Jul. 2nd, 2007

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I was about to go back to the red cliffs...then some monkeys randomly dumped water on me.

....I don't have any--


WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Don't tell me those monkeys thought it would be funny to dump water from those springs on me. Someone is going to pay for this!
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Mieu~ Today's so nice! Mieu, mieu, mieuuuuuuuu!



Uh-oh, mieu...

((That would be the sound of a single solitary coconut tree going up in accidental!flames, mm-hmm. 'Cause cheagles = cute little flamethrowers or somethin'. :D))


Jul. 2nd, 2007 12:32 pm
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I found some wrapped up frozen beef on the floor outside the hut today and although it was a bit strange I cooked something with the things found on the island too!

Would you like to try some? Morita? Mayama?

Asch-san, I remembered you were hungry for food the last time so...

((Hagu is known to have pretty bad cooking skills, and is more likely to cook by how nice the dish sounds and looks rather than how it actually tastes! Beware mini Hagu Genocide! There will be some who might like the taste, but for most it would give massive stomach pains or whatever side effects you want your character to have. It's island fruits after all ;) The purple vapour wafting from the dish should be a good enough indication.))

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It's hard to believe how long I've been here.  If you don't count the short break in between, it's almost a year I think.  Which reminds me...

I should really get a haircut... Is there anyone here I can trust with a pair of scissors?  I just need a trim.
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I need to speak to the women of the island. It is a matter of upmost importance.

[Filtered from David]

This is the situation: I need three kisses, and they all have to be from different people. Just a quick peck on the lips is enough. Sorry Faye, but you don't count for this one.

I am not about to let that guy win!

[end filter]

Oh yeah! David, are you enjoying your hangover?

((Mood reads as 'amused' to David and those who choose to ignore the message in the filter.))
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So. Who wants their cherry popped~?

((Short post is short, and obviously...not serious.)
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I loves the power plotholes! HEEHEEHEE!

There's my bed! There's my couch! There's my microwave, and my bathtub!

I better go find some cherries. Fay wants to pop cherries. I never even knew cherries popped!

((Treehouse = shambly typical backyard little kid's treehouse. bed = pile of leaves and sticks. couch = poorly made sandcastle. microwave = found treasure chest, tub = muddy seashell and any other small furnishings are compiled of found garbage and probably monkey poop))
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S-So... hot...

((Epic short intro post. :< Meet Leanne from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. She doesn't deal too well with changes in her environment, so, um... the heat's kinda getting to her. She collapsed, but she's not unconscious.))
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H-hagu-san... your style of cooking is very, very... very...

...debilitating painful hazardous ...different.


[Filtered from Hagu ): ]

Does anyone happen to know a good remedy for an upset stomach...?

((lol Hei tried just a little bit of Hagu's cooking, but apparently, it was still more than enough. ): Currently sitting down with his back against a tree, trying to fight off an upset stomach. ALSO STRIKES DON'T EXIST D8))
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Well these... level ups, I guess you could call them, have certainly made things a little more interesting... I just hope my dress doesn't rip...!

Chi chi chichi oppai~! Boin boin!

Oh... And this strange song has been playing around me wherever I go... It's quite catchy, but I haven't the faintest idea what it means.

Moge! Moge! Moge!

Oh well... Moge~ Moge~ Moge~.

((FIRST. Cierra's kind of... supersized now as she has Prier's bust to add to her own... And IF by some sort of... something, you don't know the song, please listen to it here as it's playing around Cierra. So uh, unless your character is deaf and can't hear the song... Anyone who replies to this post is going to want to grope Cierra, moge her boin, etc. No exeptions. :( Because I'm awful like that.))
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Hm hm-hm~ Hm hm-hm~ Hm-hm hm hm-hm~… ♪

Hee, this is kinda fun! Beaches aren't so bad, after all. ♥ The breeze is nice even if it smells weird, and the water's cool…

…Wow. What in the world is that?

[[She found a horseshoe crab scuttling onto the beach. :3 Yes I know it's probably not native stfu.]]
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Has anyone seen Yukina anywhere recently? Neither Souji nor myself have seen her, and I'm beginning to get worried. Senri, Mutsumi, have you heard from her any? Both of you are her housemates, right?

Oh, and now that I think of it, Souji, has your "fever" and impediment gone away yet? You were awfully red last time I saw you~ Might need someone to check that out, ne?

And Yuuri, my speech is finally back to normal...

And is there a place where I can get a bar of soap? Maybe a tree with shampoo sap or something?
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This is really getting old. I can't go to that river and wash my clothes or find food OR JUST GO FOR A WALK without something happening to me! I also have to learn not to try and pet strange monkeys. I should also learn the monkeys here can't be trusted...seriously. GAHHH! Why do they have to be so cute!?! Ugh!

Hm...nothing really feels different. And I still look human. And I don't really have big boobs like last time. Maybe it was normal water and the monkey was just being playful. Ah...well...I should really go back and look for some food for dinner we're running out of stuff.

((Yeah, since it was only a small amount of water from the backfiring fountain of youth, it only made her three years older making her look like Otae. SOMEONE APP OTAE , Shinpachi, Ayame, Sakamoto, Takasugi, and Katsura DAMN IT.))
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Been outta the loop for about a week now, and I still ain't running around with my head off so that's a good thing, yeah?

...Disappointing for some of you, though, I'm sure.

Anyone up for a swim at the sea? Wind's starting to come in fast, so rainy season's just a few weeks around coming. One last for the sunny days!

Come on, we're on an island and nobody ever swims.
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That tree... looks familiar.

((AHAHAHAHA BACK, which means Yukina's finally stumbled back from being lost. She's looking pretty disheveled and tired but she's otherwise fine.))


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