Jul. 4th, 2007

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*wakes up, dusts of some quite respectable cobwebs*
Somehow I get the feeling I slept quite long again...I wonder if it's the climate? Or maybe it's because I should be dead. Hmm...what am I thinking, it would be rather silly to die because I just fell asleep, not at my age! (and what if someone, say, buried me? That would be unpleasant)
Never really needed to do that before, but maybe I should look for a bit of trouble, it might be invigorating?
On this island it should be enough to just step outside.
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...I think I'm a little lost. That monkey said this was an Island? That just doesn't make any sense, Jaguara's City wasn't an Island-- or, for that matter, anywhere near one...! So how did I get to an Island?

[Private // ...Hackable if you're Observant.]

...I wonder if it would be all right to not hide from the people here.

[ // Private]

...at least the view is nice, and the weather is warm. Need to find drinkable water.

(('llo, Island-folk. Juli with her second and a half muse. Plz to be being nice to Toboe, he's a sweetheart. ...bit of a klutz, bit skittish, but a sweetheart.

Also, anyone with a heightened sense of smell would probably notice he doesn't smell human. 's 'cause he's not-- he's actually a wolf. If your character would know this for whatever reason... Let me know so I don't wtf at it? ^^))
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Alright, Fujimori, Project S&SSF begins...NOW! Oh, I'm so looking forward to this. It's gonna be AWESOME!

Now, we'll be needing the following...

-mud or something to hold the wood together
-rocks so we can bash things together
-ample supply of FOOD! This could take a while

Did I forget anything?

((Been meaning to do this for some time. ^_^' Time for teh boys to have a plaec they can finally call "home"))
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Yamamoto! Hollier and I are ready to go! Ready whenever you are.

[Private, but hackable to July, Kanaria, or anyone else interested in getting home]

Haine told me about that abandoned Titanic ship not far off in the shore. I've just realized, I don't think I've ever been near the ocean... That's nostalgic. Reminds me of the old days with my master Sarah... I wonder how she's done...

Anyways, an old luxury boat like that ought to have something like a mirror. With that, I can enter the N-field and get help from Suiseiseki or Souseiseki. The Island can't close off doors like that...



[//Private end]

((Shinku is being not so smart determined to go home, so she and Yamamoto are going to go exploring the shipwrecked Titanic boat Haine told her about. Anyone else is welcome to explore, and I think threadhopping might happen...?? Sorry for so much posting, but last one for awhile PROMISE. D: EDIT: Shinku's waiting for Yamamoto to tag before any real exploring begins, so anyone who tags this post it'll be pre-exploration.))
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...Well, that's that done. That was a little more difficult than I thought it'd be, but hopefully it's worth it.

((Short post is short due to exhaustion. In other news, the GU cave now has three bundles of cleaned grass/reeds to serve as mattresses! They're not woven mats or anything fancy, but...they work? ('-')b Ahaha. Also, he totally did this because sleeping on grass beats sleeping on floor. Not for any other reason. Absolutely not.))
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[ Private || Totally and completely hackable to all, though ]

This is very strange. . . Especially after everything that happened yesterday. . .

Haseo called this place the Island. . . is that what this server is called? The Island server? But I wasn't even trying to go to a different one, I was still on Δ, trying to get to Moon Tree's @HOME. Nothing seemed wrong, or strange. . . I wonder how this happened. . .

[ // Private ]

There's also so many other unusual players here. . . Did you all accidentally select the wrong keywords to come here, as well, or did you know where you were going?

[ atoli is being contemplative in front of the GU Party cave. you can either poke at her thoughts and/or look at her weird because of her question. ('-')b ]
[ eta: orz I have work for a little bit. will grab tags again when I get back. 'sup. ]
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Anyone up for a spar? I haven't worked out for some time and I don't want my aiming skills to rust. Don't worry, I won't be using my poison darts.
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I do wish these dingoes would not camoflauge theirselves in bushes. They surprised me when they pop out of nowhere. I should be able to sense them though. I must be getting lax on this island. I should go meditate.

...I do hope this bite won't be infected.
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Hau...Rena isn't one-hundred percent certain as to why, but today is a great day. It's the sort of day when Rena just feels happy to be alive~! Keiichi-kun, Mi-chan, Satoko-chan, Shi-chan, don't you all agree? Rena thinks that we should all do something fun today!

Also, if Rena has kept up with the date correctly, it's not long until my birthday!

((Obligatory beginning of July post. If you don't understand the irony here, go watch/read/play Higurashi. *A*))
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I'm never sure what I can and can't eat around here! Everyone always says "some do this, some do that" but they never say what or how or whatever! I can't eat anything if I'm always worrying about what it'll do to me... Speaking of which, what are the side effects of the cotton candy tree? I really want to try that one!

This place is way too complicated for it's own good. :<

[Filtered from Mighty ohoho~]

Okay, really. Now even Louie thinks something's up.

Just who is this Mia lady?

((Shirobon's become really paranoid about the food side-effects mostly because Mighty was the one that told him about them. Just tell him food he can eat, and he'll be a happy camper. Also, strikes are visible to... everyone except Mighty ahaha DX))
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[Private // Hackable]

...Bad dream..I hate them... Mother...She tried to.. I hope she's alright. Now that I'm gone as well..

I'm such a bad child. For making Mother be in pain. I'm sure Ritsuka wasn't bad like me.

I'm not sure anymore. I want to dissapear, so that Mother can be happy again. But I'm afraid. If I'm gone...what about the memories and the friends I made while I was here? I don't know...

And when Mother was.... I....I kept hoping for Soubi. Why him..? Why not Seimei?



((Ritty's huddled under a tree, clutching his cellphone. Close friends and people walking by can hack into the private))
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Moge moge? Stellar can't understand... but yesterday, Stellar met the girl who I thought was Neo! I kissed her too. .///. Butbut that's not important now~. Stellar touched in all sorts of places!

... I feel violated. Bad?
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Argh, I need to find someone to fix these quickly. I can't see a thing without them!

Is there anyone here who knows how to fix glasses?

((Wata's glasses are smashed liek woah. Helpplz?))
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[Filtered to Muraki]

Hey. Yeah. Muraki? You're a dead man~

Stabbing me while I was drinking 'medicine' was a cheap shot you bastard. But you reap what you sow, y'know? I'm not gonna play games with you--I'm seriously gonna erase you this time.


I've been a Noah for so long, I forgot what it felt like to be white trash like Ticky~ It seriously makes me wanna tan or something. Or at least go do something fun. Ooooiiii, student! Let's play a game~ Though 6000 Guinea says you'll be too scared to even try.

((David, in his white form♥ D: It's a big change, I swear! He went from mocha-color to all white, so act surprised Dx))
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My scanners detected a chaos emerald in this vicinity, and I assumed there was a temple on this island... but now that I'm here I can't get a reading on it at all! I'd almost think this wasn't the same place.  And I'm picking up a lot more life signs than before-- Wow! Hundreds don't match anything in my database! Something weird is going on here... I'd better re-calibrate my console.

Anyone seen a place that looks like a temple?    Or a shiny rock about 'this' big... they're called "emeralds" but actually the majority of them are not green.

I have to find it before I run out of power and get stranded here!

[[ Island, meet Tails.  Tails, this is the island.  (*_*)/ ]]
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Tch! These things ain't working right! I'm lighting them and everything! This calls for improvising! Alright, just place 'em all here like so... Light the wire and... there we go!

... Oi, coulda sworn I had a longer--

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There have been pretty lights in the sky tonight and I'm glad it's slightly cooler so I can enjoy them... I wonder if today is some sort of event or holiday?

... Speaking of holidays, I know there are days for mothers and fathers, but I was thinking... is there a Siblings Day? If not, maybe it would be possible to make one... there are several people here who I'd like to do something for.

Thank goodness the flowers are all right!

.... and has anyone seen Haru-san lately? I'm getting worried...

((Sitting by her cave, just resting. Chat her up? Unless you're Muraki D:))


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