woke up with a chess set by my bedside. If anyone would like to play this game of kings and pawns, by all means.

((Tags will be slow. 8D;; Studying :D OH GOD TEMPTATION))
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U-urgh....What IS this? I know my stomach's been hurting for a few days, but why does it get so much worse after I eat? I even made sure to eat non-acidic food! And it was difficult to eat even that little bit, too, since I haven't been hungry lately.

It's getting worse with each day that passes...Maybe I should go to the clinic. I thought it was just something minor that would go away, but it looks like I was wrong. Could it be some sort of bacteria from food? I thought I had cooked everything right, but maybe I missed something...

Argh, and there's the nausea again...

((Wata's sitting on the beach next to a fire, looking generally not good. D= helpplz?))
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...there is...still lots of food left....from marriage...

...I-if...anyone...wants it, it...it is theirs.

[filtered to those that know about her and Rabi/meant more for Haine than anyone, though/hackable to Bishop]

...it....it is over...anything...we had...

...the phrase...Nill thinks..."trivial pursuit."

R-rabi...and Nill...will never see eachother again...I am sure...

... ...th-this means...David c-can not tease Nill, anymore... ...!

[private to self/unhackable]

...Nill will miss him. But... .... ...

...I'm glad. He...might stay...o-out of trouble...now...or try to...

[those who can't see past the filter: her mood reads as "cheerful"]
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... ...


... ...?

((ooc: after talk with Yukina and Ky, she's attempting to smile without having to use her fingers, but eh not really succeeding.))

[filtered to Yukina - hackable to Hei, friends]

Yukina....san. Is it time yet...?
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Interesting~. I walked out of the inn today, and found stickers on some, if not most of the walls. ♥ Crow-kun, Akito-kun, a word with one of you, please~? These are Kogarasumaru stickers, aren't they~?

Filtered to Ikki~♥~
Crow--no, Ikki-kun... I need to talk to you about something important. Soon.

... That aside, I need Crow-kun and maybe a couple of other people to help us fix the inn's roof~. Misuzu-chan wants it fixed, plus it's very inconvenient for us to have a huge Crow-kun shaped hole on the roof. ♥ Any volunteers~? We can celebrate its completion afterwards as a reward~.
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Eh, looks like I won't be able to get much studying done and the endings are still missing from my books anyway, oh well...

So um. Anybody know any fairy tales? Or interesting games to play?

((sorry for this weekend's absence, I had a crazy movie-watching spree. wooooo Transformers!))
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Huh, that's weird. I wasn't the only one who didn't find their match, right? It kinda would've been nice to get the food, though. I wonder who that could've been... I mean, there aren't that many princesses here. I guess it's okay, though, And Riku, Kairi; did you guys find out who you had?

And I kinda realized the other day... I don't know a lot of people here! Plus there's a bunch of new people that I don't recognize. There's always new people showing up all the time, huh? Kinda weird, since I knew pretty much everyone back home. But anyways! To all you new people, hi, I'm Sora! If you need anything at all, I'd be glad to help out most of the time!
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...Well, at least I am out of the dress. I don't think I'm quite over my shock of seeing Hokuto-chan here...

[Private to Self]

Hokuto-chan is alive..she..she's really here. She's not a hallucination. I touched her...She was warm.. Hokuto-chan...

Thank you...whatever it was that brought her here...thank you...


Anyhow, Hokuto-chan, I'm not hungry anymore, so please stop trying to force feed me.

...Although..I don't think I can say the same for the Sakura...It has been...hungry lately. I can feel it...

((I LIIIIIVEEE!!!! The strike is hackable to everyone other then Hokuto. XD; Subaru may seem happier then usual, which is like..a miracle. However, the Sakura is hungry. If you have strong power, you should be careful. He might stalk you and wonder if he can feed you to the Tree.))
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..I really wish those monkey's would stop trying to rip my tail off. >> They've got tails their own! I don't get it...

Is everyone alright..?


Has anyone seen Cain-san...? He's been gone for quite a while and..I'm worried....
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Yosha! Let's get going, ehn?!



(( ITP: Beware of masamune. ))
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This ruins the rest of my good mood, and someone hired a fucking idiot of a train driver, because this is not the underground.

But I don't recall the surface sun to be this... bright...

It's theoretically impossible to have a train station built under sand, let alone an island. I don't think any actual islands even exist now, at this point, save for what's left of the continents. Now if anyone would be so kind as to lead me back to the turnstiles so I can go home; your help would be appreciated.

And this weather is bad for my health. As is the sand to my shoes.
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[Filtered to Kururu- Hackable]
K-K-KURURU!!! What the heck happened?! Your chemical didn't work at all, de arimasu!! Instead of mind-control, a bunch of weird things happened instead!! And I ended up being electrocuted twice, face-to-face with a sword, pounced on, blown up, and so many things, de arimasu!! I demand an explanation now, de arimasu!!

Oh man, so much for the plan, de arimasu... Gero... why does this always happen, de arimasu? I thought for sure it'd work, and it would've too if Kururu's invention hadn't screwed up, de arimasu! Was it doomed from the start?
[/End Filter]

[Private to self- Hackable if you know him]
*sigh* Perhaps Akizuki-dono makes a point about not trying to invade here, de arimasu... I'm just feeling really tired, de arimasu... but what kind of leader would I be if I gave up on the invasion just because of this place, de arimasu? Even if I slack off, doesn't mean I don't care! Like having a dirty sink - the sight of it being dirty makes you want to scrub it!! Besides, all these hardships make me want to invade this place even more, just because it's irritating and if I succeed then I get to go "HA! IN YOUR FACE!!", de arimasu! That's why I can't give up, no matter how many mistakes and failures I make...

Plus the main hero never gives up!!! I mean, sheesh, what kind of show could be entertaining if all that happened was crying over every defeat, I'd kick a hero like that and go "HEY, GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGHT BACK DAMMIT!! YELL OUT WITH A PASSION AND GET IN THE MECH!! EATING BEFORE A BRAWL IS GOOD TOO, REMEMBER HAVE TWO BOWLS IF YOU DO, DE ARIMASU!!!"... ah, what was I talking about to begin with, de arimasu?
[End Private]
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Umm... I was going to make something to eat for anyone who wanted something, but...

... Food normally doesn't grow legs, walk away and then... melt and scream when it touches water... right? Was it because it was still on fire? Or was it because I threw in that bottle with a skull on it and five coconuts too?

((Protip: Flonne basically fails life as a whole.))
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Come on, we can break down that barrier, just once more! Meteor Swarm!


Oh crap, not again--! DUCK AND COVER!! Ahh- B-Barrier! BARRIER!! GAH--

((short post-- Keele is literally getting pwn'd by meteors trying to break through the barrier. He's been wanting to do that for the longest, so... No, no one can get hurt from this display, every meteor, being about five or six, is going straight for Keele, and these aren't planet-killing sized meteors. They're very very small comparatively. :/))
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Looks like it is safe to say that the island´s wedding-mania is over.

How about a small poll? Personally I didn´t mind it too much since I finally got to examine a Keronian up close, but I am sure that some others of you have quite interesting stories to tell~. So, how was your wedding-night? Did you meet your perfect match or was it a living nightmare? Let us find out who had the worst and who the best wedding ♥

The first and the last place may get some sweets as a present for their efforts~.
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Oi, everyone, join in with me!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Yuuri!
Happy birthday to you!

And because it's a special day, here's our gift to Yuuri!


((Yay! Time for crack baseball!!! For starters, the balls are coconuts. Fun fun already. And so far we've got Luffy, Agito, Ash, and Wolfram playing, and Yukina as a cheerleader. Come on and join in if you haven't already! I imagine it's going to be crack-tastic. And I guess until more people join to actually form teams, we can just have each person come up and hit. Just beware, Agito is the pitcher.))
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I have something for you, and there are quite a few people wanting to talk to you, I think~ 

[Shit guys I'm SO SORRY this got posted late. This was a bad day for mun's body to decide to be sick. ANYWAY. THREADHOP. CARRY ON. HAVE FUN. Post would be more extravagant if I wasn't seeing two of them with my eyes. Wolfram tags will be sporadic, so all the more reason to hop threads like crazy. ><;;]
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Ah... Where did this... come from? I-it's not mine...

((Miguel has a stolen bikini bottom. IS IT YOURS? Timewarps are welcome if you want. Bibo, his small not!pet armadillo, stole it from a random islander and brought it to Miguel. Have fun!))
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At this rate, we're not going to pay off any debts anytime soon. Best to take advantage of the wide variety of residents here.

Excuse me, residents of the island. If I could just have a minute of your time this lovely evening:

Will any and all zombies please form a line right here? I just need to ask you a few questions.

If you would like a definition of a "zombie," that includes any and all dead, who are currently animated and moving.

[[warning: if your character is "dead" and "alive" right now, ...Shito just might shoot you 8D;;;; -- obviously, no killing will actually take place blah blah blah disclaimer.

HAVE FUN /o/]]
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[ Filtered from Haseo ]

Hnn, I almost silly asking this. . .

U-um, I want to do something special for a good friend of mine! Something he'll really really like and enjoy! But I'm not sure what sorts of things there are around here. . . It's hard to figure out something when you can't just go to the Quest Shop and pick out something to do.

What does everyone do for fun? And I mean, with friends! I'd appreciate any suggestions!

[ end filter :|b ]

I thought I could at least think of this on my own. . .

[ aaaand if you don't feel like answering that, she's around for just chattin' |D ]
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Well, it's been some time since I've had a little to drink, I think I've forgotten how quickly these can have an effect on a person. But I've been feeling more... like myself than I have for some time. I wouldn't mind some company if anyone would like to join me.

Hmm... I think the last person I drank with was Herr Giovanni. I wonder what he's doing back at his home without Haine...

((Tipsy Alfons is tipsy. But still coherent and in control for the most part, but in a ridiculously good mood because Edward finally put out. He has coconuts. Join him.))
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The past few days have been nice.... It's a little surprising, considering what's been happening, but then again everything's ended up well enough. I can't complain. Especially not if White turns into that when he touches cold water~ I have to thank you again, Ema, really~

Mmm... But I noticed some people were talking about their hair recently.... I'd forgotten how easily mine gets tangled in this place. It doesn't help that it's so long... Ow...

((Was going to post tomorrow but silly muse wouldn't shut up. Mia's sitting somewhere trying to brush her hair, but it's all tangled and gdit long hair sucks so. 8Db))
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Hey, psychos.

One of you wanna do me a favor and cut off my left arm? I'll pay you.

Aaaaugh, fuuuuuck, it hurts! I swear, I'm gonna kill those damn Exorcists for this... I can't even hold my damn gun like this.


......Ghh.....thanks, Tyki.

((D: Tyki had the Tease eat through his arm and so....yes. David had 1.3 arms now |D;;))


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