Jul. 15th, 2007

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I hate raaaaain.

Come on! Really! This SUCKS! DX

I mean, I had some trees to sleep under and everything! But now it's all wet and I am NOT sitting on the wet ground! NO WAY.

And now I don't know where to stay...I heard there was an inn but I have no money and I'm lost anyway...DX

...oh guys~♥

Does anyone have a place I can stay? Pleeease? Come on, would you leave a cute girl like me alone out in the cold? You're not that heartless, are you? ♥

((Addressing general public, begging asking for a place to stay. Feel free to point her in the direction of the inn or tell her to gtfo.))


Jul. 15th, 2007 12:58 am
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The rain was nice while it lasted, I really didn't mind being a lamb out and about relaxing in it. Though it would have been better if I could have enjoyed it.

It seems like everything has calmed down, too. I'm glad of it. The air is less heavy here that way...I think maybe since it feels so nice because of the rain I'll sleep on the beach tonight. Not too close to the water, though.
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Wow, I totally forgot about that Chao curse I have. Shadow probably still has his too, if I still have mine. Bummer, the rain made the setting perfect to go do some vine grinding too! Oh well, guess that's another adventure for another day, huh?

But man, I saw a lot of animals on the way to the spring! It almost reminded me of back home. Man, sometimes I do kind of miss that little island. But kicking RoboEgg's butt is funner anyway!

So if the rain activated everyone's curses, I wonder if that little dog I met was a person. Huh... well, no point in worrying over that now! I'll find out sooner or later I guess! Hey Tails! How's getting Arashi Blue back going?
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I'd meant to do this before, but with so much happening....

I realized after Misuzu-san's birthday party, I hardly know when anyone else's birthday is! And I'd like to know because you all deserve something celebrating your birth. It's an important event, after all, ne?

So if you could tell me, I'd appreciate it very much!

[Private, Unhackable to Yuuri]

I don't understand a lot of what he said... and some of it I do. Because I can understand having different concepts of love, but... what he's saying... it really does feel as if he's confused, too, or afraid...

..... My head hurts a little.


I wonder if love is supposed to be so complicated-- oh!

The flowers look very nice. They're reacting well to the weather-- which is good, since I wasn't sure if they could handle all that rain!

((Taking care of le garden. If you know or have met Yukina, pls drop by to let her know your birthday. She wants to do something for her friends. ♥ Otherwise, she's a little fretty, but isn't going to bring it up if you don't.))
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[Filtered to... um, God / Hackable to FMA characters and anyone who knows Leo well]

You can still hear me from here, right? Even if it's not in the same world? I mean, you are omnipotent.

Please tell me what's going on here. --I don't mean "descend from on high" or whatever, but some kinda sign-- I mean, I don't want to tell you what to do, but I've been here a month an' a half now and I still have no clue what's goin' on. How'd we all get here? Why am I here and not Rick or Grandpa or anyone else who was in Kishua -- except that soldier, 'course, since he acts like it all happened a long time ago.

I don't know what I'm supposed t'do anymore. Help me.

((Woohoo mental breakdown. Even if you don't fit into the hackability range, feel free to notice that he's mumbling to "himself".))
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Even with all that rain, you're still doing well, Charley~ I never knew you could be this hardy. :DD

That storm was really a blessing, considering how hot it's been. But then again, I don't have a curse, so...

... Oh come on... I still haven't been able to get all of this off...

((Mia's trying to get the gum off from the tree incident a few days ago - it's nasty stuff rly D: And she's talking to Charley, who is a plant. Yay. :3))
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Rinali left. D:

And is it just me or we exorcists already outnumbered? I know I'm here, and Walker is here, too, I think.


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Ahhhh~ Boy am I glad that rain stopped, now I can enjoy the bleach~ I gotta admit, the Prince picked a pretty nice spot for his hut. Having the beach so close and all. I might~ be able to get used to this...

Eh, I'm getting kind of hot though... Prinny! ...PRINNY SQUAD, COME O--Oh... Ah ha~ Riiight~ No prinnies.


This sucks.

Who's going to fan me and wait on me hand and foot? ..... ----!!! What if the Prince wants me to do something? That means... I'd have to do it! Ugh, I'm not cooking or cleaning for him! Alright, that's it! I've got to find my vassals.

Hey, has anyone seen any blue demonic looking penguins around here~?

((Etna isn't completely-totally lazy. She's set herself up a little beach setup with a palm leaf umbrella and such ...then proceeded to be lazy! :Db ))
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This is going to be so fun!

Attention islanders. It has come to our attention that we look a lot alike. Almost enough to be twins, you could say. So, we decided to have a little fun with that. Because some of you are jerks and deserve to be messed with. Presenting: Wata and Yasu, the amazing look-alikes!

If you can guess who is who, you win. It's not going to be easy, though~!

((Yes, Yasu and Wata look almost identical now. The only noticeable difference between the two is their eyes (Wata's are heterochromatic, Yasu's aren't), but they're wearing sunglasses so nobody can see them. Only the people who know the two of them very well will be able to tell the difference between the two. Also, both Wata and Yasu are going to be tagging, so beware of the double-tags.))
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Well, the rain hindered me doing my research a bit, ironically enough. I have tried everything at my disposal, yet I cannot seem to make anything that permanently removes the curse. It's disheartening, but I shall keep the project on the shelf and tackle it once I get more ideas.

Also, to anyone I bothered... I'm sorry.
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Maaaan I never knew things like this were so... So... Comfortable! I should have listened to that Mion girl and put that thing on right away, it feels so much better doing what I should instead of being a coward and running away from my honor bound duty to do this! And... You know what else?

I feel like a real man now!

((What is he talking about? Well, Luke fon Fabre is, you see... Wearing a frilly pink dress.))
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What happened to grammar? Me might have an accent, yep, but not bad grammar skills, nuh-uh. Me talk like Yoda now, yep. Could someone tell translator and editor to fix my lines, please, uh-huh. Don't know what I ate to talk like this here, nuh-huh. Accent better then this. This better be fixed soon. Me mean it, yep.

Gin! Do not eat meat or anything here, nope.

((Yeah Viz's translation is pretty close to the fan ones, other then taking out 'Zura' and replacing it with random things (Casserole, Cough Syrup), changing a few inappropriate-for-American-audience lines having to do with Otae and High-leg/no-undeewear/sexy Shabu Shabu heaven...oh and Kagura speaking in slight engrish. But other then that...it's okay. It just hurts to read Kagura's bubbles.))


Jul. 15th, 2007 05:42 pm
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Ohhh, I'm not in Mushroom Kingdom anymore, am I?

Funny...I know Delphino islands were close but this doesn't look the least bit familiar! I'm sorry Mario, I know I called you to the castle a while ago, but it looks like I'll be late for my own party, how troublesome. But it is rather pretty...if I've been taught anything, it's to look on the bright side, and there's plenty of brightness here ♥! Besides, there's got to be a warp pipe around here somewhere...it's just a matter of finding one and getting home in time.

Ohh! There's people here...O.O! They don't look anything like the mushroom people from back home in my kingdom at all. But...it's so interesting to see and meet new people ♥ ! Maybe I should say hello before I leave, Seems like the diplomatic princess-y thing to do, yes...

Ah,...Hello everyone! I'm Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom. I hate to be a bother, but are there any warp pipes nearby that leads back there or one of the closer kingdoms? It's important, I have a party to attend and it would really unfortunate if the host wasn't able to show up!

I hope that got their attention! ♥

((She floated onto the island with her parasol. :D;))
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I didn't expect to wake up on a beach, however, I don't feel any particularly strong Chakra -- but other things are here, can't identify them quite yet -- nor does this look like I am underground, so perhaps I should make the best of this situation. After all, adaptability is a favorable quality in a shinobi. Especially for those who follow Orochimaru-sama. And even if I am not fond of this, I should obtain some allies, and get to know my whereabouts the best that I can. The less threat there is towards my own life, the more convenient for me. And I can keep their data to suit Orochimaru-sama's needs.

Ah...I didn't quite expect this. If anyone could kindly tell me the name of this place, I would appreciate it. It already appears to be an Island of sorts. The last I recalled I was in Otogakure, so this isn't quite it. Ah, any other information people can offer me would be great, too.

I'd like to know of the dangers, especially the monkeys who try to recently tried to take my glasses. I should probably try to adapt, after all...that is an admirable quality in Shinobi.

[[ Italics = thoughts. New muse. And yes, he is smiling and being friendly. Pre-Orochimaru and him combining in canon. ]]
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It was just the usual dream. Außer... "es verletzt nicht mehr"?

... Good thing schadenfreude exists. Now, where the hell did Luki and Noki run off to?
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((Short post is short as hell. Giroro has zipped/shut himself up in his tent and is pretending to sleep. One of the two ways he copes with being upset rly I'd go into detail as to why but it's easier to just read this thread. Feel free to try bothering him, if you think it'll actually help. And sorry for posting again so soon but muse refuses to stfu. Or in this case, not stfu.))
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Need get clothes! :O Cold without them. Pink hair has them!

[[ Wonderwice is in nothing but a large t-shirt ya know, who knows where he finds these things, since his are still in Shuichi's inn room XD; He has no Zanpakutou.... ]]


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