Jul. 22nd, 2007

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Azusa has wonderful news! She found a little cave for her and her friends to live in! It may look a bit dull, but a little interior decorating and it'll be just perfect!

Darling Charlemagne just loves it here--don't you, Charlemagne? ...Oh, he's still sleeping. How cute!

Now all Azusa needs to find is a place to go skating! ♥

((The abducted wild dingo, Charlemagne, is unconscious with a lump on its head. :D;))
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.......!!! Uhm...

Follow butterfly...now... uhm...

Not good.

[[ Long story for short post. XD Wice followed a butterfly and was fountain of youth'd. Fortunately, it didn't really make Wice any younger, but it did something weird. Due to the process leading up to Arrancar (human -> dead -> spirit -> hollow -> Arrancar), he got pulled back to the Human stage. If you knew him: you'll notice his mask is no longer there. And neither is his Zanpakutou, or the hole in his chest. Oh yeah, clothes, lol. He's wearing his normal clothes. XD ]]
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That man yesterday. It has been awhile since I have dealt with anyone like him. Akadou was dangerous if he wanted to be...Given, he didn't have to touch to drain my Chakra. Sometimes running is the best and only option. Doing much more is completely reckless. I need to spend the next couple days resting now, though.

...Speaking on matters like this.

If anyone is looking for Naoto-san, I put her in a nearby cave. It would be a shame if when she came back her body and things were taken by the wild animals here.

[[ LOL. Naoto dead. 8D...Kabuto found her with mun's permission 8D; ]]
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H-Hina almost killed him, na no....

Just like Hina almost killed Tomoe... and Shinku got into trouble because of me.

This is all Hina's fault, na no.

((Emo chibi doll is emo, thanks to happy fun time with Pappi. /o/ Low on energy, too. ahahaha sorry for the post so soon XD))


Jul. 22nd, 2007 11:20 am
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Oh my god.


((It's singing time \o\ Morita will be replying to your tags by singing random lyrics from random songs 8D))
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[Private to Mighty//Unhackable]

N-Nii-chan... I-I know that you probably don't ever want to talk to me again a-and I don't blame you... B-But I just....


U-Um... I-I can find somewhere else to stay if you w-want.

J-Just don't hate me... Please...


... I wonder how far they'll go...

((lol Balloon Bomb is a go. If you don't know what that means, suffice it to say that Shirobon made it so that there's a lot of pretty balloons flying all over the place. There's all kinds of colors, blah blah. They just make the poor boy feel a little better. :/))
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This should do. Now, if I'm right, it's supposed to go like this...this...and this...

...Or not. Crap.

((ooc: Haseo just took the broadsword to some of the trees and is trying to make a hut with the resulting mess o' raw materials. :> Currently, he is failing hard.))
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...I'm glad I'm back to my original body.

Has anyone seen a crab...?
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(*YAAAWN~ blink blink*) ...whew, must've been dreaming... Nnnngh, Wata-kyun~ why are you shining a torch on me--? Hm? Wata--? Uh oh, I fell asleep outside somewhere, didn't I ♪...  where am I exactly?

Seeing Simca-san here sure was a surprise ♫

...OHHH!!  In fact I'd better go search the island again in case Ikki-kun landed here too because I do NOT want some random girls talking to him first!! ♪  Mm, before that I think I was actually on my way to invite Ritsuka-kun for dinner~ it's been a while, but... (ngh) now that I think of it... I might not be hungry anymore... (oh-oh-oh my, I got up too fast)...

ooooh, yeah
nevermind pasta right now. ♪

Mnn, it's hot out-- I should take off my-- (*gasp*) ♪ M-my Kogarasumaru teamwear?! ♬~  Is today another island holiday no one told me about?!

[[ Akito coaxed by Simca had one too many coconuts and dozed off somewhere for a short bit-- he's really disoriented, but still warm & fuzzy = not hungover yet... now AirMyu!Akito = a bright spotlight follows him everywhere, he's dressed in all black vinyl, with a stage microphone, and sometimes breaks into song... he can't help it, but feel free to help him be more quiet ]]
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Oi, oi, oi, oi!

Thought you were all rid of me, ehn?! Well, let it be known that no damn group of furry bastards can keep the immortal Lord Kamina down and out! Regardless of how long they give chase or how many pitfalls they chase him towards! Tch, that don't matter though! Found what I was looking for! We're eating well tonight, Simon, Yoko! Bagged a grapepotamus while out in the woods!

Oi, how the hell you supposed to cook this damn thing? ... Haaaaa. Forget it, I'll just eat the damn fruit off his back, ehn?
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Garuru...mn, remove that. Now.
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Ah... new people have flooded the island again. It just gets more packed every day, right Xiao Mei?

In any event... Russel, I am sorry, but I will have to reside with you and Fletcher a bit longer. I gave my hut to a nice man named Haseo. Since Mr. Monk is gone, it is lonely by myself, and he needed it more than I did. Do not worry, I will be sure and find a new home soon.

On another note, has anyone seen a girl named Shinku? She has blonde hair, and she was wearing a large shirt last I saw her. I am concerned about her. She went looking for her sister, and I have not seen her since.
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Island-san's strange.

I mean, I'm glad to be rid of that maid outfit, but uhm...Why do I still have the contacts and wig on not to mention the wrong clothes? I mean it can change it all at once to the Maid thing, then it should be able to change back completely, too.

I think it likes playing with me.

Maybe Island-san will get it right next try.

[[ Reference for outfit, eyes, hair. LOL. ALMOST fixed... ]]
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So about those springs...

How many've you guys've been cursed by them? And also, how easy are they to avoid?

Just asking, since I'd rather not turn into some animal...thing...every time I got wet, and I could really use a rinse off right now. Haven't bathed since I showed up here.

...Any suggestions?
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I found something shiny~!

Oooooh, it's so pretty~ I've never seen a gem like this before~! It must be really really valuable! I've gotta keep it safe, and then maybe later I can sell it for a lot of gald! ♥

Ooooh, I'm so lucky. Everyone would be so proud of me~♥

((It's a shiny rock. Just a rock.))
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...ohhh~? A bit too warm and bright to be Kyoto.

Ooh! Sensei~! There are monkeys here!!! And strange trees and so much sand and-- and dogs... Cute, but oh so foul and disgusting. Where are all the cats~~?


Mmm, as inconvenient as this is, it actually could be... kind of... AMUSING~! Wouldn't it be even better if a certain someone were here too...?

Right Yoshida-sensei~? I bet crimson on the white sand would be beautiful, really~~~

((Bri here with her fourth character, Suzu from Peacemaker Kurogane. Italics in the very last sentence = thoughts. He's just out on the beach, glaring at the dingoes, and rambling on to himself.

Brief note about the Skull )

ETA: back, but going out soon orz))


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