Jun. 23rd, 2007

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Mi-chan, Rena found a big stash of cute underwear! Would they be suitable for penalty games, I wonder, I wonder~? I think this lacy pink one would be a perfect fit for Keiichi-kun and--


Albedo Plushie: Do I make you horny, baby~?


((The Albedo plushie is now in search of Haine astride a dinosaur plushy. He's even got some nice lacy underwear as a gift for him~! Feel free to wtf at him or the pseudo-loli chasing after him!))


Jun. 23rd, 2007 09:22 am
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Today! We are officially opening the agency! SO EVERYONE. I stole food from some place and turned this into a banquet! :O EAT UP OR ELSE I WILL FIRE YOU ALL. >OOO

Everyone on THIS list will make a speech later for the opening *____*!!!

WE SHOULD MEET OUR CUSTOMERS, SO HELLO THERE. *A*b Welcome to the Morita Tours agency~! What can I do for you today *___*?


((So basically, his agency is fixed now, the place is as well. Uuh, there are food and drinks all around, like those buffet tables, only less fancy. Meet and greet, feel free to threadhop and the like~))
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[PRIVATE LIEK WHOA, Only Hackable if you know Yukina VERY well]

I don't understand at all. He was perfectly polite and nothing he said or did was threatening in any way, but... why was I afraid of him? The heat shouldn't be an excuse for my behavior... I'll have to apologize to Muraki-san when I see him again.

I wonder what's wrong with me...


Saria-san, I think I might have found a tree for you, although I don't really know what kind of tree you're searching for... but I could show you, at least?

....!! The flowers are blooming so quickly here! All of the colors are so pretty, aren't they? I can't be that comfortable... wouldn't you like a non-moving perch?

((lol birds still visiting Yukina in her garden. Also a little shaken up by T3h Raepzorz Muraki, but she won't mention it if you don't. 8D Mood reads as "Thoughtful" when unhacked.))
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Claire--! Claire? Ilena? What on...?

I... damn, where did they go? If they took her I swear... What is this? A beach? I really don't have time for this.

A group of four women and a little girl, has anyone seen them? Which way did they go?

((lolz short post. Anyways, meet Teresa - blond woman with silver eyes waving around a biiiiiig sword. And she's not exactly thrilled, so tread with caution.))
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Well, whaddaya know? Pretty cool to wake up with cakes that have my face all over the place... haha, hey I didn't realize it was my birthday already! Guess I should thank the island for keeping track of time for me! Over 15 years of an adventure, yep! Wonder what flavor they are... so then!


Hey Shadow, your face is on some of these cakes! Don't tell me it's your birthday today too! That's way too big of a coincidence!

Anyone want some of this cake? I don't think I'd be able to eat it all by myself!
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What's this place supposed to be? An island resort? I don't see any lavish hotels, or fancy beaches. Not even those dancers handing out flower necklaces!

No really, what's this? Some reality TV show where we're all abducted from our homes and have to be stuck here eating bugs for some cheap prize? Hah. You've gotta be kiddin'! I have a home to go to. I don't have time for-- WOAH!


... Ow. That hurt.

(OOC: And here is Haruko riding on her motorcycle... and whoops, she just crashed. xD Hurray for intro post!)
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There, done! It took a little, well, a lot of work, but the hut seems much more like a home now. Not that it didn't before, of course~. Well, it looks nicer now, at least. They do say that flowers always do the trick! Just in time for summer, too. I'm lucky that I found these.

Oh, but it looks like there's leftovers... maybe I dug up too many from that field. Would anyone like these, then? I don't think I can exactly put them back where I found them. But I can help you plant them if you need me to!

Ah, right. Before I forget-- Laharl! You never came over for dinner, did you? Riku and I were talking about it. Why don't you come soon then? Oh, and--Flonne, right? I don't think we've met, even though we're neighbors, so would you like to come too?

(( She planted flowers outside the OT3's hut~. ))
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... You know what guys? Club activities are postponed for a little more. Ojisan's not really in the mood anymore, but uhm... How about in a few days?! Y-Yeah, everything'll be fine in a few days! Hahaha, that'll give me um... a little more time to prepare for them!

In the meantime you'd all better prepare, because I'm going to be ruthless espescially if your name is Kei-chan, Maebara, Keiichi, or Keiichi-kun, and I expect the same of all of you!

As for today... I'm gonna take a break, maybe swim in the beach again... Something fun like that, hahaha, today's great isn't it? A great day! Positively wonderful, without a doubt one of the best days to date! Truly, a day worthy of rememberance!

Oh and... I don't like monkeys anymore. At all. The next one I see, I'm shooting it. I mean it. So Shion, Rena, Satoko; if you guys have a pet one, get rid of it.

((strikes don't exist. but be warned kei-chan--! and she's all smiles and stuff but you can be sure it's fake as fake can get.))
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Ah, the great ocean breeze! It wasn't too long ever since the last time we've went to the beach, but still - It was a memorable experience! Peace is absolutely the best. Now then... What was that special skill Captain Bravo showed us? Okay! Right then! Tokiko-san isn't here, so I supposed it's safe to use it.

Here we go!

Seduction! Kazuki Kiss~♥
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Eh!? Where am I? Looks like an island..I wonder how I got here. Looks like another....


Beautiful Detective Mayura is on the case! What was it? A time warp? A black hole? Maybe I wandered into a cursed alley. That must be it! Mystery of the cursed alley! You walk in and you never walk back out. It's so exciting!

I wonder what other mysteries are waiting to be found. I'll solve every one of them. Nothing will get past me!

Still, I bet Loki is at the center of this. He's always involved in weird things. Loki, where are you? I know you're here somewhere! You better not be with some woman!

Is that a monkey? Or does it just look like a monkey? And is that pizza growing on that tree?

...I smell a mystery!
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A question to the men of the island!

What do you look for in a girl? ♥

Yeah, yeah, I know "what's inside is what counts" and all that, but everyone's got something they like, right? You know, like how some guys prefer girls with glasses, or long hair, or bright smiles... So fill me in! ♪ I'd love to hear about it.
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Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Souji's book and try to relax a bit more. It seems as though there are no immediate dangers at the moment, and all of my current needs have been addressed. Yes, a bit of relaxation is due.

I suppose I could watch the stars for a bit. They are very calming.

((The sun has set, and the stars are coming out. Hijikata is sitting just outside the lean-to smoking his pipe.))
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Bishop is here...

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Okita... I have finished your replacement bokken. I apologize for the time it took to create this one in comparison to the original pair I had crafted before; I had difficulty finding the tree from which I had carved the first two.

Once again, I am willing to work for someone in need of a person with woodcarving skills. I do not charge for my service, so as long as you can inform me of what you require.

Also, Lloyd. I require your assistance on behalf of an acquaintance.

[ ooc; durr, short post is quite short 'cause I'm getting kicked off now. will either tag in the morning, or later tonight if I can manage to be an ninja and stay awake. ]


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