Jul. 23rd, 2007

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...This is where things turn from annoying to alarming, isn't it?

Aside from the fact that this situation is completely illogical, and part of me inside hopes that I've drifted off while reading, I have business to tend to that you can't take care of on a surprise vacation. I swear, Misa, if this was your doing somehow...

If there is a plane, or a boat, or something to get off of this island, I'd like to be directed to it as soon as possible, please and thank you. I don't have any money with me, just some snacks from my desk, but once I got back home, I could probably reimberse whoever can help me well.

I thank you in advance.

Private to self//Absolutely 110% Unhackable

Are there things like this that happen that Ryuuk failed to mention? A 'surprise vacation' seems like a highly unlikely side-effect of using the Death Note. But if someone made it their business to bring me here...I'll bring justice to them for kidnapping me just the same.
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Hm. All I wanted was to go for a walk. This is not was I expected at all.

[[lol short post is short, but he ain't real wordy. Also please read this kthxbai]]
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As frustrating as it's been, I can't deny that my time in this place so far has been...  informative.  I've learned more about stars than most people ever do - all from a single conversation - followed by an unexpected but not unpleasant meeting with Death.  Very unusual.  And there are those people who seem to have been pulled from some sort of game - they just keep appearing.  The island does seem like it would like games, but...  It must be even more complicated for them. 

So many others who I've hardly met...   (Private; easily overheard and referring to July: Despite the explanation I received, I'm still not so sure why such a shy child would just decide to hold my hand like that.)

I'm starting to wonder if there is any subject that no one on this island has some bizarre expertise in.  Other than escaping the island, obviously.

Can anyone explain the importance of stripes?
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So once the rain stopped, I thought I might take a look around to see what else is on this island~~ ...and didn't find anything much different. Though it's a change of scenery, I can imagine things getting boring fast though at least the air is cleaner here. So I imagine good company is the island's greatest potential asset. Though I can't complain about free food.

Don't worry, Yukina, I haven't tried any of the cursed springs, yet. ♥ Did the garden hold up alright from all that rain?

[Net has been dumb and Wolfram has been busy. Have a Rai, after a one week absence. >>;;]
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...? Was not here before.

((Err, meet Gaia, Stellar's first Gundam. Click here for a picture. It's around 17.80 meters, so lol.))
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So...spit or swallow~?

((Faye found watermelon--not the best in the world, but, hey, it's still watermelon.))
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The island gave me a book. But this isn't what I wanted... Hina Ichigo would like this though. It's Hansel and Gretel. It should keep her occupied as well. The pictures are lovely and at least it's in German and not Japanese characters. By the way, Hina Ichigo, where did you get those crayons??

[Filtered from Hina Ichigo]

... The role of the characters and the ending of the book is different. I don't remember the witch of the candy house being good. I thought Gretel pushed her into the furnace.

... It's probably better this way. And is it just me, or does Hansel look a lot like Jun...?

[//end filter]

((So Island gave Shinku a book, but as you can tell, it's not the kind she wants. 8D;; And if the filter confuses you, read this: http://www.rozen-unyu.net/dramacd-char-hin.html))
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Atoli. Endrance.


Mei, thank you once again. I owe you big-time for this.

((ooc: As of this thread, the GU Party now has a hut made of freaking awesome. :D Haseo probably owes Mei his soul but it's totally worth it

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Threadhopping is welcomed. Especially in Mei's thread. /o/))
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Gunso-san, Gunso-san! I was just out for a walk and I saw all these posters posted on some of the trees, desu. Uh...when exactly did we print these up, desu? I don't remember you or anybody saying anything about recruiting...especially now that Garuru Chui's here, desu.

So what are we going to do about this? And didn't you mean Keronian army, desu?

((Giving credit where credit is do. That flier up there, is actually a really crappy edit of this cute ad I found while looking for pictures that ADV's been running. All I did was make it fit the island by changing a few things and taking out logos.))
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... I've been thinking of certain things lately. Ever since staying here at this island, there were some things I took for granted -- like say, spending some quality time with someone you love. I suppose in a way, this place helped me fix that problem. Just making up for lost time, right~?

Also, I'm reminded of the question I asked sweet little Hina when she told me about her nightmares. Then I remember that conversation I had with Misuzu about happiness. So I want to ask all of you this, if you don't mind: What makes you truly happy?

I better hear some fun answers outta this~! Oh, and by the way, I'd like some company. Besides, these coconuts aren't gonna drink themselves~ ♥
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I wonder how long it's been by now. Quite a few months, I think. Time definitely goes by fast...

The garden is growing well. I might pick some out and maybe we can have fruit salad later. It's kinda hard making juice without it squirting into your eyes. I don't think there are any juicers around here, so doing it by hand is kinda hard.

I kinda want to explore the Island again. Don't know why, I think it's just on a whim or something like that. Maybe I'll do that some time later, just to see if there hasn't been anything new landscape put into the Island. I've notice there were a lot of new people lately, so maybe the island put new things on it.
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So it won't eat dingo anymore... Monkeys take a lot of work to catch, and it doesn't seem all that happy with the meat either. It likes sticking me with its thorns at random, and the pod only opens up when I get a scratch near it.

This could get nasty.
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I seem to have misplaced myself. Any help would be much appreciated. ♥

((OOC: Meet Spitfire, the Axel look-a-like of Air Gear~. Err, for more information, please locate yourselves to his journal where is application is posted.))
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...Er, the island has given me yet another set of clothes. Or should I say lack thereof, this time?

At least it makes more sense this time around compared to being dressed as a waiter...? I wonder if this is the island's way of telling me I should spend more time at the beach...

((lol Hei is wearing the same thing that's in this pic. He's not really complaining since he got a free ice cream out of it, though. :< ))
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((On the edge of the beach sits Raine, slaving over a pot of stew. Since she's such a FANTASTIC cook [read: FAILURE], the aroma is pretty potent and easy to pick up if you're in the area. btw slow noob is slooooow~))

Mm. Perhaps it should sit a little bit longer.
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... Mommy's not here. Neither are Shugo and Ganguro Girl and the others. I think I'm lost.

[ private;; hackable to .hack chars and anyone computer-savvy-- ]
... This isn't The World. Then how am I here? This isn't virtual... it's real. Everything. It's not data or coding or a program. It's nature. It's impossible for me to be here. But here I am. Maybe The World didn't need me anymore. Maybe I'm just a lost kid and nothing more--maybe my purpose ran out. The World doesn't need an element like a lost kid. But... I want to see Mommy again. And Shugo. And... the others. And I haven't been deleted. Well I can't be deleted, but. Maybe... I have another purpose? Here?
[ /private ]

... So I'm not in The World anymore. But I wanna go back. I'm lonely. I want Mommy and Shugo.

[ ooc; Manda here with her sixth character, Zefie of .hack//Legend of the Twilight! read this first before commenting, please~! 83;; ]
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Meh, it's so boring! I've been making little trinkets all this time, I'm running out ideas to keep myself entertained... duh, why don't I just get someone else to do it! Why did I waste all my time making amulets and useless stuff anyway?

Hey, Red Frog, Giroro, whatever! Get over here! I'm bored, so let's go exploring! If you don't show, hell's gonna break loose~! So hurry up, ASAP! Chop chop!

Man, where'd that Xellos disappear off too? I haven't seen him for a while now. Eh, I'll worry about that later, he's bound to show up sooner or later!
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C-Cousin Bermuda's getting married *_*

Isn't it wonderful???? *_*????? I can be a bridesmaid and everything and and and *_*




GET MARRIED. ...Must have proper witnesses and everything! >O!!!!


...Er, but first you will need your spouse, hmmmmm *____*

SO YES. FIND YOUR SPOUSE, GET MARRIED, AND ER, GET A HONEYMOON SUITE /O/! Sponsored by the lovely ERU JAY Incorporated and ARU-Pea-ers copyrighted *_* Food and everything you want provided *A*!!


Weddings make me feel generous *A*

((WEDDING PAIRS ARE HERE. PLEASE CHECK IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY. Wedding starts Tuesday, July 24, and last all the way through July 25 aka Wednesday.

Your characters must (a)find their match, (b)find someone willing/can marry them - with proper witnesses, and then the happy couple will be lead to a cave aka "honeymoon suite" by a monkey. Inside the cave, there REALLY will be refreshments and good food :o And it's enough for two people so yeah

I EXPECT CRACK, PEOPLE :O MAKE US LAUGH YES *A* I doubt your characters will know who their match is right away, so HILARITY Y/Y.

ETA: THIS IS JUST AN IC-ANNOUNCEMENT, so your characters will have an incentive to do it tomorrow - for the food. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY WEDDING STUFF IN THE THREADS TO THIS POST! @_@!!!! This is strictly an announcement. You do your own wedding stuff in your own posts/threads tomorrow XD ))
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Things are so calm for me now~ I feel like I should be nervous. Hahah~! I'm so used to when things are starting to look up, hell breaks loose at home. Maybe this time it won't, with luck~

Being able to sit on the beach and just relax is a gre~at thing... ♥ You'd think after over a month here, I'd never even imagine trying to relax, haha~! Expect the unexpected as they say.

I also notice that there's been a really big increase in new people the past few days -- where are you all coming from~? And if you need any help or have questions~ feel free to ask~

Oooh~! And I have some nice fruit, too~! If anyone wants some, you're welcome to it -- promise it's safe...I've been sitting here eating them all day. n_n ♥

[[ Yasu's relaxing on the beach with a coconut shell filled with fruit and some beside him as well~! He'll give it if you ask him. 8D ]]
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Man, solitude.

Finally got to write a bunch of stuff on scraps of paper - probably from an old bonfire, seeing as the edges are burned and they're all water- and soil-stained. Gramps's gonna love me when I...

...ever get back to him, I guess.

I miss Boss. And Rinali. Hey, Walker, you ever miss your teach, ever? Whassit, General Cross? I miss Belgian chocolate. And my golem too.


I have sugar canes. Anyone want any?

[ooc: the mun is currently missing sugar canes and their wooden aftertaste. that is the point of this post, actually.]
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... Here again? 8D;; Why do I keep coming here?

.... Kukuku, well there are lots of interesting people here. Different ones than last time. ... And is that the same water?

Kuku, Rem said it was a bad idea, but then she went in anyways....

..... ....

8DDDD;;;;; I don't feel any different. Maybe it's normal water this time...!!

... Kukuku...

((That spring? Just cursed him. So everyone can see Ryuk now yaaay. Although he only got cursed in the last couple sentences, so that was all everyone aside from Light can hear.))
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...What is this.

...What is this? Why am I, for the first thing in a dress, and two--

...oh. And now the picture becomes clearer. Yesterday was the warning, today the storm struck. And it is my fault for not catching on quickly enough. All the same, shouldn't I be in a suit...? If Lloyd sees me like this, he will never let me forget about it...

Hm? What's this- "King Arthur sends you his congratulations and his best."

By congratulations does he mean this shoe that doesn't seem to match the...one shoe on my left foot? Hrmph, this is going to be like a scavenger hunt; I can see it already. But, I'll play along. Does anyone have a match?

((Yes, Kratos is in a spandex wedding dress. Suzaku, come find your briiide~))
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ihdsaskjhfkasjhfjasf----WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!? WHERE THE HELL DID MY PANTS GO?!?

AND MY SHOES. I don't have any that say "Stupid David" on them, damnit!!!

((|D;; David was still a girl when this started, so....||| Waaaaah.))


Jul. 23rd, 2007 10:14 pm
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Building a hut is really hard work. I kind of wish Mario was around--maybe he could use those carpenter's skills he used in the past to help me out?

And... what's with everyone getting all dressed up as if they were going to... get married?
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I was hoping that wedding thing was just a stupid joke... I don't really have to do this do I...

..............and I really think the island is confused.  I am NOT, and have NEVER BEEN a GIRL!  Why it keeps putting me in these stupid clothes is just... ARGH...

I am NOT marrying anyone... and why the hell is there only one shoe?!  Pain in the ass...

And some kind of sunglasses.  They're god-awful.  What am I supposed to do with these, huh?  Ugh... if I just go hide in the cave this whole thing will blow over as usual...  right?

This dress is really obnoxious... h-has anyone seen my sword? 
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Ah...wh-what is...this? Th-the skirt...so long...poofy.

...fancy...almost too fancy.

--?...what is this..?

"This w-wolf may look scary....but is harmless?"

... ... ...?

Ah...I am missing a shoe. Th-this...other one is too big.

((Nill is wearing this with her hair half-up and wavy. Her slippers are pretty plain.))
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.... Two questions.

Is Nill all right?

.... And what sick-minded pervert changed my clothes?! Where's my jacket....?!

((oh lol, guess who's back /o/ Naoto just woke up from the ded in a low-cut wedding dress and is torn between confusion and irritation. 8D There's a porcelain doll nearby as her wedding clue lol Muraki but she hasn't seen it yet. XD))
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As I have been kindly excluded from this event by our benevolent lady Island, I am quite willing to offer up my services as best man once any of you have found your true loves. ♥

I also make a rather good usher. Or, if it is more to your liking, I can assassinate your spouse immediately after you have reaped the rewards of the honeymoon. I am an assassin, after all.
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You see, I, Renge Houshakuji~ AM GETTING MARRIED. I don't know to who yet, but the Island thought it was time for me to join in holy matromoney with someone here~!! Ohh, it gives me romantic shivers just thinking about it! Even if it's just temporary, it's still VERY VERY SWEET, and this hint makes me feel a bit flustered~! *__*


But hey if not that, he'd marry you for the money--!"

Kyaa, that means it's not Haruhi-kun, right? Ichigo-san too ;__; He can be loud, but not obnoxious ;A; I'd think Tamaki-san but he left. :x I-I'm sure it will be very interesting though~!! Please, feel free to step up, I want to find my ~groom for a day~ S-so sweet~!

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W-w-w-w-w-what is going on?!  This is completely inappropriate!  Marriage is supposed to be a holy union between a man and a woman!  And the man certainly isn't supposed to wear a dress!! 

..........it... it won't come off either!  Geez... this is just great... D-does anyone know how to get out of this? 

There's... something in my pocket...

A scrap of paper...? 

"Your fairy godmother can't save you from prince charming.  Pack some bandaids and antiseptic for the honeymoon."

I-i-is this some kind of joke...?  That's... oh... oh no, please...  this is bad... this is... this is really bad...

[[Allen is wearing this lovely little number.  Drawn by Juu~  I tried to shrink it for icons, but the pink didn't show up very well D:]]


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