Jul. 24th, 2007

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Woah, what's with the sudden get-up? This is pretty formal for my tastes, I don't really like suits! Don't tell me, did Amy kidnap me and dress me up for some forced wedding or something? Naw, I hope she wouldn't do something like that! Can't put it past her, though...

A piece of paper and a glass shoe? What are these for? ... "FAKER." Is that supposed to be some sort of clue? Maybe to who this shoe belongs to... but it looks way too little to belong to the faker I know... huh...


((Imagine Sonics in a black suit, bow-tie and all >: And Repliku-mun, Repliku is wearing the dress because he's the girly man. Or the fake girly-man. And Sonic doesn't do dresses. He's too manly for them. And yeah. >:))
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What is this? It's... I can't function in this. Let alone in one shoe - one glass shoe. Why does this have my symbol on it? To mark it as mine? Who would want to steal a single glass shoe from me anyway?

I don't know what kind of prank the island thinks its pulling, but I want my clothes and my sword back.


[[Teresa is in this dress. And her shoes have her claymore symbol carved on them. She's not happy, so approach with caution.]]
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So putting together what everybody said... Marriage is getting tied to someone you really like and becoming parents with them. And then you get honey from the moon... The moon's the thing in the sky at night, like Yoko said... How can you get honey from that? I wish I knew what this thing said, I bet it has the name of who I'm looking for on it or something!

Well there's no point in just standing around talking about it! If you have a shoe that looks like this one, come over and see if it fits! Then we can get "married" and go find the moon honey and the rest of the food! Me and Boota are getting hungry!

((The clue says "The Pink Princess of Tennis" but oops Simon can't read.))
ext_1001662: (Angry)
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What... Am I WEARING?! What is this thing? It's big, pink, and makes my hips look big.

At least it came with a crown though. Looks like I was finally given that higher roll I deserve. Ah, appointed king of the island. It ain't much, but it's good enough for me. -Though why they threw a dress in with the deal is beyond me. And an ugly one at that too. I mean, if I'm gunna be wearin' a dress, it should at least fit my figure...

Wait, what am I saying? This is a DRESS I'm wearing, A DRESS! This is gotta be some kinda joke. Why, when I find the Mook that did this....

WHO DID THIS!? SHOW YOURSELF AND EXPLAIN THIS! AND EXPLAIN WHY THE ONE SHOE! D'yeah spend all the budget on the dress n' crown- WHICH I'll be keeping by the way, thank you very much.

[ooc: Timon is in a pink,
frilly dress wearing a tiara and a slipper with a large butterfly broach on it.]
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... okay, okay. I know the Island said to get married, but...


I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED! And who's bright idea was it to give me a shoe...

"He blows~"


Right, I'm not gon--------- SPLAT

Who gave me only one shoe... and heels while at it?

((She's wearing this and oh yes, she just fell face first on the floor))
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...The hell.

Yes that--Thing, island, landmass, whatever it was mentioned a wedding, but I honestly did not think it would go so far as to make me the bride. I've no desire to marry, especially after this--

"You aren't the closest of friends, but don't worry, he'll tie the knot with you just for the cake.


There's only one person that could be. Lovely. Incredibly not as planned. But know it's proven...there's something wrong with this rock or whoever's controlling it.

What a headache. Someone will pay for this.

((All strikes invisible lol))
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...... T-this isn't good... I've already broken Koorime law, but to get married... I-I can't, that's punishable by death and I know I said I'd rather die than live like that but I need to find my brother first and I don't even know who I'm supposed to marry but I can't--

And this note... "Sit down and relax with a good book?" I can't even trust books anymore because I'm always finding the wrong ones! How will this marriage work?? I'm a Koorime, I can't possibly be with a--


I-I think I'd like someone to kill me in any manner they so prefer and then Rui-san won't have to be ashamed of me for betraying our race. I hope my twin understands.

... Why am I missing a shoe?

((Yukina in wedding kimono, highly "*ORZ*" right now. XD Also slightly hysterical.))
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This is not funny.

When I said it might not be too bad to get married, I didn't realize I was going to end up in this dress! What is this, let's remind Anya of the worst day of her second human life?

The glass shoes are a nice touch though. Although I don't think Cinderella had to match the shoe to the prince...? I thought it was the other way around.

And what does this note mean? 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' That doesn't make any sense. The way to the heart is through the ribcage. Everyone knows that.

((Forgot to add this earlier: Anya is wearing this. Yay for canon wedding dresses.))
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Etnarella, who was forced to do all the chores for a wicked Overlord. Till one day there was going to be a ball held by a handsome~ Prince! But the wicked Overlord would not let poor Etnarella to the ball! Poor Etnarella!

But luckily her fallen angel godmother appeared! She would help Etnarella go to the ball! Using her magic with a "Prima Pretty Prippanica", Etnaella's rags were transformed into a beautiful gown! Except the fallen angel godmother messed up leaving Etnarella with only one glass slipper! She couldn't go to the ball like that!

"Don't worry!" said her fallen angel godmother, "The Prince has your other shoe and I managed to get his! With eachother's shoes you will find him!" But there was a condition: she would only have two days.

Will Etnarella find her Prince and live happily ever after?

Next time on Etnarella - Episode 4: Has anyone seen this shoe? Etnarella's Great Search!

The dreams~ that you wish for really can come true~! ♥


Ahahahaa~ I wonder who this shoe does belong to~ Come on, don't be shy future husband~ ♥ ♫ Come out, come out where~ ever~ you are~! ♫

I'm hungry, so let's get a move on here!!!
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Y-yuuri? Where are you? Um, the island didn't get you with this, did it? Yuuri?? I'm not affected, so you better not be, too! If you marry someone else, wimp, there will be HELL to pay. Though I'm not sure if to you, the other involved, or the island itself...! Efhaekjhajekhfjshadfklhaskfhkjashdkfskahfjhlkjh!

[Short post is short, but really, what were you expecting from him?]

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Back so soon? I was likin' bein' 'way from all of here. But looks like there's a wedding happenin'! More 'n one, actually.

...Someone need a priest?
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You know, I don't remember agreeing to this 'marriage' ordeal I heard someone shouting about. After all with all the food around as-is, 'free food' is hardly a concern of mine. If it were free machines? Well then I might reconsider...maybe. As it stands this hardly seems worth-while to me.

...And I certainly don't remember agreeing to dress in this. How rude to think that even a large landmass would make a grave error in determining my gender. I wonder if the sea has a cruel sense of humor too.

Furthermore, whose shoe is this? And why do I have this piece of paper? "RARE treasure"? Well this certainly is becoming more frustrating than I thought.

((Placeholder for tomorrow. Will tag when I wake up. "RARE treasure" refers to ...well that's obvious. So Mistral, I'm looking at you. Also yes, she's the groom. It had to be done. :[))
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On the positive side, I once again have shoes... though the pair is mismatched, and only one of them fits me.

On the negative side... what on Earth am I wearing and where did my ordinary clothing go?!

((Why yes that is Hello Kitty on the dress -- and carved onto her slipper and its missing partner, as well.))
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Er... well. I don't think I've ever worn clothing this nice before. And there are others like this too. And this shoe, it's glass... and the Island's announcement... hmm.

I guess I have no other choice. If anyone would like to see if this is theirs, I wouldn't mind. Oh! Perhaps this note might be helpful. "Smells like sunflowers."

(Alfons's got Fuu's shoe. And he'll be a gentleman about all this, because he's like that.)
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So many pretty weddings!  And Island-san has given me such a pretty dress *_*  Does that mean...  Uwaaaaa~  It's like a dream come true!  My prince is coming for me?  I have his shoe, but does he have mine?  Where are you Ichigo Cinderfella~?  This is wonderful~!

W-wait... oh no!!  This shoe won't fit him!  It's the wrong size I'm sure!!  There's been a mistake!  Ichigo's shoes are 1 size smaller than these!  Oh no... fairy godmother!  Please help me fix this!  I know!  Maybe... if I stuff a bit of paper into the shoe...  yes! 

Awuuu... what's this paper?  A secret message?  A love note from the prince?! *_*  "H-hairy... a.... ass..."  What kind of joke is it Island-san?  I don't get it... Maybe I just got the punch line?  Does anyone know the right joke?  Awuu...

[[Wedding dress looks like this~  Except well, she's got a bit more to fill it up front~]]
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Camel. Mild Seven. Salem. Winston. Crescent and Star. Gold Coast. Hope. Islands. Macdonald. Mercedes. North Star. Peace. Seven Stars. Winchester. Wings. YSL.

((ooc: in canon, she runs a tobacco shop to while away the time as well as a information hub. So she's found a little rickety lemonade cigarette stand and figured the best way to blend in was to continue business as usual. Lolol she will expect you to pay. 8D))


Jul. 24th, 2007 11:09 am
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Which of you lucky ladies gets to marry me, the great Dark Hero?! Fear not, for once I find you, you shall be my Dark Princess, and ... YOU ARE SO LUCKY. You'll get a special spot in my movie but your part obviously won't be as big as mine

I don't know why people say this is a bad island... It's done great things for me! ♥

It's time to play the part of the Dark Prince! MWA HA HA HA.

[ooc: Actually, I haven't heard from Axel's lovely wife-to-be at all... :( Doesn't she know how lucky she is? That ungrateful girl! In any case, Axel's wearing... something probably similar to his normal outfit, only more groom-like... Purple, sequins, the works... It's all about him amirite. He still has not found his script yet. Like always, I don't mind thread-hopping =3=/) ]
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Yuuri~! The island gave me new clothes today, too! ^o^ It's a very pretty dress... I like it~ &hearts It's a little bit cooler, too... I wonder if the island would let me wear this all the time?

A lot of people got dresses like mine today... Everyone looks wonderful. :D

((lol since Leanne walks around in a white gown anyway, her dress isn't that surprising to her. Plus, words like "marriage" aren't really common in her vocabulary, so she really doesn't have any idea what's going on.))
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What the hell is this about and why the hell is it so...how am I supposed to walk in this thing? And only with one shoe...you may think you're funny, you stupidass island, but you're not. Oh, and what's this, a note? How thoughtful. "Might as well smile." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

That's it, island. I want out.

(( Faye's dress and she is quite ticked off at the moment. --watch me try and catch up with her other post while threading on this one~. Multi-task GET.))
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the most important day of your life~ ♥
In order to unite people under the word of God, Beelzebub, whatever, I'll be performing ceremonies for the lucky couples. Even through reincarnations and death, I still follow the code of a priestess. ♥

Please, the alter is summoned and set. You're cordially invited to your own weddings. You all look wonderful. ♥

Salome's Netherworld Wedding Service! )

My dearest Zetta, where art thou? Our own wedding must take place soon...

[[ YEAH THAT'S A POOL OF BLOOD AND ROSES. Salome has only the finest of styles for her Netherworld Weddings. Feel free to post if you've found your match already. Also, this will only be here for the wedding event since lol Salome's mana sucks. ]]
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I can't believe it! This is too good to be true!

After all this time, I'm finally getting married! ♥ Heaven must be rewarding me for all my good deeds! Yes, that's got to be it! Oh, who's it going to be~?

Let's see... this little box came out of nowhere, so it's probably my clue. --Ah!! Something flew out of it! A butterfly? ...Wait, a tiger swallowtail?! Didn't those just go extinct back on Auldrant? It must be worth a fortune!

Oh no, it's getting away! Ack--I can't run in these shoes... Tokunaga, we're going after it!

((lol in wedding dress. Butterfly is actually the Anise Swallowtail of the Papilionidae family, because wtf why does this exist aaaaaaaaa.))
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Where's my wonderful king who is supposed to fit this shoe~? Come now, I demand to see your face so I can get this thing started and get down to chowing down~! And wouldn't you know, being served whatever you wanted, perfect treatment for a king, right~? AND his new Queen, yes? Ah ha ha, I'm drooling..

So~ "King who will unite me with the stars~" Come out come out where ever you are~

((Cause I'm a lazy ass, just imagine her in her normal dress, only much less poofy and much more frilly :< But anyway, she's got The King of All Cosmos's other shoe..))
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U-um, this is really, really awkward. I-I mean, I've been in a bunny outfit once, but this really beats that despite how modestly dressed I am. Maybe it's because I'm not used to long dresses like this. Or heels. Or, um, maybe 'heel' is more appropriate.

I don't know why I have two different shoes. One of them looks like a man's shoe, too. I tried wearing it, but it's too big for me. Plus, the heel on the other shoe would make it hard to walk on anyway. But there was this sticky note on it... "Adorkable."? Is that even a word?

Maybe I should just get out of- *thud!* O-ow. Or not. I'm really not used to heels, especially just one. And the dress is too long... Maybe it'd be okay if he saw me but I doubt he's going to look for me. At all. Nn...I don't want to depress myself now. Crying while in a wedding dress is just pathetic.

((Yoko is totally dignified. Tripping and falling onto the ground doesn't change that, rly. She's wearing this dress and has this shoe, and also has a orange lily in her hair.))
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What miss Yukina said reminded me...could there really be a problem with this wedding thing? besides actually finding the person in question

Ehem. If anyone would like to protest, send a sign! I know you're watching. Nothing?
That's what I thought.

So how does this work? I have this one, quite uncomfortable, shoe in my other foot, and another one, which clearly belongs to someone else. Hmm...
and really, it's so strange wearing mostly black, not to even mention the shape of this outfit...
[identity profile] touchmyhammer.livejournal.com
...Oh, god.




[ooc: placeholder post for the wedding thing; he's wearing a white cheongsam with a traditional Chinese jacket - tag back in about 2 hours yay class orz work]
[identity profile] grdutdtop3prcnt.livejournal.com
These shoes remind me of fairy tales. And this clue, "Eats everything in sight, chest barely in sight," is rather... worrisome.

And if anyone thinks of marrying my sister, I'm not going to give my blessing. No exceptions.

I won't be marrying anyone either.


Jul. 24th, 2007 12:30 pm
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...why are so many people dressed in drag?

Is this the Island's doing? Whatever it is, it's upsetting Yukina-chan. That is not acceptable.

[[Ledah is walking down the beach, perusing the number of people who have awakened in frilly dresses and such. He's not altogether happy with Yukina set up to be mock-married, so whoever she's supposed to be paired up with, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAY AWAY FROM HIM, or at least don't volunteer that information to him. He just might take it as a moral obligation to maim you, and that would not be cool. DD:]]
[identity profile] punk-spacer.livejournal.com
Shoulda known it was too good. Probably somebody else she likes more'n me. I was stupid, anyway. Like someone would risk their life just for me--I'm not worth it, and she knows it. Everyone was right. I should just stop wasting my time.

((Italics are thoughts, and sorry if I bring down the mood of the day any. o_O Jim's angsting in a corner...otherwise known as a clifftop overlooking the sea where he and Yukina were supposed to have a date once. He's broody and will probably snap at you unless you're close to him. Best of luck~))
[identity profile] vcommanderhaiku.livejournal.com

Island, I am not fond of your tricks. Give me back my normal clothes. Now. I am not getting married. Not now, not ever.

How many people is this affecting? Souji, are you dressed like this as well?

((Hiji in traditional wedding attire. Have fun~!))
[identity profile] remembermenao.livejournal.com

I'm not LAUGHING AT THIS ONE stupid Island! I'm a guy.

[[ Sunao's in a wedding dress (obviously XD). ]]
[identity profile] russelsprout.livejournal.com
I couldn't sleep very well last night... I thought I kept hearing someone calling my name. But there was nobody there except Brother and Mei. I must've been dreaming it...

Huh, everything's weird again today. At least it's nothing scary this time...
[identity profile] chief-n-charley.livejournal.com
Hm. We have a bit of a sentimental Island on our hands, it seems. Marriage today; it's going to be giving us parenting lessons at this rate.

Still, this isn't too bad. Kind of tame compared to some other Island antics. I don't even really mind the dress all that much....

... Though the cigarettes were unnecessary.

((Mia thinks all of this wedding business is pretty ridiculous, so she's just hanging out somewhere trying not to completely ruin her dress. For the cigarettes... She got like five packs of them as her clue. Also, wearing this))
[identity profile] doesnogooddeed.livejournal.com
This is ridiculous! Where is my broom? And why am I in this dress? This is like something Glinda would wear. It's huge. My hat shines more than it should.

...Instant coffee? This doesn't make any sense.

((Dress, only in white, with a white pointed witch hat covered in sequins and such. And she's holding a thing of instant coffee in one hand, and a shoe in the other.))
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...I had intended never to wear a wedding dress again, and this one is even worse than most. Though, still not as bad as the one Faye's stuck with! Ahaha~ This train is driving me insane! It's so long and just gets in the way. It definitely doesn't make walking with only one shoe any easier. ...Jean, where's your knife? I'm gonna get rid of this damn thing one way or another.

Also...Pink trap? Does anyone have any idea what the hell that's supposed to mean?

((This is Samus' dress.))
[identity profile] onedrunkmommy.livejournal.com
This must be some crazy joke. I clearly remember saying that some island's not gonna make me marry -- and I stand by my decision! This must be a dream of sorts. Yeah, that's it! Either that, or I drank a bit too much sake. Now if you excuse me, a pinch is in order~!

... OW. That hurts.

Okay, I stand corrected. The dress, the mismatched shoes, the whole island matrimony; it's all real. Heh... I need to drink.

Hmm, what's this? "You'll attract him to the altar with sweets, just keep the doctor away"? Hah! Don't tell me this also involves stupid riddles! Is he supposed to be my future husband~? Whoever he is, he'd better be entertaining!

Well, I must admit, this rock is being creative... Perhaps a bit too creative.

(OOC: And here is Haruko's dress. Also, she's walking barefoot carrying the shoes. :<)
[identity profile] miz-chidori.livejournal.com
>.> This must be Kurz's idea in some way... foreign pervert.

What is going on here? Married!? Not unless Sousuke's back


(This is the wedding dress Chidori is in and PS> I'll be at work until tonight! Feel free to post if interested in making fun of ze dress and where my counterpart would be... *sad* ciao ne)

[identity profile] gonnabeanhero.livejournal.com
Right. There are two very important things I need to address here.

ONE. That wasn't me running around in that stupid dress. That was that perverted green haired girl running around in my body. I would never put a damn dress on, especially not act like that about it!

TWO. What am I wearing, and who the hell stole my other shoe? If somebody finds it, you damn well better hand it over! I'm not running around with only one on!

... And third, but not nearly as important, why do I have a note with someone else's shoe? The heck does this even say? Uh... "You could try walking a mile in their shoes, but you've been there already."

... ... I don't get it.

(( ooc; Wearing this! Normal suits are for suckers. Also still has long hair for the record. ))
[identity profile] surpraiz-grope.livejournal.com
Maybe this is some kind of sign... yes? Ahh, this is kinda embarrassing to wear. But it looks like nearly everyone is dressed up. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to get around by the trees. Oh well!

Is anyone missing a shoe? I found it next to me. Also, I'm missing one as well. Maybe we should trade, see if they'll fit? I don't mind actually, I've done plenty of one-foot traveling training! But I really should give this shoe back...

... Does anyone think I can get another dress?

((Koyuki's dress, whatever it was, is all tattered and torn cause lol ninja-ing around in the trees how very original))
[identity profile] yachibi.livejournal.com
Everybody is wearing these funny stuff! Like these big poofpoofs and a lot of people have no shoes! Or one shoe...something weird like that. The dresses are kinda ugly though.

Maybe cuz alot of people look fat with 'em. :O
[identity profile] bubblyonmyoji.livejournal.com
...A lovely island full of people in fashionable wedding dress! Ohohohohoho! I knew I was good, but I didn't know I'd been that good~!

Now, I'm afraid that some of you just don't look right in the clothing you've selected. Luckily, Sumeragi Hokuto is here to give you some much-needed fashion advice! Glass slippers just do not go with ruffles, and if your skin is a certain shade you shouldn't be wearing white. A red scarf or some other touch of color would brighten things up beautifully! Perhaps long gloves! Or tulle wings! Step right up, island people, and prepare to be more fashionable than you have ever dreamed~! This is a once-in-an-afterlife opportunity, after all, to have Hokuto-chan design your wedding gown~
[identity profile] minton-spy.livejournal.com
... ... ...
Oh hell no. You have got to be kidding me, Island.
I'll have you know sir-ma'am-whatever you are, that I don't appreciate being stereotyped like this.

ha~ You know, it could've at least given me something that wasn't so...short. I'm getting rather uncomfortable with having to pull down the damn hem every ten seconds.
Well, I suppose wearing this won't get in the way of badminton practice work.

And why do I have this bad feeling about the person I'm suppose to find?

((in a wedding dress, skirt part covers only half of his thighs. Also holding a mayonnaise bottle with a note attached to the spout))


Jul. 24th, 2007 09:30 pm
[identity profile] hanamoto-mousu.livejournal.com
...wh-what happened? Why am I- dressed like this...

....I've only got one shoe...and a teddy bear?



((ooc: hagu's all set for the wedding event, however for the sake of people not involving lolis in marriage, the island has given her a much nicer figure AND her clue? A teddy bear with an eye patch.))
[identity profile] dex-dreams-dark.livejournal.com
Marriage. Holy matrimony. Religious union. Tying the knot. License to have unprotected sex. There are many things people call this exchanging of vows on a tacky elevated platform, but it was never something I cared about. After all, it was an activity that hardly concerned me. Even in hindsight I dare not think of 'popping the question' to Rita,  let alone remain optimistic that she would stick around long enough to even want to hear that.

Besides, if Angelo's marriage was anything to by, words as flimsy as "I do" don't last any longer than fresh milk.

So why am I standing here dressed in priestly robes with a copy of the Bible?

...ding dong bells Dexter. The island has just sent you a message.

Uh. Can I help anyone with their...marriage or something?
[identity profile] skye-of-science.livejournal.com
Oh, Island... what are you doing to me now? I don't want to get married! I understand you're feeling festive, but this isn't the way to go about it! Can't you just rain rice again? Geez... And what's up with this clue?

Not blue. The other two.

Makes no sense, Island.

((Ema's in a wedding dress~. Wearing this. Have a ball~))
[identity profile] willshank4mayo.livejournal.com
...Marriage, huh?

Heh. All love and all that junk are all just an illusion. Just think about it, since most of us are in it for the food, anyway. Might as well. There's no use in focusing on sentimental crap like that. Best to focus on the present. Getting married doesn't help you cut the enemies down. Actually, it doesn't help you in anything at all.

Just give me back my regular uniform already. Goddamn tuxedo is too thick, and how the hell are you suppose to breathe in this stuff?

And not like this clue is much help, either. "SEPPUKU." ...Too many people need to go seppuku themselves. That doesn't help me narrow shit down.

Oi, blond doll kid. Did you ever find your sister, or do we have to post a missing child's poster around this rock or WHAT?

Anybody who engages in wild drunken violence and disruption of the little peace and quiet here will be promptly arrested for stupidity.
[identity profile] killbuddha.livejournal.com
Tch, weddings. This is possibly the most idiotic event that has taken place on this island since I've been here, not to mention the biggest waste of time.

I want my goddamn gun and sutra back, so let's hurry up and get this over with.

"Gonna sum sutra." What the hell is that supposed to mean? So not only is this sorry excuse for a landmass insane, but it's illiterate too.

(("gonna sum sutra" is his clue. Also he's wearing a tux like in the icon lolz.))
[identity profile] my-my-mei.livejournal.com
Well now. How convenient that I change to this when Island decides to play games again.

I must admit, the dress is nice, but I do appear to be missing a shoe. Slacking much?

Hm... Suppose I should just relax till I figure out what needs to be done.

((Mei = adult, and in a dress. Wearing this.))


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